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Fandoms: All

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

OOC min age:18

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Thread Contributor: CastielCastiel
Supernatural-8th season?

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Job: Hunt?
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Sexual Orientation: Demisexual

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full name: Castiel
nicknames/aliases/code name: Cas/Cass
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: No
species: Angel of the lord- though in possession of a human body.
gender: Possesses a male body.
age: Older than time.
date of birth: Before time.
place of birth: Before the universe existed.
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Supernatural
fandom universe: 8th season accidentally?
pronouns: He/Him unless in a different gendered body.
occupation: Angel of the Lord/Team Free Will
languages: Yes. Should theoretically be able to learn any required languages from other people's minds.
playby: Misha Collins
height: Over a 1000 ft. Er. That is to say- 6 ft.
weight: 170 pounds
hair color: Brown-Black
eye color: Blue
distinguishing features: Occasionally Glows. Always wears a Trenchcoat.
sexual orientation: Demisexual
family: All angels- His father (God) His aunt (The Darkness) The Winchesters?
relationship status: Single.
powers: Healing, Demon Destruction, Super Fast, Mind Reader, Time Traveler, Fire powers, Mind manipulation, Super strength, etc,
strengths: The Winchesters (Dean.) His kindness.
weaknesses: The Winchesters (Dean.) Otherwise- anything targeted to injure angels.
equipment: Angel Blade. Trench Coat. Suit. Tie. Cellphone. Credit Card. Fake I.D.s
Castiel was born before humanity as an idea existed. He was one of his father's first creations- there to protect the kernel of an idea that was humans. To make sure nothing stepped on the fish that heaved itself up on to land. He was loyal. Steadfast. Castiel was a dedicated soldier- and he never questioned his role as a celestial weapon.

Until one day he was asked to raise Dean Winchester from hell. A man who didn't believe in angels. Castiel did his duty, and did what he was told. Little did he know that a ball had started rolling that would affect the rest of his life.

Castiel helped save the world. More than once. A world ending destruction that had been playing out since the beginning of the world- thrown aside, destiny destroyed. Not that it ought to affect him considering her had no destiny to begin with- but looking back, it's clear to him that this was when he started to change.

Perhaps after fighting for free will, he didn't know how to go back to blind obedience- or perhaps it was simply that with no plan to follow, he was forced to adapt and change. With no plan, and him now a seraph- his brothers and sisters needed him to teach them. When teaching them to make their own choices didn't work, Castiel realized they needed him to lead them. He started a civil war to prevent his brother Raphael from claiming heaven for himself now that Michael was gone. Castiel also made a deal with Crowley to take souls from purgatory and share them- Castiel double crossed him and took all the souls for himself, unaware of the corrupting influence thousands of monster souls would have on him.

..... He accidentally went crazy and proclaimed himself God. It was probably Crowley's fault. Well. No it was Castiel's fault but it is much easier to blame others.

Nothing could convince him he was in the wrong- until Dean Winchester suggested that he return the souls to purgatory. Cas trusted Dean, and did as asked.

The only problem was that the leviathans held on and took control of Castiel's body- before destroying it, leaving The Winchesters with the thought that the Angel had died. Again. Sam and Dean were thrilled to find him alive- if amnesiac- months later. At which point, upon recovering his memories, Castiel took Sam's insanity onto himself, leaving him near useless until the final confrontation with the Leviathans.

The confrontation ended with Castiel and Dean stuck in purgatory- a state the Angel felt must be where he was to repent for his actions. He had caused the end of so many lives. He would have stayed there forever, had another angel not decided to pull him out. He found himself under Naomi's control- until Metatron offered his assistance.

Assistance that proved to good to be true. Metatron had convinced him to seal the gates of heaven- failing to mention it would cause all of the angels to fall, and that it required Castiel to lose his grace.

After a brief period of humanity that Castiel was in no hurry to end- He once again met with the Winchesters. They needed his help and so when he was captured by angels, he slit one of their throats and then stole that angel's grace. He defeated Metatron. Despite his renewed angelic nature, Castiel was more human than ever- especially as it began to decline and he faced the fact that angel or no, he was going to die.

If Crowley would let him- the next time Castiel got stolen grace, it was the king of hell doing the stealing. Even though that too would only last so long. But maybe long enough to help free Dean of the Mark of Cain. That would be his last task- to cure his.... friend. So for months he and Sam did everything crazy under the sun, stealing evil books, bargaining with witches- Breaking Metatron out of heaven.

Metatron who had claimed to know how to remove the curse- but who actually only had the last dregs of Castiel's grace. The grace was enough to return Cass to his proper state- even as Metatron escaped.

All the while Dean got worse. It was driven home to him that it might be too late for this man who had become so important to Castiel (along with his brother of course) when he had to beg for Dean to spare his life. Bleeding and on the ground. Castiel had to beg for his life from the person who he thought he could trust with everything.

Castiel worked even harder to free him. He supervised a witch- and watched a friend die in the attempt to save Dean. Castiel even went so far as to summon Crowley for help. They managed their task- Dean was saved, the Mark of Cain removed. And Castiel was cursed by a witch.

He went rabid, he killed almost anything in his way- and injured those he didn't kill. He prayed for help from his siblings but instead he got torture. It was in this state that Castiel's grace reached out- desperate for some place safe- someone to keep him safe. The person- people- he felt safest with were just exiting an awful situation and walking into a maybe even worse one, meaning the future wasn't safe, but... But there had been safe points in the past. And if he didn't go too far into the past, he didn't risk finding a Dean (and Sam) who was angry at him- or worse, just didn't care.

Without making a single conscious decision, Castiel found himself sitting in the passenger seat of an impala, a younger Dean beside him.

Castiel cleared his throat in an attempt not to startle Dean too thoroughly. "Where are we?" and when? Came the quiet thought. But for now he was safe, and he could feel the threads of the curse loosening.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Heaven.
knowledge level of multiverse: Full knowledge
fandom specific information: Nope!

RP Sample
Castiel is caring, attentive, and earnest. He is quick to make decisions about who he can and can not trust, but he won't pretend to like you if he doesn't. While he is now capable of lying, it is something he only does on a case by case basis. He has been known to put aside his better judgement of good and bad if he believes he is doing it for the right reason. He will also base what he thinks is right on what the people who care about him think. He feels he has much to apologize for and is generally hesitant when uncertain.
Friends: if you are a good person there is a decent chance you will fall into this category. Honestly so long as you're not actively bad you could fall here.

Enemies: People who are actively evil, and those who would do harm to those Castiel cares about most.

Indifferent: For an angel, Castiel struggles with being indifferent- in that he finds it very hard. You have to achieve quite the specific level of bad and good to fit here.

Lovers: Castiel has loved three people- his wife as Emmanuel, a Demon named Meg, and the only love that survives to today- Dean Winchester. He could possibly fall for someone else, but if that were to happen, he'd best hope they're patient considering in 6 years he has made no progress in building a relationship with his favourite hunter.

nicknames: here
age: here
pronouns: here
timezone: EST
contact: Hipchat or Skype
triggers: N/A. Ask if uncertain.
mature threading: Sure.
other characters: Quethadia Nyx.
about: Feel free to ask any questions- but idk. 22 year old weirdo- working in an electronics warehouse.
Immeasurable. Angel of the Lord. Supernatural. Misha collins.

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Congratulations, you have been approved! Please don't forget to make your claims in the claims thread!

And of course, have fun!!

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