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Double Trouble
Chris, Safi, 616 Steve | June 26
Marvel-616 Universe

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Steve smiles at Christian's comforting pat on his arm. His reassurance and presence was nice. Steve knows he has a bad tendency to spiral into negative thoughts and dark places when he stops and thinks about the world and his situation too long. The presence of good company was always the remedy for that and he found Christian's company to be down roght excellent.

From what Christian was saying the wars sounded...less bad, if that was even a thing. All wars were awful to the people who had to fight them. Only the people sitting at home watching the news could look at wars and judge some as being not that bad. The advancement in rights sounded good. His mother had been part of many woman rights movements, and it was good to know that her hard work, and the hard work of so many others, had made a difference. Things were improving, maybe not as fast as they all hoped, but improving all the same.

He gives Christian a smile. "Don't mind me. I'm just an old war horse being too maudlin for my own good."

Steve gives Christian a sympathetic look. He had spent most of his teenage years watching people he was interested in enter happy relationship of their own, and while he wished them all well, he knows how much that stings.

"I'm sorry," Steve says, "but Ma always said the best way of dealing with a broken heart is with pleanty of food, and you're not the only one who can cook here. I don't know if Ma's famous chocolate oatmeal cookies made it into those comic books of yours, but they are the best in all of Brooklyn."

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Christian was happy to give comfort; he knew what it was to need something like that, even something small, like this little pat, and not get it, and Steve? Steve deserved the comfort he needed. Steve was Captain America, and he was good, he was one of the best heroes. And he was easy to be around, too. Christian felt at ease and comfortable with him, and that was very nice.

Less bad was… Yeah, maybe from a global perspective they were less bad. Chris hadn’t meant to indicate that the wars, or war in general, weren’t terrible, because they were, obviously. But Chris wasn’t sure war would ever be entirely gone. And Chris agreed with Steve’s thought that civil rights for everyone was a very, very good advancement. Women, the different races, and LGBTQ+ were in a far better place than they had been when Steve had crashed into the ice, even if things still weren’t perfect.

“Please, don’t do that.” The request is quiet, but there’s a thread of something in it, something gentle but strong, “Don’t say things like that about yourself. You…” Chris shook his head, and smiled almost shyly, “You’re Steve Rogers. Captain America. One of the best,” maybe not THE best, but he was close, “Please don’t be embarrassed, but I read your comics growing up. You are amazing in them.” The pause was barely noticeable, but Christian only used the moment to look down for a moment, “And you’re better in real life.” He blinked, then looked at Steve for a moment, “How is that even possible? How can you be even better in real life than you were in the comics?” That shouldn’t even be a thing, and yet, it was.

Chris wouldn’t call sleeping with Tony Stark being in a happy relationship, but… It was what Safi wanted to do.

A broken heart… His heart wasn’t broken, it was just… It wasn’t broken, though! But he had no argument, not really, and so he just shrugged at Steve’s words, looking up, “Not that I ever read, but it wasn’t possible for me to get my hands on the older issues… The store only had the newer ones and some old ones, but old Captain America issues were worth more than the new ones, so they weren’t really…ah...feasible.” He grinned, “But I wouldn’t mind keeping you company and trying one!”

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