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Sugar Rush
Chris and Safi

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The talk with Ms. Zatara had left him feeling… Light. Lighter than he’d felt since… Ever? Since he’d been twelve and had discovered his little gift, which had freaked him the hell out because who in the world ever expected a toy to come alive in their hands?! NO ONE! No one in the history of the world would have expected something like that when they didn’t even believe in Santa Claus anymore! Not even a goofy, half naive orphan kid who just wanted to escape into a pretend world where he didn’t have to worry about the bullies or being adopted or any of his real world worries.

And god, did his side feel better! He knew without looking that the lighter but still mottled bruises on his ribs would be gone. That she’d done something amazing for him, and he moved with the energy and excess motion that his coworkers would have been missing the last couple of weeks.

And to whom did the PA bounce? The only bodyguard he actually actively spoke with, of course. The only person Chris had any actual interest with chatting with here…

He had spent a good portion of tonight showing Doc around, introducing him to people, helping him mingle and pulling him out when he seemed over his head. Doc was nice, and god was he a sexy beast of a man, but Chris had his eyes elsewhere. Just little furtive glances, nothing obvious, of course, never that; that wouldn’t do, he was working. Still, he’d been quite aware of where the other man had been the entire night. It wasn’t just because Safi was beautiful, either. It wasn’t. Safi was… Chris made sure he knew where to run if anything bad happened. Because sometimes bad things happened, and it was always good to know where the exits were. Where the safety nets were. And that sort of also meant knowing where Safi was, apparently.

He really wished he could pinpoint when that had started.

Still, he bounced, lighter on his feet than he had been in two weeks, giving Safi a shy but wide grin, ”Hey! How’s things over here? Hopefully running nice and smoothly?” The benefit wasn’t really over, which meant they were both here for at least a little while longer. But if they were both stuck here, then Chris figured he might as well see if Safi wanted company. ”If you’re busy, I can go… I just…” he shrugged, suddenly far more self conscious than he’d been a moment ago. It was so much easier to feel confident when he was across the room from the other man.

Yep, he was pathetic, and he knew it. But he wasn’t going to let that stop him!

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