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Word Count: None

Fandoms: All

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

OOC min age:18

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Thread Contributor: Tony StarkTony Stark, Marvel, MCU

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Job: Billionaire Superhero
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Sexual Orientation: yes

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Anthony Edward Stark
full name: Anthony Edward Stark
nicknames/aliases/code name: Iron Man

The Consultant

The Starkster

The Da Vinci of Our Time The Merchant of Death

The Mechanic
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: No
species: human
gender: male
age: 46
date of birth: May 29, 1970
place of birth: Long Island, NY
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Marvel
fandom universe: MCU (-1)
pronouns: Him/He
occupation: Genius, Billionaire, SuperHero
languages: Many of them.

playby: Robert Downy Jr.
height: 5’10
weight: 185
hair color: Brown(greying just a touch...)
eye color: Brown
distinguishing features: (Look if you wanted to know how I look...just pick up a magazine I think i’m on the cover of vanity fair this month….or was it PlayGirl? PEPPER?! WHAT COVERS AM I ON?) Tony is of slightly above average height, with trimmed facial hair in a unique configuration that has been now named after him in barber shops. His hair is going grey and even though he could EASILY afford to have it touched up so no one would be the wiser...he doesn’t care, thinks it makes him look dashing. (Cary Grant type right Pepper? ) On an average day tony is dressed in distressed black jeans and a vintage band t-shirt. If he has been in hardware mode then odds are he hasn’t changed or showered for..probably since the last time Pepper dragged him out. When he is out and intending to make a statement Tony is killer in a tux or suit, only the best, perfected fitted and insulated to hide the glow from the arc reactor.
sexual orientation: yes(PanRomantic/Sexual)
family: None living
relationship status: Not
strengths:Genius Level Intellect: At age four Tony built his first circuit board, at age six his first engine, and at seventeen he graduated summa cum laude from MIT. Tony is one of the smartest beings in the MCU.

Master Engineer: Stark is a gifted engineer in a cave, with very few resources first armor and a miniature Arc Reactor. Tony made his A.I. system from the base code up.

Master Scientist: Stark is very resourceful and knowledgeable in many different fields of science, being able to attach an Arc Reactor to his chest in order to save his life, to synthesize a previously unknown element discovered by his father and to modify the Extremis formula.

Expert Businessman: At the age of twenty-one, Tony took over Stark Industries because both of his parents had died in a tragic car accident. Since then, Tony has helped the company grow, and get more business partners. Stark is extremely well-respected in the business world.He had built Stark Industries into the #1 defense contractor in the world, and after his ‘no more weapons’ ban he took the company successfully through the stock crash while working on his Iron Man persona

Expert Tactician: Tony has made many split-second decisions that have saved people's lives.

Combatant: Tony is trained in unarmed combat and has become quite formidable on his own when the situation demands it.

Indomitable Will: As evidenced by his serious bout with alcoholism and recovery, Stark is possessed of tremendous strength of will, never giving up and emerging from defeat even stronger such as his captivity and escape in Afghanistan.

weaknesses:Born with his genius level intellect as well as placed in a position that nurtured at least THAT side of him. The Iron Man was birthed in a cave in afghanistan, the sudden realization that he and his company were not the good guys he had always ‘known’ them to be forced him past his playboy persona into a ‘hero’

Tony is Human, and outside of the armor he is as squishy as the next one, worse he still has the arch reactor in his chest, because of it he has lost 20% of his lung capacity due to the space it takes up in his chest cavity.

Tony cannot live without the arc reactor; the metal shrapnel in his heart will shred it with in ten minutes. Because he basically has an electromagnet shoved in his chest Tony is vulnerable to OTHER large magnets near him. They would have to be as strong as the Arc Reactor but it is something he has to keep up constant vigilance for.

Tony is also has an addictive personality, currently his vice of choice is alcohol and tech.

[u]Armor Weaknesses:[/u]

Tony strives endlessly to correct and stop gap any weaknesses(hence the many many iterations of the armors and the specialized types)

However they are still made of metal and are filled with electronics, the Armors are hardened against EMP but they are not perfectly immune to it. Also any one/thing that can control electricity or metal (Tony HATES Magneto) he is more or less powerless against.

Extreme heat can also melt the armors, and while durable except for the Hulkbuster they can be literally ripped apart by super strength.

equipment: Arc Reactor embeded in chest, Iron Man suit

Armors have the following:

Flying: The armor can reach speeds as Mach 3 in moments.

Repulsor Beams: The armor has the ability to shoot repulsor beams.

Prehensile Technology: Using an independent propulsion system, each section can fly to the user and automatically assemble into the Armor. Despite being composed of individual parts.

Energy Conversion Power Recharge: The armor is also able to absorb and convert nearby or far away energy sources, such as heat or kinetic energy or energy from the planet itself into electricity, or even drain energy directly into the batteries for recharge.

Superhuman Reflexes: While not on order of someone with genuine superhuman physical abilities, particularly superhuman speed and reflexes, nonetheless, the armors have motors for movement.

Superhuman Strength: When utilizing the armor, it increases his physical abilities to superhuman levels, chief among them is his strength. Tony, inside his armor, is capable of overpowering normal humans, punching them with sufficient force to launch them great distances. It also enables him to tear through most objects such stone walls and most metal objects with ease, lift most objects such as cars and other vehicles with ease.

Durability: The armor is made up of a strong lightweight Titanium Alloy, with interlocked plates for the shell, and a chest plate protecting the Arc Reactor.

Unibeam: A more powerful version of the repulsor beams. It is located in the chest. However, it requires more power from the Arc Reactor to use and cannot be used as often.

Lasers: A powerful weapon in the gauntlets that can cut through any common metals with no apparent effort, for one-time use.

Various other weaponry

Tony was born to Howard and Mirea Stark the only child of the genius billionaire and his philanthropic wife. Howard was a drunk, physically and emotionally abusive father to Tony. Teaching him that the only reason he was worth anything was because Tony was his son. Tony spent most of his childhood being cared for by the family butler Edward Jarvis, once his parents died Obadiah Stane attempted to carve a paternal niche in Tony’s life as he guided the younger man through his majority and to taking the reins of Stark Industries. This relationship lasted until Obadiah attempted to kill Tony as the younger man was becoming too much a thorn in his side. Tony declared himself Iron Man and set the company on a course of nonviolence, Stark Industries would never make another weapon as long as he was in charge. Of course shortly after discovering that the metal used to power the arc reactor was poisoning him Tony turned his company over to his long time (and long suffering) PA Pepper Potts, knowing he could trust her to guide the company after his death in the manner he wished for. Once he created a new element based on his father's research. (gee thanks dad, better late than never with the birthday gifts.) And putting an end to his palladium poisoning Tony did not take the company back from Pepper instead using the time to work on upgrades to the Iron Man Armors. Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark is an eccentric self-described genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist and the former head of Stark Industries. Using his own great wealth and exceptional technical knowledge, Stark enjoyed the playboy lifestyle for many years until he was kidnapped by the Ten Rings. With his life on the line, Stark created an armoured suit which he used to escape his captors, returning home and becoming the armored superhero known as Iron Man, battling against terrorists as well as his own former business partner Obadiah Stane. Stark enjoyed the fame that came with his new secret identity and decided to share it with the world, publicly announcing himself as Iron Man. Fresh off from defeating enemies all over the world, Stark found himself dying due to his own Arc Reactor poisoning his body, all while he was challenged by the vengeful terrorist, Ivan Vanko who attempted to destroy his legacy. Due to their assistance in both these battles, Stark reluctantly agreed to serve as a consultant to Director Nick Fury's peacekeeping intelligence agency S.H.I.E.L.D. where he used his position to upgrade their technology while he began a relationship with Pepper Potts. With the world yet again being threatened, Stark was convinced to join the Avengers and helped defeat the Chitauri and Loki. Due to the battle, he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, leading him to create the Iron Legion to safeguard the world and help him retire. Threats of the Mandarin forced Stark to come out of retirement to protect the world, only for his overconfidence to put his loved ones at risk and leave him nearly defenceless when his home was destroyed. Stark continued his mission, finding Aldrich Killian was behind the attacks and Trevor Slattery was a pretend Mandarin and eventually Stark defeated Killian, almost losing Pepper Potts in the process. In the wake of the battle, Stark destroyed all of his armors with the Clean Slate Protocol. However, when the Avengers were officially reassembled, Stark created new armors to fight the remnants of HYDRA and capture Wolfgang von Strucker. Once the threat of HYDRA had been ended at last, Stark, with the help of Bruce Banner, built Ultron as a peace-keeping A.I. to protect the world and allow the Avengers to retire. However Ultron defected and chose to destroy all humanity instead. Through the work of the Avengers, Ultron was defeated, however not at massive civilian cost and many lives being lost. After the war, however, Stark retired from the team, still haunted by his role in the chaos the A.I. created. The guilt of creating Ultron and causing so much destruction and loss of life eventually convinced Stark to help Thaddeus Ross and create the Sokovia Accords. However, Stark's strong support of the accords lead to a disagreement with his ally Captain America, who opposed the plans. When Rogers then proceeded to further disobey his orders by protecting the Winter Soldier, Stark was forced to lead the man-hunt for his old ally, igniting the Avengers Civil War. Eventually Stark learned that Helmut Zemo had manipulated them all into conflict and rejoined his friend, only to have Zemo reveal that the Winter Soldier was responsible for the murder of his parents, causing Stark to seek revenge and destroy the Avengers in the process, forcing Rogers to go on the run while Stark focused his efforts on aiding Spider-Man's quest to become a hero. (Copied from Wiki)

Hub Information
landmarks in hub for established universe: None ATM, will appear later during RP
knowledge level of multiverse:Some knowledge , knows they exist but has no interactions with them
fandom specific information: Avengers!
Anchor Character Section
RP Sample


Why the fuck wasn’t he terrified of falling yet?

The sound of wind was his only answer, HUD dead, and so was he if he couldn’t get the repulsors working.

Everytime he had the same refrain, a subcurrent under his frantic calculations:

’ And what's this thing coming toward me very fast? So big and flat and round, it needs a big wide sounding name like 'Ow', 'Ownge', 'Round', 'Ground'! That's it! Ground! Ha! I wonder if it'll be friends with me? Hello, Ground! ‘

Inane quotes were his own fucking soundtrack; Tony Stark didn’t get a Theme song to his death, he got fucking Douglas Adams in his head while he fell. “Fuck fuck!” moving against the suit with out the muscle enhancers powered by the dead and smoking reactor in his chest Tony fought the pull of gravity to hit the emergency reboot sequence, the low profile reactor embedded once again in his fucking chest hummed to life, the taste of coconuts flooding his senses. “YES!” he crowed suit and HUD coming to life around him.

“Oh shit!” ….too late, Tony only had time to flip, taking the impact with his back, protecting the reactor, crashing through what felt based on the impacts at least six floors before darkness took him.


Dark eyes gazed up at the sun only one question on his lips: “Who am I?”

This is a post Civil War Tony Stark; he is NOT from the main MCU universe.


-Still has Arc reactor.

-Is aapped with amnesia from impact damage when he fell into Hub, he does not know who he is or the events of the MCU timeline. This will come back to him in flashbacks and RP.

Friends: Tony makes ‘friends’ quickly, what he doesn’t do is keep them. Everyone wants to be your friend when you fund them, give them everything. Ask for trust? Expect to be burned. Tony has learned and relearned that lesson over and over.

Enemies: He makes these just as easily as he does friends, in fact most of his enemies are people he would have trusted with his life at one point.

Lovers: Till he ended his relationship with Pepper he was monogamous, since the multiple traumas of the last few years Tony isn’t looking for jack shit in a relationship.

nicknames: Kel
age: Old enough
pronouns: What ever
timezone: GMT+1
contact: Hipchat best, Ask for AIM/Skype
triggers: None: If something is about to go to far i’ll let you know, and hope you do the same. (Do NOT kill off a shipping partner with no warning, gimmie a heads up before, if you want to plot that.)
mature threading: All the Sexy. FTB-Explicit depending on Writing partner
other characters: McCoy
about: I are Admin hear me plot!
46. Genius, Billionaire, Superhero. Avengers. Robert Downey Jr..

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Congratulations, you have been approved! Please don't forget to make your claims in the claims thread!

And of course, have fun!!

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