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Through the Looking Glass
June 21 | Tag: 616 Tony

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Chris attached, Stark holding down their six, Safi fucking ran.

He never so vehemently wished for a HE grenade, phosphorus, hell he'd take a fucking frag!

When Safi wanted to move little could stand between him and his intended destination; which is why when Chris said he was protected Safi took it on faith that his magic would keep him in something close to one piece.

One, two, three. Shots taken on the run took down the pursuing demons, one shot one ear grating wail heralding their for the moment demise.

And than someone got smart and took the high road. The toothy mother fucker landed almost on top of him and Safi didn't stop moving shoving his bloody forearm into the bastards mouth and heaved; the spell worked like he hoped, the double impact of his 200 lb self combined with the spell feedback gave a very convincing impression of super strength, the creature went flying at a 60 degree angle clearing a meter wide slice in the cover above them.

It screamed as it hit daylight, skin boiling as it fell, “Sunlight!” He shouted again, hardly pausing to see what if any more damage he'd incurred that had gotten through the shield. If any. He had faith in the little man tucked behind him, Chris had said he was protected and Safi had unquestioningly trusted that statement.

And they were off again; the edge of the forest was visible a thin band of salvation. “GO! GO!GO!”

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Tony wasn’t the only one wishing that he had his armor with him. Chris wished that Tony had had his armor too, if only because then the shield spell wouldn’t have been so necessary for him (he could fly, and it was armor) but for Christian it wasn’t really a choice; protect someone else before himself, make sure everyone else was okay first. Then him. Simple.

Safi would be furious with him later if he found out, but that was a concern for later, not for now.

Tony’s question was met with a nearly breathless, whimper from Christian, “Demon.” Monster, not person. They were nasty, horrible creatures that wanted pretty much one thing: to rip them all to shreds. And they could do it, too. But magic affected them, and apparently gunshots could slow them down, and…

Christian didn’t like the idea of causing anyone or anything harm, but… If he were going to have to hurt something, a demon was the least awful choice, right? They were pure evil. Seriously, evil given form. They were downright terrifying, especially like this. When he had faced one back home (in his apartment of all places) the mage that had come to help him had been able to banish the demon away. But that demon had been inhabiting a human, making it a bit more vulnerable. These? These were just… Demons. No human skin being worn, just their terrible demonic presence that made Christian’s stomach turn at the mere feeling of it.

And then there was one nearly on top of Safi and Christian yelped, not out of fear for himself, but for Safi, of course, even though he knew that his shield spell would hold, it was Safi’s it was his best work, and he had been practicing. Not only did Safi get his best work, but his more powerful work, too, because let’s face it, Safi was going to be the one most directly in danger. Chris would never let any harm befall Safi, never. He clutched his satchel that slung across his body with his free hand in one of the pockets, fingers finding the small, perfectly articulated figurine that he’d made for one specific purpose. And now, he willed it to give Safi what the man needed; strength, stamina… Because there was no way he was going to do nothing while Safi was getting mauled by demons.

When Safi broke into a run, Chris followed once more, his focus on the figure in his satchel and on keeping his breaths even as he worked to keep up with the other, taller men.

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Jasmine (starkly-tony)

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Tony watched as Safi launched himself at the demon in front of them, stuffing his already bleeding arm into the things mouth. He shouted something--did this guy have a death wish or what?--but then the demon was being blown back like it had been kicked away by an enormous foot.

Had to be the paper Chris had shoved at them before, when he'd said they were protectedl. That was good to know. When Safi broke into a sprint, Chris working hard at keeping up behind him, Tony let himself fall behind slightly. Assuming his magic paper would do the same thing as Safi's (and despite Chris's obvious if inexplicable dislike for him, he didn't seem the type to intentionally get someone mauled), he could help the others by drawing the demons' attention while they made it to the treeline. That way Safi could get Chris, who didn't seem to have a protection spell of his own (or maybe had given his own to Tony), to safety. The treeline was already in sight and Tony could catch up easily once they were clear.

Tony pivoted to face the few demons that were fast in pursuit. The first demon pounced and he shoved his arm at it like Safi had, grinning in satisfaction as it was flung backward, slamming into the trunk of a thick oak tree. Okay, magic had SOME uses, on occasion, he had to admit. The second demon was not far behind and it too was flung back into the dark woods. Then the first one was one back out of nowhere, and Tony thrust his out in front of him again as it pounced.

He had about a millisecond to think that his plan was working very well before pain exploded in his forearm where the creature's teeth had dug in and god knew how many pounds of stinking monster flesh were pinning him to the ground. He cried out in pain and surprise, trying to shove the creature off of him but it was too heavy and its teeth were still embedded in his arm.

He wondered distantly if the protection spell had failed or run out of energy and decided, as the creature bit down again, that he really hated magic.

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