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Through the Looking Glass
June 21 | Tag: 616 Tony

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He had used to like Tony Stark. He really had. And now, he was something he knew his hero would despise. He’d realized that well before he’d stopped reading the comics, though. He’d known the moment the first doll came to life, real life, in his hands once he’d finished it. You didn’t have to be a genius to recognize magic when you saw it. When you did it. Tony Stark had been the reason he’d started building the automatons, and Tony Stark would have loathed him for his magic. He had known, but hearing it… Chris shrank at the words Stark spoke to Safi, hunching his shoulders and all but crumpling in on himself.

Well then, he and Safi would be just the perfect couple then, wouldn’t they?

“Yes questions.” Chris frowned at Safi, “Not your job. I’m not a VP or a VIP, Safi, and I’m definitely not your boss. And I don’t want you to get hurt for me, let alone…” Chris paled, his eyes wide with the admission, “Worse.” He flushed a little at the touch, “And I appreciate it, but I was fine, Safi. I have other ways of regaining energy, okay?” It was hard to stay irritated at Safi when the man went got all sweet and sincere on him…

“So are guns and technology.” The tone was quietly neutral; Chris knew what Tony Stark was capable of (or at least he had an idea, if the comic books were accurate), and if the man decided to be a villain, well, it would be a bad day for superheroes and innocents alike.

Turning to pin Tony with a glare, Chris snarled, “I did magic. It takes energy to do, it can be taxing. What Safi did,” he gave the mark on his skin a baleful look, quite obviously unhappy still, though when he returned his gaze to Tony, the glare was gone, “Was to give me some of his energy. The problem is that he didn’t know how much energy I had used, or how much he had to actually give. Give it all away…” Chris grimaced, the look pained, “And it can be deadly. So I’m not thrilled that he did that.” But the look he gave Safi was also one of appreciation; he didn’t like that the man had hurt himself to help him, but he was grateful that he meant enough to his friend to have done it regardless.

And then Safi was flirting with Tony again and Christian shot Tony Stark another dark look before turning to head back in the direction of Belle, passing shops without bothering to go inside as he followed his compass.

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Jasmine (starkly-tony)

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Tony watched Safi take Chris's hand with a fond, almost bemused smile. Whoever these two really were, it was clear that Safi cared about his friend a lot. Which... didn't really make him any less attractive. The earnest sincerity was all Steve, and-- Tony shook himself mentally. He'd just been starting to get over the whole Steve clone thing. Focus on the beard. On the accent.

Chris's explanation made him frown, but as soon as Safi threw him a wink the smaller man had taken off down the street again. Obviously, the guy had some issues. Tony took a moment to return the wink with a smirk and a, "Once we get back to the mansion, I think I'd like to hear more about some of those ideas."

But as much as he was enjoying, well, more than enjoying, the flirting, Chris's words were still bothering him. He strode a little faster to catch up with him, glancing between the two men as he spoke. "Okay. Here's what I don't get. As far as I know, we're facing anything here that warrants could-possibly-die levels of magical self-sacrifice." He narrowed his eyes as the thought occurred to him. "Unless--you think there is a threat here? Were you followed? I think I deserve to know."

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