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Thread Contributor: Arjay Lo'RanBrawling is a multiversal language
Dungeons and Dragons-Forgotten Realms

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“On my world, they mostly dislike that we make decisions at our pace, which generally means not giving them permission to tear down a forest within a year before we’ve studied the impact, not giving our most powerful magic to someone who’s barely studied magic for a few decades, not abandoning treaties just because it was their grandsires who made them with us… things like that. Oh, and because my forest kin tend to kill loggers and poachers. On the other hand, we mostly dislike that they never seem to consider the ramifications of whatever they’re doing. We’ll be trying to make a careful plan to deal with a threat, and the humans jump up and say ‘hold my ale, I’ve got this! Let’s blow things up until something works!’” He shrugged. “Somehow, we mostly manage to get along. Except when we don’t. It’s a complicated world.”

He couldn’t help smirking a little when she added the bit about their vision. “Yes, we see well in darkness as well. Resistance to enchantments, no need for sleep… all normal things.” Idly, he wondered about how well sea elves could see… he’d never actually asked one, when you got down to it. On the other hand, they had to see at night in the deep oceans, so… yes, they must have good vision as well. That was one question solved that she hadn’t even asked.

As she picked apart his offer, he leaned back in his chair, considering her carefully as he mulled over the magical options. “Regrowing organs… yes, that could be done. Depending on how… what you currently have is worked into you, we might need some help removing it as we go, I’ll not pretend to know enough about such things to do it myself and you wouldn’t believe me if I did… but yes, regenerating whatever you wish, that could be done. As far as your spirit…” He frowned, and dismissed the disparate views of how such things worked. ‘Regrow’ was not the way that he would tend to look at it. The spirit or soul in his view wasn’t something that was ever destroyed, not by mortal hands, but it could become detached from you, from this plane, at least in part. ‘Reattach’ or ‘afix’ would probably be closer to how he would put it, but the end result was mostly the same. “Restoring a soul to a body is a magic that we do have on my world, probably unknown on yours because the gods haven’t made themselves known. It’s a bit of an unusual situation, to have it torn from the body like this while you’re still alive, usually the spells are only used to revive the dead. There are a few spells I would try first, it’s not the easiest spell to cast after all, but in the end… it should still work. If I were to try it on your world, it likely wouldn’t, no, but here, where my world’s magic reaches as well?” He shrugged. “If nothing else, there’s no harm in trying. Just let me know if you wish to.”
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Queth snorted slightly without intention. "Frag- That's humans to a T!" She replied, before throwing her head back with a small laugh. "A human I used to know would throw acid at everything that pissed her off- and would stay still long enough for her to manage to hit them." She wrinkled her nose. "Wish I could claim we got along, but that would be a bold faced lie. They are obsessed with our beauty though- almost everyone famous person in my world is an elf. It is an interesting dichotomy that they both love us and absolutely hate us."

She arched her non synthetic eyebrow. "Don't need sleep? That's- ah- normal for you? Elves in my world- even the immortals- need sleep. I have chem- ah- stimulants in a container inside me that release at a preset rate to keep me awake for longer- but I still need a few hours of proper sleep every few days."

"There are chemical packs that can be used to force the system to maintain stasis despite traumatic wounds for a couple minutes- and more complicated systems that can maintain stasis indefinitely. There are also mages who can do that- but the strength of the spell required might very well hit them too hard with drain for them to keep it up." She offered with energy- heart pounding, trying to figure out whether or not to let herself get her hopes up. "For the actual removal- it'd be simple as hell for me to give myself some strong as hell pain killers and do it myself- no one knows my 'ware better than I do."

She listened to his explanation, even as her eyebrows shot up again. "Well- I-" Queth started sputtering- eyes wide from the idea that her soul could be returned by a single spell- Even if it wasn't the easiest- she hadn't anticipated being much more than a hollow shell for probably another century at least. "There are Gods in my world. If you believe, anything is true- Ever since magic returned, That's how it has worked. More power requires more belief- but if you're magically inclined, you can do anything."

Flushing- in an entirely out of character maneuver- she turned her face down. "Of course- it would probably kill you for the effort required in my world- So it would still be better to do it in the hub, yes." Queth mumbled softly. "I- Thank you for the offer. I will think about it- I must go. Thank you again."

With a well practiced false smile she tossed back the rest of her drink with a small sound of pleasure, before tossing down a tiny rune she had collected from her last job as payment. She knew that it had to be worth more than enough- especially considering Queth had been drinking a 'free' glass.

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