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Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

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Thread Contributor: Lorelei Coulson BartonLorelei Coulson Barton

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Sexual Orientation: Straight?

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Lorelei Coulson Barton
full name: Lorelei Jane Coulson Barton
nicknames/aliases/code name: L, Lori
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: no
species: human
gender: female
age: 20
date of birth: September 5, 2006ish
place of birth: Unknown
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Marvel
fandom universe: Marvel MCU-2
pronouns: she/her
occupation: Sharpshooter/Agent/etc
languages: English, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin
playby: Susan Coffey
height: 5’7
weight: 110 lbs.
hair color: Depends on the day of the week, usually red or brown
eye color: Green
distinguishing features: She’s attractive, but she tends to blend in with the crowd most of the time.
sexual orientation: Straight?
family: Parents: Phil Coulson and Clint Barton; Extended Family: the Avengers, several agents of SHIELD (Nick Fury, Maria Hill), she is close to several other non-Avenger hangers on such as Pepper Potts, Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis, etc.
relationship status: Single
powers: No powers, really, Lorelei is human. She does, however, have a bionic leg (it even looks real) made by her (beloved) Uncle Tony. It is stronger, and more durable, than a flesh and blood leg.
strengths: Lori is a sharpshooter, having been given her first bow by her Daddy when she was six when they first took her in, and since then, she has always had a bow. Papa taught her how to shoot guns, and she learned how to throw darts and knives from both of them (as well as from her Auntie Nat.) She is stealthy, having learned from her spy parents, and well versed in physical combat, both ranged and hand to hand. She is trained and intelligent and resourceful.
weaknesses: As well trained and competent as Lori is, she’s still human. She doesn’t have a healing factor, or anything like that, so when she gets hurt, she’s hurt until she heals from it. She’ll need medical attention. The exception to this is her leg, which can be repaired. However, if her leg is disabled, she doesn’t have a leg...
equipment: Bows (she has 2, a recurve and a compound), wrist crossbow, several darts laden with tranquilizers, and a boomerang, as well as a few knives hidden on her person, and a Colt 1911 (Papa says it’s the best one, of course). She carries emergency rations on her at all time, as well as a few other little items she might need. She rode into Hub on her motorcycle, an Indian Scout Sixty.
When Lorelei was around six years old, she was found by Clint Barton on the street. She was homeless, filthy, and filled with all of the attitude a child living on the streets could possess. She was a street urchin that ate whatever she could find, and did so greedily. Barton fed her, took her in, gave her a bath, and talked to her like she was an actual person. They grew close quickly, and when Phil Coulson met her, he also quickly grew attached to her, and she to him.

They decided to keep her, and Phil being the man he was began the endless paperwork to foster and adopt an unknown girl they had picked up from the streets. She had lived a hard life until they had found her, but she grew quickly with proper care. When the other Avengers and their entourage met the girl it quickly became apparent that she had found her family. From sweet Thor to the monstrous but ever (shockingly) gentle Hulk, Lorelei claimed each one of them as hers, and she was quite naturally theirs. Even Doctor Strange was won over by the little girl. The Avengers became aunts and uncles, Clint was Daddy and Phil was Papa, and Lorelei was happy.

She took to archey like a duck to water, followed her Daddy through ventilation systems (even when he scolded her and told her not to), and helped Papa with the paperwork. (She likes stamps. Stamps are fun.) She learned to fight from her fathers, but also from Captain America, Black Widow, SHIELD in general, and Thor. She is small, but she is lithe, agile, and intelligent, and she learned to use those to her advantage. She learned how to speak in public from her Uncle Tony, how to be diplomatic from Thor and Uncle Steve, and how to keep calm and find her inner peace from Uncle Bruce. She learned how to throw temper tantrums from the Hulk. All in all, Lorelei grew up happy and well adjusted, if a bit willing to throw down. She also grew up amongst the Avengers, and learned from an earlier age that peace took work, and that saving people was a noble profession.

Now that she’s an adult (even if her fathers don’t quite recognize that yet!) Lorelei is an Avenger, a ‘legacy’ of sorts, and there’s nothing she wants more than to make her family proud.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: any required landmarks for Hub? n/a
knowledge level of multiverse: Lorelei is aware of other realities. She’s an Avenger, this is a thing. Portals are cool, too.
fandom specific information: Lorelei is from an alternate near-future of the Marvel MCU; she was born in 2006 and is 20 years old. The Avengers are back together, though some of them may be (are) retired. It is year 2026 in her universe.
Anchor Character Section
N/A - Lorelei is not an anchor character, she is coming to Hub alone, with no way home, at least at first.
RP Sample
Not my first character!
Lorelei is stuck in Hub with no way home. She misses her parents, her family. She’s not a bad person, not by a long shot, but growing up with and working with SHIELD has taught her to abide by shadier things, and her morals, while on this side of ‘right’ are still a bit on the ambiguous side. She’s loyal, though, to those she deems worthy of that loyalty, and loving to those she considers her friends and family.
Friends are good to have. Lorelei is quick to make a friend, but slow to truly give her trust over to them. She’s seen how spies operate, hell, she sort of is a spy… Her parents are spies. Her aunt is, like, THE spy. Her uncle taught her quietly that trust is something that shouldn’t be given cheaply or freely, it should be earned, and so it is. But Lori loves her friends, and will work hard, even at her own expense, to see them safe and happy. With great power, yadda yadda...

Love, ah, love. Lorelei is young, and she’s never been in love, not really. She’s dated, she’s not the sort to think that that rush of hormones is love. She’s a spy, and she’s not a bad or inexperienced one, not growing up in SHIELD she’s not. Her fathers prepared her for life as best as they could, and knowing that love isn’t always easy, doesn’t always feel like sunshine and rainbows, and needs work is one of the things they did teach her. She’s seen people who truly love each other argue, fight, and hurt each other. Hurt themselves. She isn’t wary of love, but she’s careful. She’s aware. Her heart is something that she knows is worthwhile, and she won’t just give it away to anyone.

See Steve Rogers, Kim Woo Bin, Fizzle Bizzlebop, Groot, Christian Verglas, or Clint Barton for more information.
20. Sharpshooter/Spy/Hero. Avengers. Susan Coffey.

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Congratulations, you have been approved! Please don't forget to make your claims in the claims thread!

And of course, have fun!!

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