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Thread Contributor: Torynn Du'elenTorynn Du'elen
Dungeons & Dragons-Forgotten Realms

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Torynn Nightstar
full name: Torynn Du’elen
nicknames/aliases/code name: None really
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: No
species: Fey’ri (Daemonfey)
gender: Female
age: 258(ish)
date of birth: 20 Flamerule, -4500ish
place of birth: Aryvandaar
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Dungeons & Dragons
fandom universe: D&D Forgotten Realms
pronouns: she/her
occupation: Mistress of the Deephall
languages: Common, Elven, Abyssal, Draconic, Dwarven, Gnomish, Ancient Elven
playby: Phoebe Tonkin
height: 5’10
weight: 163 lbs
hair color: Dark Brown
eye color: Green
distinguishing features: In her natural form, Torynn has pinkish hued skin, long pointed ears, a prehensile tail, and large batlike wings.
sexual orientation: Yes
family: Technically, she is of House NightStar (Du’elen) but she does not associate with the House, as it would bring dishonor to the House, and she has no desire to do harm to her kin.
relationship status: Single
powers: As a Fey’ri Torynn has the following abilities:
  • Darkvision up to 60 feet
  • Low-light Vision: Torynn can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions, and retain the ability to see color in these conditions
  • Immunity to sleep spells and effects
  • Alter Self: Torynn can assume any humanoid form and remain in this form indefinitely.
  • Elven Blood: Due to her elven heritage, Torynn is able to use and create elven weapons and items that require elven bloodline to use, hold, etc.
  • There are certain abilities that Torynn, due to her demonic heritage, is able to use as well. These include: Charm, Darkness, Detect Thoughts, Dimension Door, and Suggestion. She is also resistant to damage done by fire of any kind.
Torynn is also a fairly skilled sorcerer and can cast many spells, even some that require more experience and knowledge to cast. Many of Torynn’s spells aren’t meant for combat, but she’s rather creative.
strengths: Torynn is clever and intelligent, and incredibly charismatic. She’s likeable and charming, and not above using the fact that she is both of these, as well as quite attractive to many humanoid males, to her advantage.
weaknesses: Torynn is especially vulnerable to cold iron, and she is not particularly hearty. While she not likely to die of old age, she can be killed much like anyone else.
equipment: Wax and Wane: twin short swords that are mirrors of each other, and part of a set. One is black as pitch, the other a glimmering translucent milky color. She has several bags of holding, and a handy haversack, as well as a scroll belt, a staff of healing, a rod of wonder, and a deck of many things. Amongst various other useful items. Her cloak is a crimson on the outside, but within it is dark, appearing deeper than any cloak could. When she uses it to its full potential, she is able to hide even more skillfully than she already can. Her boots, soft and of elven make, cause no sound as she moves.
In the former elven realm of Arcorar (located in what would become Cormanthyr), House Dlardrageth began summoning demons to produce half-fiend offspring[3] in a bid to strengthen their bloodline and succeeded and were killed by other elves, who were enraged over this practice.

The surviving half-fiend offspring of House Dlardrageth fled to Siluvanede, around -5000 DR.[4] They brought with them their practice of producing half-fiends into their new home, where it was more readily accepted than in Arcorar, though it was only practiced in secret.[5] The background for this readiness was, that the elves from Siluvanede had a uniquely bad view on the Seldarine. The roots for this bad view was the deities actions during the Crown Wars,[6] a series of wars between elven states that lasted for about 3000 years.[7] Their show of violence during these wars, in particular the Descent, Corellon Larethianchanneling his magic to turn all dark elves, regardless of allegiance, into drow and thus destroying Ilythiir,[8] as well as their support for the first Elven Court’s proclamation, that amounted to a call for genocide against the Vyshaan as the most guilty party of the Crown Wars,[9] caused the founders of Siluvanede and their descendants to view the Seldarine as a source of fear than anything else. This fear showed itself in persecution of religious institutions and practitioners and in the lowered threshold to accept alternative power sources like demon blood,[6] which allowed the half-fiends to spread their affliction to the elven houses of Siluvanede.[3] Houses with demon blood and thus with fey'ri among their ranks were powerful and owned a lot of influence in their country.

In -4700 DR, Eaerlann was founded to counter Siluvanede.[5] Eaerlann's power holders observed a gradual shift towards evil in Siluvanede[10] and decided in -4500 DR[5] to attack the other country in order to prevent it from committing evil.[10] During the initial attack, members of House Dlardrageth were killed. During Siluvanede’s retaliation which resulted in the Seven Citadels' War, Sarya Dlardrageth and others were killed or imprisoned. The fey’ri fought on but were defeated, and Siluvanede was forcibly annexed by Eaerlann.[5] The fey’ri were killed,[6] or were collectively imprisoned into the Nameless Dungeon.

The daemonfey who were sealed in magical prisons in a perpetual state of near-slumber, where they remained until the destruction of Hellgate Keep in 1369 DR, which caused those imprisoned there to be freed.

While many of the fey’ri who had been imprisoned went to seek revenge on those who had kept them asleep for so long, Torynn left, abandoning the majority of her kind to seek her own fortune. The past was the past, and she wanted to move into the future. She was taken in by an adventuring party and accompanied them on their quest, using her skills both as a sorcerer as well as a rogue to assist them. Once they had completed their journeys, the group split up, though they kept in touch, and Toyrnn founded the quiet den for outcasts, adventurers and miscreants called the Deephall, located near Shadowdale. She doesn’t travel very far very often, but she does travel and explore still, curious to learn what the world today has to offer. And she has learned, quite thoroughly, to Avoid Shadowdale.

*much of this information is taken from the wiki.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: The Deephall, the forest around Shadowdale, a small tower in these woods that serves as the entrance to Deephall as well as Torynn’s home.
knowledge level of multiverse: As a sorceress, Torynn is aware of the other planes and dimensions and even how to travel them. As a fey’ri, she can even trace her lineage back across planes as well.
fandom specific information: Torynn is Chaotic Neutral
Anchor Character Section
RP Sample
Not my first character! ^_^
Torynn is playful, and not malvoyant. On the surface. She gets along with most people at least peripherally, though she is cautious and distrustful. She tends to be subtle and feel a person out before she reveals too much of herself, presenting herself as a moon elf or even a human (depending on the company, surroundings, etc) at first. She won’t reveal her true self unless pressed or forced, or until she has decided a person can be trusted with the knowledge, which isn’t likely to happen quickly. Of course, a true seeing spell will reveal her true self to a person, as well as perhaps some other magics and items.
Friends. Friends are a rare thing. Most people are, at best, allies, and even then it’s often a temporary thing. Torynn has learned that some of the other races, some people, can forge real and true relationships, friendships that do not dissipate with time or space, but she also knows that is a rare thing. She doesn’t trust easily, and this means that she holds onto her secrets, which can make her untrustworthy perhaps in those who believe that trust should be just given freely without a care. Torynn knows better. Someone worthy of her friendship will be willing to wait for it, to earn it.

Love is for… Others. Who in their right mind would love a fey’ri? Lovers, however, are for fun, and fun is something Torynn does enjoy having… It’s not impossible for the sorceress-rogue to fall in love, but don’t expect it to happen overnight.

See Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, etc.
258ish. Adventurer/Mage. Fey’ri. Phoebe Tonkin.

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Congratulations, you have been approved! Please don't forget to make your claims in the claims thread!

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