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Thread Contributor: Jackson TellerFear the Reaper
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Well, he hadn’t exactly lied to the guy. He supposed it didn’t matter, in the end, if he did… except to him. He didn’t want to lie to the people, but he had to do this, he supposed. He doubted that he was going to get any straight answers on how the ‘after death’ thing worked, as far as being judged or whatever, but one thing that he had to start wondering was whether or not what he was doing now was actually affecting what would happen to him after this deal was up. That little question, he kept to himself. Jax might be a thug, but he wasn’t an idiot. He knew enough to wait and see when it wasn’t going to cost him anything.

This question was only reinforced when they watched some person kamikaze in front of a truck, sparing the bus its casualties. Jax turned his bemused gaze to Death, waiting until all the other reapers vanished and the casualty count had been amended. “Nothing can?” he asked dryly. Yes, he might be talking to the embodiment of death at the moment, but there were some things that just deserved to be called out by a wiseass.

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Death’s eyebrow rose showing a level of humor few saw in this aspect he chuckled grimly; “Nothing can stop death. Except human will.” He nodded to the woman who was breathing her last.

“She wasn't fated to die this day, a split second decision and 16 children live today. But her fate was tied through another to hundreds. Her sacrifice has created quite a bit of work for Fate and her minions.” The capital F was very clear.

“And now you know the great truth, you humans truly do control your own life. Destiny, Fate, they set they path but you have the power to derail the whole mess with one action.”

Death chuckled again and they were back at Hub, “but don't get too cocky, Fate usually ends up balancing in the end.”

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