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Thread Contributor: Peter ParkerPeter Parker, Marvel, MCU-1
Marvel -MCU

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Peter Parker
full name: Peter Benjamin Parker
nicknames/aliases/code name: Spiderman, Spidy, Pete, Petey...hey you geek...
canon or oc: Canon
anchor character: No
species: Human
gender: Male
age: 15
date of birth: August 16th, 2000
place of birth: New York City, New York
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Marvel
fandom universe: Marvel MCU-1
pronouns: him/he
occupation: Student, Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman (AKA Stark Intern)
languages: English, Italian, Spanish (studying in school)
playby: Tom Holland
height: 5’8’’
weight: 141 pounds
hair color: Brown
eye color: Brown
distinguishing features: He is pretty unremarkable, honestly, just your average joe.
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
family: Richard Parker (father - deceased), Mary Parker (mother - deceased) Ben Parker (uncle - deceased), May Parker (aunt)
relationship status: Single
powers: Spider Physiology: After having been bitten by a genetically altered spider, Peter Parker has now gained the proportionate powers of a spider.

Wall-Crawling: Spider-Man can adhere to walls, ceilings, and other surfaces and had said that he does not use any adhesive gloves to do it. This ability allows him to stick to almost any surface when willing himself to, as physical contact with said surfaces creates a locking connection necessary to support his body, even when he is inverted above the ground.

Superhuman Strength Spider-Man has considerable superhuman strength, due to it being the proportional strength of a spider. Although he is relatively untrained, his strength alone is sufficient enough to catch a 1.4-ton car that was moving at 40 miles an hour when it was just inches away from hitting a bus. He was also able to casually overpower the Winter Soldier and his cybernetic arm, to break through a bulletproof glass window with only a few blows, as well as to support the weight of a jet bridge that weighs about 30 tons, though the latter visibly strained him to do so. Also, Spider-Man was ultimately able to lift the considerable portion of a concrete roof that Vulture had collapsed on top of him, though doing so painfully strained him.

Superhuman Speed: Spider-Man can move faster than an ordinary human and is adept at dodging quickly. His speed has allowed him to casually catch the Winter Soldier's bionic arm before it could even punch him. During the Avengers Civil War, Spider-Man was able to outrun Black Widow, as well as evade Scarlet Witch's telekinetic attacks.

Superhuman Durability: Spider-Man's body is physically resistant towards impact force, as he has taken a punch from Winter Soldier and a spinning air kick from Captain America, without any serious injuries. Additionally, Spider-Man easily endured a collision with Falcon's Redwing flying at full force and a strike from Captain America's Shield, as well as being backhanded across the airport from a gigantic Ant-Man, falling unharmed from from several stories in the process. Indeed, Peter only sustained a black eye from the entire Clash of the Avengers and was able to pass it off as a result of bullies at school while telling his Aunt May. Moreover, Spider-Man survived Vulture collapsing a considerable portion of a concrete roof on top of him, with only minor injuries. However, according to Karen, even Spider-Man would not be able to survive a fall from the top of Washington Monument. He later survives a plane crash and falls from the inside of the Washington Monument, and after his injuries, he recovered faster than a human would.

Superhuman Agility: Spider-Man is superhumanly agile, capable of swinging around on thin spider-webbing and jumping great distances without difficulty. His bones, muscles, and joints have more elastic strength and durability, allowing him to perform gymnastic and contortionist maneuvers without damaging his bone structure. He used his agility to outmaneuver and beat both Winter Soldier and Falcon, to dodge most of the Vulture's attacks, and to even dodge the many cars that Scarlet Witch telekinetically hurled at him.

Enhanced Senses: Spider-Man's senses are greatly enhanced, with him describing them as being "dialed to eleven". Hence, Peter is able to sense potentially things shortly before they occur. For example, an object is being thrown at Spider-Man he will usually be aware of it, even if it is hurled from far away and he is facing the opposite direction.

Enhanced Vision: Spider-Man's sense of sight is superhuman, to the point that he is forced to wear dark goggles to prevent it from handicapping him in a battle.

Superhuman Reflexes: Spider-Man's brain responds to stimuli at an accelerated rate, alerting him to dangers around him. This allows him to effectively dodge and counter incoming attacks in combat. Peter was able to catch the small cartridge of web fluid tossed to him by Tony Stark, even though he was facing the away from him. This awareness functions on a subconscious level, thus alerting Spider-Man of dangers he cannot readily notice at first. He's also able to dodge Vulture's Exo-Suit at full speed. During the Skirmish on the Staten Island Ferry, he sensed someone coming his way and he webbed him up.

strengths: Gifted Intelligence: Peter Parker is a highly intelligent science enthusiast, with aptitudes in chemistry, physics, and engineering, developing a highly advanced chemical compound into a silk-like material and constructed his own web-shooters (the sophistication of it impressed Tony Stark). As Spider-Man, he can also come up with witty and incredibly annoying quips and references, much to his allies and enemies' irritation. In addition, he was a valued member of the Midtown School of Science and Technology academic decathlon team, with Liz Toomes claiming that Peter was it's most intelligent member.

Tactician: Parker uses the laws of physics to his advantage in battle, notably when he let Iron Man and War Machine know of his plan to tie up Ant-Man's legs, after which they knocked the immobilized giant down. Peter is still relatively inexperienced, however, since he asked Iron Man for advice during the Avengers Civil War, and later consistently asked for Karen's assistance in taking down Vulture and his gang.

Combatant: Ever since he fought crime for six months, Peter's style of combat is somewhat instinctive and improvised. It emphasizes the use of his superhuman strength, speed, agility, and web-shooters. Hence, Peter uses quick, powerful attacks and agile movements while firing his spider-webs to immobilize his enemies. However, he is not skilled in martial arts and often gets distracted while in combat. Despite his inexperience, Spider-Man easily defeated both Falcon and Winter Soldier, who are military-trained hand-to-hand combatants. Spider-Man was also able to temporarily hold his own against the far more experienced Captain America, though Iron Man later admitted that Cap could have taken Spider-Man down had he wanted to.

Master Acrobat: Due to his superhuman agility, Spider-Man can perform acrobatic moves. Hence, he was able to accurately shoot a string of webbing at Captain America's Shield then catch it while jumping in the air and land over a vehicle.

Skilled Marksman: Spider-Man possesses extremely keen eyesight, and is able to accurately utilize his Web-Shooters to neutralize his targets during his crime-fighting. He was capable of ensnaring Captain America's hands and strip him of his shield, mid-air, executing it all at high speed.

Trilingualism: Peter speaks his native English, as well as some Italian and Spanish, studying the latter in school with success.
weaknesses: 1)Still just a high school teenage boy, balancing school, home, the hero thing. And he is still inexperienced (in more than just with hero stuff).
2. Also still human. He is not bullet proof. Mortality is a thing as well as human error. Pressure of being a smarty pants is high but nobody is right all the time. (Science Dad might disagree on the ‘nobody’ thing.)
3. With his senses dialed way up, sensory overload is also an issue. In day-to-day life it is not so bad, but in a fight it can be a little...distracting, painful, disorienting, or incapacitating.
4. The safety and wellbeing of others comes first and it can put him in tricky or less than ideal situations or be used against him.
5. Pete has also shown himself to be impulsive, so eager to help and prove himself that he jumps into situations and does not think about being in over his head until he is.
6. Small knives! Oh wait, wrong Spiderman..
equipment: Spider-Man Suit: Parker originally wore a handmade suit while operating on the streets of New York City. Nothing more than red and blue spandex and a pair of goggles, this suit was created with the intention to help Parker to conceal his identity and keep his superhuman senses in check. Parker would later use an upgraded and more refined suit, which was designed by Tony Stark to focus his superhuman senses. This suit also includes moving eyepieces that resemble camera shutters.

Utility Belt: This belt, complete with extra pouches, was seen on the outside of the spider suit. It, most likely, contains spare web fluid cartridges or other useful equipment for Spider-Man.

Spider-Drone: The spider emblem on the front of Parker's suit can detach and act as a tracking device. It has a drone mode allowing it to fly onto a target. GPS Tracking System: On his right forearm, Parker has a GPS tracking system with a holographic display, allowing him to follow his Spider-Drone.

Peter was born and raised in New York City. During his early childhood he was orphaned and went to stay with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Peter attended the 2011 Stark Expo, wearing an Iron Man helmet and glove. When the Hammer Drones began attacking, Peter fearlessly held his hand up. Iron Man arrived just in time to destroy the drone, thanking the boy for his work before flying off. Peter was awestruck and this is when he really started to idolize Tony Stark.

Then came a spider bite and superhuman abilities. It was after his Uncle Ben was killed that Peter decided to use his abilities as the masked hero Spiderman, stopping small crimes and protecting people in Queens. Since the start of his superhero activities, Spiderman captured the attention of news organizations and reporters and amateur videos quickly made their way onto the internet.

One day Peter returned from school to find Tony Stark (his biggest idol) talking to Aunt May in his living room - something about a Stark Industries grant that he definitely did not apply for. In short, in a private conversation Tony invited Peter to come to Germany with him to confront Captain America. In Germany, prior to the fight, he received a new suit that Tony had made for him.

Arriving home, Peter was told he could keep the suit and that Happy would be keeping an eye on him, but he would not be joining the Avengers. And then it was back to his daily life, returning to high school. Eager for his next mission with the Avengers, however, he quits his school activities in favor of his heroic ones under the guise of his ‘Stark Internship’. He continues his crime fighting every day after school, but desperate for something more exciting and meaningful he continued reporting in to Tony through Happy. He was continuously ignored.

So when this new, dangerous tech hits the streets of his home and it goes seemingly ignored by Tony Stark, Peter pursues the situation even after he is warned to just stay away from it. Things escalate until Tony takes the suit back, much to Peter’s dismay.

Disheartened and confidence lost, Peter tried to resume his life with his Spiderman activities on hold. He is even delighted when the girl he likes agrees to go to Homecoming with him, excitedly getting Aunt May to help him prepare. That quickly deflates when her front door opens and the man in charge of the operation putting the dangerous weapons on the street turns out to be his date’s father - Adrian Toomes.

Despite the threats posed on him when Adrian realized that Peter is Spiderman, Peter leaves Homecoming to stop Toomes from stealing more alien tech from the Stark plane. In the end, after some setbacks, Peter regained his confidence and was able to both stop the theft and save Adrian Toome’s life.

Everything seemed to go back to normal after that until Happy texted him and brought him to the new Avengers facilities. There Tony was waiting for him with a new suit and an invite to join the Avengers. Peter politely declined, going back to just being the friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Back home he finds that Tony had returned the suit. When he excitedly put it on, he was not at first aware that Aunt May was behind him.


Thanos eventually came for the infinity stones and while the Avengers and Guardians were handling things in space Peter was on the ground helping Coulson and the defenders keep Earth’s populace safe. In the events that followed, Tony Stark and others disappeared, sent away with an infinity stone in the effort to keep them from the reach of Thanos.

Needless to say, Peter was not satisfied or content with just leaving their friends and allies (and his idol slash science dad) who knows where. His efforts to figure out a way to get them back quickly reached the attention of others. It was some time after that, that Peter was approached by Coulson who brought with him the specs for the portal tech used in Clint’s arrows. Coulson provided the tech and Peter the (mad) skills. Pete built a simple portal generator.

Nobody was as surprised as him when it worked on the first try.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub:Midtown School of Science and Technology
knowledge level of multiverse: In Between
fandom specific information: No?
Anchor Character Section
RP Sample
*tip toes past*
Peter is a normal 15-year old kid. He goes to high school, he loves his Aunt May, collects comic books, and he stares at girls until it gets awkward (oops). He is highly intelligent and is a science enthusiast. Friendly, Peter is happy to engage anyone in conversation but is shy and awkward. He ends up getting tongue tied and stumbling over his own words trying to get to a point (or not even).

Yet he is easily influenced by those in authority or those he looks up to. He is easily excitable, even child-like in the presence of his heroes, and wants to make good first impressions in the superhero community. He especially wants to impress Tony Stark whom he has great respect for. He is so eager to prove himself, however, that he often bites off more than he can chew or takes on more than he can actually handle. He can be impulsive, jumping into situations before fully thinking them through and easily getting in over his head.

However, as Spiderman he is courageous, clever, and, despite his inexperience, capable. He often annoys his enemies (or even comrades, depending) with fast-talk humor, quips, and puns. He tries to keep things light and sometimes others are not sure that he is taking things seriously. Peter does understand the gravity of what he does, though, and the jokes turn off when they need to. He puts a very high value on life and would not do anything to purposefully endanger it, going so far as to risk his own life for the bad guys’.

Peter makes it a point to keep his secret identity just that, a secret and keeps costume hidden in a tiny hatch in his ceiling. One of the big reasons was to keep Aunt May from worrying, before, you know, she found out. But he also wants to avoid major trouble with the law due to his vigilantism. That would also make his Aunt worry.

In conclusion, Peter is just an all around good kid that wants and is actively seeking to make a difference. Balancing everyday life, school, and being a superhero can be tough to find, even harder to hold on to, but he thinks he is getting the hang of it. He likes to make friends but it can be hard to hold on to the ones that do not know about Spiderman. At least he has Karen. Karen is cool. Karen is nice to talk to.
Romance has not really been Peter’s main focus. What with secret identities and superhero identities, saving his fellow New Yorkers and, oh hey, helping the Avengers out, it has not really seemed a priority. And there is the fact that the last time he had a date it, eh, did not work out so well; boy likes girl, girl likes boy, boy asks girl to homecoming and finds out her dad is weapon making-alien tech stealing villain. Who could have predicted that one? It is kind of hard to get a girlfriend when you spend much of your after school life swinging from buildings and stopping bike thieves. He really has not figured out how it would even work and he is too nice of a guy not to worry about breaking the heart of someone he liked enough to ask out to begin with.

Somersaults, backflips, and saving the world aside, Pete is still a fifteen year old boy and what healthy fifteen year old is not interested in girls? Truth be told, though, he might be Spiderman but the him that everyone knows is not cool or popular. He is just plain, ordinary, kinda dorky Peter Parker who geeks out over things like science, superheroes, aliens, and comic books, idolizes Tony Stark, and gets picked on by Flash Thompson. And while he knows he is the guy who ‘caught Captain America’s shield once’ that does not count in his normal life.

Not that a romance is out of the question or he has completely disowned the idea. What I think we are trying to say is that it has been more of a side plot for him rather than something he has actively been pursuing as of late. Although if it were to happen Peter would not be complaining (probably wondering what he did to deserve a miracle and freaking out because ‘what if they find out I’m Spiderman’).

He is a one-girl kind of guy and is sweet and loyal, the type that gets really hyped and nervous over a date, fretting over it going perfecty smooth. If you can forgive that he is a bit scatterbrained, distracted, and a little prone to ditching with weird or unbelievable excuses (as if she or anyone would believe ‘hey, I’m Spiderman and I really gotta go stop someone from dying!’).

nicknames: Red...just Red?
age: Somewhere in the adult range? Most of the time.
pronouns: she/her
timezone: Eastern
contact: Hipchat, AIM, Skype (if you don’t know ‘em, just ask!)
triggers: None. I just ask that if something does come up that my writing partners are respectful and understanding. (And, of course, if I make you uncomfortable, step out of line, or misread something, just nudge me!)
mature threading: Da violence I’m all cool with (if something comes up that is not, I will let you know). Da sexy, I’ve always played on sites with a ‘fade to black’ policy but I will write up until a point? See how it goes? (Do you like my totally straightforward answer?)
other characters: None Yet
about: *taps mic* This thing on? *taptap* Just your friendly neighborhood Red. Been writing for awhile, a long while now, actually. I’m a charaholic and just cannot seem to kick the habit. Canons...originals...gotta have them all. I have a very sensitive muse reflex and as Kel and Nyte already know it is not hard to talk me into ‘just one more’. Spiderman is a first for me but hoping to do a good job representing him. I look forward to writing with everyone; also cannot say ‘no’ to threads.
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