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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceOryn Vance
Harry Potter-Main Universe

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Oryn Vance
full name: Oryn Vance
nicknames/aliases/code name: N/A
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: Yes
species: Human (Wizard)
gender: Male
age: 36
date of birth: April 1, 1981
place of birth: London, England
starting location: Either in the Hub or in London just coming over
originating fandom: Harry Potter
fandom universe: Main Universe-Books
pronouns: He/Him
occupation: Researcher/Official/Wizard
languages: English, French, German, Goblin, Mermish
playby: Tom Hiddleston
height: 6’2”
weight: 175 lbs
hair color: Brown
eye color: Green
distinguishing features: None
sexual orientation: Straight
family: Teraxis Vance - Father
Amelia Vance - Mother
relationship status: Single
powers: Magic - Oryn is a very skilled wizard, renowned enough to get a job in the Ministry of Magic’s top secret research department, the Department of Mysteries. He is one of the most ambitious researchers there, always ready to stretch the bounds of what magic can do.
  • Ambitious - Unsurprising for a Slytherin, Oryn is as ambitious as they come. This isn’t to say that he’s evil, but he doesn’t let silly things like morality get in the way of any grab for power he makes. He knows what the rules are, he knows why they’re sensible, and he knows perfectly well how to get around them so that he can follow their spirit while shattering their letter for his own benefit.
  • Genius - Oryn focused greatly on his education, supplementing it with practical research (killing monsters, dueling, modifying memories, crafting useful potions) whenever it suited his needs. He was classified as an extremely gifted wizard, one who would be very dangerous if he went truly bad.
  • Rich - Oryn comes from a very old family, and therefore has very old spells and very old items at his disposal, not to mention a wealth of gold.

  • All trust is foolish - Being as ambitious as he is, and especially as morally lax as he is, Oryn has no one that he can say is truly close to him. He knows that all people may become pawns in his games at any point in time, even those he genuinely likes, and so he tends to like very few people.
  • Dark secrets - There are many rumors about things Oryn has done. His father died under suspicious circumstances, for instance, though not suspicious enough to warrant an investigation.

equipment: Wand - 12” Yew wand with a dragon heartstring core.
Wand - 10” Ebony with a dragon heartstring core (taken on the death of his father).
Oryn is able to create, acquire, or conjure most items that he might need in any given situation, assuming there is a magical device which can solve a situation.
Oryn is the heir to the pureblood, and relatively well-off, Vance family. His father ruled the family with heavy hand as Oryn was growing up, while his mother simply sat back and let him take his frustrations out on his sons. Oryn finally overcame his father during his teenage years, laying a trap for him and casting a spell powerful enough on his mind to force him to give Oryn most of his inheritance early. Later, Oryn would return at an hour of need for the rest of the family fortune... and his father's soul, though nothing could ever be proven of the matter.

Oryn learned, through his years at Hogwarts, to become an extremely able wizard, competent at standard spellwork, but exceptionally skilled at unearthing and mastering complicated magical rituals. On graduation, he easily gained employment at the Department of Mysteries, and on the side began gaining influence as an information peddler, discovering secrets both with his own skills and with powerful (and dangerous) divinations.

It was his experiments for the Ministry which led to the discovery of the Hub. New experiments into the nature of space and time, relative to magic of traveling, were underway, and Oryn was elated to find a hole in space opening. Uncontrollably, the hole spread, a condition which he remedied quickly, though he theorizes that his magic did not so much shrink the tear as divert it elsewhere, effectively creating other portals which have yet to be discovered.

Not wanting others in his world to find out about his discovery and steal his ability to make use of it, he modified the memories of those with him so that they would remember the experiment losing control, making him disappear in a burst of energy, and planting the idea in their minds for the room to be quarantined so that no one else may be harmed. The experiment was ruled too risky to be continued, and the room was sealed until further rulings, which he knew wouldn’t come. That done, he escaped through the portal, knowing that given the nature of the experiment that had been going on, if he ever needed to resume his former life, he would be able to return under the guise of being spit out of whatever spatial trap he’d claim to have been ensnared in.

The Hub, he realized soon, was a world where his world’s statute of secrecy did not apply, with access to numerous others where he could ply his trade and experiment with its consequences in bids for power without needing to worry about bringing the wrath of the muggles down upon the world of magic. So, this ambitious young wizard began to explore, and to gather other ambitious allies from worlds quite different from his own.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub for established universe: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
knowledge level of multiverse: Just learning, quick study
fandom specific information: Oryn was an official in the Ministry of Magic, and a graduate of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with top marks.
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Harry Potter
which universe: Main Harry Potter Universe
timeline: Present Day
where is the Hub portal located: Department of Mysteries
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Magic exists, and can actively be used by some people who are especially in tune with it. The vast majority of the world is unaware of this, and if made aware of this in any way other than having a family member who is a witch or wizard, will have their memories modified so that they cannot remember. Magic users from other worlds should be able to sense and learn to use the magic of this world. Magic users MUST use a wand in order to cast spells. Wands can be purchased in magical communities, or can be stolen from other wizards. (note: Special considerations can be made if a character can be classified as a magical creature instead of a person)
aliens: No
advanced technology: Nothing more advanced than current real-world technology. Magic and technology are known to interfere with each other.
mythical creatures: Yes, though this is covered up at great lengths by the magical community.

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
RP Sample
Friends/Allies - Oryn values ingenuity, ambition, and ruthless planning. He is the sort to plot to conquer the world (or make some equally ambitious plan) over brandy in front of a fire in a private parlor with minds that he considers equals. Anyone who has a useful skill can be his ally, but his actual valued associates would be those most like him, who want to seize power and are willing to do so with him… and who don’t have a reason to stab him in the back later.

Enemies - This can be very interchangeable with allies, since Oryn is capable of being very pragmatic about who to associate with, and whether problems should be buried to further one’s own goals. Those who cross him, however, may find them meeting a very unfortunate revenge later, depending on how they do it. Business is, after all, business, and one can’t fault someone else if their business conflicts with yours. When something becomes personal, though, there’s no need to hold back.

Oryn has loved before, but not for long. Love was, he knew, a liability, and his family life taught him that there was no bond that couldn’t be broken. He does, however, have a taste for women with personality, particularly ones with whom he doesn’t need to hide his moral shortcomings.

nicknames: Mike
age: 36 (See? Numbers aren’t scary, people)
pronouns: He/Him
timezone: Pacific/Mountain (Arizona time)
contact: Hipchat is the best bet
triggers: Lolllll
mature threading: Yes, please
other characters: Justin Halloway, Winston, Amora the Enchantress, Arjay Lo’Ran
about: Who wants to rule the multiverse with me?
36. Wizard. Harry Potter. Tom Hiddleston.

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