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Yeah, portal arrows. Tony had seriously outdone himself with these babies. They opened a whole new ballgame for the archer, one that he thought gave him a fighting chance for the coming fight. I mean, for real, PORTAL ARROWS. Seriously! He had all but crowed when Phil and Tony had presented the quiver, complete with new arrowheads and options, to him.

Fucking portal arrows!

He had spent as much time as he could with Phil. Oh, nothing R rated or anything, they just.. Sat together, mostly. Because Phil couldn’t come with, and he was hurt, his arm… And Clint was going into a battle that they all knew was more likely than not to end badly. The idea of all of them coming home was laughable, but no one was laughing. Hell, he and Tony couldn’t even manage to crack a joke about it. The usual snark and banter had dissipated, leaving the atmosphere in the compound leaden and much too quiet.

It had been quiet since they’d started really losing people. But there was no time to mourn properly. Grief would have to wait, and anyone who survived Thanos’ attack would be left to do so once the world was stable enough to allow its heroes to lick their wounds and bury and mourn their dead. Until then…


The moment Rhodey called for a portal, Clint’s arrow left his bow and sang to hit the target. Portal arrows were stupidly useful, especially in a battle that was more keep-away than kill-it-now.

Thanos with the Power stone, though… That was crazy bad.

So much was happening all at once, it took all of Clint’s focus to keep up with who was where, and what arrows needed to go where. Portal arrow to intercept the Soul stone, an explosive to divert attention of Thanos’ minions and even take a couple of them out, and then another portal arrow to get Tony the fuck away from Thanos with both the gems he now held. That would keep Reality and Soul from Thanos. Strange could handle himself and the Time gem, the sorcerer could make portals on his own. A second arrow followed the first. He couldn’t tell if he got Rhodey to safety in time or not. He sent a prayer out to a god he didn’t even know if he believed in and then set his sights on the remainder of those fighting.

Only Vision and himself were left as the last holders of Stones. Another portal arrow flew from his bow, sending Vision to safety, out of Thanos’ reach, hopefully not too far to make it back. And then it was down to him.

He didn’t want to leave. He had things to lose, but then so did everyone else, and Clint refused to be selfish. Closing his eyes, he sent out another arrow and dove into the portal even as it was opening.

The rest was up to everyone else.

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