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RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

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Thread Contributor: Thea QueenThea Queen - Speedy/Artemis

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Thea Queen
full name: Thea Dearden Queen
nicknames/aliases/code name: Speedy, Artemis
canon or oc: canon
anchor character:no
species: Human
gender: Female
age: 20
date of birth: January 21, 1995
place of birth:Starling City
starting location: Gotham City, New Jersey, USA, Earth, DCTVU-1
originating fandom: DC
fandom universe: DCTVU-1, about midseason of season 4 of Arrow
pronouns: She/Her
occupation: Hero, Paramedic trainee
languages: English
playby: Willa Holland
height: 5’5”
weight: 123 pounds
hair color: Auburn
eye color: Green
distinguishing features: None
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
family: Mother - Moira Queen, deceased. Father - Malcolm Merlyn. Father who raised her - Robert Queen, deceased. Brother - Oliver Queen.
relationship status:Single
powers:None, just peak human athlete.
strengths:She has always been naturally athletic and agile, always craved action, and always had the ability to focus on a goal, but it wasn’t until Malcolm Merlyn put her through an extreme course of conditioning that she developed fighting and acrobatic skills on par with the other members of Team Arrow. When Thea doesn’t turn away from pain but chooses to face it she is strong, fast, and dangerous. Malcolm used the exercise of pouring burning liquid on her hand to demonstrate how she could endure pain and still focus, still use her mind. Through relentless training, holding back only to avoid killing her, Malcolm taught her as he was taught in the League of Shadows, bringing her up to the level of any League member aside from the previous Ra’s himself.

Thea is world class at Archery, Sword-fighting, Knife-fighting, Hand-to-hand combat, and Parkour. Her skills are further enhanced by the bloodlust brought out by her revival in the Lazarus Pit. The bloodlust is both a strength and a weakness as it gives her an edge but once in its thrall it takes great effort to stop from killing someone. Thanks to John Constantine and Malcolm Merlyn, her bloodlust has been mitigated to the point where it stays dormant unless she calls on it.

Thea is fiercely loyal, a strength usually, but not always.
weaknesses: The accelerated pace of her training is also a weakness in that she hasn’t had the time for her skillset to stabilize. Her body is a deadly weapon, but the knowledge of how to best use that weapon is still developing. Especially since she gets off on using her skills she has a tendency to get lost in a fight, even without the bloodlust in play, and can be a detriment to the team.

As stated above, family is her top priority, which can be a weakness if she’s worried about family or friends getting hurt. She’s always conflicted when dealing with Malcolm Merlyn, wanting him to just be a decent person so she doesn’t feel guilty loving him, and it’s hard to predict how she might act in any given scenario with him. She’s always wary of getting hurt again and to protect her emotions can impulsively pull back from a conflict. On the flipside, she can impulsively leap into conflict without precaution if she’s trying to protect someone.

An odd weakness is Thea’s difficulty in lying. As just Thea Queen, it’s not a weakness at all, but as Speedy and now Artemis she needs to protect her identity and it’s hard for her to lead a double life.
equipment: As Speedy, Thea had a leather/cloth/kevlar hooded uniform that was crimson in color. Now, filling the role of Artemis (who is on maternity leave) she has a green hooded costume, similar in construction to her Speedy outfit. For weapons she has an ultralight compound bow; a quarrel of arrows that include broadheads, taser arrows, smoke arrows, explosive arrows, and blunt arrows; a pair of swords sheathed against her back, one sharp and one dull; and a grappling gun.

At the time of the Hub setting Thea is 20. She’s come a long way since the trauma of losing her father and brother to a shipwreck when she was 12. At the start of the TV Arrowverse, Oliver Queen had just returned home after supposedly being stranded on the island of Lian Yu for 5 years. At this point Thea was 17 and had been coping with the loss of two of the most important people in her life through drug use and partying. When Oliver is critical of her self-management methods she reminds him that as far as she knew, he and their dad died, and that she did the best she could.

Up to this point she hadn’t really seen her distractions as hurting her family, but after she wrecked the car she got for her 18th birthday and was faced with hard jail time she sees Oliver and Moira suffering because of her actions, scrambling to save her from prison, and reassesses her priorities. During her 18th year we see her still partying, still succumbing to self-pity, but also stepping up to more of a shepherding role in her family. She’s the one determined to keep them all together. Then a bomb goes off in the Glades area of Starling City and Tommy Merlyn dies. He was best friend to Oliver and a possible romantic interest for Thea. It crushes both of the Queen siblings, also pushing them closer together. Thea begins to take a more responsible role, the glimpses of wisdom we’ve seen previously in her coming out more. She takes over managing Oliver’s nightclub, Verdant, and starts seriously dating Roy Harper. Of course her new love interest does the one thing that bothers Thea the most, lies to her. He’s a vigilante called Arsenal working with Team Arrow and keeps this from Thea. She finds this out near the end of Team Arrow’s conflict with Slade, after Slade has already killed her mother and told her that Malcolm Merlyn is actually her father. Her world is falling apart around her, the city is under siege by Slade’s enhanced soldiers, and at the last minute her biological father Malcolm saves her. He also asks her to leave with him. His request appeals right to the part of her that values family strength and loyalty and she agrees to go with him.

Malcolm takes her to Corto Maltese and tells her he wants to train her to protect herself. What she doesn’t know is his training regimen is more abuse than conditioning. It’s clear that Malcolm loves her, and it’s also clear that he will do whatever he thinks is necessary to keep her safe, including hurting her to accelerate her training. Malcolm also commits the cardinal Thea sin of deceiving her, and he takes it to the next level, drugging her and coercing her into killing Sara Lance. His training brings her up to the skill level of a League of Shadows assassin and is a key piece in her becoming Speedy.

Bypassing some of the convoluted Arrow plottage, the characters eventually end up in a confrontation with Ra’s Al Ghul (previous to Malcolm taking up the title) who attempts to kill Thea to balance the ledger against Malcolm. Her training serves her well but Ra’s still delivers a fatal blow. Malcolm and Oliver manage to work together to take her to Ra’s Al Ghul’s stronghold and heal Thea in the Lazarus Pit. It works, but there is a side effect. The Lazarus pit retains aspects of all the people who have been in it and Thea is imbued with a bloodlust demanding that she kill the one who mortally wounded her. But that Ra’s is already dead. Because of this she can never permanently satiate her bloodlust and when she does, by killing someone, it only lasts for a few weeks. Thea, who prizes connection and trust has been cursed with the need to kill and once she realizes it she has another reason to despise Malcolm.

After being revived in the Lazarus Pit, Thea eventually visits Roy Harper. They still have feelings for each other, but they are both also moving on. He gives her his red Arsenal suit, saying that red always looked better on her, and her transformation into Speedy (her request to be called Red Arrow is never honored) is complete. She works with Team Arrow but is often more of a liability than a boon because of her bloodlust.

Malcolm recently contacted her and she agreed to try a magical solution to her bloodlust, if he could find such a thing. In the meantime, frustrated with the constant drive to kill, she isolated herself on the island Oliver was originally stranded on, Lian Yu. The only problem was, unlike Oliver, she withered in the solitude. When Malcolm visited her with a hamburger dinner she was actually excited to see him. After he left she decided that whatever she does, she needs to leave Lian Yu and join humanity again. She contacted a pilot friend, Artemis, who brought her to Gotham city for a new start. Artemis was pregnant and with the blessing of Batman Thea shelved her Speedy identity and took on the role of Artemis, putting her own spin on the hero, creating the idea that there’s an Artemis mythos as opposed to a single Artemis.

Her father was finally successful in procuring a cure for Thea’s bloodlust, a magical solution that was the reason for Artemis’ pregnancy, and after a fight in a Chinese Garden, Thea realized that she can now control her bloodlust, though it will always be a call within her.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Gotham City
knowledge level of multiverse:Only theories she’s seen on television specials.
fandom specific information: Thea has traditionally been part of Team Arrow and if Oliver or Roy or anyone else from the Arrow fandom shows up she might be drawn back that way, but currently she’s more Team Bats than Team Arrow.
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: DC
which universe: DCTVU.
timeline: Mid season 4 of Arrow, then diverging to Gotham
where is the Hub portal located: Gotham City Park
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Yes
aliens: Yes
advanced technology: Yes
mythical creatures: Yes

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub? Most of Gotham.
RP Sample
Not first character.
At times Thea seems the stereotypical entitled rich girl, and then she gives sage advice to another character, seeing right through the fronts and diversions they put up. She is wise beyond her years but becomes more childlike when what she loves most is threatened. Thea values family above all else, and yet she’s had her family ripped away from her time after time since she was twelve. Each time she reaches out to whoever is left, looking to rebuild, often making impulsive moves in the name of sticking to what family is left to her. And each time it seems she’s betrayed again. Yet she has an incredible capacity to forgive, her love for her family stronger than either her instinct to run away from her problems or her formidable anger.

Her growth can be seen in how she transitions through coping mechanisms. She’s a natural thrill seeker and turns to this when her beloved brother and father vanish in a shipwreck, becoming the rich drug-using party girl seemingly bent on self-destruction as a path to join her lost family. But Oliver isn’t dead and when he returned he found a sister in her late teens who he both felt the need to save and protect and also turned to when he was struggling himself. As she progresses she balances the instability of her family with projects that involve building something, like taking on Oliver’s nightclub, Verdant. She’s still looking to fill the void of undependable family, but instead of partying she’s trying to build something she can depend on. When her mother is killed and all Oliver seems to do is lie to her she is offered the chance to run off with her biological father, Malcolm Merlyn, and she goes, once again searching for some stability, some place to put her loyalty where it won’t be betrayed. Malcolm, of course, is as complex as she is and while he does love her dearly, he has a Machiavellian way of showing it, doing what he thinks is best for her even if it takes away her freedom and causes her suffering. When she finally sees this she’s once again unmoored. Losing her family hasn’t always been a literal event. One of the things Thea wants most is for her family and friends to be honest with her, to let her in the loop, and all of her family members lie to her repeatedly. It needs to be stated that Thea demands honesty and loyalty and yet is willing to lie to those she demands these of in order to either protect them or herself. She’s a human being, she can both expect honesty and rationalize her own dishonesty.

Thea loves curling up on the couch in pajamas with a big bowl of popcorn and watching TV with someone she loves. And she gets bored and is driven to put herself in mortal danger to satiate that boredom. She is definitely Oliver’s sister and Malcolm’s daughter in this regard. They may put their proclivities to different use, but they all like action, like fighting, and, whether or not they have inner turmoil over it, hurting people. Thea is horrified that she could like hurting someone, but that doesn’t change that some part of her does like it.

Thea is a social creature who, between her roles as a paramedic and a hero, is often deprived of the relaxed ‘hanging out’ that she craves. She tends to build deep bonds with those she works with/lives with, and when she’s not on the job she seeks out fun times, more casual relationships. She’s not looking for a different bed every night, but she’s not opposed to the occasional no strings attached night of fun.

Thea wants to find love, but she’s leery of it as her previous relationships have fallen apart due more to circumstance than falling out of love. She has still has feelings for Roy, and if he were to show up she would want to spend time with him to see how things were. Because of how many loved ones she’s lost Thea can be overprotective, especially if she thinks the person she’s with can’t take care of themselves.

age: 41, there it is, I’m old
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triggers: Not a fan of torture threads, but no real triggers.
mature threading: Always seems like this should mean writing about the Socialist Revolution as represented in the collected works of…. yeah, anyways, I like writing sexy stuff and violent stuff.
other characters: Darkwing Duck, and Keith from Voltron, yeah, I’m all over the fandom map
about: I’m here to have fun, but I’m also a father/spouse/worker bee, so I’m not always fastest with responses
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