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With Thor missing it was down to Tony to contain the stones. Two hours. He had two hours before the Guardians estimated Thanos would hit earth.


Even for him that was cutting things fine. Quill was bringing the Power Stone, Strange was working his own hoodoo with the green Time Gem to protect it from the Titans influence.

That left Tony with the Reality and Space gems. The arc reactors generated immense power but they also contained it. Adapting the WarMachines reactor to hold the twin gems was risky as hell the burned out shells of broken armor scattered about the decimated lab weren't just from the days of fighting Thanos’s advance armies. The fact that he was even willing to let Rhodey back into the remaining suit was a testament to how desperate the situation was.

Two reactors two gems, he could hear the whispers from the reality gem promising him all he needed was to grasp it and he could rewrite the world to be safe take the gem from Strange and MAKE the time to defeat Thanos.

Save everyone.

A world covered in armor.

“Shut up.” Grease stained lips gritted out. Ignoring how his hands shook placing the red shifting stone resolutely into Rhodey’s reactor.

His best friend had a stronger will than he'd ever been able to boast, the only other man he'd trust with it...wasn't there.

Not thinking about the ones who'd already fallen Tony reached for the his reactor-

“Here.” A dark matte disk slapped down on the countertop next to him, Coulson was a far cry from the immaculate agent Tony’d first met, the sling holding his gun arm grey with dust, no half sardonically amused lilt to his voice. “Contingencies from Director Fury.”

Ah that would explain where he'd disappeared to after the last fight where they lost-

“Right. Great.” Flipping it over Tony didn't even argue just read the tech, it was based on his own (of course) but with more time and a SHIELD spin. They after all had had months to study the Space stone and had apparently developed a prototype to weaponize it. Because SHIELD.

“Seriously?” He muttered, “fine yes makes sense.” He wasn't even talking to Coulson really, and the man had already left to spend his last few hours...doing whatever a man like that felt needed to.

He wouldn't beable to join them for the actual battle...but with this Clint was. Silently Tony did what he did best, gold from straw. Just call him rumplefuckingstilson.


Thanos wanted the stones? Earth would oblige him. Four stones, dozen heroes fighting for the survival of their planet. Or in the case of the newly appeared Guardians the world of their leader.

Quill and the chain of his team attempting to wield the Power Stone would have been awe inspiring if it had worked. Thanos had done something shattering the chain and grabbing the Stone to join the one on his gauntlet.

“Clint now!” Before the Purple gem fused a blue glowing arrow hit the already seated one flipping it into a portal controlled by its sister gem.

Hawkeyes using the space gem to tactically portal them? Apparently had always been one of Fury’s ‘contingies’.

The orange gem spun out twinkling brighter than the stars dotting the background of their battle field high above earth.

It was Rhodey who reached it first, gauntlet closing around the Stone just as the red gem settled into place, Thanos exploded with pure Power, a flick of his fingers and defender after defender vanished. Consumed.

“Sorry Tony time for plan B.” Tony didn't have time to blink, Rhodey’s fist slammed into his chest, glowing with the combined power of both Reality and Soul.

Even if he'd had time to Tony lacked the breath to scream. His chest buckled ripping open as the reactor in his suit suddenly became part of him again, housing the orange gem.

Rhodey might control the Reality Stone but that was a very technical ‘control’. The shove pushed Tony through the portal Hawkeye had generated behind him.

Plan B separate the stones. Not even in this universe. Sending the Avengers to be scattered through space while the remainder held the line.

Plan B wasn't suppose to include him.

“RHOEDY!” Tony found he did have the breath to scream, the last thing he saw was War Machine vaporizing in a cloud, Thanos's hand ripped the stone from Rhodey's chest.

And then he was falling.

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