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Job: Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna
Ship Status:
Sexual Orientation:

Points: 69.46€
Do you know what is 'fun'?

Mingling with the bloated reeking, shrieking masses of humanity; even those of her ‘own’ class (-what pitiful few aspired to such heights) were for the most part ridiculous characters of better men, of women long gone who held more spark of gentility and nobility in their few shadow than any here could hope to dream of.

But the days of myth and legend were all but dead, science now carved its filthy mark into the very spirit world that bound everything living and dead - not that anyone seemed to care.

Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna looked neither left nor right, trusting her cadre of staff, both personal and provided by the ship to keep the riff raff from bothering her - of course the delicate points of her ears, and cat slitted eyes proudly displayed, unhidden by glamour or hairdressing drew stares. It wasn’t every day Fey walked openly among Men, and less so clearly one of the High Court.

Which High Court - Dark, or Light, that was left up to the personal assumptions of each watcher.

Her two charges (ostensibly her niece and nephew)flanked her obediently; as well they should for the amount of compulsions she’d placed on them - all she was required to do was bring the pair over the Great Sea and deliver them into the hands of those who had arranged her intervention - of course the implied preference was in one piece which was why they were bound by the simple yet effective spells of Simple Manners

-Do not speak lest you have something nice to say.
-Dress and maintain your appearance in the manner dictated by polite society.
-Eat and drink moderately and never to excess.

Simple little rules that together bound the pair into a nicely behaving set of baggage.

Just 5 more days and she would be rid of them.
Rippers-Main Universe

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Ship Status:
Sexual Orientation:

Points: 66.53€
The ship was far, far too crowded. Worse than that, everyone was feeling something about it. Some were nervous, some where excited, some were just tired and annoyed and ready to get settled in so the journey could get underway. Even the staff were frazzled from the demands being made by the first class passengers. Clara's head spun with it all, which wasn't helping the fact that she had never done this before and not had any formal training.

She should have had training. Everyone working on the ship did. That is, everyone who had legitimately been hired on to the job. Girls who had tricked another girl and stolen their place aboard, however, had to fend for themselves. Clara had been a ladies' maid since she was old enough to do the job, but the ship was wholly unfamiliar and she was desperately afraid she would misstep before they left port and be shown right off the ship.

She had to get to New York. More importantly, she had to get away from London before the wrong people came looking for her. This was absolutely, positively her last chance, and though she felt guilt that the girl would likely get in trouble for it, she knew her life depended on it. This was her only chance at a grand escape, and she wasn't going to let it pass her by.

Even if she was tempted to push the High Court Lady and her snotty charges overboard. You didn't have to be an empath to see the distaste written all over the lady's face as she looked around the ship, and Clara had the sinking feeling she was the type who couldn't be made happy no matter what you did. She was bound to get herself in trouble with this one.

So she did her best to escape notice, falling into step behind the nobles' entourage and thinking invisible thoughts while she attempted not to be tripped up by the impossibly heavy valise she had been tasked with carrying.

Just a little farther now and she could set it down and escape.

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