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Thread Contributor: Arjay Lo'RanWhen you can't see the forest for the walking trees

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There were a precious few who actually understood him. It sucked. Rocket understood, Peter got the gist of what he meant... And that… That was pretty much it. So it wasn't surprising that the pointy eared man didn't understand him, but it was still disappointing. Groot just supposed it was just another thing he would have to accept as a matter of his existence; he understood the languages (mostly) of others, but they couldn't understand his. It was all about syntax. Groot knew that, to them, he only spoke three words. Hard to translate. Fine, he'd try to be clearer non-verbally as much as he could, like usual.

Nodding, Groot agreed with Arjay,
"I am Groot"
"Yes it is. Do you know where we are? Because I don't think d 'm on the same planet I was on before.”
Similar, but not the same. That seemed right; they were similar to the sorts of trees that Groot himself knew, too, but again, not quite the same.

The man invited Groot to his inn, and Groot looked back the way he’d come before nodding. Rocket and the other Guardians would come looking for him, but they would come toward civilization. Besides, he was pretty sure he could find his way back to here if he needed to.

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