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Thread Contributor: Arjay Lo'RanWhen you can't see the forest for the walking trees

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This was an Cate resting place. Groot could hear the wind in the branches of the trees, tall and strong, but they were not his kin, and this was not his home. Still, it was good to be surrounded by a healthy forest.

Really, Groot had forgotten that he was wearing the tiny damned Ravager’s uniform. It wasn't his favorite thing, but it wasn't the worst. At least they hadn’t made him wear a fucking hat. He fucking hated hats. Making your head look all weird, and on purpose at that! Such utter bullshit.

The man that had been singing was definitely not Quil or any of his other friends. They were probably still on the other planet. where Groot had come from. Oh well, he'd find them later. Especially since the singing man with pointed ears was saying nice things too him. Arjay, the pointed eared man called himself. Groot nodded slowly, "
"I am Groot"
"It's nice to meet you Arjay. I’ve never met someone with pointed ears like yours... Is this your planet? Do all people here have ears like yours? Because they’re actually pretty damn cool.”

His grove? Groot looked around, then shrugged,
"I am Groot"
"This is the tree's grove. I am only visiting, but it's nice here.”
He smiled up at Arjay,
"I am Groot"
”You're only visiting? Where the hell are you from?”

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