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Sune rubbed her belly as she walked, tracing the curve of her abdomen. It was absolutely ridiculous of her to worry, but part of her was terrified to take another step. Arjay loved her, she reminded herself. Even if she couldn't read his mind any more, he loved her, and she was more than capable of reading that. It was her domain after all.

Yet, she had no clear picture of how he felt about their child. Whether or not he was tired of her pregnancy, and wanted her only for the things she could offer him. Pure absurdity. He was her chosen. She knew him better than that. Yet she was agonizingly aware that she would give him any thing she could. She loved him, dearly, and she wanted his happiness far more than she cared for her own.

She was worrying her lip as she strode through the establishment, curling her arms around herself as though she would be able to disguise her state by adding bulk to the rest of her shape. Arjay had seen pregnant women before. He wasn't going to be surprised to see her like this- and yet she feared that he would not find her so beautiful now.

Sune stood still for a moment, forcing in a deep breath. Again and again she did the same. She was not alone, she carried a rather active child inside her, and she loved them so, so much. And Arjay loved her. He had loved her before he had known her. He had been speechless to hear their child's heartbeat racing inside of her. He had teased that he would enjoy her pregnancy because he would get to see her more often.

He wouldn't love her less for her state.

Sune repeated that thought to herself as she reached her aura out to envelope the man as she entered his room. Walking over, she managed to hide what nerves ran through her, and she leaned in to press a kiss to his mouth. "Hello, my love. I have missed you."

Moving to sit on the edge of his bed, she smiled at him, large and brilliant. "I thought you might wish to come with me, and find out whether I am carrying a daughter or a son." Sune offered, surprising herself with the shyness she felt saying such.


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