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Thread Contributor: Lydia MartinMessage in a bottle Tag @eve/Nyte for Chris
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Lydia walked through the familiar forest with a small dog keeping pace beside her. Though the forest was familiar it was off wrong an ever-present reminder that she was not home. “Fine, fine you don’t wanna be found I get it. You want me here for some reason fine I get that. If you won’t let me go home at least let Prada go home. She can find Styles and bring him here or someone anyone.” Lydia let out a sigh and the small dog whined beside her.

Lydia went to one knee and pulled the small dog to her. “Prada find Styles find daddy and bring him here ok. Find Styles understand me?” Lydia tried to instruct the small dog, while tightly securing a small bag to the dog’s collar. The bag held a flash drive with all the information she could find on it and a message letting Styles and the pack know she was alright. If Prada found a way out and made it home a tall order for such a small dog, then help would come. Lydia unclipped the leash from Prada’s collar “Home Prada go home.” She instructed and watched as the small dog ran off.

Getting to her feet Lydia was pretty sure she had just done the most futile thing in the world. She was pretty sure it was akin to sending a goldfish down a river and asking it to retrieve someone. Lydia was desperate though and it was worth trying she just hopped that Prada wasn’t hurt in the process.

Deciding it was best to get back to where she was staying Lydia turned to leave but whipped back around when she heard rustling from the direction that Prada had run off in. “Prada? Sweetie is that you?” Lydia called out.


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