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Thread Contributor: Torynn Du'elenSo A Fey'ri Walks Into a Bar...
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One of the things that Torynn tended to do as she sat in the shop was watch Oryn work, which she did at least a few hours here and there. Oryn was interesting, and those who came into the shop sometimes brought eye-catching things. Things she sometimes wanted Oryn to buy, if only to sate her curiosity… But another thing that happened as she watched the wizard was that she would speak to the customers who came in to sell their items or buy something in the store.

That was how she had heard about this tavern; some of the customers that had come into the store had mentioned it, and spoken highly of the place and the innkeeper that ran it.

Good alcohol and food, paired with soothing music and run by someone who was competent was a combination that Torynn didn’t see the point in passing up. So the fey’ri approached the tavern in a tree with a grin; it was cozy looking, and while that sometimes meant poor, it also often meant an attentive staff. She had grown accustomed to living in Hub, where a fey’ri drew fewer frightened or angry eyes, where wings and a tail might not be commonplace, but were common enough that you didn’t have to mask yourself to blend in.

So it was that the pink skinned half-demon walked into the Wandering Moon, smiling as she entered, tailed swishing behind her as she moved to find a seat where she might order a meal.


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So A Fey'ri Walks Into a Bar... - by Torynn Du'elen - 07-05-2018, 09:34 AM

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