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Supernatural-8th season?

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Cas smiled at his daughter's gurgling and sputtering, reaching out to pat the top of her head, which a fruitless attempt by Sera to swing her wings at him. Most young ones were confused enough figuring out four limbs- Sera had an extra pair. She shrieked with glee as that action lifted her up high enough to get a really good grip on the death God's hair.

Castiel's smile lessened when he was not focused on his daughter, yet it remained. Turning to the Death god, he replied easily. "Thankfully, I know I must figure it out at some point along the way, as her older self came back to this time to tell me so." His daughter perked at the mention of the larger nephilim, looking his way for a small moment before trying to eat Seth again.

Cas couldn't help the bubble of happiness he felt at seeing his daughter so excited- and the humour that came when she missed the Brown hairs and rediscovered her hand instead.

His smile did weaken at the suggestion. He put his hand on Sera's cheek, who cooed and leaned on it. "I do not want her to think I will not be there when she wants me. I have not been her father for a full year, and yet there is nothing that would stop me from protecting her."

As if on cue, his daughter turned slightly and offered her small chubby arms to be picked up, calling out for him. "Cas-Tel." She demanded, even as he leaned forward to pick her up and correct her.

"Dad." He offered instead, laying her to rest on his shoulder, where she immediately started tugging at his wing feathers.

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