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Thread Contributor: Pete WisdomTaking her breath away Tag: Belle
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Pete had risen to the challenge Belle had presented to him, the most difficult question being which breathtaking thing he'd show her. Belle came from a world where there were plenty of astonishing things to see, from what he understood. He'd made himself a mental list of things he was reasonably sure she wouldn't have had in her world, struck off all of the things that might offend her delicate sensibilities, and zeroed in on one particular place that he thought would serve them.

This place, which they'd taken a leisurely walk to (welcome to the Hub, the only place where you can walk to another planet...), was a bit brisk, but not exactly cold. Pete had slid his jacket over her shoulders as they walked. From the portal, it was a bit of a climb, but not exactly a long or difficult one. The path seemed to be made to be an easy, scenic view, but Pete, being Pete, of course knew where the best view was. They strolled around one more bend, and then he let her take a look at the full view off into the distance.

The whole scene was a picture of blues and greens and browns. They stood on a path that looped around a mountain-sized hill, with grassy sides descending lazily around them. Down below them, though, the entire landscape looked like a vast sea had been frozen, with ice rolling out as far as they could see. Sculptures rose up from the surface, great figures immortalized in ice, displayed in all their splendor under the starry sky. Some were human (or apparently human), others were decidedly alien, all of them held a sort of magnificence that was easily understood even on strange features. They towered up from the ice, easy to see even from a distance, with smaller sculptures of all sizes, mostly animals of both familiar and unfamiliar varieties, filling the spaces between them.

Pete stood with Belle on the edge of the path, not quite treading onto the sloping grass yet, giving her a moment to look at it all. "And here you have, luv, the great ice sculptures, one of the mysteries of the Hub. No one knows where this world came from, who made the sculptures, who they're all of, what keeps them frozen like that... nothing. Used to be a fairly popular tourist destination, but it's quiet these days." He smiled, looking around and confirming that there really wasn't anyone around here. It wasn't really surprising, he supposed... the hill was huge, and there were other good vantage points all around it. "I suppose we should take a seat, maybe eat a bit while we wait for the show to start?"


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