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Thread Contributor: Kailani MahelonaGraphic Sexual Content I'm not aromantic... dinner?

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Kai floated awkwardly in the middle of space, typing and then deleting countless different variations of the same message. It was enough that she had tossed her phone as far as she could more than once at this point out of frustration. She also didn't know how many 'how to' articles she could read before her eyes actually started falling out of her head in rebellion. She was at the point where she wasn't even certain that the words on pages were sentences.

So there she was, throwing her head back in exhaustion such that she started doing slow back flips in space. She was... well. She wasn't prepared for rejection. Kai wanted to pretend she had emotions of steel, but the truth was that she was pretty certain her budding hopes were going to be crushed if Jake turned her down. In part because... even without the sex, he was her friend. She didn't have an overwhelming number of those, and the idea of him not being able to get past an awkward conversation sucked so much. Kai would almost go back to Arjay and ask for advice on how to stop yourself from loving someone rather than admit that she'd be torn to pieces if she couldn't even joke around with Jake anymore.

She was being so completely, absolutely ridiculous. The inhuman knew in some small way that she just being so emotional now because she was letting herself- but she also knew that if she waited until the emotions settled, she probably wouldn't have the motivation to have this conversation.

And, despite her nerves, the idea of Jake agreeing was keeping her insides all kind of warm and bubbly.

Kai forced herself to stop her slow pathetic flips, took a deep breath and slapped her cheeks softly. Because she was being ridiculous- She was Kailani Fucking Mahelona and she was a major catch. Jake was a really good guy too- so what if the sex stopped? She didn't think he'd never speak to her again just because she wanted more of a relationship than he did. She knew that they could be friends despite this- even if it took a while to settle into a new normal. She'd be able to move on- somehow. And it would be okay. Even if it wasn't for a little bit.

She hit the delete button and pressed call instead. When the line connected, Kai started speaking before she could change her mind. "Hey Jake- if you aren't busy, I was wondering if you might come spend some time with me. Any interest?"


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