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Word Count: None

Fandoms: All

Canons: Open/Oc's Welcome!

Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

Main Rule:Don't Be a Dick

OOC min age:18

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Thread Contributor: SuneSune

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Points: 2,441.66€
full name: Sune
nicknames/aliases/code name: Lady Firehair, Hanali Celanil,
canon or oc: OC
anchor character: No
species: Deity/Incarnation
gender: Yes
age: Timeless
date of birth: N/A
place of birth: N/A
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Dungeons & Dragons?
fandom universe: Forgotten Realms?
pronouns: She/He/They/Them/Him/Her. (Generally She/her unless otherwise specified.)
occupation: Matchmaker
languages: All
playby: Holland Roden
height: 5'5
weight: 140 lbs
hair color: RED
eye color: Yes. (see powers for elaboration (Generally brown as default))
distinguishing features: This particular aspect of Love- shares a feature across any form- Brilliant red hair.
sexual orientation: Love
family: Technically none, Technically many. (Being a Goddess she is both related and not related to all other Divinities.)
relationship status: Single but also in so many relationships.
powers: Being the (current) incarnation of Love comes with a few bonuses- when she is at the font of her power (the hub).
Meddling- if a love does not go too deep, she can erase it- strengthen it- redirect it- weaken it.
Charm- can hypnotize almost anyone. Exclusions being others of a similar nature to herself.
Form shifting- Due to her nature as a being of Beauty, at first meeting, any who take sight of her see her as their ideal of what beauty is. The exceptions include those who are attuned to her nature- Examples being those who are quite purely in love, and champions of love.
Unkillable- At least for the time being. Unless Death decides to try.
God stuff- You know- stuff.
strengths: Meddling. Flirting.
weaknesses: An irrepressible desire to meddle. Also the fact that her power is temporary- the incarnation of love is a rotating type position what with the jealous nature of the power. To say that they passed the power between them would be inaccurate- more accurate would be to say that the incarnation of love occasionally changes it's mind about what personality it wants to wear.
equipment: Clothes. Being immortal, she finds she doesn't really need for much else.
Sune wasn't born so much as she popped into existence- even she would be hard pressed to tell you when that happened. She doesn't know whether she was born before the sentients of her world- or whether she was a direct result of their love. It took her many lifetimes to simply tell you what universe had spawned her first- as much like a plant, her roots had spread into many similar universes until she finally reached the point where she grew far enough to touch the purest power she had ever known.

Entering the hub had been interesting to say the least- she felt like one of the children that her years of meddling had spawned- everything was bright and shiny- and frankly a little terrifying. It also felt like coming home- returning to a parent that she didn't know she had.

It quickly was explained to her how she had come to the place- it was true to say that she had stretched and her reach had neared the hub- but she never would have made it had the current incarnation of her power not reached back. Meeting the others of her kind had been strange to see- each one an imperfect mirror- reflecting her as well as the sentients that they belonged to. Each world needing a different idea of Love- and making one that fit them perfectly. It was so easy to get lost among them.

It was explained to her why she had been brought there- the youngest of her kind for that meeting- as the incarnation wished to be someone else. It took her several of these meetings before she understood why any of them would give up that power to another- the only reason she learned was because of the most recent meeting- when she was chosen. To be the incarnation of love- was- overwhelming to say the least. Sune both was and was not herself afterwards. Because to be the incarnation of love was to be the most powerful and whole version of yourself- to understand that every single one of them was the incarnation of love- but that to bind them all to the source of their power would wipe away the things that differed between them- the things that made them perfect for the people they watched over. Sune supposed that wasn't so much as a change as it was suddenly having the sight to see things that you hadn't before. She didn't know that her siblings saw the same as her- they may come to entirely different conclusions of why the power moves- but that was what she understood.

She knows the day she separates again- that the one part of her will choose another and she will be diminished- will come. She is not afraid- because for her becoming the full incarnation was to understand that there was love present in most everything- including giving up her power to strengthen another of her family. And her turn would come around again one day- long after she had taken her turns explaining to her young brethren what brought them there. When that day comes, she will not resist.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub: Nope!
knowledge level of multiverse: Full knowledge.
fandom specific information: Nope!
RP Sample
Sune is the (current) incarnation of Love- as well as being a Goddess of beauty in her own right. As such she tends to be a dreamy, playful kind of deity. She makes no allusions about what she is- and she will answer honestly if asked. Is that all to say that she won't mislead every now and then for fun? Most certainly not. She also loves easily, and fiercely.
Special Fondnesses- She has a special bond with those who love from the bottom of their hearts- and can admit such to themselves.

She also has her share of champions (though it is embarrassing to place one of my own characters in this category) such as Arjay Lo'Ran who follows one of Sune's aspects- and Kailani Mahelona who uses love as strength and weapon.

Friends- Romance isn't the only sort of love there is and she loves her friends as quickly as she loves those who become one of her paramours.

Family- She has her slew of siblings/otherselves in the other gods and Goddesses of Love- as well as the sort of family that is the incarnation of Death. Sune didn't feel much of a connection to Death- so it is fair to say that that bond comes from the part of Sune that is the incarnation.

Enemies- those who stand in the way of love- with a confusing spot of annoyance for those who fight love despite how fiercely they themselves love.

Lovers- See the comment about loving fiercely and easily. However she can not give all her love to one- it is not in her nature. Do not look here for monogamy.

nicknames: Moon, Moonbeam, Alex.
age: 22
pronouns: They/Them
timezone: EST
contact: Discord is best
triggers: N/A I think
mature threading: Sure
other characters: Castiel, Quethadia Nyx, James Barnes, Kailani Mahelona, Nala,
about: All you need to know about me is that I suggested using a character to matchmake and despite being told it wouldn't work, I made the literal Incarnation of Love to do just that.
Immortal. Matchmaker. Incarnation of Love. Holland Roden.

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