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Thread Contributor: Luthien VogelerQuest Day 16: Arriving in Nantucket

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Okay. City hall of Nantucket. They had finally arrived at their destination, all of them were in fairly good health and spirits, even with how long their quest had taken. Longer than any of them planned on being away from home or Hub, that was for sure. These were all good things. They were so close to the end, they could all see the finish line. Now, they just had to complete the objective.

The problem became that none of them, not even Luthien, was entirely certain just what, exactly, their objective really was. Get the sword into the City Hall building, sure, but then what? Would Luthien just know what it was she was meant to do? Would some spirit or being appear to tell them? Would the sword itself do something? Luthien might know, but it was also possible that she was at as much a loss as the rest of them were.

One thing was certain: Queth wasn’t going to easily get past that metal detector. Even as imperfect as the technology of this time was, there was no way it would miss that amount of metal. And Steve wasn’t entirely certain if metal prosthetics were very common during this time period. He’d still been lost beneath the ice at this point in time, not yet found by SHIELD. ”No, it’s not anything near impregnable, but I don’t think any of us want to be hurting or killing innocent people if we can avoid it.”

Looking at the building, Steve considered their options. They had to get past the metal detector, but that was the primary source of security he could easily see. Before the events of 9/11, security had been far less than it was in the later 2010’s. This… Could be fairly straightforward. ”Well, one or more of us would have to go in and check it out, but… Most of us could easily get through the metal detector if we leave our weapons behind. So… Why not just go in unarmed and Queth can come in, or at worse pass us, the sword through a window? If we get in and there is a lot of security, or no windows, or something else unexpected, then we can always leave and reconvene to figure out a better plan.” Sometimes the simplest plan was the best one.

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

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