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Lukk hailed from a noble house; he could read, write, and speak several languages, and looking at this map, he was just slightly confused. He didn’t know what a Chitauri was, but he figured if buffer zone, then they couldn’t be good. Lukk’s mind categorized and compared them with Drow. It looked like the rectangular area in the middle had once been something, but now it was all roads on the map. He looked at the small human man when he pointed out some of the differences between this world and what was apparently the ‘normal’ for the world this depicted.

And then his… Patron? Lord? He wasn’t exactly sure, not yet, but the man who he had been called here to assist wished for his heart to be made whole, and then keeled over. Lukk’s attention was ripped away from the human man greeting the elven? female, over to Arjay. He stepped to the other elf’s side, reaching to try to stabilize him, sharp eyes glancing over the area, ascertaining that they were safe, that no one was looking to take advantage of Arjay’s momentarily trouble to rob or assault him.

The words earned him a dry chuckle, “Care when wording wishes is always a must, yes. The gods and goddesses have quite the literal streak at times, and their amusement is not always to our benefit.” He gave the elf a gentle pat on the shoulder, “Would if I could have borne that painful burden for you.”

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