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Thread Contributor: Fizzle BizzlebopOops, I Meant to do That!
Dungeons & Dragons-Forgotten Realms

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The party bomb hadn't been easy to make. Really, the forgetter's friend potion had been easier by far to craft. But Fizzle was nothing if not determined and creative. Eventually, with much trial and error. the gnome had managed to come up with a reliable concoction. The small alchemist could do plenty, but really, a strong-willed person who they did not want to dance at all might be able to shake off the compulsion, but it was a thug rare thing; fizzle was just that good. “Oh. You tell me what you'd like to see, and I'll make it happen, my fair friend. Every bit as reliable as magic, this. And yes. You were told right." she winked to him.

These little devices could see?! Okay, now that was fascinating! Fizzle decided right there and then that she wanted one. Needed one. Had to have at least one. And a second to take apart. "I need two of these things. where do you get them at?" see and hear. Oh, the things that I could do with something like that! "And they speak!?!"

The gnome was in love!

She had to have one! Two! Gond's ears, she might need more! Her mind was a whir of how's and what-if's and maybe's. Unlike Arjay, Fizzle wasn't so uncertain of her ability to understand how the devices worked. She was smart, and she knew it, and she was a gnome. Gnomes were famous (or infamous) for being able to engineer and concoct. It was what they did! "Oh naturally. Anyone can use this little gem," she said as she motioned to the party bomb, "But few could figure out just how it works or reproduce it. Lots of things are like that. Find an untrained, unlearned person and see if they can make a tanglefoot bag or whatnot. They might figure it out eventually, but it’s not very likely."

The idea of hounding a magic user at the end of the day earned Arjay a look askance from the gnome. "I'd never dream of doing something of the sort. what kind of friends do you have, that they'd wait till evening to ask that sort of favor? Hell, trance Alluvial would make me request something like that the day before, and then he'd study the spell that night for me." The gnome chuckled at what the bard had been asked to do.

"You need to find yourself better friends to travel with. They didn’t know how good they had it, having a healer with them." Fizzle laughed, “Here, here! She bounced on the balls of her feet, “So, where is this tavern of yours?"

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