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RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

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Thread Contributor: Pete WisdomTrust me, I'm even better when I'm drunk
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Pete almost would have liked it better if Remy had told him he’d read it completely wrong. There was no girl, he just couldn’t find anyone up to his exacting standards, and that was leaving him low. The fact that there was a girl, though… well, that was a darker problem. Loneliness could be fixed, and bitterness over being single came and went easily enough. Abandonment, on the other hand, that was a whole different beast altogether, and what could a bloke do about it aside from wait and sulk?

There was only one reassurance Pete could think of. “Oi, you know how that rubbish goes, mate, especially here. You expect a trip to go one way, you hope it’s going to be nice and short, and then everything goes pear shaped at the worst bloody time and you get held up. It’s not like any mobile service on any world reaches here, is it, mate? She’s probably sitting in her mum’s house, getting fussed over, and not finding any polite way to go piss off out of the world again, know what I’m saying?” One thing Pete wasn’t going to do was to take the piss out of Remy for having a girl. That was just out of line, aye? “Sod that, why shouldn’t you care, mate? The lives we lead, we have to care about something, aye?”

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