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Bans: Howard the Duck,
RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

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Thread Contributor: Pete WisdomPete Wisdom
Marvel Comics-Marvel 616-Adjacent

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Pete Wisdom
full name: Pete Wisdom
nicknames/aliases/code name: Wisdom
canon or oc: Cannon
anchor character: no
species: Human mutant
gender: Male
age: 37
date of birth: February 18
place of birth: London, England, Earth 616
starting location: Hub
originating fandom: Marvel Comics
fandom universe: Marvel 616-ish
pronouns: He/Him
occupation: Secret Agent
languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian- Chances are, he can speak it if it’s spoken on Earth.
playby: Ian Somerhalder
height: 5’10”
weight: 160 lbs
hair color: Black
eye color: Blue
distinguishing features: Battle scars on his body, I’m sure
sexual orientation: Straight
family: Harold Wisdom (Father)
Tink (Wife, sort of)
King Oberon (Father-in-law, reluctantly)
relationship status: Sort-of-married, mostly single
powers: Hot Knives - Pete is able to generate thermal energy as semi-solid ‘hot knives’ that he projects from his fingertips. They can be ‘thrown’ or remain attached to his fingers to be used in a clawlike fashion. Each knife is capable of burning or melting through nearly any surface, limited by the thickness and melting point of the object being attacked. Generated by his body, once thrown, each knife has a limited lifespan, essentially beginning to burn out the moment they leave his body. Thicker materials, particularly those with high melting or combustion points, will require multiple knives to penetrate. Fireproof materials will hinder or completely negate his power, depending on the grade of insulation they provide.

Pete is able to control the size of the knives (to a maximum of six inches long), and is able to control to a limited extent the time that they persist when thrown. He can make them burn out more quickly, about twice as fast, but is not able to instantly dismiss them unless he is able to touch them. In general, a three-inch hot knife will persist for five seconds, with the duration increasing proportionally to the size. He is able to extend the duration of a knife, but only with direct concentration and at the expense of other use of his power.

Pete is able to use his power to generate thermal drafts to slow his falls. He is able to jump safely from a second story without any difficulty, but will feel increasing impact from higher falls. In general, a fall allowed by his power will feel like a fall from one third the distance he fell.

strengths: Intelligence Training - Pete is a highly trained intelligence agent, skilled in the use of firearms, unarmed combat, intelligence gathering and covert operations. He is a skilled tactician, able to coldly make the difficult calls that will defuse a situation, whether it’s by out-thinking the opposition or finding a way to quickly eliminate them.

James Bond is a Tosser - Pete has been a spy, an assassin, and a general handle-it-all for Queen and Country. Unlike some (fake, overblown) British super-spies, he did it without gadgets and without expecting to find unlikely sexy women on every mission, and without making it a convoluted plot. You go in, you get the information and/or kill the target, that’s it. When there’s a hard decision to make, Pete is the one who makes it, able to coldly make the sacrifices that will end the current crisis.

I Know Things - Pete is the premier British superspy, and now operates on an interdimensional scale. His sources of information are off the charts. If there is a world, he probably knows (or will soon know) something about it. If there is a race, he probably knows about it.

weaknesses: Who needs one vice? - Booze, cigarettes, women, if it can be a bad habit, Pete’s probably done it. It can probably be used to disarm him. He once spent three days being interrogated in Singapore because a pretty double agent tricked him to letting her tie him to a bed. He might learn from his mistakes, but that still doesn’t change the fact that he makes mistakes.

Who needs a personal life? - Being a secret agent doesn’t exactly lend to having much of a personal life, since you can’t exactly tell your girlfriend, your wife, or whoever you’ve managed to spend a few intimate moments with about what you do. It gets even harder when you know that the things you do will be looked upon poorly by most people including but not limited to state-sanctioned assassination (which they will disavow if questioned). Pete is, as a result, a lonely man.

equipment: Sunglasses - They really do complete the appearance.

Peter Wisdom was born and raised in London, England. He was son of DCI Harold Wisdom of New Scotland Yard. His mother was killed by serial killer Michael Robert Ryan while waiting for Pete, but he did not arrive due to an argument. After that he blamed himself for her death.

As an adult, Pete was the pride of British Intelligence, doing time with several black ops organizations, including MI-6, Black Air, the superhero group Excalibur, and was finally appointed the head of MI-13, which handled all paranormal and metahuman activity in England. While not the most prominent member of the team, Pete Wisdom was, nevertheless, the most effective member of the team and its leader, seeing the team through various crises that had him match wits with demons, faeries, the honest-to-God Dracula, and many others.

Eventually, things began to go wrong worldwide, when it came to Pete’s attention that the entire multiverse was experiencing a systematic breakdown. Geniuses around the world throughout the superhuman community were looking for a solution, but with each incursion, a universe was destroyed. While the geniuses did their thing, MI-13 did their own, and began looking for alternative solutions. This led to the discovery of the Hub, through which they quietly began evacuating as many people as they could before the impending incursion could destroy their world. On Pete’s end, he coordinated from the Hub with those helping to relocate everyone, arranging new homes on new worlds for the refugees from his earth as they fled until finally, when he went to meet the latest group of refugees, there was no more portal there for more to come through. The world, it would seem, had ended.

Since then, Pete has coordinated himself with SEVERAL iterations of British Intelligence from worlds similar to his native one, the worlds where his refugees went to for the most part, but still operates out of the Hub. After all, something has to cause a massive collapse of worlds like what destroyed his. When something like that looks around, or when trouble threatens to spill from one universe to another, Pete Wisdom is there to find a way to head it off.

Hub Information
landmarks in hub for established universe: NA
knowledge level of multiverse: Extensive
fandom specific information: Pete Wisdom runs the show, people just haven’t figured it out yet.
RP Sample
Sod off.<3
Pete Wisdom has his hand in every pie, so to speak. You never know when you’re going to need to strongarm or bribe someone unsavory to do something unsavory, so he tends to not burn any bridges unless he really doesn’t like you.
Are you female? Are you attractive? Do you have a mild tolerance for someone who’s full of himself as long as he’s entertaining? If so, Pete’s probably up for a shag. Are you looking for more than that? Pete is probably going to let you down in a completely spectacular (and amusing) fashion.

nicknames: Mike
age: 37
pronouns: He/Him
timezone: MST
contact: Discord is best
triggers: Nah
mature threading: Sure
other characters: Arjay Lo’Ran, Justin Halloway, Winston, Zenyatta, Victoria Von Doom, Jackson Teller, Jacob Alexander, Virgil Barnett, Oryn Vance
about: Pete Wisdom is the greatest Marvel Comics character there is.
37. Omniverse’s greatest secret agent. Marvel Comics. Ian Somerhalder.

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