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Thread Contributor: Oryn VanceThe best secret hideouts are really secret
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“Well, I suppose there are more similarities to find. Nonverbal magic is more difficult than casting spells normally on my world, it requires focus and practice that some people find too difficult to manage. The spells it produces are somewhat weaker than they are when the spell is spoken, as well, but sometimes that doesn’t particularly matter. I can’t say that doing so without motion works, though. Our magic is an active skill in many regards. Most magic depends quite as much as your positioning, the direction of your wand, things like that. Careless posture and wand gestures can be disastrous in some cases. I am, however, quite amazed at the idea of an entire country where everyone even knows of magic. On my world, it’s kept quite a secret for the safety of wizards and muggles alike.” Of course, using magic was impossible for those who weren’t born with the talent… something particularly different between their two worlds.

On the matter of the fate of their fathers, Oryn could only shrug. “My father was a wretch who had long grown aware that I’d outgrown the age where he could either physically or magically overpower me. I believe I was fourteen when he realized that I was no longer the one who needed be frightened. By the time I was sixteen, he was positively terrified of me.” Granted, of all the years of his life, that one, where his school had been turned momentarily into a home for the dark arts, he hadn’t really been proud of. It had given him many reasons to learn his memory charms, though… “It sounds like much a similar situation, though… we had something rather nasty that needed banishing, and my father’s life was a sacrifice to the effort that I was most happy to make. Had it not been for that, he’d quite passed beyond being worth my notice at the time.” He considered it a moment as he let his finger slide over her tail as it patted him. “I’m not sure we actually destroyed that horror, but I’m sure it won’t be back any time soon.”

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