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Thread Contributor: Kailani MahelonaGraphic Sexual Content To Old New Friends and New Old Enemies (Violence and Sex)
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Okay, so she did know what sort of place she was in. That was good, if only to keep him from having to explain so much of the place to her. He had to briefly wonder if she’d had to leave behind one of her… glowy stones (he couldn’t remember what the word was for them, he’d been kind of distracted when she told him the first time) if it had been hooked to this Owl guy, but he figured if she had a problem, she’d tell him. “Well, there are other portals to get here, but you kind of have to know where to look to find them. Little bit of a chance that some of those assholes might come through later, I guess.”

One in twelve million calculated chance, based on-

Jacob stopped paying attention to the mental cues that the ring was giving him, not really needing to know the methodology here. “Really low chance of it, less than getting hit by lightning twice, and then? You’re just one person in the middle of a bunch of other weirdos here.” So, the point was, for all intents and purposes? She was completely off their radar unless she decided to go back.

He had been hoping that she wasn’t going to be shy just because her little sister was around somewhere, and her answer didn’t disappoint him. Granted, he still had been holding out some hope that he’d manage to get a quick shower sometime, since he’d come straight from bed to respond to the alert, but… well, she was heading to the shower, too, right? Why not multitask? He started debating, very briefly, on whether or not he was above taking advantage of this woman in her vulnerable state, and as he watched her hips swaying on her way back to him, he decided that no, he was not even close to being above that. “I can’t think of anything more important than helping,” he answered, that familiar surge of adrenaline, which still hadn’t quite died, rushing back to full force.

He led her back through his quarters, which locked behind them, to where his shower was. “Of course… I don’t know, maybe this isn’t the way to treat the damsel in distress,” he teased, walking up behind where she’d ended up in front of the mirror, standing just too close for it to be easy for her to focus on an answer. “Are you sure that I don’t need to give you time to get yourself together?” he asked, leaning forward, his eyes darting between the curve of her neck and the reflection of her face in the mirror, “Keep from being taken advantage of by strange men?” Of course, if he was going to let her send him away, why did his lips brush over the crook of her neck while he waited for an answer?

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