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RPF* Real Person Fiction; IE Apping an actual celebrity

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Thread Contributor: KeithKeith, Red Paladin from Voltron Legendary Defender
Voltron -Legendary Defender

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Keith, Red Paladin
full name: Keith
nicknames/aliases/code name: Red Paladin
canon or oc: canon
anchor character: yes

gender: male
age: 18
date of birth: Unknown.
place of birth: Unknown.
starting location: Hub.
originating fandom: Voltron
fandom universe:Voltron Legendary Defender, Netflix series 2015, 2016
pronouns: He/Him
occupation: Pilot, Rogue, Paladin of the Red Lion
languages: English
playby: Takeru Satoh
height: 5’7”
weight: 130
hair color: Dark brown.
eye color: Brown
distinguishing features: Strong but lithe, sharp facial features, shaggy hair that is always perfectly out of place.
sexual orientation: Gay
family: Raised an orphan.
relationship status: Single

strengths: Keith is a fierce, focused, and yet flexible fighter. He’s a highly skilled intuitive pilot who was at the top of his class in the Academy before he got expelled for bad behavior. He has a sharp sense of wit, but doesn’t always get other people’s jokes. Keith’s fierce loyalty (he’s fierce by the way) drives him to throw his life on the line to help others.
weaknesses: His ferocity and focus make him come across as hot-headed and self-absorbed, and up to a point he is both. He is usually either quiet, sullen, “emo” as Pidge calls him, or he is angry, aggressive, fused to whatever objective he’s got in front of him. He’s not a natural team player but has learned to trust the other paladins… to a point. He’ll still go off on his own if he thinks his way is the right way.

equipment: Red Bayard (which turns into a sword), Paladin Uniform including rocket thrusters, and of course the Red Lion (which isn’t just a piece of equipment, but technically falls under this category)
Institutions have been a necessary evil for Keith ever since he was orphaned, but he doesn’t respect them. He respects individuals. He enrolled in the Galaxy Garrison Academy because it was the next step in his institutional journey from the orphanage, it beat the street, and best of all it gave him a chance to be a pilot. But the person he respected at the Academy was a recently graduated ace pilot named Shiro. Shiro is a man both of action and of inner strength, someone Keith aspires to be and sees as a father figure. A year before the story of Voltron Legendary Defender starts Shiro was on an exploratory mission and disappeared. His hero presumed dead and not one to fall in line Keith got into trouble and was expelled from the Galaxy Garrison.

He didn’t go far though. He set up in a small cabin a short distance from the Galaxy Garrison Academy due to a “calling” he felt to stay in the area and search for something unknown. What he found were drawings on caves depicting the story of a blue lion. His obsessive drive to figure out what the drawings meant, living as a hermit as he did so, is a prime example of the tunnel vision that both helps and hinders him. He was living in the cabin when Shiro crashed back to Earth in an alien spacecraft. Keith zoomed out to investigate, set explosives to distract that Galaxy Garrison crew responding, and rescued Shiro along with the help of a 3 person Academy crew who were out after curfew - Lance, Pidge, and Hunk. Shiro was babbling about some weapon the aliens were looking for called Voltron, the same name Pidge had picked up on deep space chatter. Using their combined resources, the newly formed team investigated the lion carvings and ended up finding the blue lion.

Keith hardly remembered Lance, but Lance was the one who bonded with the blue lion, flying them out of the cave in a series of bumps and spins that prompt Keith to call him the worst pilot ever. From the very beginning it was clear Keith didn’t think much of Lance, though as the series progresses their rivalry turns to a friendship peppered with constant bickering. Part of the development of their friendship is based on Lance’s strong sense of loyalty to the team and how much Keith respects that kind of loyalty.

The blue lion flew the team to the planet Arus where they found the Altean castle with Princess Allura and Coran held in stasis for 10,000 years. Allura filled the team in on the reality of the Galra, an invasive empire of hostile aliens headed by the Emperor Zarkon. The only hope against Zarkon was the weapon Voltron - five robot lions who could join to form one giant robot. The team would become the paladins who would pilot the lions. Keith was given the task of finding and bonding with the red lion - a task that could only be completed by winning the lion’s respect. The red lion was held in a Galra ship and Keith had to fight through a crew of Galra to get to and protect the lion. In the process Keith ejected the Galra attackers into space and got sucked out the airlock while doing so. Impressed by how far he was willing to go, the red lion saved him, and they bonded.

The Altean castle is actually a huge ship and ended up leaving the planet of Arus to keep its people from being attacked. The next few months the Voltron team spent evading Zarkon, helping people and planets oppressed by the Galra, and becoming better paladins, bonding more with their lions. End of season one

Season 2

Hub Information
landmarks in hub:As the Voltron presence in Hub expands things like the Altean Castle would manifest, but to start with Keith will just have the cabin he had in the pilot of the show. He found Hub while looking for something, and he started living in the cabin while feeling the call to search for something. As Keith can be a loner, the hermit cabin seems a good place to start him.
knowledge level of multiverse: Knows it’s a possibility, especially since in the Voltron universe space travel happens through wormholes and there is an astral plane on which the paladins communicate with their lions.
fandom specific information: He's the Red Paladin of Voltron, bonded to the Red Lion who only will take a paladin who is a loyal risk taker.
Anchor Character Section
which fandom: Voltron
which universe: Legendary Defender Netflix Series
timeline: Directly after season 2 finale.
where is the Hub portal located: In a cave near Keith’s hermit cabin. In the Voltron universe the portal is located
If not already established in canon do the following exist?

magic: Yes, especially with the Alteans and the Galra magic is mixed with science centering on the substance called Quintessence.
aliens: Well established in canon!
advanced technology:Yep.
mythical creatures:Not really.
other: here

what landmark(s) to start with in Hub?Start with the desert outside of the Galaxy Garrison Academy where Keith has a hermit hut full of research. There are several caves nearby.
Somewhere in the desert is the Galra ship that Shiro crashed down in and when Keith finds it, an out of it Shiro echo will be inside. Shiro won’t have any memory of what happened to him or how he got here.
RP Sample
Second character and you guys know how I write.
The quick story is Keith flew the Red Lion through a portal in the midst of space debris while looking for something pertaining to the Voltron Legendary Defender show. He’s landed in the Hub and assumes what he’s looking for will be somewhere around. If you haven’t watched the show and don’t want spoilers, don’t click the
While Keith has a strong drive to help those in need, he doesn’t make friends easily. If someone wins his respect he will be loyal to them, but as far as getting to know someone through sharing vulnerabilities… well, talking about his vulnerabilities isn’t something Keith is known for. He is starting to open up more, though, especially after learning more about his past and having it accepted by the Voltron team.

As far as romance goes, it just hasn’t been on his radar. The show gives signals that he’s likely gay and I’m going to write him as such. He’s always idolized strong independent men, and has always figured this was because he lost his father at a young age. But he’s drawn to them for more reasons than they’re role models. In the show he’s also drawn toward Lance, which frustrates him because Lance is not the type of man he thinks he should be drawn toward. Lance is irreverent, lazy, likes to party, and is often talking himself up bigger than he is. It’s exactly Lance’s carefree do what he wants personality that attracts Keith, though, a yang to his yin, and the fact that Lance gets serious when someone needs help and is as loyal as Keith is makes him even more intriguing.

Aside from going on a couple of dates with women who he never contacted again, Keith hasn’t had any relationships, but if you write a strong male lead or a party hard guy with a good heart, Keith would be interested. Just don’t expect him to jump right in as he isn’t really aware of his own preferences.

nicknames: Raven
age: 41
timezone: PST
contact: pdxpaperpauper@gmail.com This is also my AIM handle.
triggers:Not really, but not a fan of torture scenes.
mature threading:Yep
other characters: Darkwing Duck
about: I write as a hobby and look for other writers who are interested in deeper characterization and interesting plots. I like the slow reveal and enjoy characters who don’t get along well at the start but have potential to.
18. Red Paladin. Voltron, Legendary Defender.Takeru Satoh

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