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Jaya nodded her understanding as he spoke, "I feel the same way about mine." she agreed "I'm glad that my uncle and cousin are here, but it isn't the same." she shook her head, smiling a little at her own sentimentality "I think what I really miss is how it was, when I was young, and my mother had just retired, and it was all of us, my sisters and cousins and my parents. But the truth is, even if I was at home, it wouldn't be like that." not that she'd be at home, if things had gone according to plan, and she'd made it back home, not ended up in the Hub she'd still be lightyears away from her family, off with a new owner, carrying out her new assignment.

On the whole, Jaya thought, she'd rather be where she was, in bed with someone she was with for the pure joy of it. Yes, this was a very good place to be, she thought as the kiss broke long enough to get Remy's shirt off, so that she could touch more of him. She knew the difference between muscle that was meant for show and muscle that was meant for work, and liked the latter much better. After all, what use was strength if it wasn't there to be used? And as they kissed and touched, she realized how much she'd missed this man, missed his strength, missed his lips and hands trailing over her lithe, muscled dancer's body. Missed his smile and his laugh, missed his need for her. And now that she had him back, she wasn't inclined to let him go easily.
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For Remy, family had been everything since the time he was eight and fresh off of the street. He had been slow to come around at first, but once he had believed and trusted in Jean-Luc and Henri, and Tante Mattie… He had brought them into his whole heart, loving them unabashedly. That love had only grown as he’d gotten older, had developed into fierce loyalty that spread out to encompass the Guild as well as the family. When Jaya spoke of missing how things used to be, Remy nodded. “Et has been a long time since I have been able t’go home… I miss how t’ings were, too. Sneaking cakes an’ cookies from Tante Mattie, an’ eating dem out in de alley…” he sighed, “But oui, if I could go home, et would no’ be like et was.”

Remy let his fingertips pull along Jaya’s skin momentarily as he smiled, “Maybe et es selfish, chere, but I am glad we bot’ are here now.” Remy wasn’t usually prone to being overly sentimental with Jaya, he was careful not to cross the invisible lines of their rules when it came to this relationship, but he couldn’t help himself right now; he had missed her, and he was glad she was back. Lithe and agile fingers plucked the fabric from her skin to grant him access, and without hesitation, Remy bent his attention to the gentle caresses and touches that they had both missed and now craved.

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