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When you can't see the forest for the walking trees - Arjay Lo'Ran - 06-01-2017

This part of the hub was mostly forest. Even though the world it was taken from was alien to him, Arjay still felt a bit of nostalgic comfort walking among the great, towering trees. While he was the son of a noble house on Evermeet, most people didn’t pay much attention to the fact that he was also the son of a respected druidess from the mainland forest tribes. There were many seasons that he’d spent with his cousins in the forest, high in the trees or on the hunt. His sort of magic was fairly unknown among the tribes of the forest, and so he’d been something of a novelty there, having strange new songs for them with each visit, while always remembering the traditional songs of the forest. They’d named him Starwind, after a particularly aesthetically pleasing display of magic he’d performed during one of the festivals as he’d played for them, the same name that he gave his sword, to honor that part of his heritage.

There was always a part of the elf that was drawn to the woods, that same part of him that found his musical inspiration in the crash of the storms, or longed to make his home in this place inside a tree. He knew a fair amount of magic that had its origins in the magic of nature, but here, the one spell that he felt coming to mind was one that he rarely had cause to use, the simplest of them, and arguably the most enjoyable. And so, seeing no one watching them, he began to sing out the spell, the short spell making for a lively little tune, waving the gestures of the spell all around him as he danced through the little grove. Here, a tree began to bloom, bud by bud, there flowers began to sprout out. All around him, this empty, grey part of the grove began to bloom to life under the influence of his magic.

RE: When you can't see the forest for the walking trees - Groot - 06-08-2017

He hated being small. This forest was new, but it was older; the trees were tall and thick, their branches strong and full of vibrant green leaves. The little tree ran, keeping an eye on the sky, watching for birds. It wouldn't be the first time one mistook him for some sort of prey, and he disliked falling almost as much as he disliked being small.

He was far from home. His family. From anything familiar. It sucked. Groot missed Rocket and 6am ova and Quill.

And he supposed he missed stupid Drax, too.

He hated being lost!

Groot kicked a stone, then went to chase after the thing, trotting along in a hurry to keep up. That was when he heard someone singing.


The little tree ran as quickly as he could, streaking into a small grove, face stretched into a hopeful smile,
"I am Groot"
"Quill? Rocket? I am here! I was lost!”

Looking up at the unfamiliar face of a man he didn’t know, Groot heaved a heavy sigh.
"I am Groot"
”Aw shit.”

RE: When you can't see the forest for the walking trees - Arjay Lo'Ran - 06-08-2017

Well well, what did we have here?

Arjay was coaxing a flower out of the ground in a sunny patch of the woods when he heard a tiny voice crying out. It sounded, strangely, like a particularly large pixie, although that couldn’t be right, could it? These woods weren’t magical like that, he’d have felt it if they were, so what was making that noise?

He turned to the source of the voice, looked around for a moment, confused, as he didn’t see anything, then found his gaze drawn down by movement to see the tiniest treant he’d ever seen. What’s more, someone had put clothes on it for some reason, and the effect was absolutely adorable. “Oh my gods,” he said, a smile slowly spreading across his face again, “You are amazing.” He walked over as the little treant declared its name, crouching down to get a closer look at it. “Well hello, Groot. I am Arjay,” he said, studying it, but keeping a respectful distance. Treants were the guardian creatures of the forests, and if he disrespected one, his mother would never let him live it down. “Is this your grove I’ve found myself in? Or are you just visiting, too?”

RE: When you can't see the forest for the walking trees - Groot - 06-13-2017

This was an Cate resting place. Groot could hear the wind in the branches of the trees, tall and strong, but they were not his kin, and this was not his home. Still, it was good to be surrounded by a healthy forest.

Really, Groot had forgotten that he was wearing the tiny damned Ravager’s uniform. It wasn't his favorite thing, but it wasn't the worst. At least they hadn’t made him wear a fucking hat. He fucking hated hats. Making your head look all weird, and on purpose at that! Such utter bullshit.

The man that had been singing was definitely not Quil or any of his other friends. They were probably still on the other planet. where Groot had come from. Oh well, he'd find them later. Especially since the singing man with pointed ears was saying nice things too him. Arjay, the pointed eared man called himself. Groot nodded slowly, "
"I am Groot"
"It's nice to meet you Arjay. I’ve never met someone with pointed ears like yours... Is this your planet? Do all people here have ears like yours? Because they’re actually pretty damn cool.”

His grove? Groot looked around, then shrugged,
"I am Groot"
"This is the tree's grove. I am only visiting, but it's nice here.”
He smiled up at Arjay,
"I am Groot"
”You're only visiting? Where the hell are you from?”

RE: When you can't see the forest for the walking trees - Arjay Lo'Ran - 06-21-2017

And all the little guy could tell him was his name. That was disappointing, but then again, he was a very young treant. Oddly, his body language seemed to answer anyway despite his lack of verbalization. So the little tree could understand him, but couldn’t answer back? That was… odd to say the least. Oh well, he’d just have to run with it, he supposed. He couldn’t very well leave well enough alone, because oh my gods, this little guy was adorable.

All right, so this wasn’t his grove. That meant that he probably wasn’t from around here. “It’s a nice grove,” Arjay admitted. “Similar to the trees on my world, but not quite the same. Ah well, that’s what makes this place so interesting, I suppose.” He looked around the grove, which honestly wasn’t that remarkable aside from as a target for his magic, and then at the little treant. Idly, he wondered what it would look like if he made it a tiny suit of armor, or maybe a tiny suit of courtly clothes, sword and cape and all. The very idea of it made him want to do it all the more the more that he thought about it. “So. I have an inn that’s inside a tree. Want to come with me?” he asked as he reached for his lute. What was a walk home without music, after all

RE: When you can't see the forest for the walking trees - Groot - 06-24-2017

There were a precious few who actually understood him. It sucked. Rocket understood, Peter got the gist of what he meant... And that… That was pretty much it. So it wasn't surprising that the pointy eared man didn't understand him, but it was still disappointing. Groot just supposed it was just another thing he would have to accept as a matter of his existence; he understood the languages (mostly) of others, but they couldn't understand his. It was all about syntax. Groot knew that, to them, he only spoke three words. Hard to translate. Fine, he'd try to be clearer non-verbally as much as he could, like usual.

Nodding, Groot agreed with Arjay,
"I am Groot"
"Yes it is. Do you know where we are? Because I don't think d 'm on the same planet I was on before.”
Similar, but not the same. That seemed right; they were similar to the sorts of trees that Groot himself knew, too, but again, not quite the same.

The man invited Groot to his inn, and Groot looked back the way he’d come before nodding. Rocket and the other Guardians would come looking for him, but they would come toward civilization. Besides, he was pretty sure he could find his way back to here if he needed to.