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The Reveal - Sune - 07-11-2018

Sune rubbed her belly as she walked, tracing the curve of her abdomen. It was absolutely ridiculous of her to worry, but part of her was terrified to take another step. Arjay loved her, she reminded herself. Even if she couldn't read his mind any more, he loved her, and she was more than capable of reading that. It was her domain after all.

Yet, she had no clear picture of how he felt about their child. Whether or not he was tired of her pregnancy, and wanted her only for the things she could offer him. Pure absurdity. He was her chosen. She knew him better than that. Yet she was agonizingly aware that she would give him any thing she could. She loved him, dearly, and she wanted his happiness far more than she cared for her own.

She was worrying her lip as she strode through the establishment, curling her arms around herself as though she would be able to disguise her state by adding bulk to the rest of her shape. Arjay had seen pregnant women before. He wasn't going to be surprised to see her like this- and yet she feared that he would not find her so beautiful now.

Sune stood still for a moment, forcing in a deep breath. Again and again she did the same. She was not alone, she carried a rather active child inside her, and she loved them so, so much. And Arjay loved her. He had loved her before he had known her. He had been speechless to hear their child's heartbeat racing inside of her. He had teased that he would enjoy her pregnancy because he would get to see her more often.

He wouldn't love her less for her state.

Sune repeated that thought to herself as she reached her aura out to envelope the man as she entered his room. Walking over, she managed to hide what nerves ran through her, and she leaned in to press a kiss to his mouth. "Hello, my love. I have missed you."

Moving to sit on the edge of his bed, she smiled at him, large and brilliant. "I thought you might wish to come with me, and find out whether I am carrying a daughter or a son." Sune offered, surprising herself with the shyness she felt saying such.


RE: The Reveal - Arjay Lo'Ran - 07-11-2018

Arjay was one of those rare folk who didn't see any overwhelming beauty in the sunshine. As an aesthetic, he could appreciate the light of the sun as it shone in different places, but he'd never really understood the draw of the sun breaking through the clouds after a storm. Direct sun after a storm, after all, just made the weather suddenly steamy and uncomfortable. He had, therefore, had to find his own metaphors for a sudden turn in the weather. He'd found it one morning, several years before, after a long night that he'd spent drinking in the midst of a thunderstorm. He'd been in a particularly foul mood that night, though looking back he had to admit that he'd had cause for it. He'd woken up in the morning, lying on the sheltered bench to find the raindrops only gently pattering above him, but when he opened his eyes, across the rain-washed clearing he saw a bright pink wildflower, rain-bloomed and dazzlingly bright against the dark greenery. That bit of unexpected beauty was always what he cast his mind back to whenever someone talked about the sun breaking through the clouds after a long storm.

Today, as he suddenly found himself awash in that divine radiance, he found his mind looking back on that dawning beauty once again. He closed his eyes, breathing in the scent of her as she came into his room, savoring it for a moment before he turned around, slipping his arms around her, looking down at her with the eyes of a starving man who had just been shown a feast. He leaned down, kissing her hungrily, almost desperately, pressing her body as tightly against his as her new dimensions would allow. "And I've missed you," he murmured, barely letting his lips part from hers.

Still, she'd come her for a purpose, and so he let her draw him away, kneeling in front of her on the floor when she sat on the bed, playfully kissing her belly. He couldn't remember for the life of him how long it took for babies to start to kick... and any thought of remembering was driven from his mind as he cocked an eyebrow at his love's question. He'd always just assumed that she would just know the gender when she wanted to know. Having to find out somewhere was a bit... unexpected. "You... aren't going to go to one of those humans that blasts the child with sound to somehow find the gender, are you?" Not that he was exactly sure how that was supposed to tell them... perhaps it listened for their voice to respond, too? "Honestly I've always thought that was why Earth-humans acted a bit... addled at times."

RE: The Reveal - Sune - 07-11-2018

Sune held her love's face in her hands as she looked at him. She caressed his cheeks with the familiarity of a woman who knew the man she loved. She could have sculpted his face blindly, and she could still replicate every curve and plane of his visage.

Seeing Arjay- It was not the sun after a storm for her. Rather it was the breath of fresh air when you haven't noticed the diminishing oxygen. It was the sudden awareness of something you had been missing, that you hadn't been able to breath quite right until that moment. The tension in her shoulders lessened as she kissed him again. It was much too easy to conjure images of the worst possible situations when you had been away for too long.

And Sune had been away, for far too long.

Their baby wiggled inside her at the hug, making a laugh bubble up in the Goddess's throat. "I believe I told you last time that missing you was a concept beyond our child just yet- I would say that if their squirming is any indication, they are as excited to see you as I am."

His kiss to her skin confirmed that when the baby started thrashing with new found energy, rudely kicking her in the ribs. She glared playfully at her belly. "Hey hold off on the kicking just yet." Sune murmured, before feeling another kick. She rolled her eyes and chuckled, taking Arjay's hand and laying it on her abdomen.

"Speaking of the average human baby, they shouldn't be strong enough for anyone but their mother to feel the motions for another month or there about." Obediently, baby kicked a few times in the same spot underneath their father's hand. "But our child is not average, and is a little stronger than most." She offered, pleased and whispering words of affection to their little one.

She laughed at his response. "That was my plan, yes. Though it works a bit differently than just that." Pulling him up to sit beside her and curl into his side, she laid her palms out in front of them both.

Above one hand she built a small forest and above the other, a bat. As waves bounced out from the bat's mouth, they bounced back after hitting an object. "Its the same idea as an echo- and how bats see. They determine where things are based on how the sound reflects or is absorbed. I wanted to find out at the same time as you." She explained, before her grin turned softer. "And the ultrasound is perfectly safe for a baby."


RE: The Reveal - Arjay Lo'Ran - 07-12-2018

Arjay rose from the floor, slipping onto the bed with her and letting her curl against him for their little conversation. Oh, it might be perfectly seviceable to sit down and talk like anyone else, but this wasn't anyone else, especially not to him. He kept his hand resting on her belly, smiling every time the little one kicked at the touch against her skin.

Oh, and he still didn't quite understand how this human cacophany machine was supposed to tell them a blasted thing. Bats used their voices to tell them where to go to latch onto insects, yes, but he wasn't aware that they somehow heard the shape of things. "Whatever you think best, but wouldn't magic be much easier?" he asked. He'd seen some of the technology that humans made, and most of it reminded him quite a lot of gnomish contraptions (particularly the exlpanations of them), to the point that he had a very, very hard time accepting their advisability over something as tested and logical as a divination. "For that matter, can't you just know the answer?"

He knew that there wasn't much point belaboring the point, of course. She had her ideas about what would be best, he had his. They would discuss them, reason them out, possibly even debate the merits of various ideas, and then they would do what she thought would be best. It was, after all, the way of men and the women they loved.

"By the by," he muse, "I think that my People are rather cross with me. While I was visiting home, the consensus in Myth Drannor among those who thought my presence irritating is that they have been personally insulted by the fact that a goddess can possibly favor me." He leaned over, kissing her shoulder. "Yet another situation where humans seem to be taking better to me."

RE: The Reveal - Sune - 07-14-2018

Sune did so like when he acquiesced to her demands without her having to speak so much as a word. She'd certainly had lovers in the past who required her to spell it out before they'd even consider doing as she requested- and regardless of whether his ease of choice was due to her current state or not, Arjay was so wonderfully obedient. And disobedient when the occasion called for it. The warmth of his embrace, and the warmth of the smile that graced his lips as he felt their child moving, was more than enough for her to disregard any discomfort she felt from being kicked.

She raised an eyebrow with amusement, turning in his grip slightly to meet his eyes. "Really." She replied, voice utterly dry with amusement. "You think that using magic on a Goddess is an easy endeavour? Let alone one that is the physical embodiment of a force of nature. Even if you were to foresee the future- you would be doing so about a divine child, and that would require more power than they will have in order to do so." She smiled despite her sarcastic tone, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to his lips quickly. "Which- yes I could know myself without much effort. But as I said, I want to find out together. That is not the same as me telling you."

She laughed slightly at his comment. "Ah. Well, no accounting for taste. I will simply have to cherish you even more for every single fool incapable of seeing your worth." Sune paused, carefully moving a hand up in front of her mouth to attempt to hide her smirk. "Have you been back since they discovered that you are the father of my child?"

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RE: The Reveal - Arjay Lo'Ran - 07-16-2018

Arjay scowled as she played the goddess card on him, which he considered patently unfair. In this particular case, it was just rather insulting if looked at correctly. “So what you’re saying,” he mused, fixing her with a level gaze, “Is that because divine nature is involved, one of the most powerful spellcasters in Faerun has no chance of success, but some minimally-trained adept with a sound-stick is able to succeed?” Did he ever claim that he wasn’t able to be egotistical? No, no he never particularly had.

“However,” he said, before she could start thinking he was arguing that intently against her idea, “If there’s something we’re going to do together, we’d best do it together, even if it’s going to be done by allowing some fool to prod you with some… device shooting sound into your person.” He wasn’t going to stop being disdainful of the technology that he didn’t exactly comprehend (or comprehend at all), of course, but he’d still be holding her hand while it was being used.

And, truth be told, he did want an answer to that question. Or, at least, he thought he did. Did he really have a preference about his child’s gender? He didn’t think so, he honestly had things making him anxious when he considered either possibility.

“Honestly, my love, I haven’t faced that question yet and I haven’t been eager to breach it myself. I’m not certain who knows what, and which goddess they believe I’ve impregnated. My people know me as the chosen of one aspect of you, the humans know me as the chosen of another. I’m certainly not eager to start trying to convince them that they’re one and the same. If you want to see a way to send the elves up in arms over their injured pride, try suggesting to them that their gods aren’t separate and distinct from those of every other race on the planet.” He himself smirked, well aware of how amusing the thought was, even if it was a fairly dark humor. “No, really, don’t tell them that. I’ve no wish to be strung up for heresy.”

RE: The Reveal - Sune - 07-16-2018

Arjay never failed to make his Goddess laugh, her eyes closing automatically as she allowed herself to laugh fully. Their child squirmed along with her, seemingly amused by the motion of their mother's body. Turning her head to rest in the crook of Arjay's neck, she pressed a kiss to his jaw before replying. "Seeing as said spellcaster draws on my power for his spells, I am saying that. I have in the past found that people are generally hard pressed to see the difference between the spell itself and the power it matches."

She turned his head now, stealing a kiss from his willing lips. "And said minimally trained adept spends at least six years training on this subject alone. Considering their relative lifespan, that is nothing to turn up one's nose at." Her smile turned brilliant at his acquiescence. Sune stood, taking his hand and pulling it to bring him upright as well. "No sense in waiting then." She offered lightly, a portal opening to bring them to the technicians.

She considered his point for a moment before offering a slight shrug in reply. "You ought to at least talk to your mother about it. I have heard she was rather surprised by the revelation, though I do hope she may also be a little excited to hear you will be a father." Sune offered, voice soft and soothing. If Arjay could not find it in himself to discuss his mother, she hardly wished to pry. Particularly not when she was walking in to a room and reclining on the bed inside.

Automatically her clothes shifted to something that allowed easier access to her belly as the human in the room gave her a look of startled hurry, her hands flying around the room as she finished the preparations for the ultrasound. Sune smiled slightly, still holding Arjay's hand. "Do you have a preference, My love? Daughter or son?" She asked, hoping to kill the time they must wait with pleasant conversation.


RE: The Reveal - Arjay Lo'Ran - 07-20-2018

"Not all of my spells are drawn from you," Arjay pointed out, quite truthfully. "And as I would be scrying this particular physical form, its failure would mean that you are resisting it, and that would mean, naturally," he continued, giving her a flat but not unamused look, "That you're trying to be difficult right now." Which was, naturally, a lady's prerogative, but he was a firm believer in calling it what it was. "And six years is about what I would expect to devote to a favored hobby, not an occupation," he griped, continuing his little fuss with good humor as they continued on through the portal.

"We'll be seeing my mother soon enough," he said, his voice more reassuring than putting the subject off. "It'll be good for her to be able to focus on something relatively normal like being a grandmother instead of something vague like the pressures of civilization upon the forest from afar and the magical imbalances they create, or... something like that. There's a very good reason I didn't follow her as a druid."

He gave the ultrasound tech another dubious look as he sat next to Sune, holding her hand in the fashion of expectant fathers everywhere. "Are we certain that this isn't going to cause the child to go deaf? I think that that would concern me quite more than whether the child is a boy or a girl." Her question, though, was a reasonable one, so he decided to give it a reasonable consideration. "I don't necessesarily think I have a preference," he admitted. "I believe that a daughter would cause me no small amount of worry, but that would be years from now, thankfully."