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Brother Mine. - Raani - 07-03-2018

The meeting with Raani's father had gone surprisingly well. She had half expected him to reap her the instant that he knew of her choice to amass power. Instead they had had milkshakes and spoken, something that seemed almost too pedestrian for a family of gods.

Despite that, her sleeves were still pulled down over the snake skin that rolled out across her arms. Idly she rubbed her hands against them, tying to relieve her cold. Part of the reason she had suggested tea in the first place was that Raani distinctly did not like the cold. It was an irony that she was well aware of, her aura being a cool one, but that didn't make it any less true.

Raani was choosing to focus on these thoughts rather than on how threatened she had felt. If it had been human skin, her arms would have been covered by goosebumps as adrenaline raged through her system. Being truthful, her father terrified her to an extent. She didn't know him, he'd rather dig in her mind than ask her questions, and he was immeasurably more powerful than she was.

So despite a good conversation, she was scared witless. Her own aura was wrapped tightly around her as though she could shield herself that way, and even then she was distinctly aware of how easily it could be shattered. And if she died- who else would put Bes ahead of all others?

As though conjured by thought, there he stood, not a hundred meters from her. She fell forward as her legs melted together, arms pulling back into her torso. Despite the potential for clumsiness, the action was made elegant by the sheer amount of practice she had. Raani slithered quietly along the stone ground, twineing herself around Bes's leg without hesitation. She used his clothing to gain purchase and continued upwards until she had herself around his neck with head resting on his shoulders.

Though she was capable of speech in all forms, she didn't bother speaking, instead sending the impression of a quiet greeting to his mind.


RE: Brother Mine. - Bes - 07-03-2018

For their first thousand years Bes and Raani had been inseparable in mind and spirit, half a lifetime ago his ascension to a new domain had locked his mind away from his sisters ability to read it.

They were still twins however; Bes smiled rubbing his cheek over the shivering serpent head that curled under his collar using his body heat to warm more than her physical shell, Raani might no longer have the ability to reach deep with in his mind, but he could still hear her, and she him when he focused, and they still knew each others emotions. He felt her fear and it had been only his own meeting with their Father and his Mothers calming touch that kept him from her side before this. “Shaaa shaa.” he murmured comfortingly walking into the bazaar with his familiar burden.

“I should buy you a snake sweater.” he ‘threatened’ for the thousandth time, ignoring the fact that their physical shells temperature wasn’t the actual issue, Bes stepped between worlds, taking his sister along with him.

“I found something.” he explained as they appeared in Adhira’s hall of Doors, standing before one that was not simply chained but ringed by protections that would destroy any creature foolish enough to attempt it.

Normally Bes was a very calm god, easy going; the meeting with their Father and walking his had awakened a certain curiosity. “Fathers temple has the same Door.” he commented.

RE: Brother Mine. - Raani - 07-03-2018

Raani had sort of figured that her brothers power had developed into something she couldn't understand- it had hardly gone beyond her notice when he sprouted his new domain. It had also not gone beyond her notice that she stopped being able to reach his mind with ease at the same time. She used to share thoughts by pulling his mind into hers- for a thousand years now she had projected her thoughts to him instead.

It was a different skill set to be sure- but she cared too much to give up because something was difficult. She knew he felt similarly about her, and so she was more than content to be lulled by quiet murmurings as he walked.

He was correct in his knowledge that physical temperature was more of an annoyance than anything. Bes knew Raani well enough to know that the times where she was really cold were the ones were she was shielding herself in ice- in other words, the times where she was scared.

His remark still earned him a tail flick to his ear, despite the brightness that returned to her eyes.

Raani was often comfortable to just fall asleep around her brother's neck, but his curiosity was infectious. Bes was so rarely nosey that when he was- it usually meant something was actually afoot. Or he was trying to distract her, in which case he always succeeded.

She tilted her head at the door that he gestured at, giving the best look of confusion a snake was able. Automatically she reached back in her memories to offer the doors that their mother had once shown her. In particular the one that stood between their siblings and them, neither of them able to cross and return.

Though the other two doors had been just as well warded. She layered the doors on the landscape of her father's temple, sending it as a question. Had her brother seen those doors there?


RE: Brother Mine. - Bes - 07-03-2018

A deep satisfied chuckle rumbled out in response to her flick; Bes much prefered his sister mildly agrivved at him than shaking and cold in a prison of her own fears.

Well some of their siblings; the last thousand years had made that much clear. There were the banished and the not. One almost could consider THEM part of the banished since up till their arrival in Hub and meeting their father the portals to the universes where Adhira and Seth reigned together with their children were closed to the twins.

So now the only universes closed to them were the ones where their more unfortunate siblings had been banished to...and this one.

What differed between the Banished and this...was that as far as Bes could sense it was missing any of the over lay of love that Adhira’s locked doors to her Banished children normally held. was the oldest door by orders of magnitude.

“I have seen the doors to the Banished, and the doors to the Family in his temple.” Bes answered her though verbally. “But this..” Bes looked at his sisters snake head. “Is the only door in his Domain, in the heart of his deepest protections.”


RE: Brother Mine. - Raani - 07-03-2018

Raani liked her brother's laughter. It filled the air in a way that a mortal just wasn't capable of, and she almost flicked him again just to make him laugh more. Restraining that instinct, she stuck her tongue out at him instead before shaking her head in quiet amusement.

Raani knew well enough that not all of their siblings were counted among the living. That some of them had been reborn, others held in the darkness of their father's domain, and yet more simply dissipated into nothing or everything. She knew that one day she would have to make certain the vast majority of those would see the day once more- from new eyes.

She chose however, to use the term siblings to refer to those who were currently among the living. (Or existing depending on your definition of life.)

She listened carefully to his words, letting out a small puff of air that could almost certainly be seen as her pouting. With a prolonged hiss that was remiscent of sighing, she slid down his arm, limbs and clothes reforming as she landed lightly on the ground. Despite being in bipedal form now, she still leaned a little against her brother, holding his hand, fingers threaded through her own.

Automatically she reached with her aura, trying to learn what she could of the magic and the spells. While doing so she smiled at her brother. "What do you think our odds of mother or father telling us are? Because even if I'm curious, I'm not curious enough to get us killed opening it."

After a pause, she added a thought. "What about Father's door? Did you sense anything different about that one?"


RE: Brother Mine. - Bes - 07-04-2018

When she was in human form more often than not it was Bes leaning on her obnoxiously; which he demonstrated now, resting his chin in the hollow of her shoulder. “Well we’ve been awfully good so far” he commented ignoring the part where ONE of them had been naughty. “We could ask.” And he did think that was best...but he was also now very curious as well. “Oooorrr we can see if we can figure out it for ourselves.” He grinned tugging slightly at the aura of the universe beyond. “Because i have to wonder if Father kept the DEAD behind it too….if he didn’t..” Than they could at least find someone from that universe. It might be a dead end..or it could be an interesting diversion.

And really how upset could Seth be at the for asking questions?


RE: Brother Mine. - Raani - 07-04-2018

Raani couldn't help her laugh at her brother's reply. She grinned sheepishly. "I believe you mean that you have been very good so far." She nuzzled against his cheek with an added quip. "I believe the part of your statement that applies to me is 'awful.'"

She did feel awfully short when her brother leaned on her, but she liked Bes cuddles in any form so she was hardly going to do anything about It- other than taking her idle hand and playing with his hair.

She grinned at his suggestion. "As dutiful children, we would be remiss if we didn't investigate a possible issue. And of course we need to guarantee so- how could I possibly go to father and tell him he might have a leak?" She offered slyly, adding her power to his and tugging all the stronger for it.

Not only was she more powerful than him- but they were twins, they were more together than apart. Or at least Raani thought so.


RE: Brother Mine. - Bes - 07-04-2018

Bes knew what he was looking for; having spent some time spreading his own domain across his Father's he had a more recent if not as deep connection than his sister...and between them…

The twins slid into the underworld, following the ‘scent’ of that locked universe to those that shared that same ‘feeling’ which lead them to:

“Oh.” Bes blinked at the whole world with in a world. Millions of souls, god and mortal alike were...he didn’t want to say ‘trapped’ not all of them, but some most definitely were chained to golden prisons.

A dramatic way of stating that some few were locked from their rebirth cycle; Bes felt the dissonance only faintly, but for Raani those souls must call out like beacons. One caught his eye for she was marked by their mother. Assuming his sister might be a bit...blinded by her domain he tugged them towards the soul’s paradise he’d earmarked.

“She’s a priest of mother's.” he murmured necessarily. “Or was. Look how favored she is..” Bes held them both just outside what he judged the soul’s ability to perceive was, of course he might be wrong...she was awfully powerful for a human. Almost like… “Wait is that Mothers First Priest?” he blinked hard.


RE: Brother Mine. - Raani - 07-04-2018

As they entered the underworld it became instantly clear to Raani that 'dissonance' was without a doubt an accurate statement- but also an understatement. It wasn't just a few notes off in the music of reality- the song of rebirth had been almost entirely drowned out by the cacophony of the dead.

Raani was so intensely grateful for her brother's grip on her hand because it helped anchor her in the raging storm. Gave her a base point to gather herself to, and a place to shelter while she pulled her aura in tight as shield from the wrongness. Blinded was an understatement for what this place did to her. Deafened, numbed, muted as well. Having finally pulled herself together, she gave a tired victorious huff and rested her head on Bes's shoulder.

His words echoed softly in her ears before she could process them. "I think-" Raani took a deep breath, finally in full possession of her mental faculties again. "Yes." She replied with certainty. One of the benefits of her domain- she knew those who were in process of passing through it. This soul was left stuck at the first stage, but it was in the cycle no less.

"I believe that tells us which universe this door leads to. The question now is whether we dig farther, knowing this is our parents' birth realm."


RE: Brother Mine. - Seth - 07-04-2018

Heaven was a beautiful place. When you were mortal and alive, you dreamt of what such a place, paradise, might look like. Sarah smiled as she looked up and out at her afterlife. Behind her was the palace where she had lived for so many years. Decades. Out in front of her were fields and forests and lakes. It was peaceful here most of the time, and she liked that. Oddly enough, she went through her daily devotions as she had in life, never thinking to do any differently; she loved her goddess, she cared for the husband of the goddess, no matter how long she had been waiting to return to another life.

The strangers that approached were… Familiar. Perhaps that was why they were here. Perhaps these were people she had known once, but no matter the reason, Sarah smiled to them, moving to walk down the little path that lead to the public street where in life there were always throngs of people, gathered to seek favors or boons or just to pray and give their love and belief to their gods.

The woman, still young from the favor of her goddess, approached the pair, asking with a kind and gentle smile, “How can I help you two?” She knew they wouldn’t be lost, not here. People didn’t get lost here, not unless they wanted to be…


RE: Brother Mine. - Bes - 07-05-2018

“I think she sees us.” He commented unnecessarily: he’d made the mistake of not acknowledging just how powerful his Mothers First
Priest would be. She could probably not just summon Mother here with a thought, but CREATE avatars of Adhira at damn near will.

Which was actually almost frightening considering they were being distinctly ‘naughty’.

Bes drew his sister closer, pressing his aura around her, shielding her as much as he was able. “Hi.” His lips curled ruefully at being called out, his own affable personality coming across. “We are being curious. Didn’t know you could see us, didn't want to bother,” he smiled winningly at the woman bringing forth his own status as a High priest of Adhira for her to sense. He bowed in respect for her, acknowledging that she had precedence over he, regardless of his Godhood.


RE: Brother Mine. - Raani - 07-05-2018

The reinforcement Bes offered with his aura did not go unnoticed by Raani. She knew it was largely helping because his aura was not of rebirth- but also because she loved him and his support meant a lot to her. Drawing herself up properly, she kept her grip on his hand, even as her confidence returned. She snorted slightly, choosing to send the thought to her brother rather than voice it where it could be heard.

You think?

Raani turned towards her mother's first priestess with a smile. As she was dressed for working at their father's temple, rather than their mother's power, she dredged up the marks on her being that labeled her a high priestess of Seth. She likewise bowed to the woman.

Raani had her own first priest, and knew what that meant. Adding in that this woman was many many years older than Raani or Bes, and the relatively small goddess was full of respect in more than just her actions.

She smiled and continued her brother's train of thought. "Regardless we are honoured to make your acquaintance. I am Raani, and this is Bes."

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RE: Brother Mine. - Seth - 07-06-2018

Sarah Lam had been born, lived, and died many, many centuries ago. She had lived decades and decades with her goddess, and she hadn’t been a very young woman when she had met Adhira and Seth. She had been in the Underworld for far, far longer than she hadn’t anymore, though she held no anger at the fact. Seth had been kind to her in life, and he had continued to be so in death. Sarah liked to think that was because of who the death god was rather than because she had been faithful to his wife.

She saw the two younger gods, younger than Adhira and Seth had been when she had met them, and smiled. There were plenty of other gods here, those who had died in one universe or another, but none of them ever came here, to this part of Seth’s domain. This place, the palace and grounds that spread out around behind them, was a haven meant not for the dead gods of their realm but for humanity. Most of them cycled through, but Sarah, Julie, Cameron, Zeke… None of them had gone back in so long…

But the presence of gods here meant something, even if Sarah wasn’t sure what that was just yet.

“I have eyes.” Sarah smiled to the young man, “You aren’t exactly invisible.” When Bes revealed his connection to her goddess, Sarah all but lit up, eyes going wide and bright, and she reached for him, hands gripping his arms, firmly but gently, “How is she? Is she well? Is she happy?” Her expression grew just a bit mischievous, “He still treats her with the love he used to?” She knew they were godlings, and she knew it was likely they were the children of her goddess and her husband, but the most important thing here was that they had to know her, know of her. Sarah couldn’t help the gladness that filled her heart. More children; Sarah hoped things had gotten better for the gods.

“I am very pleased to meet you both, Raani and Bes.” Sarah looked from Bes to Raani, seeing the drapings of a priest of Seth, “Did he send you two?”


RE: Brother Mine. - Bes - 07-10-2018

Bes’s eyes softened at the woman’s eager questions; he understood why his mother left her priest to rest peacefully, what he did not understand was why she was barred from rebirth; the marks of his mothers favor Still shined brightly. There was no evidence of punishment…

The he and she could only (hopefully) refer to their parents; “He has only recently returned to her presence, they have been apart for the last two thousand years.”

Because of he and his sister.

For the first time Bes felt grief for his mother; that she sacrificed her husband, her love for them. It made him love her more.

And appreciate his sister’s struggles; Bes wrapped an arm around her, resting his chin in its accustomed place in the hollow of her neck.

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RE: Brother Mine. - Raani - 07-11-2018

Raani didn't understand why any soul had been left in this place, let alone a priest who had not upset Adhira or Seth. Even in means of punishment, she could have gifted them a rebirth that would be more painful than any torture death could give them.

It was so much. With the sensory input she was receiving, Raani found herself incapable of deciphering much of it. She once again moved to continue her brother's thought.

"Regardless, My Lord Seth does in fact love his Lady Adhira as he always has. She is Well. Happy to be reunited with her love."

With Bes's hug, Raani sighed slightly, leaning into him and taking his hand again. He was warm. Safe. Especially in this maelstrom of unnatural after life.

Even if she didn't hold such grief for her mother. Raani had known that it was a sacrifice that Adhira made, she had also known that Adhira had made that choice. She could have chosen Seth if she'd rather, but Adhira chose Raani and Bes. Raani instead felt sympathy for their father. Who had been separated from his love for two thousand years without knowing clearly why, and was too afraid to have the chance to raise his children.

It was something to ruminate on later, when she had the time required to process her meeting with her father.

"No, he did not send us. As Bes said, we were simply curious."

@kel @eve

RE: Brother Mine. - Seth - 07-12-2018

Sarah loved her goddess. Even at the beginning, she had cared for Adhira, and once she had become a priestess, that care had quickly grown into love. But Seth had been a friend as well, and while Sarah’s loyalty was to Adhira, she cared about both gods. And both gods had cared about her in return. So while she clearly possessed Adhira’s favor, Seth’s blessing was on the priestess, too.

The priestess who rolled her eyes and huffed a sigh at the remark that Seth and Adhira had only recently returned to each other. “Oh, what did he do this time?” She was a little surprised, Seth hadn’t come to her to talk, either just to be heard of seeking advice. That was unusual for the death god; usually he came to her within a few centuries for help figuring out how to make amends.

“Good. Last I spoke to him they were still together, and things were going well between the two of them. It’s always nice when they’re together. She has a stabilizing effect on him, which he needs. And it’s always good to have a god of storms and death quietly happy than frustrated and upset.” Because even the Underworld had storms, and down here, when Seth was whipped into a frenzy, they could become maelstroms.

As unnatural as it might be that Sarah was still here in the Underworld, the priestess didn’t seem displeased or any less happy for it. But then, she understood why she was kept here, and the young god and goddess before her did not.

She smiled to Bes and Raani, nodded her understanding and then asked, “So what are you two being curious about, then?”


RE: Brother Mine. - Bes - 07-21-2018

Bes blinked at the...well the humor in the dead priestesses voice; there were few that would dare take such a tone about his father...or at least that was the impression he’d gotten from his foray into the underworld and his temples. But then -

He glanced at Rani wondering if she’d seen a different side of their father working in closer concert with him.

“As far as I am aware...nothing directly.” he responded circumspectly, his nature might be genial but he was aware that they were in the middle of his Fathers domain and too much disrespect might be...noticed. “But she decided that our birth should be...away from his influence.”

Perhaps in the beginning their mother had been a different god, but he was surprised by the ...candor of this woman. “You. This place. It is…” Bes rested his head on Rani’s shoulder, wrapping his arms around her from behind, sharing his nature, “Distressing to my sister, the cycle broken. Oddly for me it's so far the most relaxing place in the underworld i have visited.”



RE: Brother Mine. - Raani - 07-22-2018

Raani was unsurprised by the humour in the priestess's voice. Nor was she concerned that their father would be offended by it. Her father had shared a memory of the woman he called Julie- who had slapped him without punishment. Rather, she found the notes relaxing. Made her think of some of her own mortal companions.

She wondered idly if Sarah would enjoy having tea together. She missed having a friend to sit and chat with- Raani missed Alia.

Raani didn't dare try to smother her laughter, not when such a thing distracted her from her discomfort. As such, she let out a rather unflattering chuckle and snort combination. "I believe Bes is trying to find a polite way to say that what our Lord Seth did was get our Lady Adhira pregnant. As well, as of yet, he has not found it easy to be trusting of his children, so she chose to raise us in seclusion from him for our safety." She explained easily. Her father wouldn't be angry at her for saying such things- she had said a number more blunt and pointed comments directly to his face- and Raani firmly believed that he wouldn't mind her explaining to this priestess he obviously held in high regard.

Her muscles relaxed under the comforting weight of her brother's arms around her. She took a deep breath of his scent, his warmth burrowing as far as her bones, and decidedly distracting her from the innate wrongness of this place. "Bes is god of Home, Hearth, and Happy Endings. I, Raani, born Eshe, am goddess of Ruin, Rest, and Rebirth. The only thing we have in common is the alliteration of our domains. As such, this place calls to him as it is the long term home of many, and it screams at me to right the cycle." She explained, even though she could only assume on her brother's feelings. She knew him better than she knew herself however, and she was relatively confident in her assessment. She drew in another deep breath, her back straightening as she slowly became accustomed to the pressure of this place.

"As well, We have never seen our parent's birth universe-" She paused before correcting herself. "Not personally anyways. My Lord Seth has shared some memories with me- but we would very much like to know about who our mother and father were at the beginning. Whatever you are comfortable sharing with us."

@kel @eve

RE: Brother Mine. - Seth - 07-22-2018

Sarah had known Seth for… She didn’t even know how long it had been anymore, but she’d known him for almost forever, at least by her count. She had seen him powerful and whole and angry, had watched him fight another god and eat the heart out of his wife’s hand. She had also seen him as a simple man, the owner of a resort who personally served his guests lunch. So maybe she had a different point of view on him.

Arching a brow at the two young gods, Sarah shook her head, nearly snorted trying to abort the laugh that bubbled up at Raani’s words and then gave up and laughed anyway. “Well, yes, I suppose impregnating her would be a great offense.” Her humor died as she pieced together what they were telling her, though, and she grew a touch sad, not for herself, but for them, and their parents. Separated because… Sarah sighed. “Damn it, Seth.” She rolled her eyes, “He needs to move on, it’s been… Forever.” But the priestess also knew that some things were easier to move past than others.

Distressing? Sarah blinked at Raani’s words at first. Interesting domains, they reminded her of… Right the cycle? She knew enough about gods and cycles and the like to get the gist of what Raani was saying, and her eyes widened, “No, please, don’t send us back there, please don’t.” Would Sarah have loved to live again? Certainly. But not there, not the way it was. “I can talk about them, there’s no rule that we can’t. He wouldn’t dare.” None of them would stand for that. She shrugged, “But what beginning? Theirs, or ours?”


RE: Brother Mine. - Bes - 07-22-2018

“To be fair-” Bes smiled into her shoulder, “There are some quite Happy to have there eternity here.” unlike the other dips into the Underworld, where Bes had spread his domain to bring a deeper layer of peace to those awaiting their next life, here he felt no need to. There were some who where discontent but it was the old worn discontent of ages, not a fresh grief that called out to be soothed.

From Sara’s perspective it was likely an odd sight, watching Bes effectively disappear behind Raani, not in fear but in ease, his eyebrows popping up from behind her shoulder at the revelation of ‘memories’ “Teachers pet.” he quipped only amusement tinged with surprise in his voice.

Eyebrows that popped up again at the fear in her voice, “Raani is not a cruel god.” he defend his sister automatically, “What are you so afraid of? Mother and Fathers blessing on you should mean a well and happy life-” Bes smiled at her comfortingly, “I can ensure that for you if that is your fear.” He was much more free with his blessings, but he was a minor god, and he could afford to be.

Which beginning? “Both?”