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Taking her breath away - Pete Wisdom - 06-07-2018

Pete had risen to the challenge Belle had presented to him, the most difficult question being which breathtaking thing he'd show her. Belle came from a world where there were plenty of astonishing things to see, from what he understood. He'd made himself a mental list of things he was reasonably sure she wouldn't have had in her world, struck off all of the things that might offend her delicate sensibilities, and zeroed in on one particular place that he thought would serve them.

This place, which they'd taken a leisurely walk to (welcome to the Hub, the only place where you can walk to another planet...), was a bit brisk, but not exactly cold. Pete had slid his jacket over her shoulders as they walked. From the portal, it was a bit of a climb, but not exactly a long or difficult one. The path seemed to be made to be an easy, scenic view, but Pete, being Pete, of course knew where the best view was. They strolled around one more bend, and then he let her take a look at the full view off into the distance.

The whole scene was a picture of blues and greens and browns. They stood on a path that looped around a mountain-sized hill, with grassy sides descending lazily around them. Down below them, though, the entire landscape looked like a vast sea had been frozen, with ice rolling out as far as they could see. Sculptures rose up from the surface, great figures immortalized in ice, displayed in all their splendor under the starry sky. Some were human (or apparently human), others were decidedly alien, all of them held a sort of magnificence that was easily understood even on strange features. They towered up from the ice, easy to see even from a distance, with smaller sculptures of all sizes, mostly animals of both familiar and unfamiliar varieties, filling the spaces between them.

Pete stood with Belle on the edge of the path, not quite treading onto the sloping grass yet, giving her a moment to look at it all. "And here you have, luv, the great ice sculptures, one of the mysteries of the Hub. No one knows where this world came from, who made the sculptures, who they're all of, what keeps them frozen like that... nothing. Used to be a fairly popular tourist destination, but it's quiet these days." He smiled, looking around and confirming that there really wasn't anyone around here. It wasn't really surprising, he supposed... the hill was huge, and there were other good vantage points all around it. "I suppose we should take a seat, maybe eat a bit while we wait for the show to start?"


RE: Taking her breath away - Belle Scarlet Street - 06-07-2018

Now when she had set this challenge she hadn’t expected him to take her to another world! She’d expected maybe a jaunt to one of the other boroughs that made up her wonderfully exciting new life, the picnic basket(calling it that was a bit of misnomer as she found a shop that sold containers that didn't lose their heat or cold and could keep things perfect for DAYS.) looped around her arm, contained not her normal fair. No this time Belle had opened up her cookbooks, spent the time in the week before to perfect a whole other kinda pie. Tiny little hand Hot water crust Meat pies, filled with aromatic rosemary sausage, honey ham, and of course lovely bits of fresh bacon. In fact her whole basket was a wonder of finger foods, mini cupcakes, little fruit tarts, cold sour cream and dill cucumber sandwiches, spicy puff pastries. And of course a carafe of tea. Belle had does her dangest to extend her range in the kitchen and nod towards Pete’s home.

Belle was prepared to keep her expression fairly unimpressed, he screamed the kinda man who expected women to fall over themselves around him and Belle refused to be that easy of a mark.

That intention fell away as the vista he brought her to presented itself in grandiose splendor before her. “Oh-” Belle’s breath fogged out her eyes wide as she took in the impossibility of a frozen sea, the icons carved into its waves. For a long moment all she could do was stare, Pete had indeed filled the brief and she was stunned by the magsity of what she could see.

“Show?” She blinked coming back to herself, his words percolating through her stunned mind. There was more?

RE: Taking her breath away - Pete Wisdom - 06-08-2018

That the woman was resistant to his charms, or was at least trying to be, had been fairly clear for Pete. She was going to be a tough nut to crack, just like all good girls who made a bloke work for their attention instead of waving it in front of him in skimpy-to-nonexistent clothes. So when he saw that she was, in spite of herself, impressed, Pete allowed himself to feel a little smug. Oh, he didn’t show it, not beyond a little smirk on his face as he (and she, for that matter) peered off over the frozen expanses, but yes, he was pleased with himself. People liked to think that the hotshot secret agent was all reputation and no follow-through, counting on the mystique to do all the work, but Pete generally expected that for most people, the mystique had worn off, or been ruined by people like that Bond tosser. A reputation was no good if you couldn’t follow through on it.

“Yes, the show,” he said, honestly amused now, though not insultingly so. He took the blanket off the top of the picnic basket she carried, spreading it along the ground a few paces from the path, then offered to take the basket from her so that she could arrange herself modestly on the blanket. “I suppose that a bit of background is in order here? Well, not enough to be dull, but enough to understand a bit. This is a curious place, after all. I think that the whole bloody thing was man-made, or made by something that could passably be considered ‘man,’ because there are hills like these arranged across the whole planet so that whenever you step through a portal, you can end up on a hill and not have to wait more than an hour until sunrise. The hills are all more or less the same, but everything else? You could come here a hundred times and never see the same thing.”

Pete settled himself on the blanket with her, finally getting a look at the food she’d packed. All right, now it was his turn to be impressed and not be able to conceal it. “Oh, now this looks lovely,” he said. “I can say, quite honestly, that I’ve never seen anyone put this much thought into a picnic meal before, luv.” Unable to help himself, Pete picked up one of the little meat pies, sniffing it appreciatively first, then taking a savoring bite of it. “Oh, you are a bloody brilliant cook, luv,” Pete confirmed.

RE: Taking her breath away - Belle Scarlet Street - 06-08-2018

Belle wasn’t resistant to his charms persay; what she was was very wary of his very pretty face and her admitted weakness to it. So yes the viewed his actions with a big ole grain of salt, because she was too aware how easy it would be for her to just...slip and forget all her hard earned lessons about keeping her self whole.

Belles lips twisted into chiding little smile, he was clearly enjoying playing the word game and not answering her question, well that was fine, she could be patient!

..really she could!

“Not see the same...sunrise?” She asked to clarify, because as far as she knew you never saw the same sunrise twice anyhow! His compliment did bring a dusting of color to her cheeks, she knew she was a good cook, heck the returning crowds at the restaurant told her that! But it was still new enough to please her to hear. “Thank you.” she responded demurely.

“I wasn’t sure where you were planning on taking us so-” she gestured to the items, “Thought it would be nice not have to worry about plate and silverware.” The explanation was probably unnecessary, but she still felt compelled to give it. If for no other reason than to add SOMETHING to the dialog!


RE: Taking her breath away - Pete Wisdom - 06-09-2018

"Not see the same statues," Pete said, gesturing lazily at the scene. "I certainly haven't seen these ones before. The sunset? Well, I don't think those are ever the same, are they? Too many little things change... time, season, weather, quality of company..." He shot her a little smile as he reclined on the blanket, in no particular hurry to rush through the little pie. When life gave you good food, then you bloody well took the time to appreciate it, didn't you? There was a distinct lack of British-style cooking... well, actually, anywhere, now that he thought about it. You could find Italian food or (god forbid) bloody French food anywhere, and he wouldn't even start with the various kinds of Asian food, but British? Forget it.

"Well, you wanted breathtaking, I tried to pick something that was conducive with eating. We could have gone to see the firestorms through a curious little portal I know of, that'd certainly fit the 'breathtaking' bill, but eating there?" he smirked and shook his head. "Not a chance."

“You know,” Pete said conversationally, “I must say that for all the people on the Hub, you’re rather refreshing. Everyone has some sort of bloody agenda or other that makes them stay here, it’s not very often that you come across someone who just wants to bake. A pleasant turn of events, I have to say.”

RE: Taking her breath away - Belle Scarlet Street - 06-10-2018

“Wait-” Belle’s gaze swung between him and the frankly magnificent statues; “You’re saying every time they are different but we are in the same spot?” Belle blinked trying to wrap her head around that, “And no one sees them change?”

If Belle was going to be a bit mean or really just very fair, there wasn’t a LOT of of what she would consider GOOD british meals, the country did have a (fairly well) deserved reputation for...well boiling things to death and calling it dinner. But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t make a lovely victorian sponge or hot pie from that islands cookbook!

“I feel like there would be more running than eating at a firestorm portal.” She quipped wryly.

Belle blinked at the non sequitur; was he just trying to butter her up? Belle bit her lip trying to remind her self not to fall into his charms, “Well. Ah mean thats not ALL i want.” But...well it sort of was for the moment wasn’t it? She had the money now to send back to her momma, and all the Hub to learn from, she didn’t NEED to contain herself to simple books any longer, not when her whole life was now filled with every possible combination of things to see and hear.

“And you? Are you just passing through?”


RE: Taking her breath away - Pete Wisdom - 06-11-2018

“Oh, we won’t be in the same spot, luv. I’m saying that you can come here a hundred times and never come through in the same place, it’ll just look the same. You’ll come through wherever it’s an hour or less until sunrise. Now… think about that, think about how far apart each little spot like that would have to be to manage it, and try to think about just how long it must have taken, and how many artist must have worked here, to make all of this.” He thought, occasionally, about bringing through some flying tosser to have him zip up to orbit, or whatever passed as orbit on this place, and get a real measure of how big the place was. Somehow, he never really got around to it. The mystery was too lovely to ruin with actual facts.

He pretended to consider her point about the firestorm, but couldn’t help from chuckling a little. “Well… that or screaming and hiding. You basically have the gist of it, aye. It does look bloody marvelous, though. From a reasonable distance.”

Pete could probably have done some homework on Belle before he’d come to meet her tonight, but that was one of those things that was generally frowned upon by the fairer sex, he’d found. Given that a spy’s homework was generally a bit more thorough than just googling your name and taking a look at your Facebook profile, he supposed they had a point. It left him feeling a little underprepared, but he was with a baker, not a bloody assassin. He could probably survive a little lack of information tonight. “Am I passing through?” He seemed to consider it a moment, then shook his head. “Probably not. I mean, I suppose you never know when you’re going to decide to try something else, but it’s not like I have a world to go back to. Any other one would probably just feel wrong, or might even have another me there already, god forbid.”

He popped the last little bit of crust into his mouth, looking contemplatively at Belle as he swallowed it. “All right, I’ll bite, luv… What else is it that you want?” She could, could be a femme fatale just playing it slowly, of course, just biding her time until she put her master plan into motion. She ran in the right crowds for that to be possible, but he really, sincerely doubted that.

RE: Taking her breath away - Belle Scarlet Street - 06-11-2018

No Belle was not a Femme Fatale in any stretch of the word, while she had somehow managed to tag along on now several quests...she would place her position somewhere along the lines of camp cook/mascot.

And maybe that was why she was so off settled by him; Belle really couldn’t think he was after more than a notch on his belt, she wasn’t special, she was what she appeared to be.

She’d returned his flirtation, playing the game, but now that he had actually taken her on a date...Belle couldn’t really convince herself that she could really hope to compete against what ever extraordinary women he knew.

Belle even while sitting hardly touched her food, back ramrod straight using what ever tricks of posture to disguise the padding between her breasts and the cute little decorative belt which along with the floral full skirt was also suppose to help hide her extra weight.

“You don’t have a world?” Belle blinked at that compassion softening her stiff pose “Oh hun I’m sorry.” She’d thought he was like a few others she’d seen; basically holding an outpost FOR his world’s intelligence agency.

And than he had to ask and Belle found herself floundering for an answer that less than a month ago would have been a simple well worn wish list.

“Ah-“ Belle’s hands twisted the fabric of her skirt helm, “ah suppose im looking for the next thing.” Belle smiled a rueful thing, “I never expected to beable to have what I do now. At least not for years and years based on my old plan.” She admitted.

RE: Taking her breath away - Pete Wisdom - 06-12-2018

Pete shifted a bit uncomfortably at the completely expected sympathy from Belle. “Aye, some tossers on my world decided to muck the whole thing up. Lots of mucking about with time travel, cosmic this-and-that that they didn’t understand as much as they thought they did. We had eyes on them trying to fix it all, although I’m sure they’d claim they had it all hushed up and secret. Figured out that they weren’t going to be able to manage to clean their mess up, so we went with our own solution and started evacuating through here.” He opened the thermos of tea, rummaging about until he could find the cups. “Didn’t have enough time to spread the way to get here around very far. We managed to get London out, near as we can tell. Could be that other places got a way out up and running and evacuated, too.” He was quiet for a minute as he poured the tea out. “I did what I could.” And that, in the end, was what he had to tell himself every day.

“Since then, I keep tabs on the worlds we convinced to take our people in. Do them favors, keep them up on anything that might be trouble. There’s less to tell than you might think, really.” He paused before he reached for another pie (they really were brilliant). “Not hungry, luv?”

He could relate a bit with her dilemma, he supposed. He had it easy in a way, he didn’t have to try to look for a new calling. He was an agent, and that’s what he’d always be, even if he was doing it on self-imposed rules. “A few million pounds in fancy jewels falling out of thin air isn’t usually what you expect, no,” Pete said, a little smirk on his face. Yes, he’d had eyes on that little sale at the bloody wizard’s shop, if only out of curiosity. He’d been tempted to have some strong words with the bugger after what had happened, but he couldn’t justify it. While he might have been happy to let people pay him to risk their lives, he had made the risks pretty bloody clear, hadn’t he? “All the same, you could have opened a bakery back on your world. Something’s keeping you here, aye?”

RE: Taking her breath away - Belle Scarlet Street - 06-22-2018

She’d had no idea…empathy darkened her eyes, belle’s gentle heart twisted in her stomach at the thought of so many dead, so many displaced...her own little community of refugees much pale in comparison. “I’m so sorry.” There was nothing but absolute heartbreak for him and his people in her expression. “How long?” She didn’t want to provoke his own grief; the question just had slipped out.

Belle only hesitated for a moment, and only because he was a grown man, but even grown men need hugs. Her arms slipped around his shoulders drawing him tightly, “Of course you did.”She murmured softly, it was not a platitude, she believed with all her heart that he who had sworn to protect his nation would have done ANYTHING to save it and the world it was attached too.

Selfishly for him Belle prayed that he had gotten anyone he loved out.


RE: Taking her breath away - Pete Wisdom - 07-01-2018

“It’s been a few years,” Pete admitted. “It was all very hush hush when it happened. That was my call, really,” he said, looking away toward the horizon as he did. “You tell people that you’re evacuating a city, things get… heated. Everyone starts trying to crowd in from out of town, people start trying to rush it, mobs form… so no one found out that it was going on until they were being evacuated, some of them forcibly. We didn’t have time to ask and get permission and do things nicely. Most people just took their families and got help getting set up somewhere, some lone wolves just went their own way to do what they wanted.” He smirked a little. “The royal family and most of the military are all set up on this lovely little low-tech world. They found a nice little stretch of land, claimed it, and named it New Britania. We’ll just see how that goes.” And, of course, those who didn’t have a family or didn’t have anyone to follow just drifted. Like him.

He turned his head, looking at her with a little smile, and slipped his arm back behind her too. Partly, he might have needed it, partly it just felt good. “Better watch, luv,” he said, “Show’s starting.” The horizon was just starting to glow, and then as they watched, the sun peeked over the horizon, the heat touching the sea of ice sending up a flurry of mist that spun in the sunrise. Pete had heard the reasons before, some rubbish about intersecting fronts from the suddenly melting layer of ice. The long and short of it, though, was that the sunrise kicked up a wind that blew a glittering mist in its path and blew across flash-frozen tunnels in the frozen sea, a strange humming vibrating across it toward them, getting louder as the sun rose higher.


RE: Taking her breath away - Belle Scarlet Street - 07-09-2018

To lose a whole world….Belle could not even grasp the enormity of that loss. The tidbits of stories fascinated the librarian in her; a calling that was sadly underutilized even if she was happy as a cafe owner, making small differences in people's lives.

Sliding out of the hug at his distraction; Belle shifted to sitting next to him, close enough to press her hip up to his- “Oh…” Thoroughly distracted as she was surely meant to be Belle’s eyes slid partly shut to focus on the music that came from everywhere and nowhere her ears could pinpoint.

Pin Pricked goosebumps slid up her body, tightening her skin like arousal as she reacted viscerally to the sound.

RE: Taking her breath away - Pete Wisdom - 10-14-2018

And now Pete knew that he’d picked the right place to take the lady. She shifted closer to him, and Pete had absolutely no complaints about that. As she took in the scenery, the agent slipped his arm behind her back, settling in to enjoy the sights with the much more comfortable setting that she provided for the situation.

As the sunrise continued, the mist blew in toward them. Pete, gentleman he was, slipped off his jacket, settling it over her shoulders a few moments before the first pleasantly chilly breeze of mist blew over them. As the rush of mist surrounded them, the sunlight was refracted through it, like they were swimming in a rainbow, the sculptures visible by the way that they cast areas of solid color toward them in the sunrise song. Smiling, Pete leaned in toward her ear, speaking quietly to not make her miss any of the music that the sunrise was pushing toward them. “Open your eyes, luv,” he murmured. “You don’t want to miss this, now, do you?” His hand, unnaturally warm as it was, rested down on hers as he watched the way the misty breeze played through her hair and sparkled against her skin.


RE: Taking her breath away - Belle Scarlet Street - 11-08-2018

Belle had no objection to the warm palm sliding over her waist, closing around her hip, or the cologne scented blazer that settled over her shoulders. It seemed natural at that point to rest her head on his shoulder with a softly content sigh.

The shiver that rippled down her spine at his deep voice was unmistakable- “It’s a dream-“ she admitted a tiny shake of her head rejecting his suggestion.

Everything since coming to Hub seemed like one long endless brilliant dream, the best one of her life and now, cuddled next to a breathtakingly handsome British man, who was nothing less than a secret agent while the world exploded in music and light…

“I wouldnt risk waking up.”


RE: Taking her breath away - Pete Wisdom - 11-10-2018

Pete turned his head to study the lovely woman pressed against his side, the possibilities of the moment all rushing up to present themselves to him for consideration. He was, of course, one of the good guys, one of the people who could be trusted. Yes, sure, perhaps he was (allegedly) the one to blame for Guinevere cheating on Arthur. Yes, sure, maybe he’d once unleashed all sorts of magical evil on the world and made bargains with devils. Yes, sure, maybe he’d- look, the point was, he was a good guy, and this was a good girl in every sense of the word. How long had it been since he’d had the attention of a woman who was any sort of respectable? Well, there was that time in… oh, nevermind, the answer was ‘longer than he could remember.’ He was finding that, not surprisingly, he liked it, which made ‘doing something to bollocks it up’ a choice to avoid.

His fingers found her neck, gentling tilting her face up so that he could just see it if he turned his head enough. Bloody hell, what was it about redheads? “All right,” he murmured, his thumb stroking along her jaw. “What sort of dream would you like this to be, then, luv?”

RE: Taking her breath away - Belle Scarlet Street - 11-13-2018

Oh lord help her.

It was like a fever ache dragging her body towards his, curling like a cat into his so warm touch.

This was a very very dangerous man and lord help her Belle was weak.

There were many men she found attractive, and since Queth asked her out she’d found herself daydreaming about soft skin and feminine whispers in the dark. But there was something about Pete that drew her beyond reason, his too handsome face might have been the first thing that pulled her to him but the deep fissures of grief and pain that he’d let her peek into deepened that attraction.

She wasn’t in love by a long shot but Heaven help her Belle was caught in a web of lust she had few defenses for. Everything in her wanted to throw caution to the wind- to ignore her upbringing, tilt her chin ever so slightly to capture his thumb, draw it into her mouth-

Belle didn’t exactly moan, but the sharp exhale of peppermint scented breath held a longing echoing the heavy needy weight filling her breasts with the need to be touched like she hadn’t been in months and had become far to accustomed to.

Nothing would be hurt by some heavy petting would it? Yes it was just their first date and she didn’t want him to think she was think kind of girl but-

Conflicted, desire blown eyes peeked up at him- “I good one?” Her internal conflict between upbringing, morals and the desire immediate satisfaction was audible in the uptilting question.


RE: Taking her breath away - Pete Wisdom - 11-21-2018

Ye gods, this situation was ripe for the taking. He could practically feel the pounding of her heart through the air, as clearly as if it were sending ripples through the rainbow mist blowing around them. Belle might be a good girl- no, scratch that, she was a good girl, but she wasn’t a fool, she could feel the power of this situation as clearly as he could. They were sitting on a point in a world where everything, from the music of the wind to the icy brush of the breeze to the coruscating colors in the air, was telling them to live in the moment, to abandon their reason, their thought, and to give in to their passions for this one joyous, irreplaceable moment that they would never forget.

A few years ago, Pete wouldn’t have hesitated to live in the moment. Now, though?

He closed his eyes, letting that sudden sharp scent of peppermint mix into the sensory overload that was surrounding them for just a second, opening them just in time to meet hers as they gazed at him with that sultry, hesitantly defiant desire that he couldn’t mistake for anything else. Without even thinking, without being able to consider another path, Pete leaned in that short distance, his lips pressing against hers, kissing her, tasting her lightly, his hand still cupping her jaw… then he forced himself to withdraw before either of them could become too invested in what they were doing.

The situation was ripe for the taking, but if he did that, she’d regret it later, or at least be conflicted about it, and if there was one person who deserved to be free of any more regrets, he thought it was going to be this woman. He certainly wasn’t going to pile more onto her. “No worries about that, luv,” he murmured. “I’ve got no intention of being any other kind of dream for you.”

He’d been the other kind on far too great a scale to want to add one more to the list…

RE: Taking her breath away - Belle Scarlet Street - 11-24-2018

Oh dear lord yes.

He ran warm this one didn’t he?

Belle smiled into the kiss, bright blue eyes crinkled slightly shut, delighting in the callused warm caressing over the delicate structure of her jaw bone.

There was passion in her returned kiss, not expert but no where near virginal or lost to mindless passion; she knew the game of bases quite well and had been practicing long before she met her Gentleman Ghost.

That did not mean she was unaffected- her skin was tight with delicious anticipation, desire crackling over her like lightning.

“Ah appreciate that.” A thread of self aware humor threaded through her tone. Belle slipped the hand not supporting her over the one he was leaning on, dragging nails lightly over the tense tendons, flicking under his cuff playfully curling around to stroke the sensitive skin hiding his warm heart beat coursing through his veins.

“What kinda dreams do you have Agent Wisdom?”
She purred with awareness of her own power as a woman he found attractive.

So far it was still a game she knew how to play, enjoyed, the old world flirt and coy seduction was something she missed possibly more than the physical aspects that went with it.


RE: Taking her breath away - Pete Wisdom - 11-25-2018

There was something eminently satisfying about this moment. Yes, Pete’s time with women tended more toward moments where lots of alcohol would be consumed and clothes would be ripped off, that was true. It was one of the hazards of being a secret agent, really. You didn’t have much of a chance to make connections, not the type that were in any way healthy, and you didn’t get a chance to open up about your life. That led to some very fast and intense relationships with people similarly inclined toward ‘fast and secretive,’ most often colleagues and occasionally opposing agents. There wasn’t any such issue constraining Pete today, and he found that he could take time to appreciate things like the hand of an innocent, uncomplicated woman on his.

The fact that she had to work to keep herself well-behaved? Well, he could appreciate that part too.

Her question, though… that was a much more complicated thing. What kind of dreams did he have? Well, nightmares, mostly, but in the sense that she meant it? “I don’t, luv,” he answered. “Today’s what we have, luv. Anything after that? You have to see what comes your way.” He could go on about the subject, but really, why? They were having a good time, and he wasn’t going to go off on some off-putting tangent.


RE: Taking her breath away - Belle Scarlet Street - 11-26-2018

Sky blue eyes darkened with understanding, it was possible that Pete could underestimate how deeply Belle could empathize, and extrapolate based on the tragic history he had revealed just what his common dreams were made of.

“Can’t count on happy endings?” Her Hand tightened over his. She could see where a man who had experienced so much heartache and loss, one who must, by the very nature of his job have no surity of even basic survival let alone living an honest life wouldn't beable to look at the future with hope. It could she suspected in his mind be only a weakness, a point where he couldn’t sacrifice everything for the oaths he’d taken.

She however believed perhaps nievely that there was strength in hope, in looking at the future and striving towards dreams, even if they seemed impossible.

But she was a woman of faith, in God, in people, in the adage that hard work and treating others how you wished to be would lead to happiness.

And in fairness while her life had not always been easy or pleasant, Belle was happy, the small worries, discontents, pains...well they were so minor as to be non issue. She had friends who loved her, a warm home, family who she adored, and work that was fulfilling and granted her the wherewithal to generously treat her self and her loved ones, all in a world that was endlessly enchanting.

How could she complain?

“Pete..” belle leaned up brushing her lips over his cheek, “today is delightful, but the promise of tomorrow is wonderous.” Hope was cruel, but it gave Belle strength, strength she wished to share with him.