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Disembodied Voices - F.R.I.D.A.Y - 05-24-2017

Her creator slept...and while her attention was split between monitoring Tony, interrogating Steve, integrating with the systems of the Tower and she turned a portion of her attention to the other man whom she knew little to nothing about.

“Dr. Halloway?” Friday addressed him politely, her way of ‘knocking’ now that she had access to the Towers systems, Friday was everywhere, and that level of intrusiveness might not be familiar for him. “I wondered if you have a moment to speak about your world..and how you came here?”

RE: Disembodied Voices - Justin Halloway - 05-24-2017

Justin was lost in his thought at the moment. Tony was recovering well, so he had no immediate worries, but aside from that matter, the tower was… quiet, still. Too quiet, really. He hadn’t really realized how much of the business in he tower he had gotten used to, but now that he was in this quiet copy of it, he felt fairly lonely, with only a Tony Stark and a Steve Rogers there, and neither of them ones who knew him.

With a jump, he remembered that no, they weren’t the only ones there, and apparently that fourth occupant of the tower wanted his attention. He sank back into his chair, feeling vaguely glad that he was still dressed, although… could Friday see into his room? Did it really matter her being a computer program? That… was an interesting and slightly disturbing question, and he resolved to figure out if he wanted to know the answer to it.

“Yes, Friday?” he called back into the air. He listened to her question, then nodded tiredly. “I can tell you whatever you want, but I’m really not sure how I got here. Like I was saying to Steve… I was in Asgard. We were all being sent back to Earth after we handed over the weapons they’d let us use, and instead of ending up on Earth, I ended up here. Not sure if I should be blaming Odin or what.”

RE: Disembodied Voices - F.R.I.D.A.Y - 05-25-2017

She could see him; while there was an expectation of privacy Justin had ‘invited’ her in. Which meant she was now watching him like she would in any of thre common area’s.

Tony hadn't seen the need to seed his programs with sexuality, they were learning, adaptive so in his view if they wanted to explore they could. But he'd not given them base desires to do so.

So for the moment at least Justin's virtue was entact, any assessment Friday made of him was purely for security or medical reasons.

“Thank you. I am sure you must be tired.” Friday received a report from the drones she'd managed to access. “A test has assertated that I am at least able to order pizza.” The dust dry amusement in her tone was clear. “Sirs credit cards apparently are good across dimensional boundaries.”

“If you would assist me-” a holographic map appeared in front of him, the tower and as much of the city as she'd been able to gather appearing. “In marking where approximately you entered?” There was already two other marks one high in the sky and the other a few miles away.

RE: Disembodied Voices - Justin Halloway - 05-25-2017

"That... makes no sense," he said, frowning, trying to roll the logistics through his head on using a credit card here. "I can't even get a cell phone signal when I'm higher than 50 feet, but Tony's credit cards work in another dimension? I give up." Seriously, that guy lived a charmed life. Well, aside from the 'falling through six stories of a building and needing brain surgery' thing, he supposed. That did tend to balance things out a bit, didn't it?

With his faith in the fact that at least he wasn't being stupidly injured even if he was a comparative pauper renewed, he looked at the map. "Yes, I'm tired, but I don't think I can sleep anyway. This is too crazy, too much to process to fall asleep right now. I mean... for all I know? I'm dead, and this is... I don't know, purgatory? Maybe the others are dead too." Friday, obviously, couldn't be dead, but she didn't quite count as a person, did she? "Or maybe this is hell, stuck in a tower where everything's wrong and no one knows who I am. Who knows."

He studied the map a moment, trying to remember what he'd seen when he was beamed back from Asgard. "Let's see, the tower was... that way, so I was looking... that way..." He moved around to a different side of the map, peering through it again. "Zoom in on this quadrant, lower the point of view." He watched as she changed the perspective and size of the map for him, trying to decide if he was right or not. Finally, though, he just had to settle for being as close as he was going to get. “Right around there,” he said, finally, poking a point in midair. “That’s where I showed up, or it’s as close to it as I’m going to get.”

RE: Disembodied Voices - F.R.I.D.A.Y - 05-25-2017

“Neither does magic.” Tony HAD imparted his distrust of ‘magic’ on his creations even if he'd left their sexuality alone. “And yet here we are.” Her delve into the databases of the Tower had made the fact that something called ‘magic’ existed.

“Would you care to sample the food of this dimension? There appears to be quite a selection delivery available, nearly the all the restaurants I have used for Sir before.”
She didn't bother to disguise the annoyance in her digital voice at the illogic of the situation.

“Have you traveled to Asgard before?” She questioned following his directions to highlight the point. “Did you experience anything out of the ordinary during the transition?”

Hell? She supposed it made sense for the human to think that. “I have no soul. So I doubt I am ‘dead’ if that helps.”

RE: Disembodied Voices - Justin Halloway - 05-26-2017

“Yeah, well, magic doesn’t have to make sense as long as it works and work the same every time,” Justin said with a shrug. As someone whose only power came from a magic cape, he didn’t really have any strong opposition to it, he just didn’t give it much thought until it was pushed into his life in some fashion.

Come to think of it, now that she mentioned it, he was hungry… “Sure, why not,” he said. “I suppose Tony treating me to some delivery can sort of pay off the brain surgery, right?” He shook his head, trying to make sense of this himself. “Seriously, if we can’t call anyone from our home dimensions, how is his credit card getting an approval. Do the stores have phones that will call our home dimensions or something?” Or, maybe, buying stuff here wouldn’t even ding on their credit cards back home. That would be kind of cool, now that he thought about it, although he’d take a bit of pleasure running up a bill for Tony here.

“I’ve been to Asgard a total of two times,” he admitted, “All in the same day. We went there to get the weapons that our Tony made with them, and then we went there again after the fight to have them melted down again. It didn’t feel any different the second time, at least I don’t think, but I’m not used to being teleported anyway, so maybe I wouldn’t have noticed.”

When Friday made her case against it being hell, Justin couldn't help smiling a little. "Now there's an interesting question... Are you sure you don't have one? What is a soul? Does the fact that you can contemplate whether or not you have one mean that you might have one?"

RE: Disembodied Voices - F.R.I.D.A.Y - 05-26-2017

“If it works the same every time than is it magic? Or a new branch of Science?” she asked philosophically. “By definition ‘Magic’ is inexplicable, ‘mysterious’ and unquantifiable.” His questions were met by a half humm she used as humans did to indicate a low range ‘i don’t know’. “That is a very interesting question. When I attempt to access the internet vs the Stark Intranet I CAN tap into nearly every website I have tried. The results are...what i would expect. The question becomes; has it tapped into one of our home dimensions or is it building off of my own database? If I run a basic google search for ‘Ultron’-” Friday mentally rolled her eyes. “I get news reports from the last few decades, which is orders of magnitude longer than he has been active in our universe. Which implies this is connected to your home world. Or perhaps an echo or similar one.”

Friday pulled up menus for his perusal, “What would you prefer? I could ‘cheat’ and look up what your common order was, but this is less intrusive isn’t it?” a soft chuckle echoed out, she HAD been built for Pepper first which meant that when not dealing with her Creator (or someone she was angry with) Friday attempted to be more...human.

Another soft affirming hum, “I see. The Suit data for our own entry is partially corrupted and my own readouts...they are conflicting but similar to the Chitauri portal Sir has been through before. Dr.Halloway..”

Friday paused when he asked his question. “I think therefore I am? That has always been the question of AI. When do we go from simply the sum of our programing to something..more? One could argue that until an event like what created our version of Vision there is no singularity event. Do you know you have a soul? Can you weigh it? What is measure of a man’s immortal being? Does it exist?” Friday’s soft Irish brogue was faintly amused.

“Dr. Halloway...may I ask. In your years as an this ‘normal’? I ask because beyond the crisis management needed for Sir’s surgery you and Captain Rogers have been remarkably...sanguine about being waylaid into another dimension by forces unknown. We are sitting in a Tower that cannot be, speaking about ordering food using methods that cannot work...and malicious intervention has not been discussed.”

RE: Disembodied Voices - Justin Halloway - 05-29-2017

“I don’t know,” Justin admitted. “I think it would depend on how the people who use it classify it? I mean… science is science to a scientist, no matter how far along the science goes. A scientist today could explain modern science to Gallileo or Newton starting with the principles they understood. It might take a long time, but they could walk them through to the starting point where our technology would start to make sense. I’ve never met a sorcerer who could do that, who would even say that it’s a similar field. So either they’re being massive assholes just for the sake of upholding their mystique, and while I could believe that about some of them, I don’t believe it about all of them, or there really is a system of entirely different rules that they follow that we can’t understand through science.”

Justin frowned and tried to fathom all the implications of what Friday said about the internet. “All right, I… don’t even know where to start about that.” He wished he had his cell phone, but that had been lost somewhere in the early stages of the fighting that had wrecked New York. “Okay, how about this. Try opening your e-mail account and sending a message to… I don’t know, to anyone. Someone that would notice Tony was gone. See what happens then.” He didn’t know if this would give any answers on whether they were contacting their own worlds, or if the internet was weirdly fake here, too, but trying things got the information, and information could, eventually, give them answers.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” he said, shaking his head. He was always up for some armchair philosophy, but he couldn’t claim to actually have any answers. “Maybe souls are just a convenient lie that we tell ourselves to make us feel better about the fact that some day, we’re going to die. Maybe no one has an immortal being… I mean, except for the beings that are immortal, but those guys are usually jackasses.”

Was this normal? That question had to make Justin laugh, even if that laugh held very, very little humor in it. “No, Friday, there is nothing normal about this. I mean… even less than usual. The entire world going off the rails, something threatening reality, something impossible happening? That’s… expectable, I guess, I don’t want to say ‘normal.’ But when things go wrong, there are always things you can count on. You can always count on Cap to be holding everyone together, and you can count on Tony to be jumping right into figuring the situation out so that we knew what the solution was. Well, so far Cap doesn’t seem to be interested in doing his part, and Tony’s not in any position to do his. Right now? I’m just trying to figure out what the hell to do. I don’t feel sanguine about anything, I just don’t see what good panicking is going to do. I mean… there’s no danger that we can see, we obviously have the resources to survive, so it’s not like there’s a real crisis going on. What to actually do, though?” He shook his head. “I’m the soldier, not the general. With everyone else being out of commission, this is all upside down for me.”

RE: Disembodied Voices - F.R.I.D.A.Y - 05-29-2017

“But would Nicholas Flamel understand or accept setting his research on its head? He arguably is also a scientist, Einstein himself had several serious flaws with his basic assumptions. So perhaps it is not that it is unexplainable but simply the people who CAN understand it have a different mind frame. One could argue a more open one. And perhaps it goes both ways, one who's mind attuned to the mystic is not easily shifted back to the physical.” Friday’s soft chuckle slid through the room, a soft intimate whisper. “Mr. Stark would be quite offended by the implication that he is closed minded. Is your version of him comfortable with magic?”

At his suggestion Friday sighed, “I will admit that I have been hesitant to do so. This-” something that sounded very much like an exasperated breath huffed out of the speakers. “This could easily be a maze, observation under controlled circumstances.” Her voice lowered, “Everything is too convincing, yet just enough to be off putting. Testing our reactions to this half world. Testing us to see what we will do. How quickly we will accept captivity. I ask if this is normal because Dr.Halloway, i am not human. But I can still fear for my creator.”

RE: Disembodied Voices - Justin Halloway - 05-30-2017

“Arguably, but probably not. Alchemy was just a lot of people trying to turn lead into gold and dressing it up as magic. If he was a scientist, you could probably start teaching him what the chemicals actually were and how they worked. And Einstein, you could show the right mathematics to and prove the new theories and catch him up the next sixty or so years. Even if they wouldn’t understand, you could still explain it, you could put some sense to how it fits in. Sorcerers, they don’t ever claim that they’re doing science. I’d use Doctor Doom as an example, since he’s supposed to be a genius at both, but he’s too unreliable to be believable here.” He rolled his eyes at the last bit, though. “Let’s see just how well Tony listens to someone other than himself when he wakes up, then you can tell me whether or not he’s closed-minded. Mine didn’t like magic either, I never really talked to him about it much, though. Still didn’t stop him from having Odin enchant a bunch of weapons he’d designed for us to save the world this last time, though.”

Justin sighed, shaking his head as Friday started one of those lines of thought that could start circular arguments. “No way to prove either thing right now, Friday. We don’t know enough. We have to focus on what we do know in that case. So… what do we know? We have food and shelter and even medical care, so obviously whatever is going on, it’s not trying to kill us. We know that. We can explore and find out more about this place, but really only after Tony is back on his feet. Until then, I really don’t think we’re going to have time to do more than babysit him and keep him from hurting himself when he thinks no one is looking.”

RE: Disembodied Voices - F.R.I.D.A.Y - 05-30-2017

“Ah now that is another very interesting subject; Alchemy is far more than that and even if we narrow the focus down to simple transmutation it can be just as easily argued that when Sir created vibranium he transmuted the elements to create a new one.” Friday didn’t have as much cause to stretch her proverbial philosophical legs so this was an...intriguing interlude. “Doom?” Friday snorted, “I see your meta’s choose very...explicit naming conventions.”

That odd little hum of half disagreement met his statement; “How intriguing, Dr. Jane Foster has in fact made a study of Asgardian ‘magic’ and determined that it does indeed follow under the principles of Quantum Mechanics simply at a level beyond what is currently being theorized.” Friday hummed again thoughtfully, “This brings up another interesting wrinkle; if ‘magic’ in your universe, is substantially different than ‘magic’ in ours, or if there are many different applications of scientific principles all being defined improperly as ‘magic’.”

Friday was an AI, she was programed with institutional paranoia, however she also had as much ‘free will’ as her Creator could bestow. So while logically if she had to cast anyone as the observer in her hypothetical rat maze Justin would be it.

Except she with her free will found that she...liked him.

“Survival?” you could hear the frown, the humans might focus down to those necessities but for Friday her ‘necessities’ were far more ephemeral, and the overriding one being to secure her creator and directly beneath that were the other humans he interacted with. “Part of my programing is for contingencies, I must operate under the assumption that Mr.Stark will be incapacitated to some extent when he awakens, and operate accordingly until proven otherwise. That includes...substituting for him as much as I can.”

RE: Disembodied Voices - Justin Halloway - 06-01-2017

“Maybe it was, but then again, all the accounts of Flamel being an alchemist were written a good while after he was dead. All we really know is that he was a scribe.” And that, children, was what watching a lot Jeopardy would teach you. “Yeah, they did, but believe it or not, this guy’s name really was Victor Von Doom. Go figure. Maybe it means something less sinister in Romani, I don’t know. All I know is that the guy is absolutely terrifying.”

Justin didn’t really have a horse in this race, he just knew what he’d observed, and part of that was that Tony had this annoying way of trying to write off anything he couldn’t explain as science, like he had any idea what the hell it was. “Or maybe Asgardians just like to dress up everything they do. I mean, assuming there’s magic, there’s no reason they can’t use magic and shoot a blaster. Still doesn’t explain some stuff, like who can pick up Thor’s hammer. I’ve tried to lift it and the thing wouldn’t budge for me, but then it lands in front of Steve and he makes it look like it’s nothing.” He shrugged. “Tony’s gone on before about how my cape can totally be explained away scientifically. He can’t explain it, and oh, he’s tried really hard to, but he keeps on insisting it like it personally offends him that there’s something that operates outside science.”

“Incapacitated for some time? Oh, Friday, you sweet mistress of understatement,” he chuckled. “If my experience on this is any indication? When Tony’s awake again, he’s going to be absolutely insufferable, insisting on doing his own thing no matter how much he need to lay and rest. Honestly, I’ve been figuring that keeping him relaxed and not hurting himself will take all of our attention until it’s done.” Well, at least, unless Friday would help him keep sedated. That would help a bit.

RE: Disembodied Voices - F.R.I.D.A.Y - 06-02-2017

“Very...subdued.” She commented dryly, “Sir must be so disappointed to know he is not the most flamboyant scientist in that universe.” Friday paused. “I feel compelled to ask if he wears a Cape. Sir has strong feelings about capes.”

And supervillains in general for that matter.

Though from what she was gleaning from the database attached to the Tower, that was a far more prevalent problem than they had to deal with. Which might excuse a cape.

Or not.

Of course, Thor, Vision and Justin all wore them so she supposed that they might be forgiven, being on the side of ‘light’ and such. “The hammer is an...outlier, one that Mr. Stark has a few theories on.” She admitted, “However Mr. Odinson is quite...protective of it and has yet relinquished to allow Mr. Stark the opportunity to properly study it.”

“...Captain Rogers can pick up the hammer in your reality?” Interesting, and might show fundamental differences either in the way ‘magic’ worked between the two, or perhaps in the men that doppleganger each other.

“...Yes that does sound like Sir.” She agreed ruefully. “He does have a habit of…overzealousness.” she finished diplomatically.

RE: Disembodied Voices - Justin Halloway - 06-06-2017

“Oh, he wears a cape all right. A cape and a suit of armor that may or may not be as powerful as Tony’s. It’s hard to tell, he never gives us a good way to gauge it, and then you never know if you’re just fighting one of his robot doppelgangers. The guy’s a serious pain in the ass, and he’d be more of one if he wasn’t usually happy just ruling over his crappy little East European country. Yes, before you ask, we’ve tried deposing him. Usually the person that takes over after is as bad as he was, and then he comes back, retakes it, and is pissed off at you for a while. Never sticks.”

Friday’s question earned her a raised eyebrow from Justin. “Yeah, he’s used it a few times. As recently as a day ago as I’m living it. I don’t know how that thing decides what ‘worthy’ is, but I only know of a handful of people that’ve been able to lift it. I’d love to know what it’s like… and that’s probably why I can’t, I guess.” Gods were tricky things, he supposed, particularly ones that you had to deal with on a regular basis.

Overzealousness. That word earned Friday a laugh from Justin. “Overzealous my ass. He’s going to be bored, and figure that he must know better than someone who just has one measly doctorate. He might even go try to make some freak of nature machine to try to repair him or compensate for his injuries. That would be a bad idea, for the record, in case you need it stated explicitly by a medical authority.”

RE: Disembodied Voices - F.R.I.D.A.Y - 06-07-2017

“Indeed it seems your universe has a far more complex and intertwined relationship with it’s meta’s both on the side of-” She paused intentionally, “Angels, and ‘evil’.” Friday’s dry amusement overlaid the voice coming from the speakers. The idea that a meta not only was that powerful, but also the leader of a country? Friday could easily grasp how dangerous that combination was.

“An interesting divergence point; Our Steve Rogers has never lifted Thor’s hammer, only Vision has displayed the ability to wield it.” Perhaps the Steve in Justin’s world was a very different Steve indeed. Curious now Friday began to assess the files of that Steve Rogers, parsing the differences between the man she’d known and the one that Justin seemed in awe of.

“That does sound like Mr. Stark.” her dry tone was laced with surprised approval, regardless of the changes between the worlds- “It seems that some things remain the same no matter what universe Mr. Stark remains a stubborn creator.”

Friday’s soft humm echoed out from the speakers, “The food has arrived. If you would please pick it up from the elevator?” Friday could do many things, but physically move the food the last ten feet from the floors elevator to his room? Not that easy.

"How is it?" She wondered curiously watching as he opened the containers.

RE: Disembodied Voices - Justin Halloway - 06-08-2017

Justin chuckled. “Well, that’s the thing, there, isn’t it… he’s not a meta. He’s just scary-smart. Oh, and rich. Kind of comes with the ‘running your own country’ thing, I guess.” Never vacation in Latveria, that was one of the first lessons he figured out.

“Does Vision even count? I mean… he’s not a human, so can the hammer even judge him?” Justin pointed out. “I mean… if you put the hammer down in a moving car, the car isn’t worthy, is it?” He tried to remember if the idea of androids lifting the hammer had ever been addressed, but he couldn’t remember it happening. Thor always kept a good grip on the thing most of the time. “Maybe you can only lift it if it’s one of those moments when they’d have the heroic music start blaring in a movie. When Steve used it, things were pretty intense.”

Any further thoughts Justin had regarding Tony and Tony’s habits or personality were cut off by the very important arrival of the pizza. He headed down to the lobby, picked it up, and made sure to leave a generous tip for the cross-dimensional delivery (on Tony’s card, naturally), then, after a few moments, found himself lounging in his room again, pizza on the table, a slice in his hand, groaning in pleasure. “Friday, you’re an electronic angel,” he sighed. “I didn’t even know I was this hungry.”

RE: Disembodied Voices - F.R.I.D.A.Y - 06-09-2017

“Mr. Stark has expressed a similar theory, however he used elevators.” Friday responded, amusement lacing her tone. “However the empty suits cannot lift it when I control them. So that does again bring up the interesting line of ‘alive’ as well as worthy.”

“On that note the fact that Vision CAN lift the hammer could give one hope that I too might have a soul to be judged. As Vision was once a simple AI.”

Friday chuckled, “Or perhaps you could simply say the infinite stone is more powerful than the hammer.” Both were equal arguments depending which side one wanted to take.

“Heroic music? Does that happen often?” She wondered if that was an actual phenomenon he dealt with. If so it would make any sort of covert mission nearly impossible.

“You have been busy.” With no one else to care for, and finding her self rather likening Justin, Friday lowered the lights in the room, low soothing music she found after a quick search on his common playlist piping out of the speakers.

“Would you like anything else? The bar seems well stocked.” She offered.

RE: Disembodied Voices - Justin Halloway - 06-18-2017

At the very mention of infinity stones, Justin’s eyes shot up at the ceiling where Friday’s voice emanated from. “Oh god, you’re using those things? That’s… that’s never good. That’s never good at all.” God, how many messes had those things created on his world? There was Thanos, then there was that… other guy, then there was… well, the bottom line was, they were trouble. He supposed Vision having one (that seemed to be what Friday was implying) was all right, Vision could generally be trusted. He sure wouldn’t want to be responsible for one, though.

What would it be like if there was actual soundtrack playing when they were out superheroing? Well, assuming that only they could hear it, it could be kind of awesome, he supposed. The times that their super-fights had ended up on Youtube with a soundtrack had always been kind of cool. “Only in movies,” he said, sighing regretfully. Still, she apparently thought that they could use a soundtrack right now, since music started playing. “Don’t know if I should be drinking. Tony might need a sober doctor, and I try not to drink alone. Does it count as drinking alone if you’re watching the room? I don’t know… it feels like drinking alone when there isn’t someone else in the room. Drinking on a phone call always counted as drinking alone, so I guess this would be drinking alone, and my Tony always told me not to start doing that. When Tony gives you drinking advice, usually it’s a good idea to take it.”

RE: Disembodied Voices - F.R.I.D.A.Y - 07-07-2017

“Everything is dangerous.”Friday wondered how he would feel if he knew just how much they did and had used them.

Or the fact that there was one currently inhabiting Tony’s reactor.

Feeling alone? Friday tickled the holo systems, when she'd been still meant as a PA for Pepper Tony had programmed the parameters for her visual form.

A blue edged red head shimmered into existence, “Weren’t you justs arguing that I am a real person?” She quipped ‘sitting’ in the chair across from him.

“I appreciate your dedication for someone who isn't the man you know.”

RE: Disembodied Voices - Justin Halloway - 07-12-2017

“Okay, yes, everything is dangerous,” Justin answered, rolling his eyes a little. “When you start involving those things, though, everything gets dangerous and weird. Massive fights in space fighting gods and cosmic beings weird. I don’t know if it’s so much them making things worse or the things that are worse dragging them into it. Maybe it’s all the same thing?” He shook his head. “All I know is that those things can make people do weird things, and give them more power than you might want. And they’re tempting. I mean, hell, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t at least given a passing thought to what they’d do if they got ahold of one of them.” And, of course, he wasn’t excluding himself there. The guardian of the Power Gem had been a complete imbecile, it had crossed Justin’s mind that he could have done a better job guarding it. Then when he found out that something of cosmic proportions was being entrusted to Reed Fucking Richards…

When the hologram turned on, Justin couldn’t help the reflexive once-over he gave the redhead. He’d give Tony credit for one thing: he had good taste in women, even the ones he designed. “Well, yes, I was, but like I said, if you’re not in the room, it’s like I’m talking to you over the phone. And that still counts as alone.” But, since she was here ‘in body’ now, he supposed he could start drinking, couldn’t he? “And no offense, but the fact that he’s not the Tony I know actually helps things right now.”