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Boxed and Belles - Belle Scarlet Street - 04-24-2018

„Ah don’t have much ta move.“ Belle reiterated, When she had told Jax (well everyone) of her new business he had offered to help her pack and move out,...which was sweet, she rather expected the defferance from Kaalth, but seeing it in a human man was a treat, the fact that he treated her like a person and respected she wasn‘t one of the working girls (and had made sure the customers knew it too when the few got out of hand) had endeared him to her.

„Just two boxes an mah bag.“ The ‚larger on the inside‘ duffle wasn’t THAT much bigger than a regular duffle but ever little bit helped and she‘d managed to trade her making 20 infinity scarves made from the oddest knit for it.

Belle knew Chris would have been happy to help her pack out, but Jax had offered just that moment...and it gave her a chance to say good bye.

RE: Boxed and Belles - Jackson Teller - 04-24-2018

Jax had known this day would come. When you got down to it, when you stripped away all of the airs that Jaya and the other girls liked to put on, the Goddess was a brothel, or at best a strip club. It was a place that was perfect for him, but Belle... Well, if she'd been a stripper, Jax was pretty sure that Belle could have made a fortune, pheremones or not. The 'problem' was that she just wasn't that sort of person. As near as he could tell, she and he were the closest thing to 'normal humans' that he'd found here in the Hub, they could have lived down the street from each other in Charming and it wouldn't have surprised him. Even then, though, she might as well have been from a different world than him.

In short, she didn't belong there, and now she was off to where she presumably did belong.

So, when he'd seen her coming in to get her things while he was outside having a smoke, he'd come in and offered to carry her things for her. And so, laden with a bundle for the lady in the style of all men anywhere, he was following her out into the street. "You sure you have everything? Last chance, or by the time you get back here some vulture might have snatched it up," he said, shooting a wry smile over at her as he kicked the door shut behind him. Only when he was out the door did he remember the one thing that very few people had in the Hub: Cars. It looked like he was set to carry this all the way to wherever she was setting up now.

RE: Boxed and Belles - Belle Scarlet Street - 04-24-2018

Jax was what her mama would call white trash, but since she also called herself that Belle paid that no mind. Now he WAS the kind that set off all those alarm bells that small town white trash girls developed, he seemed the kind that would be sweet, dangerous and leave ya raising babies while he went upstate. So while she hadn‘t treated him any different, those first weeks he had started working Belle kept her self mindful. And the fact that she had still thought James was coming for her had helped quell any ideas that might have formed.

And as too her being able to make her living as a stripper...well Belle had no such illusions, she knew she was pretty, but she wasn’t stop a man in his tracks, and even if she did manage such a feet it definitely wouldn’t be while all her jiggly sweet loving bits were on display!

„Nala, an‘ Jaya are darlin‘ iffin ah did forget an‘thing they‘d put it aside for me.“ she defended the women the pheromone suppressant Dr. McCoy had given her meant that Belle didn‘t have that automatic dislike that most human women did.

Jaya had taken her in when she‘d had nothing and that had earned Belle‘s loyalty.

Belle covered a grin catching the chagrined look on Jax‘s face „It‘s only a few minutes walk.“ she promised, after all everything in Hub was at worst an hour walk from each other.

RE: Boxed and Belles - Jackson Teller - 04-25-2018

If Jax had been able to hear Belle's estimation of him, he might have laughed at just how accurate it was to his life. She never made a fuss about what he was, though, which was the biggest point she had going for her. There were plenty of people who were above the outlaw life, but the only ones that they really had problems with (or gave problems) were the ones who tried to look down their nose at them. People who were still okay with them, thugs that they were? Well, they were a rare breed that needed to be protected, as far as any of the Sons had been concerned.

"Nala and Jaya would do that," Jax agreed. "I'm not talking about them, though, I'm talking about the other girls, and I wouldn't trust some of them any further than I could toss them." He chuckled, shaking his head a little. "One thing I've learned... you have to be careful how much you trust someone who makes their money by making people forget that they're only smiling at them because they're getting money to do it." And had he let himself forget that? Yeah, he had, sometimes, but only for the night, and he hadn't ever completely forgotten it. Besides... the relationship between an escort and her handler/boss/muscle was a lot different than an escort and her clients.

He shot her a smile when she said it was only a few minutes away. "Aww, now here I thought I was going to get to say that we could strap it all on my bike and squeeze on it to get there," he teased, that look crossing his eyes that appeared every so often to let her know that no, in the midst of all the naked dancers, it hadn't escaped his notice that she was a beautiful woman too.


RE: Boxed and Belles - Belle Scarlet Street - 04-25-2018

Belle snorted delicately, „That covers every woman in service darlin‘“ Because yes, he would have seen her smiling, charming, flirting even with the customers to pull down the tips and to keep the patronage happy. The only difference was that all she gave was face, and the other girls sold so much more. Now she assumed he was only talkin‘ about the girls that made their living on their backs, but for Belle there was no substatial difference between what she sold and what the other girls did. The difference was that they had made the choice to sell their bodies as well as the experience, and Belle herself felt that such things were private and shouldn’t be sold. But that was HER personal morality, and that had no bearing on the girls or her respect for them.

Now if he or other patrons assumed that the were owed more than the hours their money paid for...well that was on them now wasn‘t it? Ya didn‘t demand the cook come to your house and vacuum so why should a whore care for ya after the hour was up?

That grin...well he was a wicked one wasn‘t he? Belle flicked her hair back a flirty smile curling her lips, „Well now ah‘ ain‘t had somethin‘ that powerful between mah legs since highschool.“ Belle was all talk and no action...well little action, but she loved the game of innuendo and flirtation. And since coming back from Queth‘s quest...well she‘d found her fire again. James wasn‘t coming back, and the ring that had once lived on her left hand was now dangling between her breasts.

A reminder, a momento.

„Ya sure ya can handle all this?“ Her tone challenged him, eyes glinting mischievously for beat before gesturing to the bundles.


RE: Boxed and Belles - Jackson Teller - 04-26-2018

Jax couldn’t help smirking at Belle’s retort. “I think there are a lot of ladies that might not like that comparison,” he joked. Not that he really bought her comparison. Yeah, there was something to smiling the customers up for more tips, but it didn’t really compare to how much delusion was given to a person that was actually having sex with you. There had been plenty of poor guys convinced that the girls had actually had feelings for them, delusions that the girls had been plenty happy to encourage, both in the Hub and before he’d… ‘died.’

He wasn’t going to dwell on it. If Belle had less exposure to all the gritty details of the escort business than he did… well, then things were how they should be.

That smile that she gave him back, though… yes. This girl could be dangerous if she put her mind to it. Jax’s smile grew a bit more of an edge. “Well, now that’s just a waste,” he said. “But if it’s just a few minutes away, that’d be barely enough time to get warmed up. If I’m going to take you for a ride, it should be long enough for you to get the full effect, right?” It was probably a good thing that, among all the weird things he’d seen in the Hub, she wasn’t one of the ones that could look into his head.

He shot her a disbelieving look at her challenge, and then got it when she redirected it to the boxes. “Oh, I don’t think you could give me anything I couldn’t handle, darlin’. I mean… go ahead and try, if you want, but I’m good.”


RE: Boxed and Belles - Belle Scarlet Street - 04-26-2018

„Lots of folk don‘t like the truth. Doesn‘t mean they ain‘t stanin‘ in pig slops.“ she offered the home brewed saying her accent thickening with it.

Belle knew in an abstract sense what Jax meant, but for her it was still just that, abstract. Clearly there was still sone layer of transaction, a divide between personal and profession. Wasn‘t there?

„Ya can‘t get her all ready ta go in a few minutes?“ Belle shook her head in mock sadness that playful smile never fading, „Maybe next time...if ya are..up for it.“ Belle bent at the knees, slowly ladylike to lift her bundle again, taking her time to look up at him from her position „Are ya sure about tha‘?“ Belle licked her lips, drawing the bottom between her teeth for just a moment. oh she was playing with fire and for the first time in months she felt alive again. „Others never managed.“ she breathed out slowly standing box once again in hand.

RE: Boxed and Belles - Jackson Teller - 04-26-2018

Jax just shook his head with a grin. Her outlook was… refreshing, he supposed. He still didn’t exactly agree, but it worked up to a certain point. She didn’t seem to be asking into it, so he wasn’t going to go getting into the details of his experiences with how hookers and johns’ lives worked.

“Oh, I can have her ready at a moment’s notice,” he shot back at her, his eyes sparkling dangerously as he turned his sly smile on her. “Question is, would it be worth it for you when you only had a few minutes? Nah. That’d barely be worth your time.” He watched as she picked her bag up, appreciating how she looked from a different angle for the moment. “Oh, I’m positive. I mean… I don’t doubt that some men couldn’t, but I haven’t had too much to handle yet.” His eyes followed hers as she stood up again, and he wondered for the first time what her game was. He still had her pegged as a good girl, but… well, she was laying it on pretty thick. He supposed that everyone felt the need to act out every once in a while. “Only way to find out for sure is to test it, I suppose. Question is if you could handle putting me through my paces.”

RE: Boxed and Belles - Belle Scarlet Street - 04-27-2018

Was she playing with fire? Yes and no. Belle wouldn’t be flirting like this if she thought Jax would take the game too far, the months working near each other had made him familiar to her, enough so that she felt comfortable to take the risk of rilling him up.

Belle slung the beat up blue duffle bag over her shoulder, smoothing out the strap, „Ah think that sounds an aweful like ah‘m testin‘ out a new horse,“ Belle threaded her hand into the crock of his elbow. „An‘ ya ain‘t an animal.“ She begain walking them towards her new shop/home. „Why ya still workin‘ there Jax? Ya hate the people.“ Whiplash? Maybe. Oh she was still going to give as good as she got, but Belle had reached the line of plausible deniability.


RE: Boxed and Belles - Jackson Teller - 04-27-2018

“We’re all animals,” Jax countered humorously. “Only question is how well we can be trained.” He paused, shifting the boxes a little awkwardly to let her loop her arm into his. It wasn’t the easiest thing when he was carrying a bunch of things, but hey, if that was what she wanted, that was what she wanted.

And, apparently, she also wanted to stop toying with him, which was a shame. He had almost started thinking that she really might be up for something, too. “What are you talking about? I don’t hate them. I just don’t let myself get suckered into forgetting who they are.” He paused a minute, thinking, and deciding to be honest. “I did for a little bit, but that was more by choice than anything else.” And, with Jaya landing an even more gullible guy than Jax (who hadn’t been willing to take her attitude needlessly). “Besides, what else am I going to do? I’m an okay mechanic with a GED. Being a thug is what I do best.” He shifted the boxes a little as they crossed a street. “When there’s nowhere else to go, why not stay in a brothel?” he chuckled, but he didn’t feel it. It was a little too close to home, and all the terrible things he’d had to were still the very recent past.


RE: Boxed and Belles - Belle Scarlet Street - 05-02-2018

A small giggle escaped as he juggled the packages briefly to accommodate her demandingly sneaky arm. The scent of old smoke and leather that clung to him was familiar from her teenage years. Yes Belle had been and was a good girl, but in a small town it was hard not to know a few of the same type of boys he had probably been at that age. It was nostalgic, recalling long summer evenings listening to Nirvana and Soundgarden, smoking with boys while they watched trains cut across her town.

Belle looked up at him thoughtfully, „Well ya could come an‘ help me out.“ she didn‘t say work for, she thought it might sting his pride. „Ah Got some money a new shop that needs ta be set up.“ @mike

RE: Boxed and Belles - Jackson Teller - 05-02-2018

Jax shot Belle a sidelong look, wondering just why she was trying to poach him from Jaya. It wasn’t exactly an unknown situation to him, these things happened whatever business you were in, but what was Belle’s angle? Jaya had grabbed him because he could rough people up when she needed it, and because he wasn’t likely to cause problems with the girls. Belle didn’t seem like the sort that had a need to have people hurt, so what was it now?

“I could always help you out,”Jax pointed out. “It’s not like Jaya keeps me on a leash or anything. You need me to do anything for you, darlin’, all you have to do is let me know.” He shot her a sly little smirk at that, clearly not limiting his services to construction and heavy lifting. The look grew serious again, though, as he considered her offer further. “I don’t think you’d need me around all that much, though. I can bake, sure, as long as it’s charcoal you’re trying to make. Besides… if I left the Goddess, Kaalth would get eaten alive inside a week. Can’t go having that, the big guy’s kind of grown on me.” You didn’t just walk out on your boys, after all.


RE: Boxed and Belles - Belle Scarlet Street - 05-03-2018

Belle wasn‘t trying to steal him! He seemed just so unhappy an‘ if there was anything she could do to make his life a bit happier she was happy help!

A little blush stained her cheeks at his innuendo, „If a girl needs ta tell ya what to do..“ she trailed off tisking.

„That‘s fair.“ she agreed with a nod. „That poor boy just ain‘t that bright is he? But he loves Nala an‘ they are happy.“ nodding firmly Belle put her seal on that, how they lived was their business, as long as everyone was happy it was none of her beeswax.

„Just...if ya need ta be somewhere else…“ her hand tightened over his elbow, eyes growing serious „Ya can always come over for some pie ok?“ @mike

RE: Boxed and Belles - Jackson Teller - 05-08-2018

“Oh, I don’t need to be told what to do,” Jax said. “All I need to know is that there’s a job that wants doing. I can fill in the blanks… you won’t be disappointed with the results.” Damn, seeing her blush like that…

“Kaalth’s not dumb,” Jax said, always stalwart in backing up his friends… but in this case, unfortunately, he couldn’t do that without a disclaimer. “Little bit ready to get walked on, though,” he admitted. “More trusting than he probably should be.” Marrying a porn star was bad enough, Ope had learned that and hadn’t been able to deal with it. Marrying a hooker who didn’t focus on girl-girl action? That was just begging trouble. Jax didn’t get the whole ‘must be with an Orion’ fixation, not for the long term, but he knew better by now than to think he might be able to talk sense into the big green lunk.

It was good to have other offers, though, he had to admit, in case Jaya’s bullshit ever started towering up over his head. He didn’t think that’d happen soon, though, but it was sweet of her to offer. “I think I’d love some pie,” he said. He really, truly did try to keep a straight face as he said it, but man, the innuendo in this conversation was just too much to ignore, wasn’t it?

RE: Boxed and Belles - Belle Scarlet Street - 05-11-2018

The light pink on her cheeks turned bright red before she hid the flush, ducking her head to ‚look through her bag‘ „Well ah let ya know if ah need the sink plunged.“ she quipped back a touch flustered.

„He ain‘t dumb but he ain’t the smartest cookie either darlin‘.“ she wasn’t being mean just truthful, he was a darling and good for Nala and what else really mattered?

Belle‘s mouth flopped open for a second as that little grin of his twisted deep in her belly.

It had been months since she had been with James, and now that she had finally put it firmly in her mind that he wasn‘t coming back...well her body was starting to notice the plethora of handsome men surrounding her. And Belle wasn‘t exactly a virgin an longer, she knew what that little grin-

Oh lord she was in trouble.

„Well ya gonna have ta wait, ah don‘t have any ready at the moment.“ she replied a touch breathless.


RE: Boxed and Belles - Jackson Teller - 05-12-2018

Jax was usually one to stand up for his friends to a fault, but in this case, Belle wasn’t really being mean, which made it hard. The other real problem was that, well, she wasn’t wrong, was she? “Yeah, well, you don’t always have to be smart,” Jax said, shrugging a little, a quick gesture with his shoulders that shook the boxes he was carrying a little. “Sometimes, you just need to know how things work and how to keep them working.” God knew that some of the Sons hadn’t been the brightest bulbs, but they’d still done their job. Of course, the dumb ones hadn’t lasted all that long… Phil came to mind, with a pang of guilt.

Jax had seen that look on girls’ faces before, that sort of ‘deer in headlights who desperately wants to and doesn’t want to be hit’ look that girls got with a guy who they knew was bad news, but who they still couldn’t keep from getting under their skin. God, he loved that look… “Hey, as long as it’s good, it’s worth coming back for,” he said. “I’m a patient man, I know things have to cook. Besides, I’m pretty much always hungry… can’t say that there’s ever a bad time to warm some up.”


RE: Boxed and Belles - Belle Scarlet Street - 05-21-2018

“Ah think by now ya know my pie is worth the wait.” She rallied, attempting to push back on the innuendo, her eyes flicked up and down him, intentionally assessing, “Yah do seem the kind that needs ta be kept fed-” her palm bounced lightly off his chest in a almost testing gesture, how firm was he? Answer was pretty damn firm.

“This is mah new store front.” Belle turned away from him to open up the empty cafe...well it would be a cafe when she was done, right now it was just an large empty room with a door leading to an empty kitchen.

“Here if ya can drop em down on the counter.” she gestured to the moving blanket covered linoleum, “Thank ya Jax.” She smiled at him, “Ah have the kitchen more set up if ya did want ta stay for a meal?” she offered. @mike

RE: Boxed and Belles - Jackson Teller - 05-22-2018

Just how much waiting would a guy have to do for a taste of Belle’s pie? Well, now, that was a question that deserved an answer, so it was one that was well worth investigating, Jax supposed. He shouldn’t, of course. He knew that one well enough. Belle was a good girl, in spite of her time at the Goddess. Oh, she might be getting into an adventurous spirit here in the Hub, but she was one of the few purer souls that he’d come across. He should do what was right and just let her have her distance from him.

Instead, he found himself looking around the room, checking out the potential. “It’s cute,” he said, looking the place over. “Has that right ‘old fashioned’ touch. Reminds me of an ice cream shop I had,” he chuckled. Well, of course, she would probably redo the inside until it was almost unrecognizable by the time she opened. Women just had a way of doing that, he’d found. Hell, his mom had managed to turn a house that had been trashed by a heroin addict into a place fit to raise a kid in, and she’d only had a few days to manage that.

And that thought, of course, made Jax feel very tired as he set down the boxes on the counter. He threw himself into the novelties of his life on the Hub, of all the new people he’d met, all the insane things that went on, so that he mostly didn’t have to think about his old life. At the moment, a hot meal, a home meal (or as close as the situation could allow) instead of takeout or those replicator things Jaya had just sounded amazing. “I don’t want to impose,” he lied. “I mean… I guess if it’s not any trouble. It’s not like carrying the boxes was any big thing, right?”

RE: Boxed and Belles - Belle Scarlet Street - 05-23-2018

“Ah was thinkin’ 50s-60s diner.” She agreed with a wide proud smile, “With a little extra section for baked things-” she pointed to a spot near the door, “An’ maybe if it seems popular a bar for soda an’ ice cream.” her excitement for being able to create the space she saw in her mind's eye with out worrying about money or fretting on loans was nearly palatable. “Booths mostly so folks feel they can sit and stay with out being rushed an’ a few tables near the front for people stopping in for just a quick bite.” Belle remembered too many times as a child in the system the few times she’d be taken out by a social worker to the local Denny’s or Waffle House, that feeling of being just able to stay with out being a bother...

Belle was far to empethic, been in the system too long not to see the longing that filled his eyes, that aching emptiness where home should be. “Comeon hun.” Belle’s hand around his elbow this time was more maternal than flirtatious, leading him into the large tiled kitchen, a kitchen which clearly doubled as her own breakfast area, a small table and set of chairs tucked neatly off to the side under a window whos view included the Maple tree in her tiny ‘backyard’.

Belle was nothing if not prepared, and in anticipation of unpacking an cleaning all today she’d made herself plenty of leftovers the night before; especially since she expected she’d see Chris and his Safi later that evening when they surely would come to help out.

Out of the Oven/warmer that she’d discovered could keep things perfectly hot and warm with out making them soggy or rubbery Belle pulled out a basket of fried chicken, bowl of potatoes and peas, from the frig came a lovely corn salad. Belle set all of these down on the countertop, portioning out two plates for both of them. “Breast or thigh?” she offered lifting the specimens between tongs to display them.

RE: Boxed and Belles - Jackson Teller - 05-24-2018

That was all way past Jax’s area of expertise. His businesses had mostly been planned around ‘I know that this can make money, let’s get someone who knows how to make it work and throw some money at them.’ Was he going to say that, though? Nah. Besides, her excitement was adorable, he was just going to let her go on like that. “Just do it the way that makes you happy,” he said with a wry little smile. “Still… kind of nice to have that small-town feel going on. Hard to find that a lot of the time, too many city people around.”

She’d had her chance to get rid of him, and she’d let it go. Jax legitimately didn’t want to be a bother to her, while at the same time very much wanting to stay for some quieter company than he was used to. He supposed that she just knew how to bring out those conflicting impulses in him, since he simultaneously wanted to keep his distance from her and save her the trouble he generally brought, and also wanted to get as up close and personal with her as he possibly could. What could he say, it was a complicated life, being an outlaw with a conscience.

So he let her draw him back to the little dining area, which also answered to him his question of whether or not she was living on the premises. “Nice view,” he said, glancing out the window. “Not many places with even this much behind them, at least not without being a really, really high roller.” At least, that’s what he’d found. Space was at a premium in the central Hub, and the properties that backed up onto parks or lakes or anything resembling a view tended to stay with their long-time residents. This little yard was… homey, which fit Belle. He had the idle idea that there should be a swing under the tree for her.

At her question, Jax looked up at her, his lips quirked into a ‘really?’ smile for just long enough for her to realize what she’d asked before he answered. “I like dark meat, but really, you can pick.” This time he’d let her off without pushing the innuendo… but that was just because he couldn’t think of an answer that wouldn’t have made the conversation too trashy. “God, feels like forever since I’ve had an honest to god home meal. Not that the food’s bad here, usually, it’s just… not the same.”