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Tower of Wonder - Wanda Maximoff - 05-23-2017

Steel, Chrome, Titanium and god (or Tony Stark) only knew what else gleamed far above her; Wanda sighed, Avengers Tower. She had only lived there for a few years, her ‘home’ had been the mansion far longer. And while she’d found the copy of it that inhabited this in between world Wanda could only wonder why she was drawn here instead.

Perhaps because her ‘home’ was empty of all but memories.

She could feel this place plucking at her mind, soul, attempting to make her feel comfortable, connected.

Screw that.

The people she wanted to see existed in a world that she’d abandoned, why would she wish to interact with their ghosts? No. She’d had enough of creating her own words to live in. It had never ended up working out had it? Thrice now she’d reshaped the world to make herself and others content, happy, take away pain and all it had done was cement her position as ‘dangerous’.

Wanda was done playing god.

What confused her was why this was part of the landscape, and why it kept shifting between her familiar Tower and something similar but distinctly different.

Lost in her thoughts the first explosion took her completely by surprise; Wanda tensed, power flaring in a brilliant scarlet halo around her, relaxing with a chuckle when she realized it was simple fireworks, “Someone is having a good day.” she commented aloud, the voluminous hood of her cloak sliding back, her clothing shifted by instinct into her Avengers costume.

RE: Tower of Wonder - Steve Rogers - 05-23-2017

Tower of Wonder

Steve just needed an hour or two out of the tower. He had lived up to his agreement to stay in the tower, to be there when Tony was awake, to not leave him alone. Again. He meant to live up to that entirely. He’d done enough damage, and now… Now was maybe, just maybe, a chance to start making things right with Tony. Hell, maybe even with Friday, not that he really believed that was even possible.

Yeah, he’d sort of caught on that the AI was fairly unhappy with him. He didn’t blame her. Not even a little bit. In fact, it was good to know she was so staunchly on Tony’s side. Tony needed that.

Still, it made being in the tower all of the time stifling. He had no real friends there. Sure, Justin was nice to him, but he didn’t know the other man, and as much as he was happy to get the chance to know him better, Steve didn’t feel as though the good doctor’s presence was one of a friend so much as an acquaintance. And when you were supposed to be ‘at home’ shouldn’t you feel… Welcome, at least by one other soul?

Steve sighed and looked up as fireworks lit up the night sky, and wondered what the celebration was for. Not Independence Day - that was still a bit away yet. Thank goodness. He wasn’t ready to deal with that yet.

He heard someone comment on the fireworks, and nodded, “So it would seem. Not sure what they’re celebrating, though. You have any idea?” He smiled, then offered his hand, “Sorry, I’m pretty new here still. I’m Steve.”

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

RE: Tower of Wonder - Wanda Maximoff - 05-23-2017

The world slowed.

‘So it would seem-’ Wanda’s eyes slid shut. She’d know that voice in a thousand worlds, a ghost. It had to be, she’d in her efforts had been in vain, loneliness had brought forth the echo of the first Avenger to trust her. “Hi Cap-”

Wait...why did he introduce himself?

Her head completed the turn, eyes flying open to reveal shocked blue taking in his appearance. “-Not my Captain…” She finished dumbstruck. The tactician he’d-(her Captain) had trained immediately grasped that if he was ‘real’ than he was from another multiverse version of Steve Rogers..or else he was a man sharing the same name, face, and feeling to her mutation as her Steve.

“Steve?” Wanda held out her hand tentatively, fingers glowing lightly, hoping he wouldn’t take the activation of her mutation as a threat.

RE: Tower of Wonder - Steve Rogers - 05-23-2017

Tower of Wonder

He knew he couldn’t stay out for too long. Things were still… Tense… In the tower. But an hour, maybe two would be understandable. Even by Friday.

So here he was, wandering about, with a beautiful view of the tower from where he stood. Watching fireworks that he honestly had no idea what they were heralding. When another person commented on them, of course he responded, happy to have someone, anyone, even a stranger, to speak with without any expectations, and especially without any hostility.

And then she called him Cap, or started to call him Captain, and he sighed quietly. There were always expectations, weren’t there? Whenever he was recognized, there were. Of course there were. “Not anyone’s Captain anymore, ma’am, sorry.” Would she be one of those who hated him after what he’d done, for turning criminal? Or was she one of his hardcore fans who would follow him no matter what he did, who he hurt?

“Steve.” he agreed, taking her hand with a small smile, not really noticing the glow at her fingers. She didn’t look so much like the Wanda he knew, after all… “And your name, ma’am?”

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

RE: Tower of Wonder - Wanda Maximoff - 05-23-2017

No...not hers. But gods help her if he wasn’t a an exact image, “Not any ones anylonger?” her head cocked curiously, an almost nostalgic quirk to her lips, “Are you a Nomad now?” Her mutation, her magic, the part of her that connected to the very fabric of her universe told her this wasn’t the man she knew. Not exactly. But how different could Steve Rogers be?

“Never be sorry-” Should she call him Steve? He seemed to allow it. “Steve. Sometimes the symbol of the shield no longer feels like it protects.” All of them had struggled with the molds the world forced them into, the images they had taken on to represent- "A man must find himself before he can lead others out of darkness."

“Wanda.” there was strength in her grasp, callouses, the grip of a fighter belayed by her delicate body. Her costume melted away into a casually stylish outfit of cream shell atop dark broomstick skirt. “Wanda Maximoff.” Blue eyes scanned his expression for any hints of recognition.

RE: Tower of Wonder - Steve Rogers - 05-23-2017

Tower of Wonder

No, he wasn’t no one’s Captain anymore. He didn’t even have his shield anymore. He’d left it behind in Siberia, with Tony. He missed that shield more than he had ever thought he would, too. But Tony had been right; he didn’t deserve it, not anymore. This woman asked if he were a Nomad, and he smiled a little bit, “I suppose I am.”

Something about this woman was… Nice. She knew who he was, knew about both being Captain America and Nomad, and yet… She didn’t look at him with judgement. It was so very nice. It was so very different. “I have plenty to be sorry for right now, Ma’am.” He blinked at her assertion, and then ducked his head, the memory of that shield slamming home against Tony’s arc reactor, shattering it flashing before him, “No, the shield certainly doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything to protect anyone. Or anything.” He closed his eyes and sighed, “What if that man doesn’t want to lead anyone anymore?” Because right now, Steve wasn’t sure he wanted to anymore.

Wanda. Wanda… Maximoff. Steve flinched at the name, mouthing it silently as he looked at this woman. Not his Wanda. Definitely not his Wanda. Not the young woman he knew… He stared, he couldn’t help it, looking for familiarity. But… He shook his head, then smiled a bit ruefully, “I’m sorry. I…” He shifted, gathering his thoughts before he continued, “Are you new here, Wanda? Do you, ah, know about how this place works at all?” He paused, then murmured, “I knew a girl named Wanda Maximoff, but she’s not much like you, I don’t think.”

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

RE: Tower of Wonder - Wanda Maximoff - 05-23-2017

“What is a shield if it does not protect?” She asked rhetorically, seeing the pain, the flinching around his oh so expressive eyes. Did this Steve have the same hard mask her’s could don? She suspected he did or else life was even harder for him than the version she knew. “Oh Steve…” Wanda covered his hand with her other, clasping it between her’s. “Some men are born to cruel destiny, and will they or nill they will be followed by men who see in them something to believe in. The choice is yours how to lead.” How old was this Steve? Somehow he seemed...younger than the one she knew. “But I think every man deserves...needs a moment away from destiny to find himself again.” And she could tell that this man was lost. What had happened in his world? Wanda sighed,feeling the weight of her own power pushing her into the mold of soothsayer again.

The glimmer of not-recognition was clear since she was looking so carefully for it. “-Am not your Wanda.” she finished his sentence, blue eyes dark with compassion. “I’m sorry. Are you looking for her? Are you...close?” Did he and the other her have something of the same relationship? A ‘once there was a moment..’? More? Less? Enemies? Allies only?

“New yes...but I have a good idea about this place.” she explained. He knew a ‘girl’? Oh? “Oh? What was she like?” And how old to be called ‘girl’?

RE: Tower of Wonder - Steve Rogers - 05-23-2017

Tower of Wonder

What was a shield if it didn’t protect? “Useless.” The answer was spoken clearly, but with a depth of feeling. Why had he so easily dropped the shield when Tony had demanded it? Because it had become something it shouldn’t ever be. “A weapon, and that’s worse.” Yes, he supposed he could wall himself off emotionally if he wanted to, but he was so damn tired of doing that. He did that every day, all day. Being strong for the others in Wakanda, giving off the air of certainty, of strength… Here, he just wanted to be Steve, not entirely sure he made the right decisions, taking some time to grieve his losses and try to figure out how to proceed. He sighed, “I’m tired of leading. Tired of men and women looking to me for answers when I’m not even sure I’m doing the right thing anymore. What is doing the right thing worth when it rips your family apart?”

He hadn’t wanted to break up the set, and yet, he broke up the far more precious one. He tore the Avengers in half, leaving them with bleeding ragged edges.

A moment away. “I don’t know that I want to go back. What does that make me?”

Not his Wanda. And he wasn’t Justin’s Steve. “I assume she’s back home, actually. With Clint and Sam and…” He sighed, “In Wakanda.” He didn’t think he had to look for her; figuring she was likely still with T’Challa. “We… I’m not sure I could say we’re close… But after she lost… Everything.. She came with us.” He gave this Wanda a small smile, “Do you know Vision? They were… Close.” Much closer than he could claim to be, anyway.

“Then you’ll understand that where I come from, things might not be the same as where you’re from… She was…” He gave a shrug, “Young. Angry. Lost. Not so very different than the rest of us, really, though… I don’t think any of us agreed with some of her decisions.” Like signing on with Strucker or joining forces with Ultron. “But in the end, she tried to do what was right.” He sighed, “And ended up exiled with me.”

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

RE: Tower of Wonder - Wanda Maximoff - 05-23-2017

‘What is doing the right thing worth when it rips your family apart?’

Wanda tried not to let how that simple sentence affected her “Everything.” Her hands tightened around his; “Doing what is right, no matter what the cost...that is the choice we made. Family-” Wanda took a breath. “There will be, must be a divide between what we do, and who we are.” Was the girl he knew not the daughter of Magneto? Or had her father chosen a different road?

“We cannot be responsible for how others act, the only onus is on our own conscious. Is what you did necessary? Did you think you had another option at the time?” Wanda shook her head, “Consequences must be dealt with, but we can only act the best we can at the moment.” Wanda sighed. “I’m sorry, i’ve seen enough that I feel strongly about this particular subject.” Wanda’s lips quirked at him. “Here we are two ‘strangers’-” The quotes were audible, “Baring our hearts, Fate is an odd bitch.”


A very different Wanda than.

Wanda wasn’t sure if she felt grief or relief for that version of her; with out her Father would she be the woman she was?


Her eyes widened, “Yes, I know Vision...well.” Close..they were close. “We were...close once too.”

Wanda had to laugh, a angry, broken sound. “No. I know her well already. As I said. You can only do the best you can in the moment.” And not everyone would agree with you.

But wait? “Exiled?” that was something that didn’t connect to anything in her history. “In Wakanda? From where?”

RE: Tower of Wonder - Steve Rogers - 05-23-2017

Tower of Wonder

Everything. The word resonated with Steve. Once, he would have nodded in fierce agreement with her. But he wasn’t exactly that man anymore. “The Avengers were more than just my family, Wanda. They were my home.” He swallowed hard, “Not anymore.” He sighed quietly, shaking his head, “I think I made the wrong decisions.”

He should have told Tony the truth, for starters. He should have listened, when Tony had tried to go over the Accords. He should have accepted the damn olive branch, but… “Tell me something, Wanda. You know Tony Stark where you’re from?” Steve’s blue eyes were on hers now, intense, curious, and almost feverish with the question that burned in his mind and heart now, “If Tony confined you to the Avenger’s compound, would you question that decision? Would you mind it?” He’d prefer to ask his Wanda if she had felt like a prisoner in a place that should have felt like home, but she wasn’t here, and this Wanda was. If Wanda had asked about Magneto, Steve would have frowned, not recognizing the name.

“A leader is always responsible for the actions of those under his command, Wanda.” Is what you did necessary? Steve closed his eyes, “I don’t know. I don’t know that it wasn’t selfish. I don’t know that I wasn’t placing my own needs above the team. Above what was necessary.” He hadn’t liked the idea of the Accords, but neither had he read the document, either. He hadn’t had time; they had just started really getting into that discussion when he’d received the call about Peggy. “It’s alright. I asked.”

Yes. His Wanda had lost everything. Including her twin brother. “After… Wanda and Vision grew close after the incident with Ultron.”

“Exiled.” he agreed sadly, and then closed his eyes, “From everywhere. From our home, from being Avengers.” He sighed, “King T’Challa was gracious enough to grant us amnesty in Wakanda after… We refused to sign the Accords. It’s better than the Raft.”

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

RE: Tower of Wonder - Wanda Maximoff - 05-23-2017

Did she know Tony Stark? “Yes.” The amused, exasperated affection in her tone was filled with the decades of friendship. The question he posed her…

Wanda met his gaze, “In my world Charles Xavier confined me to my own mind for the ‘safety of others’-” she paused; “do you know him? The most powerful telepath in existence.” she explained briefly in case there was a greater difference between them. “You-” she pressed the tip of her finger against his chest. “And my brother were the only ones to fight him for me.” and lose.

“Ask me how I felt about it? Trapped. But I was-” am? “A danger, and I have seen enough to know sometimes the line between freedom and safety is only as thick as your will.” Her lips twitched, “You. Or my Steve taught me that when he put down his Shield when its purpose became corrupted. So if Tony confined me to the mansion?” she shrugged elegantly, “It’s all about circumstances. Tony at least my Tony has the habit of attempting to wrap people he cares about in wool, sacrificing the balance of ‘freedom’ for ‘safety’. I do not deal well with captivity. I do believe Tony and I would have…words if he tried with me.” Wanda smiled “But I also know Tony well enough that he always has a plan, and sometimes I just need to trust him...and he needs to trust me. But yes I would question it.”

Wanda cocked her head at his recriminations; “Did your team go willingly into the fire? Are they your friends? My Avengers are often deeper connected to me than my Blood. I would willingly die for my Steve Rogers.” that was spoken evenly, she wasn’t being dramatic, she knew steve would do the same. “If you fucked up-” White teeth gleamed as she grinned with self deprecating humor. “We all do. Suck it up and apologize Steve. Eat your shit pie and put on your big boy panties and talk to the people you hurt. And if they don’t want to listen?” Wanda sighed. “Wait. Trust me if your world is anything like mine, there will always be another disaster to make the last seem far distant.”

Ultron? Wanda tensed. “I see.” She didn’t but she had guesses. “Accords?” The RAFT? Wow he had pissed off someone hadn’t he?

RE: Tower of Wonder - Steve Rogers - 05-23-2017

Tower of Wonder

The tone in her voice, exasperation and affection earned Wanda a smile from Steve. Not just a small one, but one of the easier, happier smiles. Of course she knew Tony, but Steve figured that it would have been rude to assume. “You know how he is. He’s…” his jaw worked as he tried to find the appropriate words to describe the brilliant man, “Impossible.” Even as the word left his lips, Steve was smiling a small but affectionate smile.

She spoke of a man who had confined her, and Steve sighed. “Our Wanda… She wasn’t a citizen of the United States. I’m… Embarrassed to admit that I’m not even sure if she had a green card. When things started going south, Tony confined her to the compound. A safety precaution, he said, and that didn’t sit well with me. At the time, Wanda was… Quiet on the subject. Vision was there with her. Clint went and… There was an altercation. Wanda…” Steve winced, “May have sent Vision through several floors of the facility on her way out.”

Her brother. “Pietro.” The name came out strained and strangled, and Steve closed his eyes. “He was a good man. Clint… Wasn’t the same after… After what happened in Sokovia.”

A danger. “He… Your Steve… He left the shield?” There was something in his voice, just a thin, quiet line of hope. “Wanda didn’t question it, not until I sent Clint in to pull her out. To stand… With me. Us, Clint would say, but I know better, Wanda. They were all only there because of me. Ciint had said he’d retire. Scott came for Sam, who came out of loyalty to me.” Steve sighed quietly, “I thought I was doing the right thing at the time. Now, I’m not entirely sure I was completely in the right.”

Did they go willingly? “They’re my friends. We were a family, Wanda, and I turned us against each other. Tony…” Against Tony. The others were so angry. Clint, blaming Tony for what happened to Rhodes. But Steve had saw how viciously Wanda had fought, and Vision’s attack wouldn’t have hurt Sam, just grounded him. Steve knew that. He knew that Sam felt terrible about Rhodes. And Vision had to feel awful, too. And that wasn’t even going into how Rhodes and Tony had to feel… “I’d happily grovel, Wanda, but I don’t think an apology would even begin to help. I left him in Siberia. I kept the truth from him. I defended Bucky…”

Closing his eyes, Steve slumped, “Not the best form a reunion can take, but at this point I’d take anything over what we’re dealing with right now.”

The Accords. “Do you? Tony meant well with Ultron, I know that. And it cost him… JARVIS… But we gained Vision, and Wanda-our Wanda- joined us in the end. The Accords…” Steve shifted, looking at Wanda, “They came from that mess. I’m not sure what really fueled the demand, but the UN pushed them forward. Oversight they said. Tony… He agreed with them. Said what happened in Sokovia with Ultron shouldn’t happen. That we needed to be held accountable. I said the safest hands were our own. I… I’m not sure I still feel that way, not after what happened in Siberia with him and Bucky.” Steve looked forward, eyes no longer seeing what was in front of him, “He came to help, knowing per the Accords he supported, he shouldn’t, and then everything went so wrong, Wanda. If I’d just told him, maybe things would have gone differently.”

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

RE: Tower of Wonder - Wanda Maximoff - 05-23-2017

Wanda frowned as more details emerged, only serving to muddy the picture. Wanda held up a hand in the universal symbol for ‘hold up’ “Our worlds are different enough that half the terms you are using are foreign to me.” He used ‘was’ in terms of he twin, he wasn't hers but the though still punched the breath from her lungs. “He is dead?” Oh Pie…

Wanda closed her eyes grieving silently not just for the dead twin, but the one left behind.

“I think this conversation has past the point of drive by wisdom.” She quipped, attempting to lighten the mood slightly. “Perhaps we should sit somewhere? The Mansion isn't far or there is always the coffee shop.” Her head jerk indicated the cafe taking up the storefront opposite the tower.

“My Steve did, for a few years. He felt that what he was being forced to do wasn't in keeping with what the symbol stood for. So he let it go rather than corrupt it.” My Steve how odd to say that.

“I don't know Slovenia or the accords but they sound similar to SHRA. And-” Wanda cocked her head at him suddenly amusingly feeling older than him. “Oh Steve… how long have you been Captain America?” Had he fallen into ice like hers?

“I've been an Avenger or nearly 30 years, and in my world only a few things are constant: Tony Stark has a heart of gold and a mind of iron. And he and Captain America will always end up on the same side. No matter how often they forget to use their words.” Wanda smiled
At him "You know I think I can find some of the liquor we've discovered that gets through the serum...if you want."

RE: Tower of Wonder - Steve Rogers - 05-24-2017

Tower of Wonder

Steve stopped when Wanda held her hand up, letting her speak and catch up. When she asked about Pietro, though, Steve winced and nodded slowly, his voice apologetic, “We were fighting Ultron in Sokovia. He… Clint was in the line of fire. Pietro sacrificed himself to save him and a child. He was…” Steve fell quiet a moment in respect for the fallen Avenger, “He was a hero, Wanda.” No one liked to be told their family member had died well, but Pietro had. He had been heroic and good and brave. “I’m so sorry.” He might not have been the brother she knew, but he was still her brother, after all.

Drive by wisdom? Steve nodded slowly, not entirely understanding what she meant by that, but he got the gist. “Let’s go to the coffee shop? I’m not sure… I’m still working out just where, if anywhere, I belong. Especially when it comes to the Avengers.” Her Steve had given up being Captain America, too. Steve gave a small smile at that. “I’m worried that I’m the one that went down the wrong path here, Wanda.”

“SHRA?” Seemed it was Wanda’s turn to use words and phrases that he didn’t know. How long? “Well, that depends on how you look at it… I had the shield for… Three years before… Before the crash.” He shook himself slightly to get his mind away from where that road would take it, and then nodded, “And I woke up in 2012, five years ago. So I suppose I’ve been Captain America for the last 77 years. But I’ve only… For 8 of them.” Steve didn’t talk about the ice. He didn’t refer to it, and he tried not to let the others (especially Tony, who liked to tease him about it) see how much it could bother him at times to hear it referred to or think about it. So he tried to gloss it over as much as he could, even now. “Does that answer your question? I’m not sure how to better answer it.” Without delving into why he had been ‘inactive’ for so long.

Thirty years as an Avenger. Tony Stark and Captain America will always end up on the same side.

It was as though all the air left him. Steve deflated, breath leaving in a rush as he worked to regain his composure. It didn’t take him long; most people would have missed the response entirely. “We didn’t, Wanda. We didn’t end up on the same side. He… He tried. And I thought, for a moment, that things would be okay… And then Zemo showed that damn video, and I lost my chance to make things right on my own. I’m not sure it’s something Tony can get past, either. And I know I won’t blame him if he can’t.”

She offered him alcohol, the sort that would affect him, and Steve hesitated, looking back toward the tower. Friday knew how to contact him, they’d made sure it would work before he had even moved to leave the tower, but… If he were drunk… “I’m not sure I should. Tony’s…” He sighed, “One drink wouldn’t hurt.” And he could sure use the chance to let go of some of the tension.

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

RE: Tower of Wonder - Wanda Maximoff - 05-24-2017

Not just Brother, but twin. Wanda doubted anyone could understand that bond, especially between two mutants as she and her brother were. They were always together in some part of the other; even now she could almost reach out and expect to feel him take her hand.

“Maybe you did.” She agreed philosophically, “But unless you have time travel that's not the point anymore is it?” the crash? The tightening around her mouth expressed her knowledge of what he was talking about. Wanda couldn’t imagine Steve as anything other than a refugee from the past.

“SHRA.” she nodded. “Super Human Registration Act.” her lips tightened. “Tony was pro and you were against.” Wanda shook her head, “end up. Not start on. It took my Steve dying and Tony...Tony pulling a Tony to bring you back together.”

“Excuse me-”Wanda wrapped her arm around his waist a small playful smile dancing across her expression, “Have you and your Wanda flown together?” That was the warning he received before she twisted the fabric of reality, her resolve not to use her powers forgotten in the rush of familiarity.

“Tony might not drink, but he always keeps the mansion stocked for the peculiarities of its inhabitants. Hell we even found something that keeps She-Hulk off her rocker for a few hours.” Finding the mansion from the air was simple enough, aiming them in that direction. “I haven’t looked in it yet, but I suspect that it's also stocked.” she offered pulling out her Avengers ID card when they landed, presenting it to the gate to be admitted.

RE: Tower of Wonder - Steve Rogers - 05-24-2017

Tower of Wonder

Yes, Wanda and Pietro were twins. But this Wanda was not the Pietro Steve knew’s twin. No, that honor belonged to the girl Wanda he knew.

Wasn’t that confusing as all heck.

Maybe he had. It was more than a little bit possible, really; but Wanda was right, to a point. He couldn’t go back and change the past, he couldn’t take it back, couldn’t go back to the past and tell Tony about Bucky when he found out, he couldn’t tell Tony any other time along the way, couldn’t stop Ultron before he killed JARVIS, couldn’t change how he approached the Accords, or that whole damn incident with the pens, or what happened at the airport, he couldn’t tell Tony to go home when he arrived at the bunker… “I think I made a lot of wrong decisions.” The crash. “But no, I can’t do anything about it. But I do need to apologize for how I acted, the decisions I made, the wrongs I did. That is the point, I think.”

Super Human Registration Act. “Your SHRA sounds a lot like our Sokovia Accords, at least in name. They wanted us to sign, to give the UN control of where we went, what we did. Oversight, Tony said.” Steve sighed. “Tony was pro, and I was against, but it got to be more than that.” When Bucky got mixed in. Tony pulling a Tony. Steve frowned. “I want to make things right. He doesn’t have to… Pull a Tony.” Steve closed his eyes, “I’d rather him not do that again, really. Things like what we both know you’re referring to.”

When she wrapped her arm around his waist, Steve froze, not used to the sort of familiarity that she was showing, not in a while, at least, and certainly not from Wanda. “Flown? I don’t think Wanda can-- Oh!” Steve understood how to be when someone was flying with him; Tony and he had flown together. “This is new. And not. I’ve flown with Iron Man.”

Tony might not drink. Steve actually barked out a laugh at the idea that Tony Stark might not drink. “Your Tony must be a lot different than the Tony Stark I know… I think that the man runs on alcohol the way a car runs on oil. It’s not his primary fuel source, but he needs it in order to keep going.” She-Hulk? Steve blinked at Wanda, “Bruce… Is a woman where you’re from??” That was a picture that Steve couldn’t quite envision. He followed Wanda in; he didn’t have an ID card, he’d never needed one; JARVIS and then Friday had always let them come and go from the tower. “I don’t think I’ve ever been here before. Where I’m from, we all stay in the tower.” He paused, turning to look toward the tower, “Wanda, I should tell you, when I mentioned Tony…” he sighed, “Tony’s here. Or, he’s at the tower. He… Fell…” Steve’s voice grew strained again as he mentioned how Tony had come to Hub, “He’s recovering, back at the tower, but… Friday can call me if he needs me. She knows how to reach me.”

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

RE: Tower of Wonder - Wanda Maximoff - 05-24-2017

“I bet you have.” She smirked, reveling in her domination of the physics. Nothing about her powers made sense, and she had long had to accept that. “Your Wanda is younger?” She half asked, “I didn’t learn for many years, until I fought regularly with my Father.” She added casually, assuming that if there was a Wanda and Pietro there must be a Erik.

Different… “Tony is an alcoholic.” she corrected softly, eyeballing the supersoldier, it seemed based on his description that that remained true in his world as well. “Twenty years ago he went sober after losing Stark Enterprises. He’s been on the wagon since.” And considering the part her Steve had to play in that… “Your counterpart was who he went to for help.” She explained softly. “They are great friends in every world I have seen. In one-” Wanda smiled remembering the vision Hank and Steven Strange had shown them. “Antonia Stark and Steve Rogers marriage halted the worst of the fighting over SHRA before it began.”

Woman? Wanda shook her head “No, his cousin, bad blood transfusion.” if Jen existed in his world her fate was something Wanda didn’t wish to meddle in. “The Tower in my world is newer, we started here and it's been my home longer than anywhere else.” She explained leading him through the walled in gardens, unerringly to one of the main living rooms. “It’s interesting to see how it’s been copied here.”

Tony here? Wanda sighed with a nod. “If I can help. I’m not a doctor, but I have...powers.” she hedged unwilling to commit to the full extent of her warping abilities. Unearthing a dark flask from beneath the bar Wanda poured them both a measure, hers far smaller, red sparks dusting the surface as she employed her old trick to lower the alcohol content.

RE: Tower of Wonder - Steve Rogers - 05-24-2017

Tower of Wonder

Steve grunted quietly in response to Wanda’s assurance that he likely did make many wrong decisions, but he did think so, so he couldn’t blame her for it. Besides, it was nice to be seen as human with faults who could make mistakes. It was actually refreshing. “Yes, she’s quite young.” With her father? Steve winced, but nodded; he wouldn’t mention that his Wanda and Pietro had lost their parents in Sokovia. That seemed unnecessarily cruel.

With a grimace and a sigh, Steve nodded slowly, “I don’t know that I’d classify him at that point, he drinks more than he should, but he can stop himself, too. Still, I wouldn’t be shocked to hear it.” Steve’s eyes went wide, “He… Lost the company?” He couldn’t imagine Tony without SI. “And I- He helped Tony?” Great friends in every world. Steve stood, eyes ahead, but not looking at their surroundings. “The last time Tony came to me for help, I said something hurtful and left. I was angry, not at what he wanted, or even what he had offered, but because he had Wanda, our Wanda, confined to the Avenger’s compound. For safety.”

”I wouldn’t want to break up the set.”

He hated that sentence. God, how much he hated it. And then Wanda had his head snapping over to Wanda again. “Married?! We… They, the us in another universe, got married??” Antonia Stark. Tony as a woman? That was… He couldn’t really picture it, not entirely. Steve looked at Wanda in shock for another moment before he laughed, the sound lighter than he’d sounded in months. “Oh, is that all it would have taken?” He couldn’t help but to chuckle at the implication that if Tony Stark and Steve Rogers got married, it would stop people from fighting so much. Who would even believe that in his world? Who could even start to imagine it? Probably none of them, really. “Well, it probably beat Natasha continuously trying to set me up.”

Cousin. Oh, poor Bruce, he had to feel so guilty about it. Nodding to Wanda’s explanation about the mansion, Steve looked around, “I’ve never been here. I didn’t even know he had a place like this. I suppose I don’t know my Tony as well as all those other Steves knew their Tonys.”

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

RE: Tower of Wonder - Wanda Maximoff - 05-24-2017

“Thirty years Steve.” Wanda shook her head with a soft smile, “more than that for the two of you.” Wanda poked his chest eyes gleaming with humor. “That's only a little less than you've been alive young man. Gives you a whole other insight into a man when you fight at his side for that long.”

Case in point; “My Tony Stark has lost I believe four companies, or given them away since I've known him, currently he's CEO of Stark Resilient-” Wanda chuckled “Never subtle is Tony.”

Wanda sighed setting down the tumblr in front of him, “I wasn't there but I heard that here, in our home Steve beat the ever living fuck-” she used the swear intentionally, brutally. “Out of Tony when he came to talk about the Act. An un armored Tony.” Wanda touched her glass to his. “Everyone fucks up hard Steve, I killed Clint and that's one of my lesser sins.” She knew there was a Clint in his world, he'd mentioned him in passing.

All it would have taken? Wanda’s eyebrows rose at his casual amusement, “Oh? Would that have been an option for you?” Between Sharon, Rumiko, Pepper and even his flings Wanda had never seen the pair as anything other than brothers.

“Your Tony might not have.” Wanda glanced around thinking how much it had changed in the decades since she'd first lived there. “Jarvis once mentioned that before the Avengers Tony hadn't stepped foot in here since before his parents died. He had it as the headquarters of the Maria Stark Foundation.”

RE: Tower of Wonder - Steve Rogers - 05-25-2017

Tower of Wonder

Thirty years. As much as he tried to picture being part of the Avengers for that long, Steve just couldn’t. Not for a lack of wanting it to happen, but… Were the Avengers even really a thing anymore? Not the way he knew them, no, and… When Wanda (of all people) called him ‘young man’ he chuckled, “I was born in 1918, Ms. Maximoff. I’m hardly what most people would call young.”

Four companies? God, Tony. Stark Resilient. “Not so much, no. I think he’d have gone with a different color scheme if he were ever interested in being subtle. But he is resilient, so I for one think it’s a fitting name for his company. Hopefully he’ll keep this one.”

”...Steve beat the ever living fuck out of Tony…”

Those were the only words Steve heard about that. And then she mentioned that Tony had been unarmored. Steve jerked backwards at the statement, at the memory and the thought of what could have happened had Tony not been in his suit, and what he had done even with the suit on, and… But Wanda wasn’t giving him very much time to process that. She dropped another bomb. Clint. She had killed Clint. One of her LESSER sins?! Steve looked at her, horrified, both because of what he remembered doing, and what Wanda was claiming to have happened in her world. “I… I’m sorry.” He couldn’t think of anything else to say, any way to explain that he was thankful that those things hadn’t happened in his world.

An option? Steve blinked at Wanda, then shrugged, “I… Don’t even know. What I do know is that it doesn’t seem worse than what happened.”

Might not have. And she was talking about Jarvis, and Steve closed his eyes. “I don’t know. What I do know is that Edwin Jarvis died years ago in my world, Wanda,” he kept his voice soft, respectful, “I never had the honor of meeting him. I’m a little bit glad for that, because if he knew what I’ve done, he wouldn’t like me much. But the JARVIS I knew was an AI that Tony made years before I knew him. We lost JARVIS when Ultron came into being. He… Killed him. What was left of JARVIS melded with a robotic body and became Vision…” He opened his eyes and looked at the woman with him, “It was hard on Tony.” It had not been easy for any of them, but Steve couldn’t imagine how difficult it had to be for Tony.

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”