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Life is But a Dream - Steve Rogers - 04-20-2018

Steve couldn't remember a time since before the war that he'd been so happy. Waking up with Tony in bed next to him, warm and relaxed, it was something he had dreamt about in the past after the Battle Of New York and even after finding Bucky and fighting Ultron. A dream that he had thought died in Siberia. Maybe before Siberia, even, but he had never really thought it would be possible after that had happened. They'd been friends once, and as much as Steve had longed to get that back, when he'd had it it had never been enough.

It hadn't been what Steve had truly wanted. Or not all he had wanted.

He woke and it was still too early to rouse Tony, so he let the engineer sleep, getting up and dressed, heading to the gym. Some mornings he ran, today he just worked in the gym with Tadashi, trading banter and advice before he returned to the penthouse to shower.

Then it was time to start the day. Breakfast. Steve carefully had the first pancakes nearly done when he turned the coffee maker on; it was a sure way to pull Tony out of bed under the man's own power rather than having to wake him up.

Steve was smiling as he flipped the pancakes onto a plate with some bacon, setting it on the table with maple syrup and butter.

RE: Life is But a Dream - Tony Stark - 04-20-2018

„Why are you a morning person?“ Tony crawled into the kitchen, draping himself over the mountain that he could (again?) call his. Tony made sad grabby hands for the coffee pot, unwilling to move from his spot attached to his personal blonde Hercules.

Tony‘s eyes drifted shut, opening and closing lazily as the warmth of Steve tempted him to fall asleep again standing up. Tony Stark did not sleep well, even now his dreams were not always the best, so when he actually woke of his own Implus he was driven to return to that state of contentment, and leaning on Steve? That was a damn safe place to lay his head.

Nose twitching at the food, Tony burrowed further into Steve‘s side, big breakfast? Nope, coffee and Cap for him and Tony could face the day just damn fine.

The Soul Stone gave the user their perfect life, feeding off their energy as it stored them deep with in its power. And for the two avengers...this was what they wanted in their heart of hearts.

RE: Life is But a Dream - Steve Rogers - 04-20-2018


What did Steve Rogers want most in the world? In the multiverse? A life of his own, to share with Tony. Sure, if he looked too closely at this life, at the perfection of it, at just how damn happy he was, then just maybe Steve would have saw it for the lie it was. But that was the thing, wasn’t it? When you were happy, when you were relaxed and comfortable and well and truly happy, you didn’t look too closely. When things felt good and right and full to bursting in your chest, you didn’t stop and question it; you accepted it, you smiled and closed your eyes as the person you loved snuggled close to you and made whimpering noises they probably didn’t realize they were making while looking longingly at the coffee pot. “I’m not a morning person, but I guess I don’t need as much sleep as you do.”

The chuckle didn’t so much as emanate from Steve as it did rumble in his chest, a low sound, a gentle shake of his shoulders as he leaned forward to pour Tony a cup of coffee, dark and hot, all while leaning to drop a kiss on the man’s temple, “It probably would be faster and easier if you’d just use your words, you know.” Tony didn’t sleep well, and they both knew it, but Steve wasn’t blessed with only good dreams either. One of the many reasons he woke up early was because of his dreams… Bucky and the train, the ice… (Siberia, but that thought never crossed his mind just now) he had his own ghosts.

“Come on, Tony. Cup of coffee, and then… Something. You need to eat something.” If Tony wanted something different, Steve would make it for him, and he figured Tony knew that. It didn’t have to be a lot, some bacon, a pancake, a piece of fruit, an egg, anything, and Steve would be content with it. Coffee on its own just wasn’t breakfast…

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

RE: Life is But a Dream - Tony Stark - 04-20-2018

„Mehp.“ Tony huffed out the noise at Steve, he could communicate just fine with his huffing thank you! Clearly or he wouldn’t be cradling a tasty tasty beverage of life.

Tony chortled into his prize mug, plus his pillow was now vibrating, which was all the win.

If we were being very honest, if Tony didn’t have some nightmares, if he didn’t still have scars, if he didn’t still randomly burn himself in the lab Tony would fight the unreality of this existence. He needed his pain, he didn’t understand a life with out it,

„Meh.“ tony tucked himself in tighter to the super soldier smiling to himself as he thwarted his need to feed Tony. „You remember that i don’t have an enhanced metabolism right? And at my age I can be perfectly happy with my green shakes and dinner.“ Which was tonight, a charity event.

Tony was looking forward to dressing Steve up in a tux.

Oh yes yes he was.

RE: Life is But a Dream - Steve Rogers - 04-21-2018


Uh huh. Luckily, Steve was already fairly adept at understanding Tony’s huffing and gesturing, otherwise it would be a whole lot more difficult to understand him in the mornings. It also helped that Steve knew how important coffee was to a not-fully-awake Tony Stark. (Which was all-important, obviously.) His ego was boosted slightly to know that he apparently ranked up there fairly high, seeing as Tony had made grabby hands at the coffee pot but hadn’t moved from Steve’s side.

Steve wasn’t above admitting, at least to himself, that that felt pretty darn great.

Neither of them would feel right or whole in a world where there were no bumps or problems. The world, life, was full of those little things that went wrong. Nights with bad dreams and nightmares, moments of insecurity or uncertainty, stubbing your toe… These were all little things that reminded you that you were alive, that you were real.

The urge to card his fingers through Tony’s hair was strong, and Steve didn’t even try to resist it; he was careful, gentle about it even as he chuckled, “I remember, yes. But you do your level best to keep pace with a super soldier, Tony. Which means you need to eat to keep your energy up.” Steve reached to the large plate that held the bacon and picked out a strip, offering it to Tony, “If you try to live on green shakes, dinner, and coffee, you’re going to fall asleep awfully fast at night.”

The charity event tonight. No, Steve hadn’t forgotten about it. He just wasn’t really thinking about it. He was, in fact, avoiding that train of thought, because no, he wasn’t looking forward to it. A necessary evil, the saying went…

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

RE: Life is But a Dream - Tony Stark - 04-23-2018

Of course he hadn|t moved! He might be arguably mentally bent, but he wasn’t insane! This was the litteral embodiment of human perfection! He’d be good with slowly starving to death if it meant getting to stay right where he was.

(And curled up on an old couch, his bots at his feet, Steve under his cheek, that was exactly what would happen.)

“Yeah about keeping up with a super soldier..” Tony shook his head at the pancakes, reluctantly snagging some bacon before returning to the nest he was making in Steve’s shirt with his coffee and strip, “You don’t want a pudgey iron man, trust me. Not a good look.”

Where as Steve dreaded the event Tony was looking forward to it, even if he personally detested them it was an excuse to dress Steve up and dance, which he knew his shy super soldier adored. He just never let himself loose.

Tony’s hand sneaked out to grab a slice of pineapple, maintaining eye contact with Steve as he bit into it with mischievous glee.

Hey if he had to eat might as well make his bribe clear!


RE: Life is But a Dream - Steve Rogers - 04-26-2018


Steve, didn't mind that Tony wasn't moving. He moved to put an arm loosely around Tony, helping keep the smaller man stable but not holding him in play either. And he would make sure Tony didn't starve to death. either.

The fact that Tony was, even if reluctantly, eating a piece of bacon? Steve would count that as a win. At least, for now. "Oh, I said nothing of letting you get pudgy, Tony. Just means you'll need a little more exercise."

Neither of them liked these sorts of functions. Dinner and mingling with people who were out of his class, who schmoozed and... It made Steve uncomfortable put him, out of his element. He would much rather just stay at home, order in Chinese or pizza, and watch a movie. on the couch with Tony. Now that sounded like a nice night! But he would go to the charity thing with Tony, and hope for a movie on the couch after. As Tony knew. Steve would go, and as much as he loathed the extra attention, the mingling, and the dressing up, he would indeed enjoy the dancing.

Watching Tony snag the piece of pineapple, slew grinned. He'd happily bribe Tony to keep the genius healthy and happy. It was a price he was ecstatic to pay. While Tony ate his pineapple, Steve ate pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Wordlessly, he topped off Tony's mug and his own before pulling the plate of bacon closer to him, and to Tony.

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

RE: Life is But a Dream - Tony Stark - 05-02-2018

Ever had a dream so good you never wanted it to end? Yeah Tony was right there. This might be reality but damn if it didn‘t feel surreal sometimes, just how perfect things between he and Steve were.

Tony could almost hear his super soilder fretting about him starving, which was patiently rediculuous. He had survived this long hadn‘t he? He was a grown ass man that could take care of himself.

Which didn‘t mean he minded being fussed over, especially by a blonde hunk of man. Well a specific blonde hunk.

Tony adjusted the bow tie around Steve‘s throat, „How exactly did you grow up in the 30s and not learn how to do this?“ He snarked with his trademark humor. Giving the black cloth one final pat, dress shoes squeaking as he came off his toes (damn tall super soldiers) „Come on kiddo. Let me show you how to smooze.“ Tony grinned putting on his best Tony Stark (™) smile in place, the only difference was that this time there was actual happiness in his eyes behind the practiced expression.

The red carpet line was expected and Tony hammed it up, letting Steve fade into the background (as much as Captain America could) Throwing finger guns at the Iron America signs held high behind the press line.

RE: Life is But a Dream - Steve Rogers - 05-12-2018


This, right here, was worth living for. Steve had wondered, on more than one occasion, just what it was that he was fighting for. Not in the general sort of way, he knew that he was fighting for the rights of the people, of his country, of his world… But now, he had more to fight for. Something of his own to protect.


So yes, he fussed over and watched and cared for Tony Stark. He made sure the other man ate, made sure he slept, and did everything he could to keep him happy. To keep the both of them happy.


Shooting Tony a shit eating grin, Steve shrugged slightly, “I never said I didn’t know how to do it…” He reached to touch the bow tie and dragging his fingers along Tony’s for a moment, “But I wasn’t going to say no when you said you’d tie it for me.”

Schmooze. For Tony, he’d go the party, and he’d do his best to be Steve Rogers, Captain America. For Tony. The smile that Tony put on might have bothered Steve (he knew the public smile versus the private one) but for the fact that it reached Tony’s eyes. And that made all the difference in the world.

Tony stepped in to take the spotlight, and Steve took half a step back, smiling and greeting people, individuals. He was Captain America; he greeted the little old ladies, the young people. He smiled almost shyly at the reporters all while standing tall and putting on his serious face. The face of Captain America. The face of the man who told young people not to do drugs and to be patient. He might not have the attention that Tony had, but he wasn’t really able to fade into the background, either.

Once they had made it mostly down the line, Steve offered Tony his arm, turning to wave at the crowd of people holding the Iron America signs. He tipped his head toward Tony, smiling, “I think they approve, don’t you?” Without pausing, he reached to lift Tony’s hand up, pressing a kiss to the engineer’s knuckles, “Not that it really matters.”

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”

RE: Life is But a Dream - Tony Stark - 05-16-2018

Iron America, Tony grinned for the flashing lights; the truth was he should be terrified what he was planning should have been the scariest damn thing he’d ever tried.

Tony held out his hand expecting, knowing that he wouldn’t be let down. “So Steve.” Tony could have arranged a private dinner, island, rented out coney island, instead in typical Tony vashion he picked likely the most inappropriate moment to drop to one knee.

“I should be scared.” Tony lifted the small black box, fine lines creasing around his suspiciously damp eyes with the smile that he couldn’t stop if he wanted to. “But for the first time in my life…” Tony brought Steve’s hand to his neck to feel the even thump of his heart beat. “I know what i believe in. And-” cracking open the box one handed Tony offered his everything up to the one man he’d always in every universe fallen in love with. “I believe in you.”

RE: Life is But a Dream - Steve Rogers - 05-17-2018


The signs gave Steve a very warm feeling; he was happy when he saw how thoroughly the public had embraced the relationship he had with Tony. This was the life they’d both chosen, what made them both happiest, and while things weren’t always easy, they were always good. Tony smiled for the cameras, Steve smiled for Tony, for their fans.

Tony expected, and he knew that Steve would be right there. Steve never hesitated, and smiled as they walked, unsuspecting of Tony’s plans.

If you would have asked Steve, he would have told you his idea of the perfect proposal would have been alone, just the two of them. Maybe on Tony’s ratty old couch in his workshop… If it had to be in front of people, it would have been in front of the Avengers, their family. But this? He would never have thought it - this idea, in front of everyone, would never have crossed his mind as a place to propose, or be proposed to.

It was perfect. It was very Tony, but most of all, Steve hadn’t seen it coming. He knew the moment that the black box came out what was happening, the concern that Tony might not be okay fleeing his expression, leaving only surprise and wonder on the super soldier’s face. ”You never have to be scared…” Steve trailed off, his eyes widening at the sight of the box in Tony’s hands. And what the man said… Tony’s pulse might be steady, but Steve’s definitely was not.

”Tony, I--”

He didn’t finish his statement, as suddenly everything shifted and Steve ‘woke up’.

“That’s not going away anytime soon.”