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If Wishes Were Horses.... - Jaya - 01-13-2018

Jaya examined the device that had dropped onto the counter. At first, she'd thought it was a simple dermal regenerator, useful, but nothing special. A closer look revealed that this one would handle any sort of injury, including internal ones. This was a wonderful thing, and one that was much more valuable than the pile of gold that had apparently been dropped in the laps of Nala and the strange Orion, whoever he was. Not that she disliked gold and jewels, far from it, but she had plenty of those, and would get more, and it would take a great deal of gold to buy a device like this. With McCoy dead, this insured that she'd always have access to modern medical care, without having to go through the portal and transfer to the Orion ship that was on picket duty by the portal. Smiling, she slid it into the place that, until a moment ago, had held the bag of gold.

The second item was a moonstone, one that, apparently, granted wishes. Jaya held it in her hand, looking down at it. She wasn't sure that she believed in wishes, or in magic, or trusted what would happen if she did make the wish. Nevertheless, almost unbidden, the words came to her lips "I wish that there was a way for me to be with Remy, that I didn't need to find a patron or a husband." she said, speaking Orion. The stone evidently understood, because it vanished with a little 'pop'.

The effect of the third card was less obvious, at least at first, but as she turned to walk over to where Nala was standing, she realized that she felt less tired than she had a moment before, and that the slight strain she'd been feeling in her lower back had gone away. Evidently the card had boosted her constitution, which was very welcome, given that the line of work she was in could be very demanding.

Over all, she thought as she walked over to Nala, it had been a very profitable and worthwhile purchase. "So, what did you get?" she asked her cousin, and then added "And who are you, handsome?" she asked, smiling at the Orion man "Did you just arrive? I didn't realize that there were more people coming in through the portal."

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Taarus - 01-13-2018

Taarus had his new gun strapped over his back where he could draw it quickly. He didn’t think he was going to need it any time soon, of course, but it wouldn’t exactly look good to not have it ready to use while he was carrying it. The bag of jewelry was clinking away in a pouch on his belt, but he figured that would be dealt with sometime when they got to… well, wherever Nala was taking him. He was playing this more or less by ear, the situation not being even remotely what he was used to.

He noticed the other woman approaching by the scent on the air first, but he didn’t turn toward her until Nala stopped to talk to her. She was beautiful, of course, both of them were. His place was fairly clear, though, so he had to watch himself. She had the air of someone in control, which could be a problem if he didn’t try to keep his head around her. Her question, though, he couldn’t politely ignore, could he? He nodded, indicating Nala. “She brought me,” he said, since that was really the entirety of his understanding of how it worked. “Just a little while ago.” Then, he shot Nala an inquisitive look. “Portal?”

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Nala - 01-13-2018

Nala smiled at her cousin and pulled her leg up behind her over her shoulder. " I believe I'm even more flexible than previously." She offered. Glancing at Taarus she smiled slightly. "And him. This is Taarus." Nala remarked in way of introduction.

Smiling politely at Taarus, she waved a hand at Jaya. "This is my cousin Jaya." She nodded at the question as well. "Yes- There is a portal to our home universe located in our borough. I do not know whether or not you originate from our universe as well."

"Do you suppose we have a place we can have him stay, Cousin?"

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Jaya - 01-13-2018

"We have plenty of space in the family quarters." Jaya said to Nala, smiling a little at the way that her cousin showed off her new physical abilities "When we get back, you can ask Kaalth can prepare a room for him." granted, she could also ask Kaalth to do that herself, but now that he was with Nala it was only polite to have her manage him.

"You're welcome to stay as long as you like, Taarus." she said, addressing the man directly "This place is called 'The Hub', its a nexus between different parts of the multiverse." the fact that he was carrying a modern weapon with such ease told her that he must be from a time period that was close to their own, and so should understand at least the basic concepts. "There is a portal, like a wormhole, that connects our area to the end on the other side. There is an Orion ship there, if you wish to return to your home."

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Taarus - 01-14-2018

Taarus couldn’t help casting an appreciative gaze over Nala as she showed off her newly-increased flexibility. That… that was impressive, and yes, it did give him all kinds of ideas. As far as her prizes, though… Taarus glanced into the bag of treasure, picking a thick ring out of it, then handed the rest over to her. She’d said something about buying into the family business, after all. “And this,” he added, letting her take the pouch. What did he need all of that for, after all? One piece as a trophy was good enough for him.

It was good to know that there was a way home, he supposed, but it wasn’t exactly relevant to him now. He’d just gotten here for one thing. For another thing… “I don’t think that I would have been brought here if I was supposed to leave.” He shot Nala a bit of a half-smile at that. He didn’t like bringing all of the subservient ‘whatever you wish, mistress’ stuff into things, but really, that was what it came down to, he supposed. She was the boss… and when you got down to it, who wouldn’t want a boss that looked like that? “Somewhere to sleep would probably be good, though, yeah,” he said, though he was addressing Nala more than Jaya with that.

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Nala - 01-14-2018

Nala smiled with gratitude at him- tying the pouch to her waist despite the weight of it- She refused to let her cousin see her as weak. Nodding along with his statement she offered an amused smile at Taarus. "We can arrange that. We can always use another bouncer, can't we cousin?" She said softly to Jaya, enjoying the way the other woman seemed incapable of processing that Taarus was there willingly.

Of course, if Kaalth were anywhere near, Nala would be much more hesitant- but then... she wasn't doing anything wrong. She wasn't supplying him with false flirtation- she was taunting her cousin- and alright she may appreciate his aesthetics- but he didn't smell as good as Kaalth did.

It probably wasn't a great sign that she was rambling about this to herself. "Do you mind if we continue this conversation on the way back to the club? I rather feel that we're intruding on the plans going on in here." She offered with a small nod at the folks contemplating their weapons and the like.

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Jaya - 01-14-2018

Jaya raised an eyebrow as Taarus nonchalantly handed over a moderate fortune in gold to Nala. It seemed that her cousin had another admirer. Nala was worth admiring, of course-Jaya had no problem admitting that her cousin was quite lovely-they did come from the same gene pool, after all, but it was a bit unfair that Nala was getting all the attention from the eligible Orion men in the area. Yes, granted, she hadn't been interested in Kaalth, and didn't know enough about this man to know if she'd accept him as a suitor or not, but it was the principle of the thing.

"Yes, we could use another bouncer." Jaya said, smiling at Taarus, increasing her pheromone production just a little, enough to encourage him to focus on her, and not on her cousin. "Yes, lets head to the Green Goddess, and we can get Taarus up to speed on the way." she said, and soon the three of them were heading out of the shop and towards the club.

"As you can see-" she said, indicating the people on the street "Most of the people here are Terrans, although there are some from other species as well. The tech level of their worlds varies a lot, everything from stone tools to technology that is about equal to what you're used to. Including you, there are only six Orions, all of us work at the Green Goddess, which is the club that I own. I made it shortly after I arrived in the Hub, I got here when the shuttle I was on accidentally flew through a portal. Right now its a small operation, but we hope to expand, since it gives the Orion Syndicate a foothold here, and offers the chance to expand into other worlds as well." by now, Taarus would no doubt notice that neither she and Nala were playing the role of seductive, brainless pleasure objects that Orion women usually affected in public, and wondered if he would remark on that.

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Taarus - 01-15-2018

There was something going on between the two women, and Taarus was reasonably sure it didn’t have a lot to do with him. He was a new addition to this situation, and this had all the smell of a family power struggle thing going on. Not that he was adverse to being fought over, but it was admittedly a somewhat dangerous prospect if he encouraged them too much. Probably, that wasn’t going to be a huge risk, they didn’t seem too interested in him specifically.

“I can be a bouncer,” he said, truthfully enough. It wouldn’t be the hardest job he’d done by a longshot, he was more than capable of putting any troublemaker on his ass. He studied this new woman, the one who was suddenly smelling much more appealing… not that she hadn’t smelled appealing to start with. Yes, this was going to be… tumultuous, that was the best word for it, he thought. He took a minute to just take in the scent, comparing the two, trying to keep his reaction to himself… or at least to not make it clear which woman he was reacting to. The last thing he needed now was a female angry that he was showing a preference to the other one’s charms.

He couldn’t help himself when she talked about how she’d accidentally gotten here, he looked over at Jaya with a raised eyebrow. “And what does the Syndicate have planned for this place?” There were only six of them here… this was either a very deep cover, hushed up job, or it was something that hadn’t been presented to the Syndicate yet for approval. It had only been a short while, by her admission, but the Trade ought to be coming through here soon, shouldn’t it? “I suppose that this place would show a lot of promise. How many worlds have we spread into yet?”

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Nala - 01-15-2018

Completely annoyed with her cousin, Nala boosted her scent as well- not going so far as to choke the man between the two walls of pheromones, but enough that Jaya wouldn't think Nala was backing down. "Then it's settled." She replied softly to Taarus' comment but directing the words at her cousin. If Jaya thought Nala was a pushover- she obviously hadn't been paying attention.

Nala hummed in reply to his question- amused that he had listened to Jaya but not seemed to take in much of the information. Kaalth may be at times simple- but he crossed the logical hurdles much more easily. "As my cousin said, thus far there are only six of us- and only four of those are here under direction from the syndicate. Non-Orions have shown knowledge of our universe and ways- as such, the syndicate operates relatively openly. We are currently building relations with a few powerful folk to start the process towards expanding to new worlds." She explained smoothly they walked, expecting that to be enough answer- though she'd be unsurprised if Jaya had more to say.

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Jaya - 01-15-2018

For a moment, Jaya was tempted to increase her pheromone production, but she didn't want the poor man to be overwhelmed. Even so, she couldn't help but shoot her cousin an annoyed look. Nala already had a fine, reliable Orion man wrapped around her fingers, she certainly didn't need another one. Not that Jaya was entirely certain she wanted Taarus, but he did look like a fine specimen, and even if she decided she wasn't interested, there was Padma to think about. The point was that Nala had no reason to be selfish.

"We'll be glad to have you." Jaya said, addressing Taarus directly "You'll get room and board, and be allowed to keep all of your tips. We can also arrange for a salary as well, if the earnings from tips aren't enough." A reasonable offer, at least when made to a unrelated man with few other prospects. Of course he'd be within his rights to insist on pay, and might do so, if only so that he'd be able to offer gifts to the woman he was courting.

"As my cousin said," Jaya gave a small nod in Nala's direction "Its early days as yet, and there are established players within the Hub-so we're moving carefully." she suspected that he'd rather go in and take over the competition, busting heads if needed. Which was why men weren't allowed to do the important planning " The Syndicate is still evaluating the possible uses for the Hub. Many of the worlds are rather low tech, so trading with them is a different prospect than within our universe. Its clear that the main trade will be in art and luxury goods, and deciding which of those to export into our universe will take time. The Syndicate is also deciding which worlds will be easiest to expand into, and which will be worth the effort. Many of these worlds are pre-Contact, which further complicates things. So, at the moment we're investigating, reporting back, and expanding our influence within the Hub."

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Taarus - 01-16-2018

And here was one of the reasons that it was bad to get between two feuding females. It was getting hard to think, much less make a good impression, with the pheromones that were flying around. The only thing maintaining him right now was his very distinct knowledge that it would be bad to let them get the better of him. He’d been summoned here by Nala, and he knew in his bones that that was important, something he had to uphold. He couldn’t piss her off by succumbing to Jaya’s allures, and pissing Jaya off by making it obvious how well Nala could besot him would probably result in her taking it out on Nala, which would be bad too.

Things were so much simpler when he was a soldier.

Still, their explanations (assuming they were truthful, and with all those pheromones flying around he wasn’t going to try to figure out if someone was lying) gave him the information he’d been prodding for. This wasn’t an actual Syndicate operation, not yet. It was still forming, still developing, which meant that first of all, these weren’t Syndicate power-players he really needed to be afraid of. Well, more afraid of, assuming they weren’t dangerous was just stupid, and while he was off-balance, he wasn’t stupid… despite what he might decide to let anyone think. It also meant that he was on the ground floor for what promised to be a very profitable operation. The operation would have its very messy times, more than likely… which were what he specialized in. They’d know when to use him for that, he trusted. Nala had already gotten a decent look at what he could do.

“I don’t need much,” he said, more or less agreeably when they described what sort of setup he could have. It all sounded fine… if he needed more money, he could always take out a little merc work here and there. Hell, if he needed some fun, he could do that, too. “I spent seven years as an agent in the Klingon military rank. You get used to doing with less in there.” More important than having things was having the presence of mind to keep cool under strange conditions and to know when to be ruthless, or when to call on that odd Klingon concept of honor that he’d had to learn. Besides... it was sort of pointless to insist on more money from them when he'd be expected to flatter them and use the money for presents for the females. Better to plan to find his own means on the side.

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Jaya - 01-17-2018

Jaya's estimation of the man's capabilities went up considerably as he casually mentioned that he'd served on a Klingon vessel. The Orion Syndicate only had a handful of men who worked as agents, and the ones who went to serve on Klingon vessels-a practice which did a great deal to cement the ties between the Orion Syndicate and the Klingon Empire, where the toughest, both mentally and physically. One of her worries, ever since she'd opened up the Green Goddess, was that she'd have to deal with a direct, frontal attack, which she would be ill-equipped to handle. With Taarus around, well, things were considerably safer.

"Its a deal, then. As soon as we get to the Green Goddess, I'll hand you over to Kaalth, and he can get you settled." after a few more minutes of walking, they arrived at the club, and stepped inside. It was a fairly typical Orion operation-a stage, which was surrounded by low, comfortable seating, along with tables and chairs for those who preferred not to lounge, and a bar at the other end of the club. There were three sets of doors besides the entrance-one that lead back to the private rooms, one that lead into the kitchen, from which one reached the family quarters, and then a third door which just lead to the storage area behind the bar. "Welcome to the Green Goddess." she said to Taarus.

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Nala - 01-17-2018

Nala had to bite her lip to stop from laughing at the combined scent of arousal, confusion, and distress- funny considering her response to a similar scent from Kaalth had her in tears- and him shortly after in her bed. Thinking of Kaalth made a soft smile appear on her face before she wondered again how hurt he might be when she returned home with a different man trailing behind her.

Jaya mentioned Nala's paramour and Nala's heart clenched automatically. Her throat closed up as it occured to her exactly how it would seem to Kaalth if they came in as they were. With that thought in mind, she cut off her scent abruptly- She had no desire to actually flirt with Taarus- and his scent of arousal would speak too many volumes as it were. Swallowing hard she smiled at Taarus as they approached the building.

"Kaalth is from a different time period- 500 years before our time." She offered softly in a form of preparation- which is to say she had no desire for him to say something stupid about Kaalth's level of knowledge. She'd be obligated to be an asshole then- solely for defending her-... She wasn't sure boyfriend was the right word? The man courting her.

As the door opened, her nostrils flared slightly as a smile grew. Running around the other two, she threw her arms around Kaalth's neck and pressed a kiss to the side of it- happily inhaling his scent as she did so. "Hi." She murmured with a smile.

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Kaalth - 01-17-2018

Kaalth was heading to the kitchen to pick up the rest of the clean glassware, when Nala ran over and wrapped herself around him. The enthusiasm of her greeting was very welcome, if a little unexpected-they'd seen each other just a few hours before, but he wasn't going to complain. Not in the slightest. Instead he pressed a kiss to the side of her neck, savoring the scent that was uniquely her.

"Hello." he said, smiling at her. It was then that he noticed the two people who'd witnessed their greeting. Jaya he knew, but the Orion man next to her was a stranger, probably someone that the Orion Syndicate had sent in. Kaalth's nostril's flared a little as he tried to get the man's scent, it was difficult, with his attention on Nala, so he didn't pick up anything other than the other man's confusion, which was natural, since he was in a unfamiliar place, and the fact that he didn't seem to be related to either Nala or Jaya. Perhaps he was a suitor of Jaya's that would explain the 'come hither' pheromones that the woman was producing.

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Taarus - 01-17-2018

Taarus’s quick look around the Goddess told him what he needed to know. It was a standard business layout for this sort of business, and he’d have to spend quite a bit of time mapping out possible entrances and making sure they were secure. It was probably overkill, yes, but you never knew when someone was going to make a play when you were in the Orion Syndicate. Sudden threats could come frequently from without or within.

He had to wonder exactly what someone from the relative dark ages was going to do to settle him in, of course. When he saw who they were referring to, though, it became a little more clear. This man was obviously the housekeeper, taking care of the cleaning and such, and so he’d obviously be the one in charge of setting a room up for him. Granted, why Nala was greeting him so… warmly was strange. It wasn’t unexpected, though, he supposed. Good help was hard to find, you had to keep them happy, and some women would rather have a Beta-male if they wanted an easy time. Whatever.

“Hello,” he said, giving the other man a sharp nod. “I’m Nala’s new enforcer. Jaya said you’d get me settled in.” Quick and to the point, with no bullshit posturing. It could either be a sign of respect, or a sign that Taarus just didn’t feel threatened.

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Jaya - 01-17-2018

Jaya noticed when Nala stopped trying to encourage Taarus, and wondered if that meant she had decided that she wasn't interested in the man, or if it meant that Nala didn't want to complicate things by letting Kaalth know that he had a rival. Men didn't tend to be very reasonable when there was a rival for the affections of the woman they were courting, and given the size of the operation, open conflict between two of the three Orion men in the Hub would be a serious problem. Especially since she was quite confident that Taarus would probably wipe the floor with Kaalth if it came down to a physical altercation. Thankfully, Taarus introduced himself without any posturing, although indicating that he would be taking orders from Nala was, perhaps, not the best way to have phrased things.

"Taarus has been, um, assigned here." Jaya said, trying to smooth things and avoid confrontation "He'll be under Nala's supervision, and will be staying in the family quarters. He doesn't have any gear or clothing other than what you see, so once you find a room for him, and show him around the place, please give him directions to the bazaar." she knew that Taarus was a completely modern, liberated man, and one who'd spent a decent number of years living among Klingons, so it was likely that he'd feel a certain amount of disdain for a man who had chosen a more traditional role, and she wanted to make it clear that Kaalth was directly responsible for the day to day running of the the "back of the house", including the family quarters. A position that was worthy of respect, since without Kaalth's hard work things wouldn't run nearly as smoothly.

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Nala - 01-18-2018

Nala smiled softly as Kaalth kissed her neck- she had been so flustered when he had first done similar- but she had grown accustomed to it- even appreciative of the way he worshiped her scent. That didn't stop her from wincing with annoyance at Taarus' introduction.

It wasn't that she begrudged him the right to speak his mind- not even remotely- but the fact that he said things the way he did? Nala sighed slightly. "Which is Jaya's polite way of saying that I went and drew cards from the deck of magic that people have been talking about- one of them brought Taarus into the hub." She explained after a moment- she could toe the line, be untruthful- but knowing solely how much it had hurt her when she found out Kaalth's untruth? She had no desire to do the same. It may not be wholly comfortable for him- but then Kaalth was still the one she took to her bed. Nala assumed that would be enough reassurance for him.

Turning into Kaalth's side, such that she could stay partially in his arms while still being able to speak to the others with relative ease. "He's going to be starting here as a bouncer- It is, of course, up to you whether you'd like to show him the ropes- or you'd like Jax too."

She smiled at Taarus- she thought it conveyed pride- but she supposed that it could be interpreted as flirtation. Which was certainly not what she was trying to show- Not in front of Kaalth. "In case it weren't obvious Taarus, this is Kaalth. Kaalth- this is Taarus."

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Kaalth - 01-18-2018

"Oh." Kaalth said, processing the information. Well that explained why Taarus had decided that he should be taking his orders from Nala. Kaalth just hoped that Taarus didn't decide that the fact that Nala had called him to the Hub meant that the two of them were destined to be together, or anything like that. He didn't want to get into a fight with Taarus, who was bigger, and looked like he was probably a lot better at brawling, and somehow he thought that Taarus was the kind of guy who'd rather discourage a rival by kicking his ass as often as was needed, rather than getting into a competition over who could give the most lavish gifts. "Well, people come to the Hub all kinds of ways. Welcome, Taarus." he said, deciding to be gracious. At least for the moment. Not that deciding to be gracious was going to make him move away from Nala, and he kept his arm around her, making it as clear as possible that they were an item, and that if Taarus was looking for a woman to court he should look elsewhere.

"Probably both of us will." Kaalth said "But I don't mind giving you a tour and showing you the basics." he added, looking at Taarus "Jax is a Terran, but he's still a good bouncer." muscle wasn't everything, after all, and Jax was good at handling people. Kaalth knew he didn't have the same gifts, but he was, he had no problem admitting, on the shy side.

"Good to meet you." Kaalth said, nodding politely in greeting.

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Taarus - 01-20-2018

However strange he might have found them at first, Taarus had taken the Klingon views of honor (by necessity) to heart. On Qo’nos, he’d seen the way that farmers, warriors, merchants, all the necessary strata of society interacting. He didn’t have any problems with someone who operated inside their role. The problems usually came when people tried to operate outside those roles. He was a warrior, he wasn’t going to pretend that he was meant for subterfuge or diplomacy. Likewise, a laborer shouldn’t attempt to try to be aggressive or intimidating. Kaalth wasn’t doing that yet, so Taarus didn’t see any problems with the other man yet. "Good to meet you, too." Of course, whether it stayed that way was completely up in the air...

Taarus didn’t really care for his arrival being degraded to ‘I drew a card,’ but he couldn’t really argue when it really was the way that it happened. It didn’t, however, convey the fact that of all the people in the universe that could have been called here, he had been the one that was picked for her. That had to mean something more than just ‘I drew a card,’ didn’t it? But she didn’t want to upset the help, so he wasn’t going to make a fuss about it. The way she ran things was up to her.

“All right,” he said, nodding, giving the room another look around. “Let’s see what you have here.” The back of the house was hopefully not going to be that hard to keep secure. If the whole business side of the building was attacked, the part where people lived at least had to be able to be secured. If it wasn’t… well, he’d have to make sure that it got that way.

After all… in the end, what would a woman really rather have? Someone who could clean their room, or someone who could hold off an assault force that was coming for them single-handed?

RE: If Wishes Were Horses.... - Jaya - 01-20-2018

"I think that Kaalth can take care of getting Taarus settled." Jaya said, addressing her cousin "I think that you and I have a few things that we need to discuss." mostly, she wanted to get the two of them away from the situation. Men could and did get into physical fights over women, the poor things were just so very emotional, and having Nala in the area would make that much more likely. Better to remove the source of conflict, and let Kaalth and Taarus settle things on their own. "We'll meet again at lunch time." she said, addressing Kaalth. He was the one who was in charge of most of the meals, after all

With a final, worried glance over her shoulder, she headed into the family quarters, where her office was located.