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In the Ruins of the World - Marten Broadcloak - 01-11-2018

The room could have been a boardroom once upon a time. A large window looked out over the ruined city, though there were no furnishings in the room to really give any sign as to its previous use. Aside from the wide window, the room was entirely bare, save for the three women now shackled to separate walls.

Each woman was bare of any clothes or equipment, and had just enough chain to be able to sit down on the ground without really being able to lie down. Kai would find that, while she had some limited amount of control over her pohaku, any use that she tried to really make of them in regards to the chains, the wall, any escape method would find them losing strength and returning to her body. The chains seemed unbreakable, and appeared to be permanently fixed around their ankles and wrists.

Outside, the city seemed to be plunged into darkness, lit only by various fires in the streets here and there. The women seemed to be quite alone so far.

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Natalia Romanova - 01-13-2018

Black Widow assessed the situation. There were three of them in the room, which was otherwise empty. There was only one window, and one door, the manacles didn't have locks that could be picked. The chains were only long enough to permit them to sit. All three of them were naked and without gear.

"I've been in worse." she said, looking around at her companions.

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Kailani Mahelona - 01-13-2018

Kai blew out air violently as she caught her breath. She had thus far been yanking on the chains- and so decided to change up her attack, pulling herself up the chains so that her feet dangled off the ground. Twisting herself around she started pushing off the wall- trying to kick a hole in it. Or maybe tear her shackles free from it. Thus far her attempts to use her pohaku to force things open had ended with her nearly passing out. Twisting herself upwards into a climber's four (something she barely managed on account of being chained at the ankle as well) - she sighed and matched the glance of Nat.

"Yeah me too- Still not something I'm super fussed about though." Using her upside down vantage she began to review the room again. She didn't see anything she could use- not a single thing she could retrieve with her orbs. "You two alright?"

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Belle Scarlet Street - 01-15-2018

Belle for once in her life had walked into a potentially life changing event with out even a germ of a plan. How different was she than the girl who’d come to Gotham? Here she was selling magic cookies to trade for random magic wishes!

Long way from a the girl with just her GED and certifications.

The fact that she had been disappointed by the piles of gold showering down on her…

“Ah’m fine.” Hubris, this was punishment for losing the wonder and skeptical nature that had kept her safe till now.

Belle’s Head rose as she looked around the room; “This doesn’t look like a prison.” Besides the chains (belle was ignoring that) “ya’ll draw cards too?” Hopefully (and based on the abundant muscle tone on display) the other women had skills Belle didn’t.

They had been through worse? “Ah haven’t.” She admitted, if the other women expected magic or ninja skills...well better to up front about her lack of skills here.

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Natalia Romanova - 01-15-2018

"I'm ok. Yeah, I drew cards too. Got a couple of things, none of them are there, and the third card sent me here." Natasha replied "Wherever here is." she spared a look at the other redhead "The first time is the worst, but we'll get through this." Belle was right, this room obviously hadn't been intended as a prison, but it was one now, and prison meant guards, and guards were a weak point that they could exploit, one way or the other.

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Kailani Mahelona - 01-16-2018

Kai smiled at Belle and righted herself, dropping to the floor as she gave up on trying to break the wall. "Yeah I drew cards too. Real annoyed my item isn't here actually- it would have made it pretty easy to get out. Which I suppose is why it isn't." She offered, rambling, but failing to mention that she could do much of the same with the stone that could not be physically removed from her as it was in fact part of her.

She tried to offer a reassuring smile to the less prepared redhead. "That's a good thing. It may mean you haven't got the same escape skills- but not having had worse is a good thing." Kai offered, voice soothing- before she snapped back to her usual bright nature. "Besides- I don't know that being sunk to the bottom of the ocean gives me a whole lot of relevant talents to exploit."

Pausing once more, she turned to nat. "If you're keeping stock of what we have- I'm 3.5x as strong as an in shape but otherwise average human. I can make other people stronger instead- but unless you have powers, I can still make myself stronger than I can make you. I can also manipulate the crystals at will- thought trying to use them on the chains or wall directly seems to drain them- which is to say. Me."

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Belle Scarlet Street - 01-19-2018

Belle blew out a long breath huffing the strands obscuring her vision out of the way for the tenth time since waking up. It was one thing to admit verbally she was useless it was another to accept it for herself.

Frowning at the metal in casing her ankles Belle tried to identify it, maybe she could remember a weakness…

“Ah’m a Liberian That can make food for ghosts.” Belle muttered wiggling so that she could touch the metal. “Don’t think that’s gonna help much here though.” It was cold and smooth to the touch which...have her nothing.

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Natalia Romanova - 01-20-2018

"I'm really good at killing people." Black Widow said, keeping things succinct. As the women spoke she started to think that the situation might be better than it had appeared at first. "You aren't panicking." she said to the other redhead "That is the first step to handing a crisis. And we'll have to get loose, which will probably meant distracting guards, and you'll be able to manage that just fine, if they're into women." Black Widow didn't have any use for sex, but Natasha was quite willing to evaluate the attractiveness of the other women in the room. Which was considerable. "Right now, we need to stay calm and try to alternate between moving and resting, so that muscles don't get stiff. Thats the biggest problem, when you're chained like this." she spoke calmly, and clinically, and like someone who had been in this position before.

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Marten Broadcloak - 01-20-2018

“Problem with that idea is what if your guards aren’t going to see you, ladies.” The mocking, devil-may-care voice came from the shadows in the corner between Belle and Kai. As he stood, it wasn’t apparent if they hadn’t noticed him just because of the long black cloak he’d had wrapped around him or if he just hadn’t been there a moment before. Either way, he stretched his legs as he stood, walking around the room, not shy about looking at the women, but not apparently interested in what he saw either. “You could try to ply your considerable charms on them, but I think that you’d find that they just aren’t that interested. Not anymore, at least.”

He strolled toward the full-wall window, rolling his wrists as he walked with the air of a man preparing for something exciting. “I hope you don’t mind the company. The view up here is amazing, after all. I hope that you don’t mind the décor in your guest suite here. I’m told that the room would have a different look if Tony Stark had built this place, but… well, when you dehydrate in the desert before any well-meaning friends can find you, you can’t do any more building, now, can you?” he asked, looking back at the women with a wickedly pleased smile.

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Kailani Mahelona - 01-22-2018

Kai almost felt the man coming out of the shadows before she saw him- which left her lunging at her chains. The way he spoke made her want to be actually violently ill- there was just something so wrong about him. Wrong in the way the whole building felt wrong- and she couldn't help herself but try to hurt him with her pohaku. Launching them at him as a hundred needles- she couldn't help the gasp of near pain that hit her as each one touched down. They didn't do even the slightest amount of damage.

To him anyways- Kai couldn't even muster the energy to fall down gracefully- her arms being wrenched painfully- her shorter stature meaning that there was just short of enough length for her to sit properly. Entirely dazed and conscious only through sheer force of will- She couldn't help that she was left half hanging, half kneeling. "Who and what are you?" She managed to croak out. "What do you want with us?"

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Belle Scarlet Street - 01-24-2018

The man in Black appeared and even though he never leered at her she felt dirty. Turning her head from his gaze, curling her legs to hide her body.

“What do ya want from us?” Belle understood he was clearly expecting a reaction to his story but for her it was only distantly sad, nothing that she recognized as personal.

“What are ya waiting for?” Because they clearly were not the goal, he was using them as bait. She was sort of sick of the damsel in distress routine.

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Natalia Romanova - 01-24-2018

This was, Black Widow thought, assessing the man, very bad. Very bad indeed. He was clearly powerful, clearly dangerous, and clearly more than a little mad, in that dangerous, inclined to monologue dramatically way that she'd encountered more often than she cared to think about.

She didn't ask what he intended for them-she had a good guess as to the possible options on the list, and none of them were good.

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Marten Broadcloak - 01-25-2018

The pohaku failed to hit the Man in Black time and again, just like they’d failed to be of any use to free Kai. On the final assault, though, he raised his hand and swiped it back at her, sending them back at her, actually making the pohaku (needle-sized though they were) slap against her face. He didn’t even bother to watch it happen, continuing past her like it was nothing.

At Belle’s question, he turned an oily smile to her, his gaze falling on her like a hundred scuttling spider scrawling over her skin. “Oh, nothing sinister,” he said, most insincerely. “I just want to see the sun rise.” His gaze flicked over her once more before he turned toward the picture window. In the distance, a pinprick of pale, sickly light began to peek over the broken skyline. “After all… you can only see the last sunrise of a world once. It shouldn’t go unwitnessed, should it?”

The cold sun, shining its dim light over the city through a sky clouded with dust, rose up over the shattered skyscrapers and rubble-strewn streets to show a dead city. There was no motion on the street, no color, no sign that there was anything but grey rock and rusted metal for miles around them. “Do you have any idea what sort of force it takes to send a planet’s orbit farther from its sun, even just a fraction?” he asked idly. “It was truly an astonishing sight to behold. You wouldn’t enjoy to see what’s left of Asia right now. It was almost funny… I hardly needed to do anything but make sure that nothing stopped them. It was so simple. One fool remaining frozen in ice for all eternity, one pampered, arrogant wretch dehydrates in a desert, and one would-be god is impaled trying to lift a hammer that just won’t move.” He paused, smirking slightly. “All right, that one wasn’t exactly nothing, it was really a wonderful time.”

He looked back at his three naked captives. “That’s one way to destroy a world like this. There must be others, though… and once I’ve removed a few obstacles,” he gestured toward them all with a mocking bow, “And maybe a few more obstacles, I’ll get to see all the many, many ways your people will let your worlds die.” His gaze turned on Belle again with that disconcerting smile. “I’m sorry, this must all be going past you, but don’t worry. I’m ready to start making sure that worlds like yours don’t have to worry about their bats or more… ‘colorful’ people. I understand it will be a good world for clowns, though… as it happens I know a few that might like to move in.”

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Kailani Mahelona - 01-26-2018

Feeling the hail of needles hit her face- Kai was instantly grateful that a few parts had already returned- because out of sheer reflex, she had sent the small stone she had upwards to cover his eyes. Meant that nothing hit her in the soft flesh of her deep brown orbs.

Of course, the whole attack was made up of her own form- very much in a 'stop hitting yourself' ie. She couldn't stop it from hurting a little bit, but she could resist the force enough to prevent anything more than a couple pricks and a few red lines- the rest she managed to absorb back into her skin when they came in contact.

Blowing her hair out of her face, she forced herself into a kneel- then used her hands to wipe at the small amount of sticky blood stuck to her cheeks. She flinched quite viscerally as she pictured the images. Kai may not be close to her boss- and The Cap of her world was dead- she had never even met thor- but her mind was more than powerful enough to extend the repercussions. Stark Industries would never have stopped selling weapons. Bucky Barnes would still be frozen and under Hydra rule like most of the world would be- and most dramatically.

The Vision never would have been born- and Thanos would be able to acquire all the infinity stones.

Kai felt sick to her stomach as she realized that without cap- shield wouldn't have been forced to rebuild. If they hadn't rebuilt than they never would have found the inhumans. In this world, she would have been paste before she knew she was under attack. "You're disgusting." She managed softly, glaring at him, despite the small shiver that ran through her. It was somewhat cold after all. Despite her proclamation, she couldn't help the fascination that had her likewise staring at the last sunrise.

"Why are you doing this?" She asked, even though she continued to look past him.

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Belle Scarlet Street - 01-26-2018

Belle’s stomach twisted as the other girls face erupted in bloody marks; she didn’t know that she’d effectively done it to herself, only seeing it as a consequence of attempting to be physically aggressive.

“Leave her alone.” Blue eyes flashed terrified fire as Belle stood as best she was able on knocking knees. “Ya got us here as bait. Watch the world burn? Why do ah think ya don’t have the guts ya burn with it!” Her heart pounded like a jack rabbit, brave foolish words spilling out of her to distract him from the other women in the room, she was the most useless one there but maybe she could do this.

Belle might not understand everything that was happening but she knew enough to be terrified beyond anything she’d seen during the weeks on the quest Belle had never felt this helpless.

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Natalia Romanova - 01-26-2018

A chill ran through Natasha as she thought about what the world would have been like without the Avengers or SHIELD. What her life would have been like without the Avengers or SHIELD. This man had killed a world, and it was her duty to, well, avenge this world. To save other worlds, her own, and the ones that Belle and Kai had come from as well.

With the man in black focused on Belle's outburst, she pulled herself up along the wall, and then kicked outward, aiming the kick at his head and chest. With any luck she'd knock him down or, better yet, out, and maybe make the next pohaku attack more effective.

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Marten Broadcloak - 01-27-2018

Unfortunately, the chains more than served to keep Nat’s foot well away from Marten, coming about a foot short when they snapped tight on her limbs and sent her to the floor again. Marten just turned his head to look down at her with an amused smile, then looked back at the sickly sunrise. Maybe he was disgusting, but did he care? No, not particularly. “Well, that’s an interesting question you ask,” he said, not bothering to look away from the window to Kai. “What happens when creation falls apart? Well… all that power that holds it together falls back into the chaos. The great magic of creation rises again, ready to make the new universe rise out of it. Just imagine that.” He turned around again, smiling malevolently at the women. “Whole worlds, all made in the image of the one who’s left to bring them into being. That would be something to see, now, wouldn’t it?”

He turned around, walking toward Belle with that unpleasant, mocking smile, crouching down in front of her. “Is that what you’d like, now? Do you want me to stand here with you and watch the world come crashing to a close?” He chuckled, leering down at her a moment, then fixed his eyes back on hers, that half-mad gaze seeming to peer through her. “I could find us a good place to watch it, too, if you’d like. Maybe some cliff on the edge of the abyss, some dead field with nothing to block our view… would you like that?” He gave a humorless smile as he reached out and brushed his knuckles over her cheek. “No… Somehow I doubt you do,” he said, standing up again.

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Kailani Mahelona - 01-27-2018

Kai gave Nat a commiserating look- She certainly appreciated what Belle was trying to do- but Kai understood the desire to launch a physical attack. Kai smirked slightly to herself as she spat a little blood out- if she couldn't do physical damage... she could at least focus his attention on her.

She took a moment to breath before forcing herself upright properly- Leaning slightly against the wall behind her to hide the fact that even her impressive constitution had not managed to recover so quickly. Which is to say- to disguise the shakes of exhaustion that extended down her entire body. Taking another quiet breath, she gathered her pohaku back together into one entity. Moving it past the asshole in the room (okay there was probably three assholes- Belle seemed like a sweetheart- but the worst of the assholes) She spread them into a floor to ceiling panel that would block his view of the sunrise.

If he moved- Kai would concentrate and move the covering along with him- until he either accepted it or got pissy. "Don't you know it's rude not to introduce yourself? And of course, make eye contact when you're speaking to someone. Did your momma fail to teach you manners?" She cooed at him, as though he were a child- she knew it may be the worst decision she ever made, to try and piss him off- but Kai also knew she had the best chance of surviving a direct assault.

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Belle Scarlet Street - 01-27-2018

Belle swallowed thickly, half a dumb ass not even half a plan springing to mind- “yeah it would.” Terror turned her blood cold, She she still managed to stand straight, locking her knees, shaking her head till her hair somewhat covered her.

“Maybe ya don’t know everyt’ing ya think ya do.” Belles voice was soft, enticing, as though the touch of his skin on her cheek hadn’t sent her hind brain skittering in flight instincts.

“Would ya show me? Take me t’that field, lay down beside me an’ watch the world end?” She had no idea if this was even possible to trick him like this. If he could die the end of the world had to do it right? And the other two women were so clearly skilled and resourceful that if she managed to get this horrible man way….they could escape.

Belle bit her lip as the poor bleeding girl tried to play the same attention grabbing ping pong. Bless her, all of them tried to help each other and Belle was grateful.

“Would you show me? Just me?” Her soft entreatment hopes to pull his attention back to her if it had wandered.

RE: In the Ruins of the World - Natalia Romanova - 01-27-2018

The kick was as pointless as Black Widow had thought it would be, but Natasha hadn't been able to resist the chance to strike at their captor. This was roughly the same reason why she stayed silent and let the other red-head make her play. Black Widow didn't think it would work, but Natasha hoped that it would give them a sliver of a chance, and was ready to jump on it.