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If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Arjay Lo'Ran - 01-10-2018

It was with an almost absentminded gesture that Arjay tossed the small crystal into the air, where it began revolving around his head. It wasn’t that the object wasn’t useful, or that the wishes weren’t promising, or even that the presence of another elven warrior wasn’t welcome… it just hadn’t been what he needed. What he needed was for his weak constitution to be healed, for that injury to his heart to be corrected. Unfortunately, what they also needed were to find the people who’d been imprisoned by their draws… a fate that could have just as easily come to him, he knew. What was the wish to make, then?

It wasn’t really a conscious decision that made him gravitate over to where Quethadia was pondering her own glowing moonstone. What would he wish for? Could he make a wish that would not be disastrous once uttered aloud? “I’ve heard horror stories of people being hoodwinked by the powers granting their wishes,” he commented to his new companion, and the room at large, really, turning the moonstone over in his hand. “Wishing to be ageless and being turned to stone, wishing for piles of gold and being crushed beneath them… things like that.” He wanted to think that he could word a wish wisely, but this was a wish born from the Deck of Many Things. Chaos was inherent in all of its magic.

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Quethadia Nyx - 01-10-2018

Queth contemplated her wishes- she had been sitting there with them for a much longer time than most- so she was pretty much decided. "I wish to know how to prevent the deaths of my family that occurred on x day of x year at x time." She announced finally, a small scroll of paper fluttering down into her hand.

Tempted to tear it open and pour over the details, she found herself surprisingly frightened by the task. Queth swallowed hard and stuffed the object into her arm where she wouldn't lose it or damage it. Looking at the others with steel in her eyes she threw the last wish up for dramatic effect before stating her second wish. "I wish to have a map that will lead me to the location where Natasha Romanoff, Kailani Mahelona, and Belle Scarlet Street are."

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Oryn Vance - 01-10-2018

A map appeared from nowhere, fluttering down toward the ground in front of Quethadia.

The map could be easily identified by anyone familiar with the island as a map of Manhattan. A cursory glance of it, though, would reveal that there were quite a lot of things about it that were... off. Most well-known New York landmarks were glaringly omitted from it. THere was no Statue of Liberty... no marking even for the island it should have sat upon. The Empire State Building was marked as a war memorial. Central Park seemed to have been paved over for streets to be continued, though if you were familiar with the area, you could see where its borders had been by the streets that had run around it. Most of the area north of it was greyed out, labeled "Chitauri Buffer Zone." And, in midtown Manhattan, there was a very clearly marked arrow, drawn in black marker, pointing to a circle around a building labeled "Stane Tower."

On the map's key, the United States flag only had forty stars. The manufacturer's information said that it had been made by the Sombra Corporation in 2021, but strangely enough, the map was yellowed and somewhat fragile, like it was at least a hundred years old.

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Christian Verglas - 01-10-2018

Christian moved over to where those who had received wishes from the deck were standing. Some of them seemed to know each other, others he recognized from around Hub, and still others were unknown to him.

For himself, he had three wishes, and he only had one thing he knew right off what he wanted: to find and free Belle. His sister, so giving and warm and good, needed to be rescued, and he had three wishes to figure out how to do exactly that. Sure, he could wish for money, but he’d gotten that in the form of the rather beautiful jewelry that one of his draws had given him. He was pretty sure he had more than enough now. He would wish for…

He was fully capable of being selfish, as his train of thought was clearly showing him. And he didn’t want to be selfish, or at least not that selfish. He gripped the moonstone tightly against what he wanted to wish for. It wouldn’t be real, not if he had to use magic for it. Belle, his sister, she was real, and she was being held captive somewhere.

Quethadia’s second wish earned her Christian’s attention, he moved to her, looking at the map, frowning at it. Stane Tower? “That’s where Belle and the others are?” Chris didn’t like it, not at all, “That,” he considered the placement, where it would have overlooked Central Park, if there’d still been a Central Park, in the middle of Manhattan…. “That should be Stark Tower - like the one we have here.” Forty stars, forty states. Such a different world. He hoped that Belle was okay there, and worried that she really wasn’t. And in the future, even if not terribly far, or at least, not terribly far when the map had been made, but it looked so old!

“I wish for a safe and reliable way to find and reach the world where Belle and her fellow prisoners are.” He still had two wishes to use if he needed them. And quite a bit more time to use them. He looked at Quethadia for a moment before reaching out to offer her his hand, “I’m Christian. Belle is my sister. You’re planning on finding the people who disappeared, too?”

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Virgil Barnett - 01-11-2018

At Christian's wish, nothing seemed to happen at first. It took a few moments before Virgil, somewhat surprised, pulled the scrimshaw turtle from his vest pocket and held it in his hand, where it seemed to turn in place like a compass needle finding magnetic north. At the same time, the idea 'follow the path of the turtle, before the world was done' appeared in Christian's mind, just in case he needed more indication.

The Gunslinger, peering down at the turtle, nodded in seeming understanding. "Can I see that map, sai?" he requested. Very delicately taking one edge of it and moving so he could see it, his expression darkening as he read. There were a few words here and there that stuck out at him, signs that we're easy to miss if you weren't looking for the hand of Ka. "This map is ancient. If that's the best that could be provided... I believe this works has moved on. This won't be a place of civilization and life." O, discordia...

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Arjay Lo'Ran - 01-11-2018

Arjay sighed, looking at the moonstone hesitantly. "If we're going to rescue them, and the world is going to be that bleak, I suppose I'll need to do this..." Nevertheless, this was not how he'd wanted to do it. He'd wanted a card to simply accomplish the task without any worry. This... Wishes were as wide-reaching as miracles, but at least with a miracle, he trusted the intent of the power behind the spell. He had no idea what guided the wish. Still... there was nothing for it, was there? Taking a deep breath, he put his mind to the task. "I wish for the defect in my heart, caused by its dissection by a Zhent priestess, to be repaired as if it had never happened."

He stood, hopeful, for a moment, wondering if maybe he'd lucked out on this wish. Then, he doubled over, his hand bracing himself against the wall. He looked like he'd be screaming, but for the moment he found himself incapable of making any sound, whether it was from the shock or the physical constraints of what was happening to him. It was as if an invisible hand had reached into his chest, into his heart, and had begun to tear it apart. he could feel the tissue rending under this invisible, impossible force, being twisted around, pulled about. For a moment, he had no doubt that his wish had, somehow, resulted in an effect that was going to kill him. He'd been a fool, and yet... even as that thought crossed his mind, he felt a searing pain as the parts were melded back into place, their proper places.

All of it took less than a minute, but it felt like ages as the elf's heart was twisted about within his chest. Finally, he was left gasping for breath where he crouched on the floor, eyes wide in shock, hand clenched over a chest that, for all of the residual ache left to him, no longer had any problem pumping blood through his body. "Painlessly," he rasped. "Should have said 'painlessly.' Foolish oversight, really..."

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Lukkyn EveSpring - 01-11-2018

Lukk hailed from a noble house; he could read, write, and speak several languages, and looking at this map, he was just slightly confused. He didn’t know what a Chitauri was, but he figured if buffer zone, then they couldn’t be good. Lukk’s mind categorized and compared them with Drow. It looked like the rectangular area in the middle had once been something, but now it was all roads on the map. He looked at the small human man when he pointed out some of the differences between this world and what was apparently the ‘normal’ for the world this depicted.

And then his… Patron? Lord? He wasn’t exactly sure, not yet, but the man who he had been called here to assist wished for his heart to be made whole, and then keeled over. Lukk’s attention was ripped away from the human man greeting the elven? female, over to Arjay. He stepped to the other elf’s side, reaching to try to stabilize him, sharp eyes glancing over the area, ascertaining that they were safe, that no one was looking to take advantage of Arjay’s momentarily trouble to rob or assault him.

The words earned him a dry chuckle, “Care when wording wishes is always a must, yes. The gods and goddesses have quite the literal streak at times, and their amusement is not always to our benefit.” He gave the elf a gentle pat on the shoulder, “Would if I could have borne that painful burden for you.”

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Jacob Alexander - 01-15-2018

Okay, this was all well and good, but apparently, they had a map that gave a shitty representation of New York, and other instructions that weren't known to everyone else present. Also, he didn't have any wishes, which was just bullshit, but what were you going to do? He was feeling very out of the loop on what was going down with this supposed rescue, and that was not a feeling that Jacob enjoyed. He'd brought Kai down here to give this thing a risk, and here he was, still sitting here, and there she was... somewhere else, who knew where, apparently in some fucked up version of New York in one of the billion Earths that hooked into the Hub. Needle, haystack, check. Not looking too promising.

"Not to rush anyone," Jacob lied, "But what, exactly, are we planning to do now?" He was hoping that they wouldn't try any bullshit about not sharing the plan, because he really didn't want to go searching blind with just the power of his (admittedly unsuited for the job) rings to help him. Well, maybe he could somehow use that Star Sapphire ring to home in on Kai, but he didn't even know if he could make it do anything. He understood the Green rings, but other rings he had only a passing acquaintance with. He'd seen them in action, but he didn't understand their workings like he understood Willpower. Hell, his white ring was only showing green at the moment, wasn't it? That was a little infuriating, when you got down to it, but he'd just have to deal.

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Quethadia Nyx - 01-15-2018

Queth stared blankly at the map before relinquishing it rapidly. She had barely ever visited new york- and as such it may as well have been blank for all the good it did her- it was almost comforting to hear others pointing out things they recognized. Meant it wasn't useless.

She smiled in a small way when one of them introduced themselves. Shaking their hand politely she ducked her head in acknowledgement. "Quethadia Nyx- Or Queth. Being honest I'd usually not go without monetary encouragement- but I went on the quest with her sister. If for no other reason than her muffin recipe, I'm going to get her back. And there are plenty other reasons." She offered quietly, rubbing the back of her neck with the admission that okay she might actually care about those she had fought side by side with for a month.

Queth was almost grateful for the distraction provided by arjay's pain- were it not that she also cared for him. This emotional connections thing was rapidly taking a toll on her and she'd rather like to return to her shop now.

Striding quickly across the room, she ignored the other blonde elf to pull Arjay up right fully- knowing it would be easier to catch his breath if his lungs weren't compressed. Once she had him steady beside her, she tilted her head softly, listening with intent. After a moment she nodded slightly and gave him a small smile. "I'd suggest going back and trying again but knowing you, you'd manage to do it in an entirely different and wholy worse fashion. Either way- your heart has a steadier rhythm than I've ever heard from you."

Queth stayed there, allowing the shorter man to use her as a leaning post if necessary. Replying to the impatient human, she mumbled a response. "Go in. Shoot everything that isn't the missing. That's my plan."

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Christian Verglas - 01-16-2018

Quethadia. Queth. One of the people who’d gone on the quest with Belle. Christian nodded and smiled at the lady elf, “Oh, if you like the muffins, you should try her pie. Belle makes the best pie.” He sounded just a little bit distracted, a tiny bit off center, but his sister had just disappeared with two other women; of course he was distracted and off kilter. “I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you when we get there.”

The pain the one of the other elves (there were several in here now, something that a very quiet but geeky part of Chris’ mind tracked and bubbled on about. Elves! Real life elves, and one had metal bits, which he were pretty sure were cybernetic, and he was all but dying to know where she was from - was it a futuristic world? And where were the other, not-cybernetic elves from? Because they were all amazing. All of them.) wished himself into earned a concerned look from Christian, but Queth moved over quickly, leaving Chris to wonder if she knew him before he too moved to make sure the elf was okay. He could, after all, heal the elf if need be. Healing, Christian was well practiced at, having spent so much time working on it with Agatha. “Sir? Are you alright?”

While Queth spoke to Arjay and helped him up; it seemed as though the elf was alright, Christian pulled out his phone, and dialed Safi’s number. If he were disappearing for who knew how long, the other man would want to know. When Safi picked up, Chris managed to tell him, “Hi… Um… Belle drew cards in that deck that everyone’s been talking about, and she disappeared along with two others. I’m going to help find her - we have a map and a turtle to follow. We’re all at the shop where the deck is.” His voice didn’t waver as he put on a brave front.

His attention turned toward Jacob and Queth again as they spoke, and Christian blinked, “She’s joking. I… I really hope she’s joking.” The idea of going into this world that looked terrible enough as it was, and just shooting everyone and everything until they got to the three who were missing didn’t sit well with the pacifist. Yes, he understood that violence was sometimes necessary, but they had no idea how many innocent people were there. “There could be other prisoners, or people just trying to survive in what looks to be a horrific place.” He frowned as he considered those poor people, “Maybe they’ll come to Hub, Hub is nice.”

Shifting, he looked toward the rest of the room, eyes falling on Virgil and his scrimshaw turtle, “When I made my wish for a reliable way to find the portal, I… Got the idea of following the turtle’s path before the world was done. So… that’s what I plan on doing.”

And making two more wishes. He had three hours, and two more wishes to make, and no idea what to wish for. Again, his thoughts turned to terribly, horrible selfish things, and he grimaced at himself. Yes, it was what he wanted, but that didn’t make it right or good! Closing his eyes, Christian clutched the moonstone in his hand, “I wish for a discreet, working, wearable watch that will size to properly fit the wearer’s wrist and will protect its wearer against harmful magic or energy but allow neutral or helpful magic or energy to be used on them.” That…that was something that would be good for Safi. Something that would let him be able to move around Hub without fear of magic while letting healing and protection sorts of effects pass through!

One more wish. How could he help one or more of his friends with just one last wish? He was helping Belle, he was helping Safi. What about Steve? Tony? What could he wish for that would help both of them?

And he had it. He knew exactly what he could wish for that should make both of them happier, if not actually happy. “I wish that once we’ve rescued those who are missing Steve and Tony sit down and talk and work out their issues honestly.” He heaved a heavy sigh, shoulders dropping as he put on his bravest face and moved to re-approach those who were trying to plan the rescue.

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Robert Wasem - 01-19-2018

The cards everyone was talking about..

Oh for fucks sake!

A low growl escaped between clenched lips, he understood, respected even to an extent that Chris was expanding, learning about his..magical powers, and that his sister was having her own mid life crisis but WHY did she decide to run off and fuck with a RANDOM MAGICAL DECK?! Safi had seen the notice for it and had INTENTIONALLY kept himself away from the bazaar today BECAUSE of it! He didn’t want anything to do with it! “I’ll be there in ten DON’T DO ANYTHING.” A map? A Turtle?

Fuck his life.

What he needed right now was back up and…

Furiously texting Safi didn’t consider asking Tony for help, in his mind he really didn’t appreciate the power and responsibility that Ironman represented. What he did understand was the assassin wearing his ex best friend’s face, if he was going to do an extraction though unknown hostile territory he would have trusted Jimmy. “Barnes. I need a favor. I need ASAP backup for a unknown territory, unknown hostiles, unknown fucking everything extraction.”

Answering James on the run Safi ducked into his home apartment, armor, what few weapons he had all stuffed in his go bag, he was at the Magic Shop in under twenty minutes. “What do we know?”

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Virgil Barnett - 01-19-2018

While the final wish that Chris made didn't have any immediate effect, a watch appeared in Chris's hand in regards to the second. Chris could, when focusing on it, tell just how much more magic the object could absorb. It was a considerable amount, but not infinite. Still, it would be good for quite a few spells, even ones of power.

While this was going on, Virgil was studying the turtle, considering what would happen next. When he heard the question, he glanced up at the newcomer... a high-strung individual if he'd ever seen one, but it took all kinds. Ka drew in all kinds, and if they were following the Turtle, if this was what he thought, this was definitely a matter for Ka. "We know how to get to the portal we need to take," he said calmly. "We know where to go once we get there. What's more, I have a good idea what we're going to be up against once we're there. This isn't going to be a good world, this is a world that's gone wrong, but there will be a way to do this... as long as the intended people go."

He peered down at the turtle, then held it up to draw everyone's eye to it. Even as he did it, he could see the power of the turtle, the can-tah, enthrall one or two of them. It was as he thought... not everyone here was meant to go. He made sure he'd drawn all the eyes that were going to be drawn, then he spoke, his voice strong, commanding, the voice that had shouted orders to Gunslingers centuries before the line had ended at Jericho Hill. "Give what assistance you can to those who are going," he said. "For your place is to remain behind, this world is not for you. Give what assistance you will, then leave this place, and remember later that this job was left to those fated to it. There is no reason for you to feel shame in not going where your path is not meant to lead."

He waited, patiently, as the shuffle of people leaving began, looking at those who obviously had been kept from the little god's enthrallment. "If a quest follows the Turtle, it's a fool's errand to bring along those who aren't meant to go. They could endanger themselves, or they could endanger the entire quest. Whatever happens, we'll be enough without them. A few minutes longer, then we'll be on our way."

((Narrator's note: Please, oh god please, don't send more than two characters per player on this. Whoever you're NOT sending, they've just been enthralled by the Turtle, and Virgil's suggestion will send them home. They can hand over any weapons or whatever that they might give to help those who are going. If you have any last wishes to make, please make them in your next post))

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Arjay Lo'Ran - 01-19-2018

Arjay was considering what to do with his last wish when... suddenly, he saw the most amazing thing. That little turtle... he wanted it. It called to him. Seeing it felt so good, so peaceful. However, the man who was holding it, such a good man to be holding such an object, he wasn't giving him any time to ask for it, to beg for it...

The elf's eyes were glazed over as he listened to the gunslinger's words, but as the man finished speaking, the elf nodded slowly. He looked at those who weren't leaving, then took a step forward, chanting a long spell that finished when he touched Lori in the middle of her forehead. Instantly, to her at least, matters seemed quite a bit less surprising. She could actually expect the things that happened in the next few seconds, she could predict just a few seconds into the future with fairly perfect clarity. Then, without so much as glancing around the store one last time, the Elf walked out of the store, obeying the unyielding command given under the power of the little god, not even considering how unlike him, how unlike an elf, it was to be so completely enchanted.

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Lukkyn EveSpring - 01-19-2018

Lukk was doing… A whole lot of nothing, really. He’d appeared in this world just a short while ago, and this… This was taking some getting used to. He had been focusing on his new lord, Arjay, and helping him through the moment of pain that his wish had caused.

But then the… Ranch hand? Held up the most glorious little turtle, and Lukk… Couldn’t keep his eyes off of it. Not even to glance over at Arjay to see if the other elf had noticed the beautiful turtle statuette. When Virgil spoke, Lukk listened with intent, frowning slightly as he considered what the man said, but then he nodded, turning to look to those who went and speaking gently in elven, blessing their journey and wishing them well.

Without another word, Lukk followed Arjay out of the shop, fully cognizant that this was unlike him, but chalking it up to the fact that he was lost in a new world with only his lord to keep him grounded, and since Arjay had left, Lukk had every reason to follow.

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - James Barnes - 01-19-2018

Receiving such a message from Safi had Bucky leaping off the couch. It was probably poor form to be excited about the mission- but Bucky existed in a constant state of movement- he was not hugely fond of sitting around. He tapped out a quick reply as he got dressed.

"Understood. Just us two or others? Where are we meeting?"

He sent the message with a small wince as it occurred to him that he still likely come across as brusque- despite adding words for the purpose of clarity. Bucky understood the idea of texting well enough- it was in practice that his understanding fell through. Still, the moment he has sent the text, he started to gear up. He loaded all of his weapons onto his body before grabbing his jacket and- with a reluctant pause- he stuffed his mask into his pocket to go.

Once he got a reply he hurried out to the magic shop to meet the others. Shortly after his arrival, there was some kerfuffle that included a number of others swiftly exiting. Bucky couldn't say he didn't understand- he had heard the turtle as well- but it seemed to want a specific Bucky there- and for lack of him, was accepting the assassin's presence.

He strode across the room to where he spotted a familiar face. "Safi- What's the situation?"

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Lorelei Coulson Barton - 01-21-2018

“I wish for a cool purple motorcycle that can fly.” Because then she could go flying with Justin! That would be awesome. But Lori had seen people get weird shit from these cards, and she'd already been cursed by the deck, so she was gonna be a bit careful. Color, coolness, and flight. That should do it.

Lori grinned as she made her wish, and was going to turn to Justin to see what he thought when the gunslinger pulled out his little scrimshaw turtle. Neat thing, that turtle. She grinned at it and then turned her attention to Justin. Who was staring at the thing like it was the best thing in the world…

Frowning, Lori realized what this meant. From what the gunslinger was saying, those enthralled by the turtle couldn't go. Weren't meant to go. Justin wasn't going with her. But okay. Not her first solo mission. And this wasn't even solo! Then Arjay approached her, speaking in elven? And then touched her on the forehead and…. wow.

Lori sighed, but turned and waited for Justin to come back to himself at least a little before she leaned up onto her toes to kiss him, knowing without a doubt that he'd kiss her back. “Make sure my not-fathers are okay. And take care of yourself too. Don't miss me too much, but not too little.” She grinned and backed up a step, “I'll see you once I get back.”

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Justin Halloway - 01-23-2018

Justin was, himself, in a daze, and lacking anything to really offer (what did he have that Lori needed, after all? She hadn't been trained with a staff as far as he knew, her bow was more use to her than his gun or the crossbow, and handing over his cape never even occurred to him) was getting ready to leave. Lori's goodbye, however, came as close as anything ever could to knocking him out of the daze he was in. With his mind cleared of all other thoughts, he was able to focus on nothing but kissing her back, nearly forgetting to stop before she pulled away from him, leaving him feeling somewhat... adrift.

"I'll... right. Tell... them. That. Yeah." Was he in a daze because of the turtle? Or was it just because of how she'd kissed him? Sadly, she'd probably never know that until she got back.

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Virgil Barnett - 01-23-2018

Virgil looked around, seeing that the crowd was clearing out, and even those who hadn't been crowded around the planning were giving them a wide berth. Good enough, that's how it should be. "All right," he said. "If anyone needs to get anything else, anything you need to take care of, do it quickly. We're not going to leave people waiting for us any longer than we have to, but we're not leaving half-prepared, either. Once everyone is ready, we'll be off."

For his part, Virgil made sure that his guns were loaded, that his gunna was secure, and that nothing had been left behind. It wasn't a long check. The gunslinger was always ready to be on the move, and today was no exception. Mostly, he was busying himself until everyone had returned, and once they had, he nodded. "Everyone ready? Good. We're burning daylight, and since we're looking for a portal, there's no telling how much time we're burning on the other side." As they stepped out of the store, he held the turtle between his thumb and forefinger by the top and bottom of its shell, and the turtle spun between them so that the head pointed unerringly in one direction like the needle of a compass.

The path that they were led on took them toward the borough where all of the Avengers had come through, though they seemed to be venturing deeper into it than any of the others had had reason to go. Occasionally, this meant slipping through alleys that hadn't been there moments before, as the borough around them grew darker and grittier. When they finally found the portal, it was a dim, uncertain thing, which didn't seem to surprise the gunslinger. "I recognize things on that map we have, things that only turn up in worlds that have gone wrong, or are going wrong. Given how old that map is... I think we can be sure that they went wrong. Be ready for anything." The gunslinger knew that things were going to be bad, but there was no way he could force the others to heed his knowledge. The turtle had led them there... now the group would only listen to him if they chose to.

((Go ahead and post your preparations and any last questions/discussions your characters will have. I'll be starting a new thread for the rescue in the next few days))

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Jacob Alexander - 01-23-2018

Jake also didn't really have much to do. He tried to get Kai's ring to come with him (much to the amusement of the shopkeeper), but the thing was locked and wouldn't budge, apparently in some kind of a scan mode. Which, well, sucked. He could use both some more firepower going in and the ring to give to Kai when he found her... and he would find her! The hell with these damn 'people disappear without a trace' cards. Hell, the white ring wasn't even really doing anything that he couldn't do with a regular Green Lantern ring that he could tell... Although that was something, wasn't it? It wasn't acting like his ring, it was acting like a normal ring, which meant... holy shit. He could fly now. What else could this thing do?

As if to answer, the ring began speaking in his mind.

Standard scan functions unlocked. Emotional spectrum detection available.
Willpower unlocked

Willpower unlocked? Well, of fucking course it was, he was a Green Lantern. He always could use willpower. What he needed was the ability to manipulate the other colors. That was what Kyle had been able to do when he'd seen him with a white ring, wasn't it?

Emotional spectrum capability: Present.
Emotional spectrum mastery: incomplete

That shut up Jake's indignation for a bit. He couldn't use the other colors because he hadn't mastered them? What the hell did that mean?

He was still mulling that over when the group started moving. He was floating (probably unnoticeable to the rest of the group) a half inch off the ground just because he could, and hey, he had to feel good about this new ring somehow. As they moved, he found himself moving next to the cyborg woman who'd gotten them the map... which, actually was interesting, now that he stopped thinking about the rings. His green ring could detect the machinery in her and perform threat assessments, but the white ring could actually detect the rest of her... so maybe this ring still had its uses even if he could only use green light. He'd have to pay attention. And speaking of paying attention, that map had been her second wish, hadn't it? "Did your first wish get you anything?" he asked her, partly because if that wish had failed... well, it'd suck to go through the portal without making one that worked and losing the wish, wouldn't it?

RE: If wishes were fishes, they'd be puffer fish - Christian Verglas - 01-23-2018

The last wish, well, Christian didn’t expect that it would be anything spectacular, or anything like that. Honestly, he just hoped the pair worked out a few of their problems; he didn’t even think they’d work through everything, not in just one talk. But he could hope that it would make things better between the two of them, if they’d just actually talk to one another. Steve was a wonderful person, a true hero, but he could be so stubborn sometimes. And Tony, he was a good man, another hero, brilliant and kind, but he got too deep in his own head, and too often thought he knew the answers where others didn’t, or couldn’t, or wouldn’t understand.

The watch that appeared in Christian’s hand earned a frown. He had said discreet, and this? This was not discreet. Nevertheless, he clutched the item tightly, knowing just from holding it that it was indeed what he’d wished for, that it would absorb harmful magic that was cast at or toward the wearer. And thank goodness that part of the wish hadn’t gone wrong or gotten misunderstood by whatever power it was that was granting them because this wasn’t for him, it was for Safi, and Safi… Was one of the most important people in his life.

Ten minutes went by, and Christian had made his wishes and talked to the others in the store and watched people become entranced by the little turtle statue that they were going to be following before turning around and leaving. He watched the young redhead kiss the handsome brunette man before he dazedly left the shop, he watched the elf cast something on her before he and the other male elf left. He watched them all leave, but no Safi.

Long before even fifteen minutes had passed, Christian had backed himself up against the wall, nearly shaking with nerves and fear and worry. He had magic, and he wasn’t a coward, no matter what he might appear, but that didn’t mean he was okay at the moment. Determined, yes, he watched the others, responded when spoken to, but his fists were clenched into tight, white balls, his fingernails biting into his palms. Safi had said ten minutes.

This wasn’t, he thought with almost-amusement, the first time Safi had shown up late. When Belle had been shot, Safi had said five minutes, and it had ended up being ten. Okay. So, okay, maybe Safi wasn’t in trouble. Maybe he’d just needed more time to get to the shop. Okay. Right.
When the other man finally appeared in the store, Chris took a single step forward, his voice breaking on the only word he managed to choke out, “Safi.”
The moment Safi made the slightest movement to approach him, Christian broke out of his inability to move, throwing himself forward to hug the bigger man, “Belle. She drew cards, I don’t know why she did that… First that quest, and now this, and I don’t understand, but I was here, watching people draw and she… She just disappeared, Safi. But we have a map of where she’s being held, and he,” he motioned toward the gunslinger, “has a little turtle statue that will lead us to the portal to get her. We have to get her back, Safi…” He drew out the watch, it was a little girl’s watch, really, and he winced at it, “Wear this? It’ll protect you from bad magic. Please? I’ll fix it for you later. I have an idea how to make it… Look better. Less… Pink. I promise. But where we’re going is dangerous…”

Christian only stopped talking to Safi because someone else approached them, and spoke, and Chris turned to see…

Jim Buchanan.

Christian knew exactly who this guy was. Because he’d visited Safi’s facebook page. More than he was ever going to admit to anyone, ever (god damn it Belle, those workout videos had not needed to come to Christian’s attention!). And he’d followed links to see more about Safi’s life, his old life. Rachel. Sarah. Jim Buchanan, Safi’s best friend who had cheated with Safi’s wife.

Yeah, fuck this guy, and not in a fun way.

Chris’ eyes narrowed at the intruder, and he turned on his heel, stepping just slightly to the side to put himself squarely between Safi and Bucky, his lips twitching into a frown that was almost reminiscent of a snarl. Safi had once asked Christian how he would respond to someone in danger of being hurt, and Christian had told him very meekly that he would put himself between the person in danger and the person who would harm them. He had meant that. There was more than one kind of hurt, though, and Jim Buchanan represented possible harm to Safi, not physically, but emotionally, and Christian cared far too much for Safi to do nothing, to make Safi fend for himself. He wasn’t exactly growling, but he was very obviously bristling as he asked his friend, “Are you okay?”