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This Is Awkward - Kaalth - 01-07-2018

Kaalth was in the storage room at the Green Goddess, hiding. which was, he knew not the most dignified way of describing it. Officially, he was doing inventory-Ruvet had, with a kind smile, suggested that he go back and get started on inventory, and put his reading and writing skills to work.

But the truth was, he was hiding. Hiding because Nala was on stage right now, flooding the area around the stage with pheromones that were saying, to every guy in the place "Look at me. Have you ever seen a woman so sexy? So desirable? Is there anything you wouldn't give to get me to notice you?" and being around that was too much for Kaalth. The past week they'd had a couple of reading lessons, and things had been friendly and relaxed. They'd eaten a few meals together, and although Nala had no signs of being interested in him, she hadn't been angry either. If he started gawping at her, trying to attract her attention, let himself be distracted by her while both of them were working, that would make her angry.

So he was hiding, trying to focus on doing a good job with the inventory, and doing his best not to think about Nala. To not think about how she looked when she danced. How she smelled when she danced. Tried to remind himself that she was working, and that all of it was to attract paying customers. Was to attract guys who would give some advantage to the Orion Syndicate. Was certainly not aimed at him, the man she'd rejected and had shown no interest in since.

RE: This Is Awkward - Nala - 01-07-2018

Nala spun around the pole once more- hanging upside down with an extension of her neck as a finisher to what had been a thus far exhausting dance. One of the other girls was sick- and so Nala had volunteered to do a double length dance. Mostly meant that by the time she was done she was all kinds of sore and covered in sweat and pheromones. She quickly scooped the tips off the floor and gave her adoring fans a dignified bow before doing her best not to stagger as she walked away.

Nala walked directly towards the living area when her cousin called her name out. "Yes?" She responded sleepily- before acknowledging her cousin's request with a brief nod of her head. Nala smiled politely at the customer that her cousin was caring for before turning to walk towards the storage area. She took a brief moment to deposit her tips into a small box that she had set aside. Thus far she was only maybe a quarter of the way to purchasing part of the club. Even then it would be a very small part- but she could purchase more when that had turned a profit- one day, Nala may even be able to be a partner to her cousin in the endeavour.

She pulled her hair up off her neck- unintentionally baring her scent further- before walking into the back. "Oh!" Nala managed in surprise. "Kaalth." She said with a smile- nodding at one of the drinks beside his hands. "I just came back for a bottle of the Terran Scotch if you'd pass that to me."

RE: This Is Awkward - Kaalth - 01-07-2018

Kaalth had known that Nala was heading into the back before she got there, the pheromones hitting him like a wave. Not a gentle wave, but the kind that knocked you down off your feet, left you disoriented and with a mouthful of sand.

Instinctively he opened his mouth, to draw breath from there, for whatever good it would do him. But the scent of her, knowing that she'd just come off of a performance made him think of other, similar times with the copy. How she'd pull him back into their room and-and they'd do things that made the real Nala never want to consider him as a suitor, he thought, lust turning into self-loathing.

He turned his attention back to the pad in front of him, maybe she'd come and go and not speak to him. Let him go about his business, until he could regain his composure. Let the conflicted emotions resolve, so that he could let all of it go.

Of course, he had no such luck. He didn't know what he'd done to piss off the Luck Goddess, but he must have done something, and Kaalth resolved to spend sometime praying, to try to make whatever it was right so that shit like this wouldn't keep happening.

"Yeah, no problem." Kaalth said, painfully aware that his own scent must be a sour cocktail of arousal and distress, hoping that Nala would just ignore it "Here you go." he said, handing it to her, not daring to make eye contact.

RE: This Is Awkward - Nala - 01-07-2018

Nala watched blankly as Kaalth stiffened- First the room flooded with the scent of his arousal- which did absolutely no good things to her brain. Certainly being surrounded by men who wanted her for twice as long as usual was doing nothing for her own lust- and Kaalth's scent was hard enough to resist when he wasn't aroused.

She pulled in a deep breath without thinking and then bit her lip to stop herself from letting out a deeply embarrassing noise. She tightened her hands to focus her attention back on the task at hand.

The scent soured slightly- which did help her control herself a little- even though she was not entirely convinced that her own scent had not gotten even stronger. She walked up and placed her hand on his arm. "Are you alright Kaalth?" She asked as she placed the bottle down on the shelf again and stepped in front of him.

RE: This Is Awkward - Kaalth - 01-07-2018

She was concerned about him. Even after everything that had happened, even after she'd pushed him away, she was worried about him. But that was Nala-kind and thoughtful, and he wasn't surprised, even though he knew that he was deeply, deeply unworthy of her concern.

Kaalth opened his mouth to tell a lie-say that he was fine, that she had nothing to worry about-but he knew she'd spot the lie, and her scent, and the concern in her voice and the gentle pressure of her hand on his arm, it was too much for him to do anything but tell the truth.

"I'll be fine." he said, trying to maintain his composure. Trying to avoid begging her to take him to bed, to let him please her, to do everything that his instincts were shouting at him to do at that moment. "I'll be fine. Its just" he tapped his nose "its just that some things are hard to ignore."

RE: This Is Awkward - Nala - 01-07-2018

Nala watched as Kaalth paused for a moment- her eyes following every bit of movement that he made. The way his neck moved as he swallowed. Nala traced her hand down his arm, her fingers lightly caressing the skin.

She leaned forward without thinking, standing even closer to the origin of his scent. She barely noticed that he responded. "Is that so." She mumbled, bringing her other hand up to trace the line of his jaw. "Why would you want to ignore it?" Nala whispered against his ear.

RE: This Is Awkward - Kaalth - 01-07-2018

And then she was standing so close to him, touching him, and the whole thing was sweet torture. Kaalth didn't now why she was doing this, and that was the only thing keeping him from returning her caresses. Was this a test? Her way of making sure that he remembered the limits, and would keep off of her no matter what? Was it because she'd scented his desire, and that had temporarily overcome her feelings? He knew that such things were possible-he'd been warned about it, as a reason never to be alone with an attractive woman. Maybe she was just horny, and had decided to have him, instead of a paying client. Kaalth knew that premarital sex was acceptable now, that Orions women weren't worried that a man wouldn't be loyal if he'd let himself drown in another woman's scent before he married, but that knowledge didn't change the fact that he didn't want to go to bed with a woman who had no intention of a relationship. Even though he knew that it was a desire that would melt like sugar in the rain the minute Nala asked him to bed her.

But still, for the moment she was just asking questions, and so he could answer. "Because you don't like me. Not this way." he replied "Because we're working, and you have a client who is waiting on a bottle, and I don't want us getting in trouble with Jaya." as he spoke his voice was low, breathy with desire, and the sour smell of distress increased, although the desire spiked along with it, because of her hands on him and her breath in his ear.

RE: This Is Awkward - Nala - 01-07-2018

Nala flushed softly, feeling tears pricking at her eyes. She wasn't even certain why she was upset at being turned down- all she knew was that her heart was in her throat and it was almost strong enough to push back her desire for him. Unfortunately for him- almost was not completely- and the scent of his arousal spiking was not helping her pull herself away.

"You don't want me?" Nala managed softly, lashes damp with unshed tears. She looked down and finally managed to draw herself a step back, pulling her hands to her side- refusing the desire to wipe at her eyes- she knew better than to give a physical movement to give away her feelings, especially when she was keeping her scent steady.

Directly avoiding his eyes, Nala reached for the bottle. "Not my client. My shift is done for now. So you can stop hiding- I'll just go."

RE: This Is Awkward - Kaalth - 01-08-2018

"Of course I want you." Kaalth said, unable to stop himself from reaching out to touch her shoulder, half convinced that this was a trap, half feeling like a complete asshole for making her sad "You're beautiful and kind and smart and caring and of course I want you. Its just that" he paused, struggling to force out the words, when every instinct was telling him that it didn't matter, all that mattered was taking care of Nala "Its just that if you want to just because you're feeling horny, and you want to find a guy who will treat you right, if thats all you want, maybe its better if you go find Jax or something. I want you, more than anything. Please, don't ask me to be a cheap lay for you. Please." knowing as he spoke, that if she insisted, hell, if she just asked he'd still go to bed with her "If that is all you want from me, then yeah, take Jaya the bottle and find someone else, and I"ll see you at dinner, after I'm done with inventory. Please." not daring to tell her what he wanted if she wanted more than that, if she'd decided to give him a second chance.

RE: This Is Awkward - Nala - 01-08-2018

Nala loved the feel of his hand against her skin. Her hand reached up to hold his- lost momentarily in the texture of the callouses on his skin. The way he spoke about her- Nala was pretty sure she didn't deserve. Kind- caring- smart- beautiful? After the way she had treated him? Nala must have been a much better person in her past life to be worthy of half a day of Kaalth's attention.

She surprised herself by not crying further. "Okay." She managed to squeak out. Nala reached up and wiped the dampness from her eyes. "Then we'll try again." She said, looking up at him with steel in your eyes. "Because being near you feels- it feels good. So tonight- take me to bed- and tomorrow- we can go out on a walk." Nala offered him a small smile. "This time without talking to anyone else."

She swallowed hard- doing her best to suppress her nerves- and leaned up. She stopped just far enough away that he could avoid her if he wanted- and closed her eyes so she wouldn't have to see the face he made if he was disgusted by her desire to kiss him.

RE: This Is Awkward - Kaalth - 01-08-2018

She was going to give him a second chance! She was going to give him a second chance. Kaalth felt like his brain might explode from sheer joy. "Just the two of us, I promise." Kaalth said, grinning at her. "You won't regret this, I promise. Thank you, for giving me another chance."

And then she was lifting up her head, clearly wanting to be kissed, and what could he do but kiss her? He kissed her gently and tenderly-there was plenty of desire in the kiss, but it was also full of tenderness and caring. "Lets go to bed, then." he whispered, wrapping his arms around her, the pad sitting neglected and forgotton on the shelf, next to the bottle of scotch. Right now, all he could think of was Nala.

RE: This Is Awkward - Nala - 01-08-2018

The smile on Kaalth's face was doing weird things to Nala's heart- it was flip flopping around in her ribcage and she was pretty confident that she had no regrets. Her face flushed deeper than it already had and her scent sweetened dramatically. Nala bit her lip slightly. "No need to thank me." She offered softly. "It's not like I'm not happy about this too."

Then his mouth was against hers and those thoughts went completely out the window. To be fair pretty much every thought of hers went out the window when she found herself in his arms. "Mhm." She managed to mumble in reply before chasing his mouth with a small whine.

Was she supposed to be doing something?

RE: This Is Awkward - Kaalth - 01-08-2018

"Good." Kaalth said softly "I want you to be happy." by now, all traces of distress and worry were gone from his mind, and from his scent. All that was left was happiness. Happiness, and desire for the woman who was in his arms.

He kissed her again, and then, laughing, scooped her up into his arms, and through the door into the main part of the club, heading straight for the family quarters. And Nala's bed.

RE: This Is Awkward - Nala - 01-08-2018

It was a bit of a blur between being tossed into her bed and waking up sprawled on top of a warm man who smelled absolutely incredible.

"Mmm" She managed, scrubbing her eyes softly before smiling at Kaalth dopily. "Good morning. Did you sleep well?" She asked softly- Nala herself had slept like the dead. Almost like she had pulled a double shift and then been pleasured so thoroughly that she actually lost track of the exact events. With a suppressed giggle, it occurred to her that that was just another reason to do this again.

With a small sigh of disappointment, she sat up off of him in case he wanted to leave- and stretched- the feeling of her sore muscles loosening causing her to hum softly.

RE: This Is Awkward - Kaalth - 01-08-2018

Kaalth woke up as Nala shifted on top of him, and smiled as he took in the sight of her, smiling down at him. "I slept very well." he replied. He'd drifted off to sleep with a contented, satisfied woman curled up in his arms, and there was nothing more relaxing. "I hope you slept well too." and that she didn't have any regrets, now that it was morning.

For a moment, he just watched her stretch, the sight was, well, he was pretty sure that there was nothing more glorious than the sight of Nala stretching. But he allowed himself the indulgence of watching just for a moment before he sat up moving so that he was behind her "Do you want me to work on your shoulders?" he asked, and, when she assented, began to carefully massage the last remaining bits of tension from her. "Are you hungry?" he asked, still working on her sore muscles "I could make us some breakfast, if you want to eat before we go on our walk." hoping that she still wanted to go on a walk with him.

RE: This Is Awkward - Nala - 01-08-2018

Nala smiled down at Kaalth, running her fingers along the muscles underneath her. Laughing softly at his question, she purred slightly and parroted his response. "I slept very well."

Nala was surprised very briefly by his offer to massage her- then she remembered exactly who she had taken to her bed and yes, okay that was very in character for him. Pulling her hair out of the way, she turned to present him access to her shoulders. "Please." She managed for words of assent, before Kaalth had set to work and she began to hum softly in pleasure.

She was half tempted to lie and claim that she wasn't- in part because she was quite enjoying being in the same bed, warm, cared for, and content. Then her stomach growled and she had to fight off a blush. "Yes please. I'll get ready for the walk while you cook, If that's alright." Her eyes crinkled at the corners slightly as she turned back to him.

"You may have to help massage my legs before we go though- I'm not sure how long I'd be able to stand up otherwise." She offered with a small laugh- even though the statement was very true. At that moment Nala did not even remotely trust her ability to stand on her own.

RE: This Is Awkward - Kaalth - 01-09-2018

"Good, I'm glad." Kaalth said, kissing the back of her neck as his hands worked on her shoulders, getting the last few knots out. He smiled as he worked, glad that he was making Nala feel good. After the week of awkwardness and tension, this felt like being let into paradise.

"Of course." Kaalth replied, and added "You're so good to me." because of how kindly she's phrased it, as a request-even asking him for permission, instead of making it an order "I need to wash as well, and put on clean clothes." he continued. Even with bathing, it would still be obvious to the other Orions what had happened the night before, but he still needed a shower, to wash off the grime of his shift.

"Working on your legs might take a long time." Kaalth said, jokingly "It would probably save time to carry you everywhere."

RE: This Is Awkward - Nala - 01-09-2018

Nala liked the feel of his smile against her skin. No- that wasn't quite right- Nala liked Kaalth. She still wasn't super happy about him being with her echo- but at least she knew she had another thing in common with said echo now. If her copy didn't have her same determination- it was no wonder she ended up married to Kaalth.

Hell, Nala quite obviously possessed her determination- and she wasn't sure that would really do much than slow the relationship process.

Her nose wrinkled at his comment. "Maybe save that declaration for when I haven't been mean to you in the past two weeks." Nala remarked, all kinds of flustered. Did she like being told that? Absolutely- Was she at all capable of not being embarrassed by her past behaviour in relevance? Absolutely Not. "Okay- but don't take too long~" Nala hummed. "Or I may decide that we should just stay in and go back to sleep."

She laughed at his remark and turned around to lean against him face to face. "I'd be okay with that." Nala offered sweetly, quickly stealing another kiss before hopping out of bed. (Not terribly gracefully- but then she hadn't been joking about her difficulties using her legs.)

RE: This Is Awkward - Kaalth - 01-09-2018

"All I can remember is last night." Kaalth replied. At the moment, he was too happy, too content to fret over the past. What mattered was that here and now, he was here with Nala, and she'd given him a second chance, and he was determined to woo her and, if he was lucky, she would decide that he was the one for her. "Ok, though, I'll tell you again in two weeks." he added, kissing her again.

"I won't be too long." he said "Just long enough to wash and change. I'll meet you in the kitchen." he thought for a moment and said "I can make you an omlette. Have you ever had one? Its a Terran dish, and its really good. Remy-the Terran guy who is sweet on Jaya, he taught me how to make it." Kaalth knew that he was showing off a little, but he was proud of his cooking, and also wanted to show that he was learning to fit into this new world, and that he wasn't completely unsophisticated.

Kaalth stayed in bed until Nala disappeared into the bathroom, because there were some things that were worth taking the time to appreciate, and then put on enough of his own clothing to be decent, and hurried down the hall to his room. Once there, he showered and got dressed as quickly as he could, and by the time Nala got to the kitchen, he had breakfast started.

RE: This Is Awkward - Nala - 01-09-2018

Nala looked down, trying to hide the rather apparent smile on her face. "I think it's more true to say that you are too good to me." She murmured in reply- she didn't know what the copy had been up to, but obviously said copy was quite nice to Kaalth. Nala would have to do better to act worthy of his affections.

She hummed at his description. "Sounds wonderful. Yes please." She chirped in reply, sneaking another kiss just because she could. Hurrying off to shower (and remove the overwhelming scent of a woman well pleasures) She couldn't stop herself from smiling.

She liked this a whole lot more than she had liked being angry at him. And he didn't get impatient while she washed properly- knowing that (as it should be) Nala wouldn't be able to get his scent off of her.

Dressing neatly, she strolled into the kitchen (okay she paused first to taunt Padma- so help her Nala was predictable.) Nala whistled slightly before walking up to press a kiss to Kaalth's cheek while she began getting out the plates and glasses of juice ready for them.