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Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Oryn Vance - 01-04-2018

It was almost amusing, really, that one of the objects in his recently-acquired trove of magical treasure that he had nearly dismissed as a triviality had turned out, in truth, to be one of the most potentially beneficial, as well as the most potentially dangerous. What, then, was a man to do? Well, quite naturally, to offer others the chance to reap those benefits and risk those consequences.

Oryn’s shop had only recently opened, but he’d made sure to offer a few well-selected items here and there so that it would be known that he had good product, and to purchase a few things as well so that it would be known that he had good funds. He was not, after all, a swindler, and he made sure that people had known that. And, once word had begun to spread about, he began to make it known that, on this day, he would offer people a chance to draw from the fabled Deck of Many Things. It was not without risk, of course, and he made that clear… but it was also a potential for wildly beneficial rewards if their fortune held. How lucky did people feel? It would only be a modest price for them to have the chance to try. They could gain riches, they could gain power of any sort... all for an even-odds risk, really.

The day come at last, Oryn waved his wand at the sign on the door, changing it to say “Open,” and gave a flick to unseal the locks. Then, curious what the turnout would be, he settled himself down with a book and the Deck itself, waiting to see if the customers would come.

((Here’s how this will work:
There is no posting order in this thread. The results of any draw may require multiple, immediate replies from any one person, please don’t hesitate to do so. At the same time, I’m sure there would realistically be some chaos resulting over some of the draws, so a babble of posts is pretty realistic. If your character would draw someone aside for a PURPOSE, or plotty stuff resulting from this thread instead of just spectating, though, please start a fresh thread for it marked as a Deck thread.

I have an actual deck of cards trimmed down to the cards that are in the 13 card deck. I’ll draw from the deck when someone pays for a draw. If you don’t trust me, I can make sure I do it in front of Katie so she can vouch for the draw. If this isn’t satisfactory, bring it up in chat and we can figure something out.

If one of the characters that’s been on the quest draws a card that will take them out of play (Imprisonment, or any other I’m forgetting), I reserve the right to re-draw. If a negative card is drawn that will break the character (AKA: kill them and I can’t see a way that they’d realistically get out of it), I’ll also re-draw. In the event that I need input before I come up with the result of the draw, I’ll bring it up either in chat or in direct messages. If it’s straightforward, I’ll just post it up.

I’ve left the price vague because money is weird in the Hub. It’s a little pricey, but not crazy. $150, 5 gold, a nice piece of jewelry, a fancy gadget… something special, but not crazy. Everyone should be able to get a draw, the price isn’t that important. Oryn’s reasonable.))

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Quethadia Nyx - 01-04-2018

Queth had heard about this deck of cards- she honestly didn't really know that she believed in it- but she had heard that one could potentially change their past.

She didn't need to hear more than that.

Carefully collecting the pouch she had recently acquired as a reward for a run she had finished recently- Queth flipped her own sign to closed with a flick of her eyes- tech did wonderful things- and charged out onto the street to stand outside the door of this strange shop. She hadn't been able to sleep in expectation of the day- and so she was covered from head to toe in oil and grease from a night spent working.

She toweled at that so that she wouldn't dirty someone else's shop- but that didn't stop her from tapping her foot while she waited.

The moment the sign flipped, she barreled through and walked up to the counter.

"Hello- I would like to buy the maximum amount of chances to draw from this deck." The elf explained- as softly as she could, considering her stature and appearance. Gently placing her wrapped item on the counter, she untucked the folded fabric to reveal a single iridescent scale. "And I'll be paying with a single dragon scale- taken from my home universe. I don't care for change."

[OOC: Dragons are sentient, immortal, incredibly powerful, and will straight up kill you if you try to take any part of their skin etc for yourself. That scale is worth more than anything Queth owns.]

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Oryn Vance - 01-04-2018

Oryn examined the scale of the dragon curiously for a moment. On his world, dragons were fearsome beasts, definitely dangerous but easily managed with a few trained wizards. This scale, though, felt like far more than the dragon hide he was familiar with. Interesting, that… definitely interesting enough to let the girl risk herself three times. “Very well. Draw three cards, one at a time,” he said, allowing her to draw at her leisure.

The first card drawn showed an elegant golden star, and immediately as it was viewed, the magic washed over Quethadia. Scars began to vanish over her body, her skin smoothed itself over into the usual elven flawlessness that was only broken by her implants where they showed.

The second card drawn, though, showed a pale white skull staring ominously out at her. On seeing the card, Oryn’s eyes opened in alarm and he drew his wand out, pointing it at her. “Deal with this outside!” he barked, sending her soaring through the air, the shop door opening as she passed through it.

She’d barely moved a few feet, though, when a skeletal figure, robed in shadow, congealed out of nothingness, its pitiless gaze fixed on Quethadia. “Intefere not in her fate,” it rasped to those around as it glided in her wake, passing through the door, staying in the slowly-decreasing sunrise shadow of the building as it closed in on its quarry. It reached out one skeletal hand to grab her, its unearthly presence seeming to chill the air around it as it sought to draw what was left of her life out of her.

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Quethadia Nyx - 01-04-2018

Queth wasn't entirely certain how to define the sensation of her scars healing. Mostly it tingled. What was disconcerting was the face mask peeling off- based on the fact that the skin underneath them was changing and it couldn't maintain the same vacuum seal. The fact that it continued down her neck and underneath her shirt- hell it continued along all of her scars as far as she could tell. Pausing for a moment before pulling her next card she removed the silicon that was now hanging awkwardly off of her ear and around her neck like a weird scarf.

Folding it neatly (which was a bit disconcerting as it looked rather like someone had skinned her and put that in her hands) she set it down temporarily on the table in front of her while she drew the next card. Her mouth twitched into a frown she hadn't been able to affect for decades as she caught site of the skull.

The next thing she knew she was outside the door and watching as the wraith followed her through the wall- something that caused her to curse loudly and roll out of the way as she sent her gun sliding back into arm as she pulled the inscribed sword from her thigh for lack of a better idea what to hit it with that wasn't the magic she didn't possess enough soul to cast. For an added chance of causing damage, she awkwardly switched her hand hold to position her middle finger on the edge of the sword. Using the edge of the blade to push off the covering that stopped the metal from reaching the metal- completing a circuit that began to spark along the edges.

She stood up and leaped at the wraith- shivering quite dramatically as the arch took her through the enemy- but it did seem unpleasant to the figure of death as well. The electricity arched upon contact- even if she was having a hard time discerning whether the sort of vaguely magic sword was doing anything. Headed towards the ground she stretched a hand out to launch upwards into a hand spring and land upright. She spun and swung again- and again and again and again.

Until finally the damn wraith dissipated properly.

Having expended a large amount of the energy stored in her arm to use her taser so continuously- so despite being certain it would take a moment that it would be inconvenient for whoever was waiting she went and retrieved a battery to begin recharging her limbs. Usually she didn't need to do such- the electricity her body produced in the form of muscle contractions and chemical breakdown of food was more than enough to maintain her joints- but right now she felt rather like she'd need to sleep to recharge naturally.

Queth wasn't certain that she'd be so unlucky as to draw another enemy- but she hardly wanted to be caught flatfooted if she did. Walking in to the store again- she began fixing the few wounds she had taken- seemed like a waste to let it scar again after she had lucked into healing her old ones. Meant she was spreading some anti-infection cream and used some steri-strips to act as temporary sutures until the slices closed up on their own.

Taking the last steps up to the table, she drew her last card with a small huff of exhaustion.

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Oryn Vance - 01-05-2018

The wraith seemed to only partially register the swing of the sword, the magic in the blade forcing it to catch the intangible creature only partially as it passed through its form. The electricity, on the other hand, made the thing let out an unholy shriek that chilled onlookers down to their souls. It lunged at her with hands ready to drain the life out of her, grasping onto her... only to find lifeless electronics beneath its touch.

The battle was brief, the creature seeming to be put off of its form facing someone only partially alive like this. It came at her, but caught her blade again and again, itself unable to really extend its attacks as the rising sun shrank the shadows it could safely move in. With a shriek of pure frustration, it lunged at her, only to find itself staggered by the morning sunlight as if it were a lead weight slamming into its body, killing its attack before it was even fully formed. It tried to stagger back to the shadows, but before it did, a final electrified slash from the magic sword finally broke its form apart, leaving it to melt into black vapor with a low, pained, unearthly moan.

Oryn resisted the urge to clap as she came back into the shop. This was, all in all, good for business. She'd gotten a rather good draw the first time, and the second time she'd made one of the worst cards look positively manageable. Her third draw would really seal this, he supposed, watching with interest to see what she'd drawn.

The final card showed a half moon shining like silver in a night sky, wisps of cloud drifting in front of it almost seeming to move on the ancient card. They had just enough time to register what the card was before a single black moonstone appeared in her hand, two pulsing lights glowing within it. "Another very good draw," Oryn remarked. "And if what I've learned about these cards is true, you'll have two hours to decide on your wishes." He smiled slightly, returning the card to the pack, where the magic of the deck re-shuffled it. "Do consider them carefully, I've heard tell of them being treacherous to those who word them carelessly, but that may just be tale-telling." He peered around at the gathering crowd as he left Quethadia to contemplate her fate. "And who would like to draw next?"

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Jacob Alexander - 01-05-2018

Jake had been a bit alarmed by the sudden appearance of the... floating whatever-it-was that had attacked that woman, but the fact that she killed it with a sword did reassure him a bit. This couldn't be that risky, could it? He glanced at Kai and gave her a cocky smile as they watched her draw her third card. Wishes... hell, did that actually work? That was pretty tempting, when you got down to it. "You game?" he whispered. He knew it was risky, but on the other hand he couldn't really resist the draw of a challenge like this. Some people might say to play it safe with this... but that wasn't Jake, now, was it?

Not seeing any other takers, Jake decided to be the big reckless guy he was and set down a green gem that, on tapping it, split into three gems: one blue, one yellow, and one diamond-clear, before re-combining once they were all touched together. "It's a Carggite treen gem," he said. "They think they're alive, but that's just native superstition. Is that good for three draws?"

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Kailani Mahelona - 01-05-2018

Kai had honestly been uncertain what she was expecting upon arrival. Cheap magic tricks maybe- but she had been promised excitement- and being in Jake's presence was that if nothing else. Then she saw the first woman magically healed and kill some form of spectre and her disbelief went away instantly.

Grinning back at Jake she looked up at him through her lashes. (okay so she was always looking up at him. The least she could do was use that to her flirtatious advantage.) "You know I am." She offered in a whispered reply, following him up to the counter once the first woman was done. Kai spared the giantess a glare of jealousy at her height, feeling rather like she ought to have worn heels out to feel less dwarfed.

Following Jake's lead, Kai drew a surprisingly large glass case out of the stones that had been floating around her- grateful that they could work as such efficient conveyance items. "Three draws as well- this is a terrigen crystal, contained within a metal form that- this is a clear warning- will turn to stone anyone who is not my species to stone. The crystal itself is used to activate otherwise dormant genetics in my kind- inhumans- changing our very DNA. The stones floating around me are part of my body- they are what I received from the terrigenesis process."

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Oryn Vance - 01-05-2018

Oryn glanced at the young man and the strange jewel he set down. He couldn't sense any magic in it, not in the sense of the magic he used, but all the same... how did it do that trick splitting? It wasn't an illusion or a trick, it was really splitting and combining, and that was enough for Oryn's curiosity. "That sounds fair," he decided, sliding the deck across the counter for the young man to draw from.

The gathered people watched eagerly as the first card was drawn. Vivid flames were drawn upon it, almost seeming to flicker ominously in the candle-lit store. Oryn looked down at it in mild curiosity as he saw the sense of foreboding passing over the other man. This... was probably going to be interesting. Not immediately, of course, but soon. He'd have to watch this boy. "Be careful in the future, my friend. You seem to have inspired... enmity, and a very powerful one."

The second card turned over to show the sun blazing high against the sky, and a much more easy feeling fell over the group than with the last, ominous, seemingly pointless card. Immediately, there was a flash of pure white light, and a single ring flashed into being, orbiting around Jacob for a moment before finally flying onto the finger next to his Green Lantern ring. The ring was white, but presently showing the same green sigil in the middle as the ring he already wore.

They had to wait a moment for the other man to look, rather awestruck, at the ring, before Oryn cleared his throat and indicated for him to finish drawing. Jacob drew out the last card, from which gold and gems gleamed from the painted face of the card. Instantly, assorted pieces of jewelry appeared, clattering to the floor at the boy's feet, causing a sudden rush of greedy snatchers that Oryn blasted back one by one with casual waves of his wand. "The next person who tries to steal something that someone earns from their draw is going to be turned into a tree sloth," he said darkly. "Congratulations, my good sir. I hope your new wealth serves you well."

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Jacob Alexander - 01-05-2018

A cold sense of dread that Jake hadn't felt in years washed over him as he looked at the burning flames, and somehow to him they seemed too bright. There was something... off about that, though the peril they suggested... he could easily believe that. Maybe... maybe this was a bad idea, though he wouldn't say that out loud.

That thought, though, was stripped from his mind when the white light flashed, and that voice flashed into his mind. Jacob Alexander of Earth, you have the ability to preserve life in all its forms. Will you join the White Lantern corps? He blinked as he watched it orbit him, barely registering that this ring was making an offer, not a demand. "Yes," he said under his breath, feeling a sudden surge of power as the ring joined the green one. He was... well, stunned, as well as confused, by this turn of events, so much that he barely registered the jewelry clattering to the floor. "Thank you," he said to the shopkeeper, stooping to pick the various rings and necklaces and such up.

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Natalia Romanova - 01-05-2018

Natasha was exploring the Hub, and she was curious about this shop, and about what sorts of magic might be in it. She didn't understand magic, and since magic was something that she seemed to be encountering more and more often, she thought that it seemed like a good idea to find out more. Drawing cards from the deck? Well, that seemed like a useful, and somewhat contained experiment. What harm could three simple cards do, after all?

Laying a couple of gold coins on the counter she said "Three cards, please."

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Oryn Vance - 01-05-2018

These people were daring, weren’t they? Oryn had a bit of a flashback to his school days, deciding that yes, these people all would have been Gryffindors, or as the Slytherins had called them, ‘Too Dumb To Not Rush In’ House. Nevertheless, this was good for business, so he was hardly going to complain, was he?

When her first drawn card was the same bright sun that the previous man had received, Oryn watched with interest to see what the result would be this time. In midair in front of her, a six-foot hole in space suddenly appeared, giving them all a clear view of the empty space on the other side that most certainly wasn’t the store. As the magic that summoned it released it, though, the silvery, ethereal cloth surrounding the hole fluttered down naturally, the hole vanishing, leaving nothing but the thin, light length of cloth that settled over her hand for her.

The second card showed an ivory throne, and as they all looked at it, Nat would know that there was, now, a place for her here, in the central Hub, some sort of great palatial location that was just hers. At least… it would be hers once she went at claimed it.

At the third card, though, there was only blackness. As they looked at it, suddenly Natasha vanished, leaving her clothes, her weapons, all of her things clattering to the floor. “Unfortunate,” Oryn remarked, pulling out his wand again to warn off any opportunistic looters. “Don’t disturb her things,” he said. “Should anyone rescue her from wherever she’s gone, they will be waiting here for her. I don’t know about any of you, but I personally would not thank someone for just taking anyone’s word but mine that they were permitted to handle my abandoned belongings.” As he spoke, with a flick of his wand he caused her belongings to rise up in a golden bubble, floating over the counter for him to deal with at a later time, safe from any greedy hands.

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Kailani Mahelona - 01-05-2018

Kai tapped her foot lightly while she waited, watching in entertainment as Jake got his cards and then followed him off to the side for a moment to examine his ring. "That is seriously awesome." She offered quietly, almost ignoring the jewelry for the moment to focus on the weapon. Turning to go back to the front after she had taken a second to appreciate the winnings she let out a bit of a huff. The first woman had had time to leave and come back and Kai- was completely ignored because of taking a moment to appreciate Jake's cards.

Rolling her eyes she moved to stand behind Black Widow and wait her turn again. She did blink for a moment as she saw the other woman vanish- and for a brief second she thought about not going. But she had already put her offering on the counter, and Jake would see her being q coward so she stepped back up to the counter. She tapped her finger on the glass case she had set there before. "3 please." She reminded softly.

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Oryn Vance - 01-05-2018

This, this was what Oryn had been hoping for when he’d started this little event. Oh, no, not this exact item, but something remarkable like it. It was true, he had no idea if it would come to anything when he researched it, but there was such potential here… and if nothing else, she said it turned people to stone. It could make an excellent trap for thieves… Yes. Yes, the girl had earned her three draws, had earned more than three… but he wasn’t going to say that, now, was he?

He offered her the deck, and he was interested to see that when she drew out a card with an ornate key on it, another ring appeared, this one violet, darting around in the air for a moment before shooting itself onto her finger. What was with these two and jewelry, he wondered? He’d have to pay attention to them in the future, perhaps.

The second card was one they’d already seen once more, the same twisting flames that her companion had drawn out, and Oryn revised his idea about keeping his eye on them. Perhaps he should stay away from them. They were, perhaps, not the best fated people…

And, when she drew out the black card that had been Natasha’s fate, Oryn sighed, drawing out his wand and causing a bubble to scoop up her possessions as well, although the ring seemed to be resisting. That… might be problematic. He’d have to see what happened with that. If their possessions were going to act on their own, he supposed it wasn’t his fault.

Still, she’d paid him with quite a nice item, and so he decided that he could afford to at least show some token concern for her fate. “Those who have vanished so far,” he said, to those crowded around, “Are not dead. They are, however, alone and helpless to free themselves from wherever the magic has whisked them off to. The magic is said to be such that it can’t be tracked… but if you are fortunate enough to draw out the card that she has drawn,” he said, pointing to where Queth was considering her moonstone and its two wishes, “It’s said that you’re able to find out where they are imprisoned.”

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Kailani Mahelona - 01-05-2018

Kai blinked awkwardly for a moment, forgetting for a second to draw her next card, as the Violet ring flew into the air and launched itself at her hand. Unlike with Jake whose ring seemed to wait for his assent before floating down- this ring ('her ring' she corrected mentally) simply announced to her "You have great love in your heart. Welcome to the star sapphires." before taking its place.

She had known there were other colours of rings- Jake had mentioned that off hand- but to actually receive one did not even remotely fit in her expectations of the day. To be encased in stone was even more terrifying, something she knew was more terrifying than anything else she could draw. It was thankfully brief- before it cracked open leaving her in a fully pink uniform. If you can call a bathing suit with cut out sides a uniform. She glanced over at Jake, raised one eyebrow before similarly lifting her hand for him to see. Kai bit back a laugh as she realized she was the most alien of all lanterns likely- in that she wasn't even from a species that existed in the same realities as the rings. Kai also noticed vaguely that her crystals had turned the same hue as her clothing- albeit differences in shade.

Kai was in such a fascinated state (so help her she liked shiny things) that she hardly noticed as the gloomy feeling washed over her. She did of course notice- but not much before she drew her last card. She glanced at the design trying to understand it- but she had seen the image just a moment ago-

"Oh for fuck's-"

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Arjay Lo'Ran - 01-06-2018

Well, this was alarming, wasn’t it? Two people already imprisoned, and apparently the ire of some great being turning toward others… Arjay supposed that this was expected, but what could be done? The deck was a fickle item, and yet… he couldn’t help admit that the draw of its rewards was an incredible temptation. Even if it weren’t… Well, the people needed to be recovered, and for that, one needed wishes. Quethadia had wishes, yes, but… he’d seen the look in her eyes as she took that moonstone. Could he really, in good faith, try to take from her whatever she needed those wishes for?

Stepping forward, he put his gold on the counter. All he needed was that wish card… but… no, he didn’t just need that. He needed more than that. He knew that, he couldn’t pretend that he was drawing this out with entirely altruistic intentions. There was something he wanted himself, and so…

“Three draws as well,” he said. Goddess preserve me…

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Oryn Vance - 01-07-2018

Oryn weighed out the bag of gold in his hand, rather pleased with the feel of it. He gave it a quick glance inside, enough to make sure that it really was gold, then he laid the deck down on the counter for Arjay to draw from. "To your good health, then, sir," he said with a faint smile.

The first card that was drawn was, once again, the half moon. There were various murmurs from around them as another moonstone appeared in the elf's hand, again with two glowing lights within it. "To your good luck, then, sir," Oryn said, smiling. "Two wishes, whatever you care to ask for, for yourself... or others."

The second card was the gem again, and a pile of jewelry fell to the counter in front of the elf. Oryn cocked an eyebrow, watching as the elf impatiently swept the jewelry into a bag that he then returned to his belt. This was not a man who was randomly drawing, then, for he didn't seem truly pleased with either of these honestly excellent draws. This, apparently, was a man who had a particular need that neither of these had satisfied yet.

The third card drawn out revealed a tiny man dressed in motley, juggling for the onlooking royal court. "The Jester," Oryn remarked. "Either accept the wisdom, the capability and power, that this card offers you... or draw twice more for other rewards. The choice, my good sir, is yours."

The elf appeared frustrated as he took two more cards from the deck. The first, when turned upside down, revealed a shining sun, and the second, drawn and flipped over impatiently by the elf, who was looking increasingly desperate, showed an armored knight, standing at attention. A small, somewhat cylindrical, irridescent crystal appeared in Arjay's hand, just as another elf materialized out of nowhere next to Arjay...

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Lukkyn EveSpring - 01-07-2018

Usually, when going out to meet some new lord or other, Lukk would have been wearing gleaming armor, his weapons sheathed and beautiful. Today, he was less than flawlessly dressed. His armor was dirty and bloody, his sword drawn, gleaming in the light of the shop he found himself standing in. He knew enough of what had just happened to him to know that he had been saved from his imprisonment by the elf standing beside him. Giving a bow that was perhaps lower than it needed to be in his gratitude, Lukk’s stern, serious face broke into a gentle smile, “You have my gratitude, and my loyalty for pulling me from the grasp of those mongrels.”

Straightening, Lukk stood just a touch taller than Arjay, his long white hair spilling over his shoulders as he reached up to remove his helm with gauntleted hands, “I am Lukkyn of House EveSpring, at your service.”

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Arjay Lo'Ran - 01-07-2018

Arjay tried not to look so downcast. He knew that the card he needed had been in there, Queth had drawn it. Prettying her up wasn't the only thing it could do, it could have fixed his heart in a second. Oh, his draws had been good, there was no doubt about that, but they hadn't been what he needed. There was still a chance, of course, that the wishes could do it, but so far they would be needed to help recover those who had been imprisoned.

So, making an effort to not be irritable, Arjay turned to the elf next to him, the one who had been summoned by that last card. At least there had been something good done here, by the sound of what this one said, he had been summoned by the card from some dire situation, and he couldn't resent that result, now, could he. "Arjay, of house Lo'Ran," he answered, bowing in return, though not as deeply. He didn't recognize the name of the house this elf belonged to, but then that didn't always mean anything. Perhaps he was from some remote part of Faerun, perhaps he wasn't from Faerun at all. They would see. "Come... let's not do this here," he added, noting that they were still in the middle of the shop, with all eyes upon them.

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Lorelei Coulson Barton - 01-07-2018

A deck of cards that could grant you wishes or items or who knew what else? Hell yes! That sounded awesome!

Lori had burst into Justin’s lab, a ball of energy and excitement, waited patiently (okay, as patiently as she could, which meant she had jumped from foot to foot the whole time, but stayed silent so not to bother him) for him to finish what he was doing and give her his attention before she grabbed his hand and pulled him along, “We gotta gooo! There’s these cards, and they can grant wishes, and I’m totally gonna try it!” Well, it was more than wishes, and she knew that of course. Hell, she didn’t even know what she’d wish for if she drew that card!

She never let go of Justin’s hand, pulling him to her motorcycle. He could fly, she knew, and if he wanted to, she’d just laugh and try to keep up with him as best as she could, but if he wanted to ride with her, she wouldn’t complain about that either.

The moment they were both walking up to the shop where the cards were being kept, she reached to take his hand again with a huge grin and pull him inside. She watched as the others pulled their cards, and barely even hesitated, pulling out several golden Asgardian coins given to her by Thor himself and laying them on the table, telling the gentleman there fearlessly, “Three cards, please.”

RE: Fortune and Wonders, or Doom and Despair - Oryn Vance - 01-07-2018

"You all realize that you can take just one draw, yes?" Oryn mused. Nevertheless, he took her girl's gold and lay the deck upon the counter again for her to draw from.

The first card that was drawn showed a crescent moon upon it, and as had happened before, she found a moonstone in her hand. This time, though, only one glow was seen within it. "I believe that you will only have one hour to make your wish," Oryn said. "And, obviously, only one wish this time. Word it carefully."

The second card, though, was a new one, and showed a hideous, medusa-like face upon it. As soon as Lori gazed upon it, she felt a cold, slimy breeze blow over her, the unmistakable feel of a curse taking hold. "An unfortunate draw," Oryn admitted. "The legend holds that there are no mortal means of lifting that curse, though that doesn't mean that there are no means at all."

The third card, which it was fortunate Arjay did not see her draw, held a star upon it. "Personal improvement," Oryn supplied. "Capabilities, physical, mental... unpredictable what it will be. Whatever it is, it should serve you well," he stated.

"An excellent draw. It almost makes me curious enough..." Oryn peered down at the deck, then shrugged and drew a card out himself. "Ah, naturally," he said, grimacing, as he saw that the card bore a skull upon it. "The drawings will be postponed for a few moments!" he called loudly as the wraith materialized again. "And be aware that there are powerful anti-theft spells placed upon this... just don't steal!" he said, cutting off his generally long-winded speech as the wraith came at him, disapparating on the spot and reappearing outside the store.

The battle outside was furious, and Oryn found himself convinced that most wizards he'd known would not have come out of it alive. However, in the end, the wraith was blasted apart, and Oryn walked back into the store, dusting himself off. "Well, that teaches me how my luck is today. Who is next?"