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Oops, I Meant to do That! - Fizzle Bizzlebop - 05-14-2017

The sound of the explosion ricocheted through the deep caves of Undermountain, rebounding against the smooth, dwarven carved walls and through the elf-planted forests and even screaming through the city of the dead. It sent animals and aberrations alike scuttling and scrambling for cover and garnered the attention of even the bravest of the Waterdhavian Lords far above.

The heat followed close on the heels of the sound, billowing through the halls and rooms and levels of the monstrous dungeon, causing the megalodons and giant squid diving for cooler waters. The great kraken that slept in Waterdeep’s harbor shifted in his slumber.

It was the light, however, that brought real destruction.

Lesson learned: do not blow up a bag of holding filled to overflowing with incendiary potions and bombs. Or…. Do…. but only in the direst of situations.

Well…. Fizzle was pretty certain that waking up a Tarrasque in the heart of Undermountain during the Midwinter festivals with so many visiting dignitaries (including the High Priest of Gond!!) celebrating the holiday was about as dire a situation as they came! Really, she'd had no choice! The Tarrasque couldn't be allowed to climb it's way out of Undermountain (and just how had the Mad Mage managed to get the great beast here, anyway??) or it would surface and destroy all of Waterdeep, and then the rest of fair Toril after. It was her duty as both a Lost Lantern and as a Harper to keep the monster from fully waking.

Which meant she had to kill it.


Not good. Not good in the least!

She had merely done what any noble adventurer would do, in the end. She had mouthed silent prayers to the Gnomish gods (and any others that might be listening) and bravely moved to sacrifice her own life in order to save those of the many. Alludiel would be proud of her, and really she wished she’d be able to see the elf’s face before going to be weighed and judged by Kelemvor on her way to Gond. Perhaps, in however many centuries it took for the old coot to die, Gond would allow her to visit the fields of the Seldarine to visit with him. To tell him she was glad to have had his friendship. To gloat that she'd killed a Tarrasque single handedly, and just what had he done to outdo her in all his centuries of life, hmm?

Nothing that could possibly outdo her accomplishments! That was what she wanted to hold in her mind during this, what was to be her last minutes. She had outdone that self-congratulating, pointy eared, smug wizard. Finally! He would never be able to chuckle at her ideas or potions again. He would never be able to shake his head and call her a reckless fool again. (Okay, perhaps he could, but she wouldn't have to hear or see it!) She'd miss him and the other Lanterns. And she wondered if they’d miss her as well…

The light was what brought true destruction. It zipped through the open spaces, disintegrating everything in its path, boiling away puddles and and potions and evaporating the top feet of the deepest lakes and causing Waterdeep’s harbor to grow thick with steam and newly formed fog. It rolled through the bowels of Undermountain, snuffing out torches by destruction and leaving the lonely halls dark and suddenly silent.

Waking up after an explosion, coughing the soot from her lungs and wiping it from her eyes and lips was no new experience for the Alchemist. This was a bi-weekly occurrence, and only that seldom when Alludiel or Tarkas managed to keep her busy and distracted for any real length of time…. So Fizzle sat up, rubbing her eyes blearily and trying hard to remember what she's been working on before it had blown up. She was…

In her shop? When had she….?? Why was…?? Fizzle sat up quickly, looking around at the familiar surroundings. This wasn't right. She'd been in Waterdeep, visiting old Lord Durnan (how she'd missed him) and working within the city with the Lanterns, keeping the peace during the festival. So then, why was she here? What had happened to…. The Tarrasque! Oh…. Right!

She was on her feet and running out of the shop, a whistle on her lips to get the attention of her friends before she realized that something...something was not quite right. This was neither Lantan nor Waterdeep, or even Neverwinter. It was…. she wasn't sure what it was. “Alludiel? Tarkas? Jon?” Frowning, Fizzle slowed to a walk, eyes peeled for any of the Lanterns or…. Anyone she recognized. Or anyone who might be able to help.

Had some god somewhere heard her plea and done…. something? Or was she truly in the land of the dead, expected by Kelemvor?

She didn't know, and that made her uneasy.

RE: Oops, I Meant to do That! - Arjay Lo'Ran - 05-15-2017

There was smoke in the Hub.

No, seriously, there was smoke in the Hub, in his part of the Hub, and this was something that Arjay hadn’t found before. Why was there smoke? Only, it was only there for a moment, then it was gone. It was almost like an explosion was congealing into a certain point, and then vanishing, like… something was exploding, only in reverse? It wasn’t exactly how it struck him, but it was close enough to serve, he supposed. Whatever, the case, it bore investigating. If nothing else, he was a bit bored today, so this would serve to remove the tedium and give him something to do aside from contemplating plane shifting back to Faerun for the night.

He murmured a spell, sending his senses out in the direction he’d seen the smoke. When he opened his eyes again, he looked slightly surprised, but not extremely so, he supposed. “Waterdeep? Well now, that’s not something I’ve come across here yet.” Whatever the case, getting there was a simple matter. One more spell, and the air in front of him opened like a door, leading him right into the door of the shop in question, the very center of this (partial, so far) Waterdeep that had sprung up.

It was, he saw, an alchemist’s shop, which he supposed might have something to do with the smoke. The physics of the Hub were odd, at least here in the more subjective parts of it. Sometimes it was best to not think too hard on the matter. He peered around the shop, seeing that it was well stocked, and that it seemed to be staffed by a very pretty, very confused gnome (which also explained the smoke). Well, he supposed that if he’d gotten to the Hub without knowing he was walking through a portal, he probably would have been confused, too, and indeed, most of the people he’d met had been very unsure of what, exactly had been going on. He thought a silent prayer to his goddess, thanking her that he, at least, had knowingly come here, if only to help the others acclimate.

“Good afternoon!” he said, smiling at the (again, pretty) gnome, closing the door to the shop behind him. “Is your shop open for business? Or do you have more pressing concerns to see to?”

RE: Oops, I Meant to do That! - Fizzle Bizzlebop - 05-16-2017

The saying went: Where there is smoke, there is fire. As a master alchemist, Fizzle knew this to be a terrible falsehood. Smoke gave the promise of fire, but so often (oh so very, very often!) it lied. Smoke wasn’t an honest conversationalist. Fire, though, fire was honest and argumentative. It was lovely. You could hold an entirely disagreement with fire without ever having to raise your voice!

There was no Alludiel or Tarkas or Jon. The insufferable wizard was nowhere to be seen, the barbarian was probably lost (and drunk!) down by the docks, which Fizzle couldn’t see (or smell, oddly enough), and Jon, well, the human had probably wandered off… No, wait. They were working; they’d been working the festival, and on her off hours, Fizzle had taken a bet to drop down the well into undermountain and bring back either something shiny or dead. It was hardly her first time delving into the dungeon below Waterdeep, and she had gone with a grin and a salute to the patrons of the Portal, eyes bright as she gave Durnan the signal to lower her down.

She barely registered the arrival of the elf in her shop, so busy she was trying to recall what had happened and how she had gotten herself here, wherever here was, which was trying to be Waterdeep, but she knew it wasn’t really Waterdeep… She would have been in the Portal or in Undermountain if this was really there.

Reaching up with a handkerchief to rub the dark soot off of her face she beamed up at the unfamiliar dainty face, “Good day to you as well!” She bit her lower lip for a moment as he asked if she were open, looking around to make sure that there wasn’t too much damage, and surprisingly, there wasn’t, not really. Huh. Well, that was good then! “Sure, we’re open! No reason not to be, right?” She grinned. No reason not to make a few silvers off of an interested elf (who was probably looking for a prettiness potion or something else just ridiculously easy to whip up. Oh! Maybe he was here for restorative potions! Undermountain was right there, after all, with the Yawning Portal just down the street! That was possible! “What were you looking for? I have pretty much anything you’d need, and if I don’t have it, I can whip it right up for you!” Well, depending on what it was - some things took longer to brew or mix than others, but hey, if he was willing to wait or come back… It wasn’t like she had anything else going on right now!

“Sooo…” She asked, looking at him blatantly, not trying to hide either her curiosity or her interest, “Since I’m pretty sure we’re not in Waterdeep, where are we? Shadow Plane? Or some other sort of reflective plane?” She'd been adventuring for too many years now, (and often with silly wizards who insisted they knew what they were doing just before they opened a portal to some crazy place) to not recognize that she wasn't home anymore.

RE: Oops, I Meant to do That! - Arjay Lo'Ran - 05-17-2017

Ah, this poor little gnome. ‘No reason not to be,’ she had no idea. Well, to be fair, she was right, from his perspective everything was just a fine day to go shopping. From her perspective? Well, that sounded a lot like putting on a brave front in the face of not knowing what the hell was going on. Still, he couldn’t help being curious, the place did look like a useful shop. “Your stock does seem very thorough, but my needs aren’t exactly great,” he admitted. He could, after all, use his magic for most everything he needed. “What I’d like to know is what you can offer me that another alchemist couldn’t,” he expounded, giving her a sly smile. “I have no doubt that your wares are all quality, but what do you have that I couldn’t find anywhere else?” If she really was that good, she should have something that was a proprietary design. That was what he liked, seeing things that were truly unique.

When she posed her questions, with that familiar, eagerly curious expression, he suppressed a reflexive feeling of dread. There were few less feared phrases among those in magical research as ‘a curious gnome,’ and he was well accustomed to seeing the expression of one. Still, she wasn’t curious about anything that would make him have to take up familiar habits like ‘keep the gnome away from the sleeping dragon’ or ‘don’t let the gnome near the unstable mana trap.’ This was quite a natural thing to be curious about, she was stuck here, after all. And, after all, he did have the answers.

“I’d say it’s something like the last one,” he said. “It’s a plane between worlds, bridging multiple worlds. If you walk far enough, if you want, you’ll find yourself in places that look like other worlds. Quite possibly, this place touches every world that exists in any plane of existence, but that would be hard to prove, I think.” He walked over and leaned on the counter, in the process, re-adjusting a few of his belongings that were strapped into his travel gear. A silver pin on the lute strap was pushed into prominence as he did. “Getting back to Faerun is obviously possible. Myself, I haven’t had my fill studying the other worlds and what they have to offer yet.”

RE: Oops, I Meant to do That! - Fizzle Bizzlebop - 05-18-2017

So yeah, okay, alright, today had been a busy day for Fizzle Bizzlebop, Master Alchemist extraordinaire. She had had done her guard duties for the festival, visited with Durnan at the Portal, and then she had gone down into Undermountain to explore some more and see if she could find something worth her while or kill something to bring back with her to the Portal to satisfy the bet. She had not gone looking for a giant waking beast of legend or to end her own life. Her life still had decades and decades left of good explosions, after all! Still, she was (she thought) still alive, and she had a customer in her shop (though it was and wasn’t her shop), so why not do some business?

His needs weren’t great? Fizzle grinned, “Oh, well, sometimes when the needs aren’t great, the wants can be!” She gave the elf a wink, and then her look changed to one of pure, unadulterated delight as he asked her what she could offer that other alchemists couldn’t. Oh, she had the most remarkable things to show him!!! The gnome actually bounced on the balls of her feet, as she danced around the shop, looking for a few specific things. And she giggled as she grabbed them, setting the first one on the counter, “Tymora’s Vision, I call it. Or well, my friend named it, but I made it!” She grinned to the elf, motionin to the golden potion that looked viscous but smelled of lemons and old coins, “Gives you the best luck in finding lost and secret things - it’s great for finding secret doors and hatches, but if you’ve lost something, you’re bound to find it if you use this. Lasts a few hours,” she wobbled her hand; “give or take some time depending on the person, really. You need to dilute it, though. Dwarven ale works the best.” She grinned and then set the second item down, this one much more gently than the first, a small ball made up of sparkling gems, or so it seemed. “This… Well, it makes pretty lights everywhere, all sorts of different colors, and has a few different patterns in it, so it’ll change up after a bit, and the best part,” Fizzle clapped her hands gleefully, “It makes everyone dance, as long as there’s music to dance to! And I can include a music box with it if you’d like!” Oh, Fizzle really did love her craft, truly she did! “You just throw it on the floor!” Her expression turned sly, and just a touch concerned, “Unique enough for you, good elf?”

All gnomes were curious. Silly people thinking they weren’t… What was wrong with being curious?? Then again, curiosity was what had brought her peeking into that dark cave that was rumbling, just to find a Tarrasque waking up from its slumber… Hm. Still, that had been fun! She’d never seen an explosion like that one before! ...Huh… She really hadn’t. And now she wondered if she could recreate it…

But first, to find out just where she had ended up! If the elf knew, anyway.

A plane between worlds. Maybe, sure. Bridging worlds. Obviously, that’s how she got here. She might have to go for a little walkabout now, mightn’t she? She grinned, and then her eyes fell on that little silver pin, and stuck there for a long moment.

A Harper.

Her new elven friend was one of them. Well, that changed things! She straightened her tunic and adjusted her hair, her own silver pin adorning the pink tresses there, mostly out of sight, but the way she fluffed her hair made it visible. “Oh, I’m in no hurry, not really. Sure, I’ll want to get back to see my friends, but… No rush for it. They’re going to be in Waterdeep forever. And this place seems interesting! Anyway, I can give you a deal on these,” she motioned to the items she had offered him before, “If you’re interested in either. Or both. Unless you’d prefer something else instead?”

RE: Oops, I Meant to do That! - Arjay Lo'Ran - 05-20-2017

“If we’re going to talk about my wants, that’s a discussion that’s generally better suited for the tavern than for a shop. But yes, let’s see what you have,” he answered, answering her wink with one of his own. He watched her face light up, and knew that this was going to either be amazing or it was going to be amazingly dangerous. There was a strong possibility of both, too, he had to admit that much. Her first potion had promise, although he knew it wasn’t exactly right for him. He was an elf, after all, finding hidden things like that was second nature to him, and when it wasn’t, he had a wand that woudl point him in the right direction. All the same, for anyone else it would have been good. “So… wouldn’t the effects of mixing it with dwarven ale counter the ability to find things better, resulting in a net zero effect?” he joked. He looked at the potion again, gave it a sniff, then capped it again. “What happens if you don’t dilute it?”

The second item, though? That got his attention? He grinned, picking it up, studying it, handling it just as gingerly as she had. “Oh, music I can provide, that isn’t an issue. How many times will it work?” He thought about getting out his lute and testing it right there, but decided against it. There were better times for that, and perhaps they would get around to a more relaxed setting sometime in the near future. “All right, this? I definitely need,” he admitted.

He knew that the name of this shop had been familiar, and when he saw the woman’s pin in her hair, he knew he’d been right. He smiled, relaxing a bit more in the situation. He had to admit, he hadn’t felt quite… comfortable with his fellow Harpers, not since the new ones had arrived. They weren’t his people, and the more he worked with them, the more he knew that would be a problem. It was another reason that the Hub was a good, fresh start. “Oh, it is quite an interesting place. The humans from other worlds have these little glass boxes that let you send, scry, and get all sorts of information from them. Anyone can use them, and yet if you take one back to our world? It won’t work. It’s the most frustrating thing.”

“So,” he said, laying some gold down on the counter for the potion and the dance-ball. “Since I’ve been here, I’ve acquired a tavern in a part of town that’s not changeable like this one. THere’s constantly music, and something like this?” He held up the little gemmed ball, smiling at her, “Well, this could be useful, and this could be fun, and I like both of those things. So how about we go back to my place, we’ll test it on some convenient person over a few drinks, we’ll figure out how much it’ll cost me for the sheer number of these things I’ll probably need to buy from you, and we’ll see what else comes up after a few drinks. Does that sound like a good plan for the day to you?”

RE: Oops, I Meant to do That! - Fizzle Bizzlebop - 05-25-2017

Arjay's words earned a rather bold grin from the gnome. Fun elf! That was so unlike the stuffy wizard she knew. Maybe it was a wizard thing, being stuffy. The Blackstaff had smiled, but he was awful stern and severe, too.

Mages. Didn't know how to have fun at all!

Fizzle liked to have fun even as much as she loved explosions. But then, the two were very far from being mutually exclusive! The potion was one she'd invented, but not for herself. Half ogres were not known for their great intellect, and Tarkas, as wonderful as he was, was no exception. Not terribly stupid, no, but his memory was... Not so great. And the elf had asked her for her unique creations, so… That was what she showed him. "Nope. Dwarven ale has a unique effect on potion. Really, in a pinch, any good ale will do. but Dwarven is best. And it tastes better with the potion, too." she was grinning while she spoke, hearing the humor in his
voice, but her answer was honest and serious nonetheless. When he asked what would happen if he didn't dilute it, Fizzle frowned at him. "Don't do that.” She shook her head,"Blindness, possible paranoia, temporary insanity, as in seeing secrets that aren't there, amongst other things. Not recommended. Oh, and it would make your hair fall out for sure. Your hair is too pretty for that. So don't."

The second item was Fizzle's favorite of her creations. It was something along the lines of a hallucinogen crossed with an intoxicant. And it was pure fun. It was great to share with someone who seemed to appreciate it As much as she did. "Oh, around ten times before it runs out of filling.” It was a bit more complicated than that, but Arjay really only needed to have the gist of it. He liked it. She'd been able to tell, but the confirmation was still nice to get. “Sure thing! Just the one?”

Fantastic Fulminations had been a Waterdhavian shop of reknown for some years now; it wouldn’t have surprised Fizzle that an intrepid adventurer had heard of it. It was, after all, a favorite of those who visited the Yawning Portal. Being friends with Durnan definitely had its perks!

Being a Harper had been a defining thing for Fizzle. A place she belonged with her friends. "Anyone? Hm... A box for scrying..." That had the gnome’s curiosity piqued. "I may have to see about one of these glass scrying boxes.” It might not work at home, but here, it could prove quite useful.

A tavern, hm? "Oh, it'll affect more than one person, my friend.” Fizzle grinned, "sure. Drinks and business and music and dancing sounds perfectly lovely to me!"

RE: Oops, I Meant to do That! - Arjay Lo'Ran - 05-25-2017

Now, this warning about drinking it without diluting it? That reminded him of what gnomish business was like: Thrilling, dangerous, and with a high likelihood of physical harm. “Always diluted, understood. No need to force anyone to look upon my bare scalp when it can be safely hidden away.” He grinned at her, giving his hair an absent brush back behind his ear. Honestly, he doubted that he would ever be the one using this, but it never hurt in case someone else needed to find where they’d drunkenly dropped their pants the night before. When you ran a tavern, you saw it all, and he knew that better than most.

So the whole thing was powered chemically… or something like that. Interesting. What manner of chemicals could produce the reaction she described… well, he supposed that was going to be a trade secret of hers, wasn’t it? He wouldn’t insult her by asking her to teach him to make them, she had as much a right to protect her livelihood as anyone else. “Just the one for now,” he said. “For all we know, I’ll want to ask for a customized version, and you wouldn’t want to sell me the standard when you could charge me an extravagant amount for specialization?” He was only teasing of course, he had no idea how he would want one of these customized. Maybe a special color pattern? Doubtful. No, he doubted anything needed tweaking about this.

He nodded when she showed interest in his imperfect understanding of smartphones. “They call them… eye pads, I think? It doesn’t make much sense, I know, you don’t put them on your eyes, but… well, humans, right?” He shrugged helplessly at that. Oh, he loved all of his human friends, but he’d be the first to admit that what they did didn’t always make any sense. “When we get closer to the core of this place, you’ll be able to trade for things like that to your heart’s content. Myself, I find that magic tends to work just as well, but to each their own.”

The little gnome was perfectly ready to come with him, and that also suited him perfectly. It had been some time since he’d had company that knew his world as he did, and while he couldn’t complain about the quality of the people he’d met, familiar conversation was a pleasant change. “Is there anything you want to bring with you?” he asked, gesturing at the shop. “I’m… ah… afraid none of it is real, if you go off exploring some portal you come across, it may not follow you through, but it could be useful enough here.” He’d had to make his own trip back home to get real equipment, but she might not be concerned about that right now.

So, gnome successfully collected, they started off through the little Faerunian borough. “It’s always refreshing to meet someone else who thinks that business of keeping business and pleasure separate is nonsense,” he said, smirking at her as they set off. “So… do we need to get a message sent to anyone that you’re all right? Friends? Family? Boyfriend?” he asked innocently.

RE: Oops, I Meant to do That! - Fizzle Bizzlebop - 06-06-2017

Fizzle would admit that she was a little curious to see what might happen E the elf drank the undiluted potion. She'd never see the results on one of the fair folk, but Arjay the elf seemed like an amicable sort, he was a paying customer, and Fizzle could use a friend here. Wherever here actually was. "Right. Don't forget. And if you do, don't forget I warned you!"

Alchemy took decades to learn, and yet more to master. Trade secrets was part and parcel of the job and title. No self respecting alchemist gave their formulas away.

Interestingly enough, this elf was talking about customization. He had to know that would cost extra. Yep! He sure did! Fizzle ginned at her new friend and customer, "well, if you're looking for tweaks, you just let me know. I can do plenty, of course, if you want more effects, just keep in mind that it might cut into how many uses you'll get out of it. But sure, I could add smoke or change the colors, or add a flash or something to it." fizzle considered herself an artist, and this was one of many canvases.

Eye pads? "Do they see? It's an awful strange name." she paused. "Humans, right? They can be so odd." Jon was lovely, really, a great friend, and someone she definitely wanted on her side in a brawl, but really, he and his species could be downright strange. “Sure. Of course fizzle was happy to a eco many Arjay. He seemed nice enough. And if he turned out to be less than honorable, she was more than capable of taking care of herself. She actually hoped she wouldn't need to use any of her...defenses. Friends were always nicer to make than the other sort of people. Besides! He was a Harper! That already made them allies!

To his warning, Fizzle gave Arjay an amused look. “Real is subjective, my fine elven friend. And everything you see is real enough. Most of it I brought with me, see? As for things from here, if they work here, its good enough for me! And if we need anything... Well, I've the coin to pay a mage if I gotta get back home.” But it was obvious that she wasn't in a real hurry. This was a new place to explore, with new friends to make. Home would be there when she got back.

“Separate? Who says the two aren't the same thing?" The grin Fizzle gave Arjay was impish. A message? “Well..." she considered, my family is back in Lantan. they wouldn't expect to hear from me. The Lanterns...” Well dang. "The only one who might really worry is Alludiel. If he pulls that sharp nose of his out of his tomes long enough to realize I haven't been teasing him." She gave an amused laugh, “Wizards, you know? Weren’t but for the Lanterns, he’d probably never do anything but read! How boring is that?!” she snorted at the last bit, giving a dismissive shake of her head, “Who could keep up?"

RE: Oops, I Meant to do That! - Arjay Lo'Ran - 06-07-2017

Arjay had to admit that an item, particularly one that was chemically based and not completely magical, that could compel behavior was interesting to him. What else could she create a device to make people do? Even if music needed to be involved, this was one step from forcing your enemies to fight each other to the beat of a tune, or to perform less… destructive dances… but then again, maybe he was also reading too much into this. Maybe all you could do was make people dance. Either way, it was impressive. “Well, variation is the spirit of innovation. We’ll just have to see what sort of tricks you can come up with. I’m told gnomes are full of them,” he joked.

“You know,” he said, thinking about the devices he’d found. “I think that they do see. At least so far as to capture images of what is around them.” He wasn’t a fool, he knew that he probably wasn’t going to understand the nature of these devices that were so alien from the nature of his own world, but he could, at least, learn their functions and workings. “And hear, for that matter. I’ve seen people speaking to them and have them ask questions back, but never very… in-depth. Their understanding is rather… limited, I suppose. Perhaps you can figure out how they work when you get ahold of one. I can figure out how to use them, but that’s quite a different matter, isn’t it?”

“Well, if you want to get word to them, we can, and easily,” he said. “Just please don’t do like so many seem to like doing and ask me at the end of the day when I’m out of magic to spend? That was always fairly aggravating.” He began strumming his lute as they walked, smirking quietly. “Oh, Arjay, I went out all by myself and got clubbed by an ogre! Heal me, just like you did for everyone else today before you told us all to stay in and not be idiots so you can rest! And can you change the weather while you’re at it?” He smirked, rolling his eyes. “I suppose that’s why we end up here. When you’re the life of the party, you need an entire nexus of reality to contain it.”

RE: Oops, I Meant to do That! - Fizzle Bizzlebop - 06-13-2017

The party bomb hadn't been easy to make. Really, the forgetter's friend potion had been easier by far to craft. But Fizzle was nothing if not determined and creative. Eventually, with much trial and error. the gnome had managed to come up with a reliable concoction. The small alchemist could do plenty, but really, a strong-willed person who they did not want to dance at all might be able to shake off the compulsion, but it was a thug rare thing; fizzle was just that good. “Oh. You tell me what you'd like to see, and I'll make it happen, my fair friend. Every bit as reliable as magic, this. And yes. You were told right." she winked to him.

These little devices could see?! Okay, now that was fascinating! Fizzle decided right there and then that she wanted one. Needed one. Had to have at least one. And a second to take apart. "I need two of these things. where do you get them at?" see and hear. Oh, the things that I could do with something like that! "And they speak!?!"

The gnome was in love!

She had to have one! Two! Gond's ears, she might need more! Her mind was a whir of how's and what-if's and maybe's. Unlike Arjay, Fizzle wasn't so uncertain of her ability to understand how the devices worked. She was smart, and she knew it, and she was a gnome. Gnomes were famous (or infamous) for being able to engineer and concoct. It was what they did! "Oh naturally. Anyone can use this little gem," she said as she motioned to the party bomb, "But few could figure out just how it works or reproduce it. Lots of things are like that. Find an untrained, unlearned person and see if they can make a tanglefoot bag or whatnot. They might figure it out eventually, but it’s not very likely."

The idea of hounding a magic user at the end of the day earned Arjay a look askance from the gnome. "I'd never dream of doing something of the sort. what kind of friends do you have, that they'd wait till evening to ask that sort of favor? Hell, trance Alluvial would make me request something like that the day before, and then he'd study the spell that night for me." The gnome chuckled at what the bard had been asked to do.

"You need to find yourself better friends to travel with. They didn’t know how good they had it, having a healer with them." Fizzle laughed, “Here, here! She bounced on the balls of her feet, “So, where is this tavern of yours?"