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RE: Unexpected meeting - Natalia Romanova - 12-27-2017

This might not be her Steve, or her Bucky, but it was a Steve, and a Bucky, and Natalia wouldn't abandon any version of them that needed help. Black Widow-well, she'd never miss an opportunity to fight along side Captain America. Besides, Natasha pointed out, there were other reasons as well. Reasons that she could offer to Steve, since they were ones he could understand.

"Cap, I'm an Avenger. Going into danger is what I do. Besides, you're going to need someone to watch your back, and you're going to need someone who can speak Russian. I'm good at both."

RE: Unexpected meeting - 616 Steve Rogers - 12-28-2017

Steve gives her a sincere smile. Her determination to do the right thing despite the danger reminds him a bit of Bucky. He very much hopes she exists in his world. He makes a note to ask Wanda or Mr. Stark about her later.

"Thank you, I would prefer not to do this alone." Steve says, "Well, lead the way to your Mr. Stark."

RE: Unexpected meeting - Natalia Romanova - 12-28-2017

"Sure." Natasha said, her smile somewhat tight. In spite of this not being her Steve, in spite of that not being her Tony, part of her still recoiled at the idea of introducing any version of those two men. Still, he'd asked, and she'd offered, sort of, so she'd do it. Besides, it wasn't like Tony would try to seduce him right away, and they'd be leaving this universe after that, so Cap's virtue should stay safe.

"Follow me, it isn't far to the Tower." she added, as Steve fell into step beside her. Once they arrived, she lead him up to the floor where Tony had his lab, and knocked, even though she knew Friday had probably alerted him the moment she'd arrived back at the Tower.

RE: Unexpected meeting - F.R.I.D.A.Y - 12-29-2017

The image of Friday appeared, blocking the pair from entering the lab. “Good afternoon Captain Rogers, Agent Romanoff.” The blue tinged AI had a perfectly professionally neutral expression on her holographic face. One that she was sure that Agent Romanoff at least would recognize as the polite ‘fuck off’ that all PA’s managed to acquire.

“Unfortunately at this time Mr. Stark is unavailable for anything other than Thanos Level threat events. I would be happy however to schedule you in for a face to face in a few days.”

RE: Unexpected meeting - 616 Steve Rogers - 12-29-2017

Steve blinks in surprise at the sudden appearance of Mr. Stark's holographic PA. She's perfectly polite, but Steve can tell there's a strong under current of "go the fuck away" in her tone. It's a tone he's very familiar with from his youth.

"Please we just need to speak to him for a few minutes," Steve says sincerely, "this is very important."

RE: Unexpected meeting - Natalia Romanova - 12-30-2017

Natasha was very, very tempted to tell Friday that if a Thanos level threat was required that she'd be more than happy to oblige. She hated being delayed on a mission, and to have Tony Stark hide behind one of his AIs was especially annoying. On the other hand, Black Widow said, every practical, Steve asking nicely was more likely to get good results than Natasha blustering, so for the moment she kept her mouth shut. A few days delay might be annoying, but it wouldn't actually slow them down that much, and it wasn't like another few days would do anything to Bucky that hadn't already been done.

RE: Unexpected meeting - F.R.I.D.A.Y - 12-30-2017

Friday continued to smile politely at the pair, the wonderful thing about being an AI was that her emotional state (such as it could be defined as) was not forced into expression on her holographic avatar.

Nothing of her internal conflict showed; Friday had to choose between what she decided was best for her creator and his orders. And what was the least harmful for the pair of unknowing humans who had knocked on his door.

“I apologize Captain Rogers, Mr. Stark is ill and resting. His condition is while not life threatening leaves him at diminished capacity. How ever if I can be of assistance?”

RE: Unexpected meeting - 616 Steve Rogers - 12-30-2017

"I'll?" Steve asks momentarily distracted, "what's wrong with him? Will he be alright?"

Steve admittedly didn't know this Mr. Stark well, but he always had sympathy for the sick.

The AI offered to help. Steve thought about that a moment. He didn't understand much about artificial intelligence or how it worked. He did know that Mr. Stark created Friday, so surely she must have the intelligence level of her creator, right?

"Do you know how to open a portal between the hub and my world? I need to get back. It's an emergency." Steve says.

RE: Unexpected meeting - Natalia Romanova - 12-30-2017

Natasha meanwhile, just kept her mouth shut, listening carefully. It was hard to read an AI, but she was curious if Tony was genuinely ill, or if he'd come down with a serious case of booze and call girls. Either one was equally possible.

When Steve asked Friday if she could open a portal, she couldn't help but give a little start of surprise, but again, waited to see how Friday responded. She wasn't sure what the capacities of the AI were, and this seemed like a very good way to find out.

RE: Unexpected meeting - F.R.I.D.A.Y - 12-30-2017

Friday nodded at Steve’s request; “Normally yes. Whoever Mr. Stark has already calibrated the portal for your home dimension to that of the Mr. Stark of your universe. Meaning that it is set to his particular chronological fix.” Friday shrugged apologetically, “From what I understand you are from significantly in his past. To recalibrate the machine to your pattern would take a spinal fluid sample and a few days.”

RE: Unexpected meeting - 616 Steve Rogers - 12-31-2017

Steve sighs, he really doesn't want to wait a few days. Bucky may need him now!...but he does understand that science isn't magic and it can't do things instantaneously.

"Alright. Thank you. Can you take a sample now so the computer can begin working on it, please?" Steve asks. "And this will take us to the 1940s? Just after I fall into the ice, right?

RE: Unexpected meeting - Natalia Romanova - 01-01-2018

"If you're going to get a spinal tap, Justin should probably do it. Since he's a doctor" Natasha put in. She'd done plenty of first aid in the field, including stitching up some fairly serious wounds, but on the whole she thought it was usually a good idea to let medical professionals do their thing.

When he asked if the portal would take them back to the '40s, Natalia's ears pricked up. If a portal could go back in time, she might be able to....To do what? Natasha asked, ever practical. They hadn't found a way to save Bucky, and there was no way to be sure that there weren't still more traps hidden in his mind. No way to know that she'd be able to do anything but let everyone know about the doom that was coming. If the goal was to save herself from hurt-what had the problem been? That she couldn't get over Bucky's death? That she'd pushed Steve away? That she and Steve were no good without Bucky? In a changed world, would she find out that she and Bucky were no damn good without Steve? No, she'd let the past be the past, and hope she got over it, and could remember the good times. Remember the roses.

RE: Unexpected meeting - F.R.I.D.A.Y - 01-01-2018

Friday shook her head sympathy coloring her holographic expression as understanding percolated across her circuits. “I’m sorry Captain Rogers. The portal is is calibrated to ‘when’ you are in your universe. That is why you couldn’t use Your Mr. Starks portal as it is many years after ‘your’ current time. We can’t send you back before you left.”

She watched the pair, “if you still wish to use the portal back to your universe do visit Dr. Halloway.”

RE: Unexpected meeting - 616 Steve Rogers - 01-01-2018

Disappointment settles in his stomach. He had been childishly hoping to save Bucky immediately, before anything truly bad happened to him. Now Bucky would face 20 years of torture and brainwashing. Guilt chews at him, but he pushes it away. He's not going to let 20 years stop him from saving his pal.

"No that's fine. Thank you. We will go to Dr. Halloway right away." Steve says. He gives the AI an appreciative smile for all her help. Then he turns on his heel to find the doctor and start the process.

RE: Unexpected meeting - Natalia Romanova - 01-01-2018

Natalia wasn't sure how she felt about the revelation that she wouldn't be able to go back and fix things even if she wanted to, the guilt and relief were too mixed up for any kind of clarity. Still, she knew what the situation was, and that she'd have to live with it.

"That sounds like a good idea." Natasha replied, following along behind him. When they got to the lab she knocked, waiting for Justin to open up and let them in.

RE: Unexpected meeting - Justin Halloway - 01-04-2018

Tony Stark wasn't the only one who could get caught up in some new discovery or other. Before he'd been an Avenger, Justin had been a doctor, and he made sure to keep up with both of his careers. Here, in the Hub, there were always new things to try to assimilate, though, and he was rapidly finding that he just couldn't get bored. Today, he was doing a simulated surgery on an alien race that he'd gotten bio-scans for, exploring this strange anatomy and what it took to, say, repair a five-chambered heart. It could be taken as fairly grim business, cutting something open to see how it ticked, making fake injuries to repair, sometimes even doing living autopsies on them, but they were simulations. This was the safe way to see what was going on inside, and for all he knew, he was going to need to know this to save something's life one of these days. Life in the Hub only got stranger, after all.

The signal at the door drew his attention away, and he peered down at his hands that were covered in simulated blue blood. Well, that was enough for now, he supposed. "Save simulation state to my personal file and end program," he said, taking off the surgical gloves even as the simulated blood vanished from them. "Come in!" he called, tossing them into the trash can and getting ready for whatever actual problem was landing on him today.

RE: Unexpected meeting - 616 Steve Rogers - 01-04-2018

"Come in" a voice calls. Steve opens the door and finds a vaguely familiar looking man inside.

"Hello. Doctor Halloway?" Steve asks holding out his hand to shake.

"I was told you were the man to see about a spinal tap," he adds hopefully. He tries not to appear impatient, but he can't help but to be counting the minutes. Every hour he spends here is an hour Bucky spends being tortured. Steve had seen what they did to prisoners back during the war...and Bucky had been well known as being Captain America's partner. Steve knew there were several blood thirsty men out there who would sell their own mother's for a chance at getting their hands on Bucky.

Steve forces himself away from that depressing thought and focuses on the conversation at hand.

RE: Unexpected meeting - Natalia Romanova - 01-04-2018

"Cap needs to go back to his universe, and his time, to try to find Bucky, and rescuing him, if he needs rescuing." Natasha said, elaborating. "Friday said we'd need a sample, I told him you were the best man for the job. Maybe the other job too, unless you're having too much fun here." From what she'd observed, Justin would be a good man in a fight, and a doctor would be useful on this mission, since if they found Bucky, he might be in rough shape.

RE: Unexpected meeting - Justin Halloway - 01-05-2018

Well now… It looked like this was the other Steve, the one Justin hadn’t met yet. And, with that greeting, he knew that he’d been right in the assumption that had made him not run out to find the other Steve. This one wore a much more familiar costume, but even so, that inquisitive, formal greeting said it all. “Another Captain America who doesn’t know me,” Justin remarked, smiling grimly as he shook Steve’s hand. “I’m starting to think I’m the only ‘me’ in the omniverse. Anyway… Call me Justin, or Angel if we’re feeling all code-namey today. I only make people call me doctor when they won’t come to me when they need a needle shoved into their spine.” And, of course, he wouldn’t name names… this time.

“I’ll need you to take the top of your uniform off and lie on your stomach on that table,” Justin told him as he started gathering equipment. Nat’s explanation, though, made him pause. “What happened to Bucky in your universe?” he asked, frowning. Bucky’s history was, of course, crazily complicated. He needed to figure out what the situation was before he knew if he could go. Hell, if it was a question of saving Bucky… well, as much as he didn’t think the guy deserved to carry that shield, the guy also hadn’t deserved to be killed by Red Skull, so if they could save him, Justin was in.

RE: Unexpected meeting - 616 Steve Rogers - 01-18-2018

Steve grimaces apologetically.
"I'm sorry. I've only been out of the ice a short time, maybe I get to meet you in my future."

Steve shakes the man's hand, and finds that he has a comforting strong grip.

"Angel? I knew a superhero named Angel during the war. He was a good man." Steve says, feeling the familiar dull ache that always accompanies thinking about the past.

Steve hurries to comply with Justin's directions. The table is cold against his bare skin and Steve tries not to feel vulnerable laying on his belly with two virtual strangers standing over him.

"He died during the war...well I thought he did. They never found his body and then Natasha told me that in her universe he was captured by Hydra and brainwashed into becoming the Winter Soldier and I can't risk that happening to my Bucky. I have to save him or at the very least confirm that he's dead in my universe." Steve says, keeping his eyes firmly on the table in front of him so he doesn't need to look at the others.