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How many thrills can you pack into one day? - Jacob Alexander - 12-10-2017

WHen showing a girl a good time, you had to pull out all the stops, Jake had decided early on in his life. Sometimes, that meant buying a really, really expensive dinner. Sometimes, that meant making yourself stay awake through an opera (that was one he didn’t want to repeat). With every girl it was different. With Kai? It meant flying through space.

He hadn't flown with a passenger in... well, actually, he hadn't ever done it. It was weirdly fun, particularly when it was a passenger that he was such a fan if staying up close and personal with. A big green bubble wasn't much of a spaceship, but it was all they needed, and they got to lounge around in it, with Jake feeling very glad that the ring did the navigation without him needing to pay much attention, because Kai was very distracting. Disturbingly distracting, actually, he couldn't remember the last time that a girl had absorbed his attention like this, and he wasn't exactly sure what that meant... but then, he wasn't going to let little details like that get in the way of their date.

“This,” he said, “Is the Akashi Nebula.” All around them at their destination, colored gasses swirled, microscopic crystals glittered, and islands of rock and ice drifted. “It’s not that big, there’s nothing really valuable in it. It probably would have gone completely unnoticed if it wasn’t for this.” Inside the green bubble he’d flown them here in, he formed a small green ball, which he shot out into the nebula. Immediately, it was swept up into the deceptively beautiful swirl of gasses and was buffeted through like a river raft encountering the rapids. “It’s considered a class three hazard for any ship stupid enough to try to fly through it. Buuut… we’re not ships. And lots of people decided that they’re exactly stupid enough to go ride through it to try to find a path through to the other side.” He shot her an excited, wicked grin. “So… you want to be as dumb as I am and give it a shot?” Landing them on one of the bordering asteroids, he kept the bubble (and the breathable air) around them as he opened the pack he’d brought with the gear, including two light spacesuits and what looked like paragliding packs.

RE: How many thrills can you pack into one day? - Kailani Mahelona - 12-13-2017

Kai had been happy to sit and shoot the shit with Jake while they flew across the stars. Being completely honest- she could have just stayed there- in a thin green bubble watching the stars around them. It was yet another sign of her trust in him that she didn't stop herself from pressing her body against his while they flew. Kailani knew that if she broke his concentration the bubble might be broken too- but she couldn't stop herself. There was something incredibly sexy about being in the stars with nothing else around them.

Besides he had proven with her first visit to the lantern sector house that he was perfectly capable of maintaining his concentration when the fun parts were happening. That didn't mean she was all for completely stripping when a momentary loss of focus would allow her to survive- but her clothes would get sucked away. Kai honestly would've been pretty happy with their date if that was the only thing they had done- though she supposed it was maybe a little more commonplace for him than for her. Less exciting if she was the only one whose veins were pumping with adrenaline.

Of course- that didn't mean her smile didn't grow massively the moment she saw the nebula they were approaching. She laughed without thinking- her eyes going bright as she watched the ball get whirled away. Kai snatched the spacesuit from his hand without a second thought. Pulling her pohaku from her skin she put the suit on with her stones outside of it. Adding the paragliding pack, she pulled Jake over for a moment and pressed a kiss to his mouth. "Officially the best date I've ever been on. I am not going to be able to top this."

Sealing the helmet in place, she heard the hiss of air as the oxygen flow started up. "Of course, I could always top you..." She offered with a grin. Kai took a moment to test the fit of the straps on her pack before taking a stance ready to launch herself once the bubble drops. "And you seriously thought there was a chance I was going to say no? Strong currents that can pull you in- crashing against a myriad of rocks? Hell. I wish I had a surfboard, but it probably wouldn't catch the- I want to say air but ah- gases, I suppose?"

Kai stretched slightly. "Now hurry up and get dressed- and then tell me why the hell you need a suit when you have your fancy ring huh?" She questioned with a slight wrinkle of her brow, not even really noticing her own question with how completely mind-numbingly thrilled about getting to do this. If the inhuman had been told that she would get to do this in the past- she would've thought whoever told her was fucking nuts. And yet- here she was.

RE: How many thrills can you pack into one day? - Jacob Alexander - 12-15-2017

The best date she’d been on, huh? “Well, I’ll just have to see how hard it is to beat this one next time, won’t I?” he joked. He had to wonder just how long he could keep this up… but he supposed he’d find out. His ring made them a flat (or, at least, smooth) surface on the asteroid, making it that much easier to get changed. Inside the bubble, temperature was regulated (which their spacesuits would take over in just a few minutes), but sitting on a bare asteroid to put something on was… uncomfortable to say the least. Other items drifted around as he shrugged into his own spacesuit, bouncing off the surface of the bubble as they floated in the negligible gravity of the asteroid.

“You could try to top me,” he shot back ‘innocently,’ “And I didn’t know. Some people are weird about being in space.” She had that weird claustrophobia thing, after all, and while space was the polar opposite of an enclosed space, the choking risk was even higher. “And I need a spacesuit because how else is this going to be a challenge for me?” He winked at her as he fixed the helmet in place. Both of the spacesuits were thin, but deceptively strong. The systems would keep them warm and with air for a couple hours, but that was fine. He could recharge them before then. “This bubble’s the last thing my ring will do until we’re done. Well, that and one more thing…” He held out his hand and a second, smaller ring formed in it. “Here… put this on. It won’t do much, but if you get in trouble, it’ll fly you back here and seal up any tears you get in your suit.”

He checked his gliding fins to make sure they weren’t bound up to anything, then let himself float toward the edge of the bubble. “The comms are always on. There’s a button on your wrist there that’ll give you a little maneuvering boost in case you’re drifting and don’t have anything to kick off of.” He let himself pass through the edge of it and reaching his hand back in from the actual cold depths of space. “Ready, surfer girl?”

RE: How many thrills can you pack into one day? - Kailani Mahelona - 12-18-2017

Kai grinned at his reply even as she made a faux set of manacles from her pohaku. "Oh I think I have a few tricks that would help me manage." She replied back, upbeat and cheerful, despite the mischief in her eyes.

Straightening the spacesuit to ensure all parts were in the proper alignment, she also tossed over her shoulder a secondary comment. "Also though, I'm pretty sure I get to plan the next date- it may not involve space but I'm pretty sure I can come up with something fun."

She was planning potential activities when he offered the ring which she accepted with a bit of surprise. She wasn't surprised that he could do that- but pleased that he thought to. Kai knew she could get herself out if she needed. Even seal up her suit if required- but it was good to know he had actually thought it through and wasn't leaving it up to her and her pohaku.

Kai flashed a smile at him before slipping the ring on and watching it tighten slightly to fit her finger. "Thank you." She murmured, content he'd understand the intent of what she said whether he heard it or not.

Watching him drift out, she threw an offhand remark out even as she pushed up off of the rock. "Doubt I'll need the boost- what with never being without something to push off." She said with a laugh before letting her smile soften as she took his hand and let herself be pulled along. "But yes. Ready when you are."

RE: How many thrills can you pack into one day? - Jacob Alexander - 12-21-2017

Well, the lady had the right (very intriguing) idea with the manacles. He supposed he wasn’t the only one who could make what he needed appear, now, was he. Granted, if he really wanted to stop her… oh, why even walk down that little trail of thought? He didn’t want to stop her. That was where things landed in the end, wasn’t it? Yes, it was.

As she put the ring on, he checked the charge on his own. Making a full copy of a ring severely depleted the charge of his own, but that wasn’t a full copy, thankfully. It still took a good chunk of his charge, but not enough to make him worry or think that he’d need to recharge any time soon. That was good, and meant that he could focus on what they were doing. Who wanted to be distracted while they were supposed to be having fun, after all?

With his ring shut down, he felt himself subjected to the normal drift and pull of the faint gravity in space. It was something that he only knew from the absence of his ring keeping him steady, of course, the vague drift toward an asteroid, the miniscule push of gas clouds escaping the nebula. It was like letting go of a boat and being buoyed about by the water on your own, only on a much more vast scale. “Just be careful. It’s not like swimming and it’s not like skydiving… easy to get disoriented the first time you’re space-diving.” And that was all the patronizing he was going to do. Kai was a big girl, she’d figure things out, and she’d follow his lead on this one. Well, she would at first, at least.

There was something that was just so much more freeing about being in space in an actual spacesuit, as weird as that sounded. Like this, Jake actually felt connected to the void, instead of separated from it by the ring’s light. It was the same difference between being in space and being on a ship, he supposed. Slipping his fingers between hers, he pressed the button for the jets on his suit, sending them drifting into the nebula. “Don’t go too deep in there at first, or the gasses will get to thick to be able to see,” he said. “You should have a little display on your helmet showing you which way is ‘in’ and which way is ‘out.’” Directions here were all relative, after all. He aimed them toward a visible rush of gasses that were swirling into the nebula, letting go of her a few yards out and drifting ahead. “Just follow me in the first time, we’ll keep the first dive shallow.”

This one was going to be easy, he’d already seen the point where the gas current cycled back out of the nebula a few clicks away, but god, it was still a rush. Jake spread his limbs out, extending the gliding surfaces between them, and felt them catch the current, dragging him in. He angled himself so that the jet rushed around him, carrying him with it as he dove in, twisting in space to prepare for the turns ahead of him, trying to keep up with the twists that the current took while trying not to lose Kai at the same time. Still, she should be fine, right? This had to have some crossover skills with surfing, right?

RE: How many thrills can you pack into one day? - Kailani Mahelona - 01-01-2018

Kai's eyebrows arched with amusement at the description the other one gave. "You've never been caught in a riptide, have you? Tossed about with no idea of which direction was up? You may not think it's like swimming, but you don't know the ocean the way I do." She replied with a grin, using him as pivot point by pushing off and swinging around him. She twined her legs with his and wrapped her arms around his neck for a second with a smile.

Kai listened to his instructions patiently with a pretense of absorbing the instructions. "Of course, Of course." She said with a mischievous grin, certain that if he'd paid attention to her face and not her other assets in the past that he'd know that she was up to no good. She did wait for his explanation to end-
and for her to make note of his instructions (particularly how to read the hud) before abruptly knocking her helmet against his and pushing off of him with a joyful cry as she got sucked backwards into the currents. She stretched her arms out, pulling the gliding surfaces along with them, enjoying the way they caught the gases swirling around her.

She loved the way the colours sparkled around her own crystals, her laughter getting snatched away from her as soon as the vibrations left the confines of her helmet. Taking his instructions to heart, she swirled around, feeling much lighter than she ever had in any riptide, letting barely thirty seconds pass before she reoriented herself and began guiding herself back out. A sort of dip of the toes in the water type action.

She shrieked slightly in joy as she was shot, slingshot style, from the currents, out quite a bit farther from their starting point than she had expected. Kai did a backflip from sheer pleasure. "This is incredible!" She managed to laugh out as Jake arrived beside her. "I don't know that I can go back to a life not being able to do this all the time."

RE: How many thrills can you pack into one day? - Jacob Alexander - 01-02-2018

Jake gave her a good-natured smile and shrugged. “Hey, if you say so. I’m just saying you don’t ever float to the surface in this thing.” Really, it wasn’t worth arguing about. If it was like the ocean? It was like the ocean. He had other things to occupy his mind, such as the way her legs twisted into his and the impractical ideas she was giving him. Sometimes, for some things, being in space sort of sucked… but there was always later.

Granted, the look she was giving him made him think that she was going to do something he’d call inadvisable, but surely she wouldn’t try anything dumb her first time in space? Well, that showed just how much he knew. As he hit his jets to start moving after her again, he had to give her credit for nerve. Oh, sure, he’d done some risky things when he’d started going into space, but he’d had a ring. She just had a relatively crappy little spacesuit between her and the void. Chuckling even as he threw himself into the current after her, he started twisting around, catching the current just right to make up time and catch up to her.

He shot out of the nebula after her, catching his arm around her waist as he fired his jets to stop them, multicolor gasses refilled from the nebula spraying from the thrusters behind him. “Well, why would you have to do without it?” he teased. Granted, ‘all the time’ ended up getting old, he knew. Eventually you wanted ground beneath you and atmosphere around you, but he wasn’t going to harp on about that. This was great, and even better given the present company. “What do you think, you need to go for another little dip, or are you ready to try to get to the other side of it?”

RE: How many thrills can you pack into one day? - Kailani Mahelona - 01-07-2018

Kai loved the look on Jake's face- because it was so clearly interested in what she was doing. Gave her some thoughts that distinctly did not involve the currents behind her- ones that she shunted to the side until afterwards when she could strip without fear of losing oxygen. Of course, those thoughts were often flowing in an undercurrent in her mind when she was around Jake. More so than around anyone else- no matter their attractiveness. That might be something for her to think about in detail later- but she refused to acknowledge that train of thought for the moment.

She laughed with pleasure as she saw him following behind her. Kai couldn't say she didn't like it when he chased her- and she was usually quite against being literally chased. She resisted the urge to look back and make faces at him- it was dumb enough to ignore his plan of guiding her- it would be unbelievable stupid to ignore the obstacles coming at her. Didn't change the fact that she wanted to- but Kai was getting quite good at resisting the want she felt in Jake's presence. At least until it was more appropriate.

She shrieked slightly in surprised happiness as he wrapped her arms around her. "Hi." Kai offered as she headbutted his helmet slightly. Stars these things were annoying- not the space suits- she couldn't care less about that (right now anyways) but the helmets? When she wanted to kiss her adrenaline out against his mouth? Very annoying. She laughed slightly. "Well it seems a little bit greedy to call you up to demand that you take me to a Nebula." Kai offered as her smile contaminated her whole face.

"Is that even a real question?" She snarked back with a laugh, pushing him away slightly, getting her bearing with the marks on her HUD before jetting in arms first. Rocketing forwards was- perhaps harder than she had hoped. With her practice with riptides- it wasn't new to her that she was having a hard time making her way in one direction- but the HUD certainly helped. She used her jets often- going so far as to start using her rocks to kick off of. It was certainly more tiring than letting the currents do the work. With that in mind- she let the pull guide her a little more- realizing that a straight line wasn't necessary.

She rocketed out again with a spin- jetting in just a certain way to flip herself feet first and then slow herself entirely with a full body laugh of enjoyment.

RE: How many thrills can you pack into one day? - Jacob Alexander - 01-10-2018

If Jake was going to have to keep following Kai like this, it was really too bad that these space suits couldn’t be more form fitting. If he was going to be seeing this much of her ass, it’d be nice to at least be able to appreciate the view, wouldn’t it? Not that he has to work hard to remember that very sight, did he? All of Jake’s experience, from skydiving to ring-slinging, came in handy at the moment, helping him keep up with her and even, if he wanted, to overcome her… though he let her keep the lead for now. Letting the lady have what she wanted could only help him later.

God, he really wished there was something better to wear in space. As they drifted back from the nebula, his arm wrapped around her waist, he couldn’t help feeling that this was a very nice moment to be alone with her. Granted, if it weren’t for their suits and helmets, they’d be suffocating and freezing to death as they decompressed, and any surface they found to relax on or steady themselves against was likely as not to have razor sharp edges that Earth, with its constant wind and dust eroding surfaces, could never match, but still. This was the drawback of outer space dates, he supposed. “Well, I was more thinking it’d be repetitive if you asked me to take you to a nebula,” he reasoned, teasing her as they drifted along. “I mean, you have to graduate to asteroid fields somehow if you want to keep up the thrills, right?”

By now, he was unsurprised when she decided to just dive through without him. Well, he could play that game, too… and he was used to navigating space. Breaking away from the current she was in, he laid on his jets to dart through the nebula, shooting out the other side and letting himself sail out farther away from the churning gas clouds. He drifted there for a few moments, waiting patiently, until he saw a slender form come shoot out and flip around to wait for him. Then, triggering his jets, he jetted in, grabbing her around the waist and dragging her back into the nebula. “What, trying to get away from me?” he teased, shooting them straight to the heart of the nebula. “We can’t have that, now, can we?” God, if they just didn’t have to have these suits on right now… his helmet bumped against her neck as he instinctively leaned in behind her after forgetting for a moment about the damned thing. Yes, next date was definitely going to be inside an atmosphere, he decided as his hand tightened on her stomach as he held her back against him into the nebula.

RE: How many thrills can you pack into one day? - Kailani Mahelona - 01-15-2018

Kai threw her head back with a laugh. "What if I want to stay in the nebula? If I don't want to graduate from easily navigated baby currents?" She replied with a giggle-if he remembered anything about her he'd know it wasnt really going to be a problem- but she did like to play with him.

And he liked to do the same in return, she noted with pleasure as he grabbed her and pulled her back in. "Not even a little bit." She replied with a grin, arching into his grip- wishing like hell that his portals worked long enough range that they could return to an atmosphere now. She didn't even care which one so long as she could breath it.

Turning in his arms she rested her forehead against his- or an approximation there of- to smile serenely despite the winds buffeting them. "I'm pretty fond of being in positions like this- though the suits are infuriating." Kai offered so softly she wasn't sure he'd hear her. Statement complete, whether her heard or not- she pushed on him slightly, using her jets to pull him into a weird sort of dance through the nebula.

RE: How many thrills can you pack into one day? - Jacob Alexander - 01-17-2018

“It would get old,” Jake said simply, confident he could make the point. “Oh, it’s fun flying through here, that’s for sure, but… being in here is so restricting, isn’t it?” he teased, bumping his helmet against her shoulder again to make his point. “But, hey, I can only speak for myself. If this suits you? This suits you.” She didn’t need to say it, and she really might not say it anyway, but he knew it didn’t. Hell, it didn’t suit him, either, but it was fun enough for a little while.

He held onto her hand as they drifted through the nebula again, revolving slowly around each other. This was the one place where Jake might just be able to be a bit more graceful than Kai, having had years of experience moving through weightlessness even without using the ring’s power, and he managed to send them skimming through the iridescent outer layer of the nebula. “But since you think the suits are as infuriating as I do… how about I show you something else that’s unbelievable? I mean… we’re away from Earth, we’re not going to run out of unbelievable things any time soon. Might as well get a few more in, right?” He pulled his arm around her waist, twisting the fingers of his other hand loosely through hers as they spun through the very colorful void.

When she answered in the positive, he grinned. "All right, then close your eyes." He waited, insistently, until she did, then he sent them drifting away from the nebula... a drift that grew faster, and warmer... "Oh, I suppose I can turn the ring on to work as a heat sink," he admitted, and immediately it grew cooler as they were now very decidedly falling. "And you can open your eyes now."

Impossibly, they were now inside an atmosphere and free-falling over a very vast forest. "You liked sky diving, right?" he said, grinning. "Well, this is that times a hundred." Granted, when they'd gone sky-diving, they'd actually had parachutes, not just space suits and a ring that couldn't fly inside an atmosphere.

RE: How many thrills can you pack into one day? - Kailani Mahelona - 01-17-2018

Kai managed to keep a straight face for a whole of three seconds after Jake replied- then her face cracked into a wide smile. "Between you, whose chosen extreme sport involves jumpsuits- and me whose chosen sport involves as little clothing as appropriate. Or none if you're alone or on a nude beach- Yeah it's just a bit restricting." She replied back as she traced her fingers along his chest- or at least the part of his suit which covered that. It was a good thing she had a strong memory.

She smiled again as they danced along the outer layer of the nebula- Kai enjoyed being so playful. Well. No. Kai liked being playful with Jake. Dancing like this? It was making Kai re-evaluate some opinions about romance that she ought to leave alone. She had formed those opinions from trial and error- they did not need re examining. Her spirit dampened slightly for a moment as she forced herself not to feel like that.

Then Jake was offering more incredible things and her train of thought was lost to the void. "Absolutely." She managed with a bright smile. She snapped her eyes shut obligingly- the heat from the movement making her realize how cold she was. Unintentionally she snuggled in closer to him to share his warmth- forgetting once again about the insulated suits.

When she opened her eyes again, her breath left her in a gasp. Kai had noticed the falling- her other sense were still quite powrrful- but she had absolute no idea how they had gotten there. Automatically her grip on Jake tightened- she wasn't afraid of heights per se- but she was incapable of flight and had no desire to pass out of his reach.

"You don't say." She managed to choke out as laughter threatened to clog her throat.

RE: How many thrills can you pack into one day? - Jacob Alexander - 01-18-2018

Free-fall was as fun as it was terrifying. The fact that he had a plan made it a little less so, but the rush was still there. Jake pulled the helmet off, taking a deep breath of fresh, non-recycled air, then grinned at Kai, reaching over impatiently to pull her helmet off, too. Then, mid-freefall, he kissed her fiercely, trusting his ring to give him a mental ping when their descent was actually something of an issue.

Once that ping reached him, he looked back up at space, then down at the rapidly approaching planet. “I’d really rather have a water landing,” he said loudly. “Remember that my ring can’t fly in an atmosphere.” Their fall continued, but there was a very disorienting shift as they did. It seemed, at first, that they were suddenly streaking across the planet’s terrain. However, above them, the nebula remained fixed in its position, so that it was increasingly obvious that the planet, instead, was reorienting beneath them. After a few seconds, they were falling toward a vast blue ocean.

As they continued to fall, Jake gave Kai a wild-eyed grin, pulling her over to him, wrapping his arms tightly around her as they plummeted. “You ready?” he called over the rushing wind around them. Then, holding up his fist, there was a flash of green energy, and they began hitting and breaking through several layers of green energy, each apparently about as strong as thin cloth, shedding momentum as it was absorbed with each painless impact. Then, with only a thin glow of green energy surrounding them to absorb the impact of the water, they plunged into the chilly sea.

A wide green raft ballooned out beneath them, pushing them back (a considerable distance) to the surface, where they bobbed and floated on the cushy construct under the eternal night of space. “Man, I love doing that,” Jacob laughed as he flopped back onto the glowing raft. “Thanks, Mogo!” he called out. “I appreciate the lift. Can you let me know when we should take off again?”

”It is no problem, Lantern Alexander. We should be at our closest to Oa in three hours. Enjoy your rest.”

Starting to peel off the uncomfortable spacesuit, he rolled over and grinned at Kai. “So it’s not a beach, but I think if we drift a little way we should come to one. Is this more ‘you’?” he teased.

RE: How many thrills can you pack into one day? - Kailani Mahelona - 01-18-2018

Kai vaguely hoped that those helmets were cheap as they were likely to burn up in descent now that they had been dropped from the protective glow. The reason she hoped it vaguely- well, no matter how good Kai could be at multitasking, with Jake, she really preferred to pay him all of her attention. She whined slightly when he pulled away- only holding back from the chase with the knowledge that he likely had safe landing things to do.

The planet rotating underneath them almost distracted her from his comment- almost. "You have not told me that even once! How was I supposed to remember it?" She shouted back, struggling to be heard over the air rushing past them. Him asking her if she was ready just had her rolling her eyes. "Is that even a question?" She quipped in reply.

Ready or not, she was about to plunge into the ocean after all. But Kai belonged in the water- so she was, of course, ready. The cold water was wonderful on her skin- her only regret being the amount of clothes she wore. Being pulled up the the surface, she let out a laugh once she could spare the required oxygen. Peeling off her spacesuit- and then stripping down to her underwear- took almost no time. Kai was a master of removing not only regular clothes- but soaked ones. She let out a surprised gasp when the planet spoke to them- looking at Jake in disbelief before quietly piping in "Thank you." Gratefully, Jake went on to ask her a question, giving her a moment to recompose herself despite the living planet.

Grinning at Jake, she sat on the edge of the raft. "Does this answer your question?" Kai asked, even as she purposefully flipped backwards back into the ocean. The water was cold, certainly- but she was used to being in the cold ocean. She popped back up from the water and flipped her hair out of her eyes.

"Yes, I feel quite a bit more at home here- Being able to take off my clothes is only my second favourite part of swimming." She offered with a grin.

RE: How many thrills can you pack into one day? - Jacob Alexander - 01-22-2018

When she asked how she could have remembered, Jake just laughed… a laugh completely inappropriate to someone falling from orbit without any means of flying. Or… well, all right, he did have means of stopping their descent, he had to admit that. He could form parachutes from his ring easily enough. Or he could make hang gliders, that would be much more fun, now that he thought about it. The way he’d planned, though, was much more fun, and so that was how he was going to do it. “Well, that’s the thing,” he laughed as they started ripping through the ‘nets’ that were breaking their fall, “I wasn’t talking to you.”

The ocean was one place Jake had never gone with Kai, not yet. Most of their time had been spent on her version of New York, and a good half of that time (at least) had been spent in her bedroom. He’d always been one for extreme activities that involved height, not depth, so this was actually quite a bit outside his experience. All the same, he was going to take it in stride… though he really could have stood if Mogo had kept his oceans a little warmer. “Welcome to Mogo, the living planet,” he said, “Oldest Green Lantern in the corps, and the best place for R and R that we know of.”

He was fairly unapologetic about how he watched her undress, the view distracting him enough that he didn’t even realize at first that he was still incredibly uncomfortable inside his now-soaked spacesuit for a few minutes. All of their clothes seemed to cling to the raft as they hit them, so he wasn’t worried about anything getting washed away. It was just bad manners to leave your things littering Mogo when you left. “Ohhh yes,” he remarked as she splashed into the water again. “Question completely answered. Not going to lie, I’d have to say it’s my most favorite part of swimming.” And, not really having any use for modesty, he removed everything before he followed her into the water (well, everything but the ring, of course).

RE: How many thrills can you pack into one day? - Kailani Mahelona - 01-22-2018

Kai rolled her eyes at him- and had they not been falling, she likely would have pushed him playfully- but they were and so she held back, not necessarily eager to break his grip on her at the moment. Well, admittedly, she was rarely eager to break his grip on her- but it seemed especially important at that moment in time. "Well how was I supposed to know that you were ignoring me to talk to someone else in the middle of our date?" She cooed back, right against his ear which she did nip at in revenge.

After having been introduced to the planet, she smiled at nothing in particular. "If you can hear me, it's a pleasure to meet you Mogo- I'm Kai. I mean even if you can't it's still a pleasure to meet you, just means that I'm talking to myself." She offered, flushing when she realized she was rambling before she decided that Jake knew that she did so often and didn't dislike her for it so she didn't need to be embarrassed.

Did Kai put on a show when she noticed that Jake was watching? Most definitely- her hurry to remove the wet fabric completely evaporated as she shimmied out of her clothes the best she could while in a raft. Kai bit her lip slightly- she wasn't entirely certain what Jake would be comfortable with since they were quite literally on top of one of his friends at the moment. Then he dumped his boxers on the raft and her answer was pretty easy to guess.

Kai giggled despite herself, swimming up to just about press herself against him- leaving only enough room for them both to tread water easily. "Well if it's your favourite part, I hardly want to take that away." She managed in reply, looking through her lashes at him in her best pretence of being coy. First she pulled her hair out of the way, unhooked her bra, and threw that on the raft, then swimming ever closer she whispered in his ear. "Is this better?" was her comment as her pohaku soundly dumped her final article of clothing in the raft.

She wasn't sure whether or not it counted as cheating to use extra pairs of hands to do things- but considering it resulted in her unclothed with her hands on his chest, she didn't think he'd care. She especially didn't think he'd care when she captured his mouth instead of waiting for a reply.

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“I wasn’t ignoring you,” Jake shot back with a grin. “I was paying complete attention to the fact that I don’t want you to go splat against the ground. I thought you’d appreciate it,” he teased. WAS this a date? Hell, was that what they were doing, were they dating now? Hell, they’d been on enough of them that people wouldn’t even think it was inappropriate that they were fucking like rabbits… damn, that was weird. That was… really weird, and so he was just going to not think about it. Yup, not thinking about it was a great idea.

Mogo didn’t answer, but Jake knew by now that Mogo’s attention was slightly sporadic. He was a planet, after all, and he had billions of other creatures to pay attention to that Jake knew he also cared about. Jake also didn’t quite care, because he was much more intent on paying attention to Kai, and the flawless dusky skin that was coming back into view. It didn’t matter how many times he saw her undress, he was always up for one more time. Unfortunately, some of the best parts were obscured by them being in the water at that point, but his hands could always examine what his eyes couldn’t, so he didn’t have any cause to complain. “Oh, that’s much b-,” he started to confirm as he started that examination, but her kiss cut that off completely.

“God, you’re incredible,” he thought as he caught his breath. He… did just think that, right? Did he say that out loud? Shit, that would make this weird, wouldn’t it? Maybe he hadn’t actually said it. That might have happened, right? He'd just keep playing it off and pretend nothing had happened, which was probably the case anyway, right? Right.

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Kai was working very hard to attribute the pounding of her heart to the height that they were dropping from. It certainly had nothing to do with the fact that she had called their outing a date- unintentionally- and he had not argued with the statement. Because it would be silly for her to become flustered over such a thing. It wasn't like Jake had asked her out because he cared for her like that or anything- it was just because she was the kind of girl who liked doing crazy things and usually showed her gratitude physically.

That thought took the pounding in of her heart and turned it from a pleasant warmth to a sour feeling that spread through her chest. Kai shook her head to dislodge the thoughts that burned within her- because all of her relationships had been almost purely physical- it was something she was used to. She wasn't going to let herself be sad about this- what was there even to be sad about? Kai had met a fantastic guy- who genuinely seemed to enjoy being her friend and not just her booty call- and she could be happy with friendship. She was happy with friendship. She was just confusing herself into frustration- that was all.

She pinched her own skin tightly for a moment to force her mind back to where it ought to be, enjoying her- her friend date with Jake. Thankfully his eyes on her did plenty draw her mind back to the task at hand- or rather, at hands.

Knowing that he would have a hard time seeing her body, submerged in the water as it was- she was all for guiding his hands around her body. As though they hadn't already mapped every inch more times than she could count. When he pulled away from her kiss to catch a breath of air- she moved to continue her assault when she froze in place from his comment. Just a friend, she chanted to herself. Just a friend, it doesn't mean anything- she wasn't even looking for a relationship. Words that were distressingly hollow in her mind. It occurred to her that she might need to back away from him for a bit- get her mind back in order. Maybe find someone else to lose herself in for a few weeks.

Seeing the slightly embarrassed expression on Jake's face however made that all go out the window and she completely forgot what she had been planning as she surged forward to kiss him again. "High praise, coming from a man who dances in asteroid fields just for fun." She managed in her own breathless reply after pulling away again.

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To Jake, relationships just weren’t something that was easy to manage. He met plenty of people in his line of work, of course, and plenty of women, even amazing women, such as the one with him now. The problem was that he was a Green Lantern, and on any given day, he was going to find himself light years from the place he woke up. It was like the problems with military life dialed up to eleven on the ridiculousness scale. He hadn’t been back to his own earth in years. The only people he could count on seeing regularly were other Lanterns, but relationships within the Corps were… complicated. The Guardians had banned love at one point (one of the moments he tried not to remember, honestly), and the taboo of dating other Lanterns had more or less stuck for him.

The fact that he’d been able to see Kai repeatedly over the past few weeks was something of a novelty to Jake. Sure, it might be one of the fringe benefits of being stationed in the Hub, but he didn’t know how long that stationing would last. The only thing to do, really, was to enjoy it for what it was worth while it lasted, so he was determined to not waste time while it was there… even though he knew that the more time he got, the more it was going to hurt when his assignment changed.

Granted, any distance he was trying to keep was a little empty when he went and slipped up and said shit like that. It was mean, he knew, to start getting in too deep with a girl when he knew he was at the beck and call of the corps… all the same, she was incredible, but… damn it, Jake.

She kissed him, and it let him push back what he’d been thinking about. He wrapped his arms low around her waist, wrapping his legs around one of hers, pressing her tight against him as he kissed her. Sure, he couldn’t fly, but the ring COULD keep him much more buoyant than was technically natural. “Nah, first time,” he admitted. “Dancing by yourself is kind of pathetic after a while.” He looked around them for a moment, then grinned. “Trust me just a little more,” he said, then kissed her hard as he had the ring stop keeping him afloat. They started sinking, but he didn’t give her time to panic or try to swim up. His ring could keep them breathing in hard vacuum, doing the job underwater was child’s play.

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There was something about the way Jake looked at her- Kai couldn't help wanting to keep his eyes on her. But it was harder because she tried to keep her distance- and she could see that he was doing the same. Even when she felt like she was being worshipped- she couldn't get the image of his eyes out of her head- the way that he seemed to either be so incredibly close- or so far she couldn't possibly reach him.

She desperately wished she knew which one she wanted. Kai pulled her damp hair back out of her face, allowing her pohaku to float into the water where they easily lit up the area around her. If he hadn't been able to see her before, he certainly could now.

Being pulled against him was- was good. It pushed all of the dumb and pointless thoughts out of her head. It wasn't like Kai knowing what she wanted would make it any more of a possibility. Hell- it hadn't even been a likely possibility when she thought they were from the same universe- and now? Now he had a home that was as far divorced from her own as could be managed- he probably had family back in his reality. Maybe even a few high school sweethearts who would love to be where Kai was at that moment.

A real relationship between the two of them was about as possible as a chicken suddenly developing sentience. Which is to say that nobody but a crazy person would even fathom it.

Stars. Kai was fucking nuts.

Still she managed to laugh at his reply, trailing her fingers along his skin with a corner of her mind. "I believe- that that us a contradiction. If it's your first time- then how would you know that it would get pathetic after a while?" Not that Kai really cared- and when he asked her to trust him, she just threw her head back and laughed. She took his initiative with wrapping his leg around hers as a good sign- and hooked her free leg around his hips. "I do." She managed softly even as they began to sink.

A pang of fear set in for a moment before the warmth of Jake's body against her forced the memories of the cold stone encasing her- and she lost herself in his lips against hers.